Jim Devine MP is a Criminal 69

There is overwhelming evidence that New Labour’s Jim Devine MP is a criminal who has produced faked receipts for almost five thousand pounds.

The Herald has been doing an excellent job of digging in to Devine’s expenses. Last week they uncovered a “receipt” he submitted for 2157 pounds for rewiring. The company name, address, postcode and VAT number all proved bogus.

It could have been that Devine did pay for the work, and was given a fake receipt. But that seems less likely given this week’s revelation. Devine claimed 2326 pounds for 60 metres of shelving at his constituency office in Blackburn, West Lothian. (The same town has “Hairy Angel” Susan Boyle, and a criminal for an MP.)

Just think how much 200 feet of shelving is. A huge amount. About 2,000 books worth. But the Herald says that there is no shelving at the constituency office. What is more, the receipt is issued by the landlord of the local pub.

The electrician with the false name, address and VAT registration cannot be produced because, unfortunately, Devine says he has died. I do hope the pub landlord does not have a keg fall on him in the cellar.

Amazingly, there is not any police investigation into Devine.


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69 thoughts on “Jim Devine MP is a Criminal

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  • davesmith

    If there isn’t 66 metres of shelving in his office in Blackburn then I suggest you take a wee trip down the road to ‘The Turf’ pub. You might find some in there!

  • F.B.Eye

    There will be a lot of falling on swords happening in the next week.

    What goes around comes around I think is the phrase I am looking for, you bheastly fraudster Mr Devine.

  • William

    I’m led to believe Lothian and Borders Police are being rude to anyone having the audacity to make a formal complaint about Devine

    I wouls urge all members of the public, regardless of political persuasion or beliefs to contact the police and make a formal complaint about this man.

    If he has nothing to hide about his claims for work carried out, then he’ll co-operate fully with any investigation. However I would suspect Jim has been putting in claims for non existent work carried out and pocketing our cash.

    To think these crooks and bigots run our country.

  • P McGillivan

    If Devine has nothing to hide it would be very easy for him to clear his name.

    Why has he not done this?

  • Craig Murray

    P McGillivan

    Good question. And why has he not sued me for libel for calling him a criminal on one of the country’s ten highest read blogs?

  • Pro Patria

    So becoming an MP provides immunity to prosecution?

    If a crime has been committed then he should face a trial before his peers.

    Or are MP’s and Priests the only two occupations who can do what they like with impunity in this corrupt country of ours.

    Jim Devine you are a cheat a liar and a no good crook and you know it.Your excuses are flimsy and a disgrace to the office you hold.

    You should be de-selected and the whip taken from you after the NEC conclude their investigation.

    I won’t hold my breath though as the Catholic Mafia close ranks to protect one of their own from more serious damage

  • William

    Devine is just the start imho. There are many crooks and blowhards working in Parliament who haven’t been caught as yet. However Devine is an odious, obnoxious and downright untrustworthy little individual who should be sharing a cell with Mr Big.

    The gereral public are losing their jobs, homes and marriage through money worries and there’s Devine stealing thousands from his constituents.

  • Yaco

    Jim Devine is a ‘man’ who would rather try and get a man, who thought, that molesting Kids, didn’t warrant Police action Knighted.

    Jim Devin, would rather talk about his beloved Celtic, and the Child Molesters that go with it, than talk about, The financial crisis, in the U.K.

  • Con Brady

    Mr Devine is the epitome of the modern Scottish Labour politician. Arrogant, underhand,evasive and by all accounts corrupt. (I will say alleged until absolute and complete proof is presented)I have little doubt that morally he is 100% guilty and at best he may mitigate some “loop-hole”. I hope he and his arrogant ilk are swept from power immediately. My goodness what has happened to the Labour Party of our parents? A bag of snakes nowadays who think nothing of fleecing their own constitiuents to watch their favourite teams at our cost and screw money etc etc, while the rest of us lose our jobs, struggle for money and fight like maniacs for full time jobs with salaries that would make a Singapore sweatshop worker come out on strike for!

