Sand in Our Eyes 7

The appalling lackey “Sir” Stuart Bell MP was popping up all over the media yesterday attempting to divert attention from Jacqui Smith’s ripping off of the taxpayer. His first tactic was to claim there was a hunt for the mole who had leaked the information about Jacqui Smith’s expenses. Not one reporter in our grovelling media had the sense to ask hm whether this spending of our money should not be public anyway. To diminish any public feeling of gratitude to whoever leaked the information about Smith (in fact without payment) Bell was making “Off the record” the ridiculous claim that the informant was demanding £300,000.

But Bell’s really breathtaking claim was his fallback on the cover-all excuse of anti-terrorism. Bell argued that if information about MPs expenses were released, that could help terrorists. For example if they knew which MPs habitually took taxis.

Obviously a grave danger – we wouldn’t want Osama Bin Laden inserting subliminal messages into Jacqui Smith’s porn videos now, would we?

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7 thoughts on “Sand in Our Eyes

  • Jives

    Yeah more guff abounds…

    Of in doubt balme it all those pesky shadowy Turrr$t$,Inc.

    They’re so shadowy they’re virtually invisible..

    Orwell’s invisible enemy-very handy for some…

    So invisible they dont really exist.

  • John D. Monkey


    “As a matter of fact the Times has today put it “on the record” that someone is asking £300,000 for complete box set.”

    But they won’t provide any evidence (they say they are “protecting their sources”).

    Smells like 3-day-old kipper…

  • Richard T

    You might think, and I might agree with you that the ‘terrorists’ are more likely to be the British people venting their anger on MPs whose greed has overstepped reason and sense. Perhaps, based on the police reaction to protest, that is how authority sees us.

  • jives

    I reckon the authorities/”elites” just see us as troublesome little insects who have the temerity to question their atrocious greed,incompetence and corruption.

    They would like to smash us oinks to smithereens,i imagine

    How dare we point out that the Emperor has no clothes??

    They are Wrong and will come to realise this i think.

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