BBC Backs Blears 28

An earnest BBC political correspondent has just assured the nation on BBC News that it was “Totally above board” for Hazel Blears to describe the same property as her second home to the Commons authorities to claim allowances, yet to the Inland Revenue as her main home to avoid Capital Gains Tax.

Doubtless this line was dictated by NuLab harridan and BBC Head of News and Current Affairs Helen Boaden. It is bad enough to have the sickening “Within the rules” mantra repeated ad nauseam by NuLab crooks. To have the BBC propaganda machine spewing out the same vomit as fact is not acceptable.

Blears is a fraudster, pure and simple.

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28 thoughts on “BBC Backs Blears

  • Jaded

    ‘Totally above board.’

    LOL. When good old Fred was getting his small pension I seem to remember Jacqui Smith talking about ‘the court of public opinion’ and rigorously averring with vim and vigour that she would do something about it. Maybe we should see what Jacqui has to say on Blears?

  • Martin

    Choose one scam or the other. Surely not even parliament can endorse running two contradictory scams on the same property.

  • anticant

    Blears is neither pure nor simple. And it just goes to show that she and her greedy mates don’t need to be careful.

    It was Harriet the Harpy – not Jackboots Jacqui – who conjured up the ‘Court of Public Opinion’.

  • val

    This government has been in power so long it”s forgotten the word Democracy

    and that the MP”s are there to serve the

    people, not themselves.

    Shame on the lot of you who keep voting

    to stay in power rather than with your


  • Jaded

    ‘It was Harriet the Harpy – not Jackboots Jacqui – who conjured up the ‘Court of Public Opinion’.’

    Oops, I stand corrected, let’s ask Harriet then.

  • Jason

    Complete the misdirection:

    “In fact, the real disgrace here is that a newspaper sees fit to…” blah blah blah.

    “And while we are focused on the 500 pounds I claimed to have my dog trained to fetch my hand-stitched moccasins (149.99), the terrorists are there in the shadows, laying their infernal plots, and such diversions only serve to make their task easier…”

    No, that’s a bridge too far. Scratch that one.

  • lwtc247

    “Totally above board.” – If one happens to be a sewer rat yes.

    Is that witch (Helen Boaden) still head of News and Current Affairs? Bloody Hell! There number of serious journalistic crimes, as well as support of REAL war crimes and REAL war criminals, that this dreadful testicled-woman has presided over is mond boggling.

    Media Lens and Pilger are good for pointing out her poison.

    In case you’ve never met the ‘woman’ here’s a pic…

  • te he he

    Jackboots Jacqui – Ha ha!

    But you must forgive Jaded for failing to distinguish between Ms. Schmidt with Hairynet Herrmann.

  • lwtc247

    but lets not fool ourselves. Boaden, like the BBC, will support whatever murderers get into the No 10. She’ll be every bit as much Cocaine Camerons whore as she is Garden BrNWOs.

  • yellowbelly

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful.

    Posted by: Shelley Gittins at May 10, 2009 12:50 PM


    Shelley, you are David Mitchell and I claim my £5!

  • anticant

    The one I liked was the woman MP who said that claiming £250 for a loo seat was “frugal”. I wonder what her notion of profligacy is?

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Headline news: “Hazel Blears’ dishonesty bankrupts the British Treasury: Russia launches attack: Britain comes up short on cash to play its role in NATO defence”. Ah well ?” was simply trying to bait Craig into comment on a topic that just cropped up in the international news:-

    “We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a new Cold War, but we don’t want one” says -Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev

  • KevinB

    In The Observer today Mrs Blears says she “understands why people hate the parliamentary expenses system…”

    Umm, sneaky, but not quite right.

    People hate the abusers of the system.

    Stop kidding yourself.

    That’s YOU, Mrs Blears.

  • john problem

    You’ve got to admire the ‘spokesman’ who pops up with some lying phrase that sounds plausible every time an MP is asked about their creative accounting procedures. Who is this genius? Is he or she well paid, given bonuses, second home allowances and enough money for jaffa cakes and eye-liner? One certainly hopes so – this is a talent that Britain should be proud of.

  • somebody

    …but who really believes the bull that comes from the beeb anymore? they are really a joke and irrelevant, perhaps a mass licence fee cancellation protest needs to be arranged to put them out of their misery….

