Jim Devine MP is a Criminal 69

There is overwhelming evidence that New Labour’s Jim Devine MP is a criminal who has produced faked receipts for almost five thousand pounds.

The Herald has been doing an excellent job of digging in to Devine’s expenses. Last week they uncovered a “receipt” he submitted for 2157 pounds for rewiring. The company name, address, postcode and VAT number all proved bogus.

It could have been that Devine did pay for the work, and was given a fake receipt. But that seems less likely given this week’s revelation. Devine claimed 2326 pounds for 60 metres of shelving at his constituency office in Blackburn, West Lothian. (The same town has “Hairy Angel” Susan Boyle, and a criminal for an MP.)

Just think how much 200 feet of shelving is. A huge amount. About 2,000 books worth. But the Herald says that there is no shelving at the constituency office. What is more, the receipt is issued by the landlord of the local pub.

The electrician with the false name, address and VAT registration cannot be produced because, unfortunately, Devine says he has died. I do hope the pub landlord does not have a keg fall on him in the cellar.

Amazingly, there is not any police investigation into Devine.


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69 thoughts on “Jim Devine MP is a Criminal

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  • Bill Duff

    E mailed L&B Police yesterday asking what they were doing about my complaint about Devine. Got a curteous reply saying that all complaints against MPs should be directed to Met – even gave me address to send it to. Posted complaint to Met first class this am.

  • Kenneth Kinley

    Well Paul Hutcheon has done a fab job in todays Herald disclosing Devine as a liar and a theif.

    I hope this puts an end to the lying disgrace which Devine is and that this helps to get Devine kicked out as an MP and investigated for fraud.

  • Frank Lynch

    Notice the similarities surrounding the dodgy invoices? They both originated from publicans: the shelving supplied via the landlord of his local boozer; the invisible electrician recommended by a landlord in an unknown pub in London. I wouldn’t be suprised if the hooky documents were a cover for bar tabs.

  • Scales of Justice

    Justice has been done to a certain extent. But what about his sleazy pals in his Labour constituency who backed him last week? They have been UNANIMOUSLY overruled by their “bosses” so to speak and their judgement is questionable. Decent Labour Party members must pressure the police to prosecute this THIEF and those who backed him must be forced to resign.

  • William

    Next up should be Michael Connarty and Jim Murphy. Another classic case of electing bigots, thieves and no hopers.

    Not in my name.

  • Home to Roost

    Jim Devine has just received what he truly deserves. He is a self seeking b*****d who learned his behaviours while being one of the king-pins in the bullying and scum filled headquarters of UNISON where more of his kind can be found. Perhaps his replacement!

  • Kenneth Kinley

    Thank the Lord for common sense. Was about time this lying theif got the heave ho for being well past his shelf life. Cannot understand how this theif is still allowed to remain in his position until the next General Election as if any other employee was found to be stealing he would be sacked immediately.

  • Bill Duff

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Lets hope the Met is soon feeling Devine’s collar.

  • richard gough

    why dont all those bigots on here stick to the facts about devine snide comments about Jock Stein,no not named but we know?!!pathetic shower of nuckledraggers this is the 21st century not the dark ages where you all want to remain,isnt it strange that it’s the bigots that are naming all the Roman Catholic MPS can’t you name some non-catholic ones or just want to show your bigotry,btw devine should be hung drawn and quartered,seeing him in that cream suit he looked like a man who was sleeping rough and found a suit,I am not a RC or a Tim but a socialist

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