Ben Chapman: A Thief Retires 5

New Labour MP Ben Chapman is to retire at the next general election. Having stolen £15,000 from the taxpayer in exaggerated mortgage claims, let us hope Inspector Knacker retires him before that.

Chapman was a fellow retired member of the British diplomatic service, with a notably undistinguished career. As a former Commercial Counsellor in Beijing, Chapman remained a tireless worker against human rights in China, believing trade to be more important.

It is understood that, apart from spending more time with his money, Chapman is expecting to spend more time with his Chinese friends cashing in on his advocacy.

The thief Chapman would of course have been retired by the voters anyway. I will offer 10/1 against New Labour holding Wirral South at the next election.

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5 thoughts on “Ben Chapman: A Thief Retires

  • PeterD

    They don’t seem to get it do they? Sacking or standing down at the next election doesn’t cut it really. This is fraud and surely should be a police matter. The thought of a government of tories fills me with horror, but I really think an election is the only answer. I don’t see how Gordon thinks he can carry on for another 12 months.

    I believe this situation wouldn’t happen in Scotland because of the Scottish parliament rules. Is this true and if so why don’t we just adopt Scotland’s rules?

  • Stevie

    Just been watching Question Time on the BBC and there appears to be a clear push for a General Election and electoral reform among the general public present. The public seem angry (at last) and the MPs present humbled. It has reminded me of another QT several years ago which featured Paul Heaton, the former lead singer of the group The Beautiful South. They were discussing reform of the House of Lords if I remember correctly. All the politicians took it in turn to outline their plays for reform. However when asked how he would reform the Lords Paul replied ‘I’d bomb the place and start again’. A very shocked David Dimbleby sought clarification ‘What, you mean you would empty the place and bomb it?’. Paul calmy replied ‘No, I’d bomb it with them all still inside’. I somehow think he would have got a standing ovation if he’d been present to proclaim something similar about the House of Parliament this evening…

    Not my view of course, just how I remember it…(He did write a song called ‘I think the answers yes’ which has the lyrics: “To a world without hunger, where royalty face death, to the burning of the stock exchange, the bombing of the press, I think the answers yes…”

  • mary

    Nadine Dorries is coming up on Radio 4 Today. She is saying that the atmosphere at Westminster is so unbearable, everyone is fearing a suicide. They are using moral blackmail now. Bare faced cheek.

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