  • Vronsky

    The BEEB often resorts to the very annoying formulation: ‘No-one is saying that…’ as in ‘No-one is saying that Gordon Brown knew of the smear web site’ when the plain fact of the matter is that practically everyone is saying it – apart, of course, from the BEEB.

    A licence fee strike is a good idea.

  • Jock

    Helen Boaden, the “BBC News Executive” (actually BBC _director_ of news) who helped cement the ‘Glasgow Airport bomb story’ of July 2007, by being ‘on the scene’ at the airport…

  • HappyClappy

    Anyone noticed the sudden make over of the various free loading expense scroungers, masquerading as representatives of we the people, and their transformation from the normal average looking punters to the nipped, tucked, lasered, botoxed, and Chanel wearing performers?

    These arrivistes give the game away, as any cheap hoodlum would; donning their newly acquired shell-suit after robbing the off-license around the corner in the council state. At least it could be argued neo labour is still in touch with its roots, be it the criminal ones.

    This vertically challenged dwarf of a female; Blears, and her scam to rob we the people to refurbish her flats on the expenses scam thrice in one year, and then to get on the telly to perform without any grinders in sight; explaining it all away that it was; the Anti Santa what done it.

    Furthermore, this explanation then finding absolution from yet another bunch of anal-retentive, self importance merchants in the guise of the BBC, alas they both seem to take for granted that we the people owe these a living. Hence their condescending and patronising attitudes towards we their benefactor the people.

  • Leo Davidson

    The “within the rules” thing doesn’t wash anyway, even where it is true.

    These are the people who make the rules and the only people with the power to change the rules.

    Thus we have to demand that MPs behave morally, not just that they behave within a set of rules which they themselves define and which are thus fairly meaningless.

    Now, Blears is quite clearly outside of even those rules and should probably be taken to court by the Inland Revenue. It is an outrage that she has not been sacked yet.

    I imagine anyone else in the public eye, expected to behave morally and whose reputation affects their employers would have been sacked by now for such blatantly immoral and abusive behaviour. Why hasn’t Blears? Why haven’t any of the other MPs who have abused the system massively? (I’m not saying they should all be sacked but clearly some of them deserve it.)

    David Cameron is saying that MPs need to “say sorry.” Sorry!? Sorry isn’t good enough unless the next words are “I resign” and “I’ll pay back the money and do community service for my sins.”

    I don’t imagine David Cameron, or any of these gits, would look at someone caught committing benefits fraud to the sum tens of thousands of pounds and simply say, “they should say sorry.” They’d be all over anyone who did that if it wasn’t one of their own.

    Our MPs are scum, to be honest, almost to a man.

  • glenn

    A BBC news correspondent earnestly told us that Blair and Bush, Bush in particular, were “passionately devoted to bringing democracy to the Middle East” when outlining some new war crime in their adventures, during our occupation. When talking about Sarkozy’s rapid exit from Israel on his last visit, running into his plane to the sound of close-range gunshots (from an Israeli policeman who had closen to kill himself at that moment), the BBC reminded us of a “gunman” who killed Yitzhak Rabin (the Israeli PM until his assassination in 1995).

    “Gunman” sounds much better than calling the assassin a Zionist extremist. And “gunman” sounds so much more Arab than Jewish. Far better to leave the implication the “gunman” was Palestinian. I wonder who made that careful choice for the language chosen? Does MI5 still have an office at BBC HQ?

  • A

    You should calm down a bit, the BBC gave an honest online article and even posted a video that is far more priceless than words – she knows the system is wrong, yet she is quite happy to milk it. She shows no remorse and smiles with a patronising tone.

    I can’t work out why she hasn’t been sacked yet.

    The Tories are also using the “within the rules” excuse, but at least Camereon had the sense to apologise.

  • tris

    I don’t think any of them have grasped just how much we do hate them, just how really angry we are about this.

    I think that they think it will blow over in a few weeks after the Telegraph finishes with the series.

    A week is a long time in politics theory.

    It won’t. We are incandescent. You people are thieves, and you stole from us while we are living lives of penuary, brought about by your incompetence.

    Be afraid MPs, it’s not going away.

  • jives

    I agree with all you say tris but i have to say i think they DO know how much we loathe Them it’s just that They daren’t/can’t afford admit it.

    Turkeys don’t vote for Xmas…

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