Gordon Brown’s Ego 12

There was a 5% chance that it would fall to the UK to host this particular G20 meeting, but the timing of it plays to Brown’s obsession with being cast as the man who saved the World. As we plunge into depression, I can guarantee you that come next year people will see that it made no difference. It also will not fulfil its primary purpose of getting Brown re-elected.

As I explained yesterday, the final communique will have been agreed some time ago between senior officials (believe me, it used to be my job), so the media’s playing along with the “suspense” of whether agreement will be reached is rubbish. Brown said as much in Downing Street yesterday: “When the communique is released to you tomorrow, you will see that…”

Which doesn’t rule out some grandstanding by politicians looking to win votes at home, and there is a 0.1% chance that will lead someone to refuse to sign it, but don’t hold your breath. It will contain something for every leader to hold up as “their” negotiating victory. The negotiating officials understand that need very well; it will be a beautiful and pointless construct.

Brown’s vanity is enormous. I still have many friends in the FCO,and staff in the UK Mission to the European Union (UKREP Brussels) were horrified to receive an instruction from the FCO to ensure that the situation when Gordon Brown was obliged to hear a speech against him in the European Parliament from MEP Daniel Hannan, could not happen again. No. 10 reasoned, quite unrealistically, that other EU leaders would not want to suffer potential embarassment the same way, so there should be wide support for such a measure.

This was unrealistic because, while there may be some sympathy in the unelected Council of Ministers, it would be the elected European Parliament which would have to make any procedural changes. There is institutional tension between the two bodies, and to convince MEPs that they cannot criticise members of the Council of Europe in their presence, is an impossible task.

So our poor men and women in Brussels duly put out some feelers and found that, not only was there no sympathy, but nobody else thought that anything bad had happened. Wasn’t this democracy? Isn’t parliament for debate?

Of course, the Westminster one isn’t, with Brown only swanning in for half an hour a week for Prime Minister’s questions, half of which are planted and rehearsed, and the whole chaired by an outrageously biased pro-New Labour Speaker.

Anyway, my friends in our mission in Brussels consoled themselves that Prime Ministerial pique would die down, and with the G20 summit keeping Brown frenetically busy in London, the whole thing would be forgotten. But no! As they opened their offices at 8am Brussels time this morning, there was a missive from No 10, demanding to know what progress has been made. An affront to the great Gordon is an affront to the great Gordon. It cannot go unpunished. Even if the Dear Leader is busy saving the world, there is always time for such vital detail.

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12 thoughts on “Gordon Brown’s Ego

  • KevinB

    Yes, there’s an estimated quadrillion dollar hole of toxic ‘assets’ or meaningless debts (to everyone except the holders of these assets)that the G20 can never fix.

    ….so this meeting will make little difference in the medium to long term. In fact nothing can help but writing off them off.

    However, a usually sensible website(in my opinion)has just posted this, below. It is wild stuff…..there might be a solution…..is there a God……etc…..judge for yourselves:


  • anticant

    Oh dear – did you say “usually sensible”? I prefer Jungian insights myself.

    Of course the sane solution to the world’s economic problems – and to yours and mine – is to write off all the debt, toxic or otherwise. The snag is that there would then be even less incentive than there is now to provide credit, and the idea of everybody living within their means is unthinkable to most people.

    My father and grandfather were both (honest) accountants, and I was brought up on the principle “neither a borrower nor a lender be”. But that’s laughably old hat nowadays.

  • John D. Monkey

    Hubris and a thin skin have always been Gordon’s strongest traits, doesn’t suprise me at all that he’s trying to suborn the EU Parliament. Hannan’s demolition of Gordon is now up to nearly 2 million hits…


    Odds on him bottling out in the Autumn, citing failing eyesight (genuine enough), rather than be humiliated at the Polls next May?

  • researcher

    TheTruthSeeker.co.uk promotes the “Alien Deception”,

    the ultimate racket, designed to stage an alien threat

    with man-made UFOs from Area51 (see crop circles),

    so people will submit to global martial rule.


    Calling Soros (sorrows) or any other Rothschild agent

    “Ahriman”, “Lucifer” or “Satan” just makes people fear them more.

    It is easier to deceive frightened people

    already brainwashed by religion

    and belief in occult powers like “Satanism”.

  • researcher

    Of course the bankers have used prominent soothsayers

    to foretell the future as they planned it since

    hundreds of years.

    “for what will essentially be the beginning of World War III”


    In 1932, Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler’s Jewish Clairvoyant,

    predicted that Adolf Hitler, the Austrian housepainter

    then still without German citizenship papers,

    would be appointed Reich chancellor in exactly one year’s time.


  • Craig


    I neither know nor care if that is true. It has nothing to do with this discussion. Further off topic comments will be deleted.

  • Jives

    There’s so many of them lining up now to save the world…Prince Chukka,Al gore,Obama,Broon…

    I think they’re trying to save their world-not necessarily ours.

    I dont believe a word they say.

  • Michael Bentley

    Delicious bit of sniping at a prime minister who richly deserves it. And I didn’t know about the communique having been agreed beforehand. Why don’t the media know it? Isn’t it their job to be aware of these things?

    Everything in politics is upside down. I don’t believe a word they say either. Take anything Brown or Obama or any of their minions say – turn it the other way up and the other way round – then we may be somewhere near the truth.

    How are we ever going to get out of this mess? They are supposed to work FOR us, not against us or for themselves!

    Having got that off my chest, I’m going to relax and watch ‘In the Night Garden’. More worthwhile than watching News 24, I think.

    Keep up the brilliant work, Craig.

  • MJ

    Thank you for this post Craig. As so often, a key insight into what’s really going on, from someone who knows what he’s talking about, but which will never make the mainstream media. That’s why I value your site so much.

  • David McKelvie

    Scunner Broon’s spindoctors and eulogists in the MSM make great play about him being “a son of the manse”. Has the fellow been anywhere near a Presbyterian kirk recently I wonder. I take exception to them using this allusion to give a spurious piety and moral legitimacy to what he’s been up to. If he had truly imbibed at the fount of the kirk he wouldn’t behave the way he does, nor speak the things he does, without the shame showing on his face. As is said in Gaelic, “duine gun naire gun athadh” – ‘a man without shame or confusion of face’: just like his former boss. Surely we don’t deserve these people, do we?

  • M Anderson

    Did the memo from number ten say, “Gordon has his eye on you!”

    The bloke is a complete and utter waste of oxygen. He is the same ilk as the previous anal retentive, control freak


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