    Go now and take the stench of corruption with you.

  • Anonymous

    The man’s comments regarding the electrical work carried out sorry allegedly carried out are farcical he should be put on trial before his peers he has committed serious fraud and should be dealt with accordingly!

    Also devine wants to give a knighthood to a man who covered up child abuse should he not be addressing other major issues in parliament such as crime the economy etc?

  • Con Brady

    I think the rather daft posts about what Mr Devine would rather talk about, do nothing to expose his terrible behaviour. Lets stick to the facts about the expenses and not get embroiled in an altogether different and not appropriate topis. He needs to be exposed as part of the bullying self-serving cabal of Scottish Labour and noithing should be allowed to deflect. I am only interested in what he has done with OUR money while supposedly acting entirely within the letter and SPIRIT of some fairly clear guidleines. That clearly is open to the severest scrutiny and must be brought into the open.

  • William

    Every last MP should be kicked out of office, not just Devine. Although he does appear to somewhat more corrupt and devious than his fellow Scottish MP’s.

    Connarty, Martin and Devine are supposedly working class boys made good. To me they look like something from a tinpot dictatorship, which is grasping for power and money.

    The sight of the speaker defending these people is truly an inditement of our political establishment that can no longer be tolerated.

  • Anonymous

    Most of them stretched the rule book to its absolute limit, and then some. Devine however is different. By claiming on false receipts for work that never happened in the first place, this wretched being committed a most seriois fraud and should be prosecuted and jailed. If it were you or I, that is what would happen.

  • L.Calling

    This poor excuse for a politician should be investigated by Lothian and Borders finest sooner than later.

    The rancid stench of corruption and dishonesty has become so apparent ,the big hoose awaits this vile creature.

  • Scales of Justice

    I note that the Tabxpayers Alliance are to bring privtae prosecutions against lawyers they suspect of fraud. You can rest assured I’ll be writing to them to inform them that if they’re looking for a rock-solid case to start with, the wretched crook Devine’s their man. Sleep well Jim.

    Lawyers working for the Tax-Payers’ Alliance pressure group want to question MPs suspected of committing crimes over their expenses to see if they have broken the criminal law.

    They will invite politicians to make themselves available for interviews to find whether there is evidence to support a prosecution for fraud. Those asked to answer inquiries will be ‘relevant witnesses, including the potential accused themselves’.

    The move is the first step towards a private prosecution of MPs who might escape any investigation at the hands of the official criminal justice system.

    The pressure group has launched a ‘Bring Them to Justice’ campaign aimed at securing fraud convictions against MPs whose behaviour over their expenses appears to amount to crime.

  • Scales of Justice

    Sorry, the above should read “against MP’s they suspect of fraud”, not lawyers. I was getting rather excited at the delicious thought of crooked bully Devine being carted away in a prison van.

  • Scales of Justice

    From Devine’s website homepage:

    ‘Standing up for my constituents in Westminster’

    Welcome to my website!

    I AIM TO BE AS OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE AS POSSIBLE to my constituents and hope that this website lets you know about the work I do on your behalf as an MP, both in the House of Commons and in the local area. To check if I am your MP please click here.

    I have a constituency office in the centre of Livingston where my staff are based, hold surgeries every week and make regular visits to local groups, events and businesses. I am normally in the constituency on Fridays and weekends and in the House of Commons from Monday – Thursday.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

    Yours sincerely,

  • William

    His days are numbered, no doubts about that. However I don’t believe losing his job should be the end of the matter. If any little man on the street was fraudulently claiming money from an employer of the welfare state, Barlinnie would be the next port of call.

    He deserves imprisonment and nothing else. I dare anyone to Google this man and find out what a nasty little creature he really is.

  • Frank Burnside

    The end is nigh for this Labour government, and it can’t come a day too soon. They have lied and deceived the public throughout their tenure and should be hung out to dry like the liars and fraudsters that they are. Vote wisely tomorrow Ladies and Gentlemen. I know I will be.

  • Cromwell

    Although it is not relevant to his current criminal conduct, the fact that Jim Devine felt it necessary to put forward no fewer than three early-day motions in the House of Commons, relating to his favourite football team, should perhaps have set alarm bells ringing about his priorities.

    His constituency suffers many of the major social problems which blight Scotland – alcoholism, drug addiction and dependency, violence, deprivation, poverty, ill-health – but Mr Devine was more preoccupied with praising a football team from the eastend of Glasgow.

    Devine is a disgrace to the memory of Robin Cook.

  • chocolate

    this corruption has been going on for years in the labour party,and devine and his cohurts are at the top of the tree when it comes to fiddling etc

  • William

    Latest rumour ****breaking news*****

    John Reid has been called back to meet Gordon Brown. Hazel Blears has gone for thieving, Jacqui Smith for thieving and asking us to pay for her porn and now we have a known sex pest and bigot being called up to man the barricades.

    Call an election, the nutters have taken over.

  • Phil Molloy

    Devine is a thief and a liar. He fits in well with the Labour Party. He deserves to be punished for his erroneous behaviour just the same as any ordinary British citizen would for stealing.

    Remove him from office and send him down.


    I’m on here to answer to all charges put before me.

    1/ Yes, I am a thief, some would say a common criminal.

    2/ My friend, colleague and fellow MP Jim Murphy is also a thief. Way back in 2003 he used taxpayers money to pay for a social trip to see Celtic FC get hammered in Seville.

    3/ I will not be resigning as I believe that I still have a lot to take, sorry offer, the community.

    4/ I knew that Big Jock Knew, but then again so did everyone else at Celtic Park.

    5/ I want 10 more years.


    I’m on here to answer to all charges put before me.

    1/ Yes, I am a thief, some would say a common criminal.

    2/ My friend, colleague and fellow MP Jim Murphy is also a thief. Way back in 2003 he used taxpayers money to pay for a social trip to see Celtic FC get hammered in Seville.

    3/ I will not be resigning as I believe that I still have a lot to take, sorry offer, the community.

    4/ I knew that Big Jock Knew, but then again so did everyone else at Celtic Park.

    5/ I want 10 more years.

  • gary_l

    he should hang his head in shame [not that the leach will do so for one minute] when he looks at the heros; who will scrimp and save. to go to normanday this week to pay their respect; to their fallen comrades. who gave all so that this parrasite could thieve from the puplic purse.

  • Suzy

    Today Jim states that “Tony Moran went to London to carry out the work for him………”! Yet the other day Jim stated “Tony Moran did no work for me”!

    Worm your way out of this one Jimbo!!!

  • Kenny

    As the brother of “the driver” who chauffered Mr Devine around for 3 years receiving a paltry £50 whilst he pocketed over £17,000 of Tax Payers money for his petrol claims (this from a man with no car)this man should rot in Jail. Over £17,000 for petrol, over £2,000 for invisible wiring and another £2,000 +++ for invisible shelving and I am afraid there is still more to come which shall increase your resentment for this man.

    I not only despise him for the fraud he has committed but for the way he treated my sister however she shall win the day during her deflamation of character case against Mr Devine and during her Employment Tribunal which she shall win.

    I have made it my aim to bring this thieving scumbag to the attention of all I can and shall continue to do so whilst enjoying observing his downfall and public humiliation. Glad to see we all feel the same.

  • Bill Duff

    I note that Devine’s constituency party have backed him. And Labour wonder why they are doing so badly!

    No communication from L&B finest.

  • Bill Duff

    I note that Devine’s constituency party have backed him. And Labour wonder why they are doing so badly!

    No communication from L&B finest.

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