Petition The Queen To Dissolve Parliament and Summon a New One 46

Gordon Brown will not leave Downing St until the last permitted date, which is June 2010, and then will leave his fingernails in the carpet. It is no good petitioning him to resign.

It is becoming plain that all the political parties are clinging on to the speeding gravy train together and have reached a mutual agreement not to call for any of their number to resign as an MP, even if they give up the odd apointment.

This parliament has to go. We have to work with the unwritten constitution we have. The only person who can dissolve a parliament is the Queen.

The UK constitution constantly evolves. There is no recent precedent for the current total loss of public confidence in parliament. The constitution now needs to evolve to cope with the age of new media. Such a request if strongly supported would become an important political fact in itself.

This is not about whether or not you are a monarchist. (I am not). This is about channeling the unfocused public anger with Parliament into action.

(The language of the petition is respectful towards the Queen but not traditional. There is no language which would suit all shades of opinion on the monarchy. I know the Queen personally, enough to know she is not going to be insulted).

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46 thoughts on “Petition The Queen To Dissolve Parliament and Summon a New One

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  • Sam Hardy

    My only concern is that, if by some miracle we did have an early election, it might be before all of the expenses claims had been exposed and/or clean hands candidates had been fielded, in which case some people might escape eviction from their seat.

  • Vronsky

    I’ve signed. I somewhat agree with those posters who say it won’t do any good, but I’d implore everyone to sign and to publicise the petition in any way they can – sa simple way is to make the link to it part of your email signature.

    I think it’s worth signing just for scientific curiousity – I’d like to know what level of public disquiet can be ignored. A very high level, if the demos against the war in Iraq are anything to go by.

  • JimmyGiro

    So far at 263 signatories we have:

    21% female and 79% male.

    Come on ladies, surely you won’t lose that many privileges on the expulsion of ZanuLabour… or maybe you’re right (pun intended).

  • selma

    Well I signed this and emailed it off though I fear that the queen (I can’t bring my self to say ‘our’) is part of the problem. Of course Jimmy is right, these things have an indirect effect and some good may come out of it but in order for that to happen we all have to grow up, take responsibility for our existence (instead of looking to leaders) and organise a decent society. If we delegate to a minority we will always end with autocracy.

    With all the things that threaten our very existence I would think it obvious, at least, that we can no longer have a society based on endless ‘economic growth’ and consumption since the planet is finite and to elect any of the parties at present would be to vote for just that (capitalism) with its associated war, poverty etc.

    We can do better, I’m sure.

  • David McCann

    I have forwarded this on to all members of the Scottish Independence Convention so hopefully you will get a few more signatures, and maybe Craig will put up a link to our website as a thank you!! (his is on ours)

  • JimmyGiro

    Oooh, a ‘convention for independence’; did they serve upside-down cake?

    Who do you think would win in a race for independence between the MacDonalds and the Campbells?

    I believe the odds might be 38 to 1.

  • tris


    Abe Rene. The Queen would probably not disolve parliament of her own volition, but what she can do is talk to Brown about the situation.

    Indeed, if you believe what they write in the Sunday Mail, she already has.

    A petition signed by many would press the case on her harder to make her point firmly to the prime minister, possibly pointing out the disasterous legacy he is likey to leave and how he will go down in history as a catastrophe.

  • jim

    I love the idea but the petition could be written better. A more passionate but articulate version could spread like wildfire!

  • harmonyfuture

    Hi Craig, have you really thought this through. If we dissolve Parliament, then what? How will this change anything? We are just beginning to make some progress in exposing the deficiencies and ineptitude in Westminster, the last thing we want is for them all to scuttle away to fight an election which would probably see them all back in the House with a new bunch running the show on the back of a ridiculous and unrepresentative majority. We need rid of this Government, of that there is no doubt, but we also need to make sure we do not just get more of the same.

    There is something rotten in Westminster, that is why we are in this mess, we need Electoral Reform for a representative House, we need proper investigations into this crisis and most of all we need be able to elect good Government to go forward.

    National Government would be our best bet for safe hands whilst we introduce Electoral Reform and suffer the full force of the tsunami of economic adjustments our country will be required to make.

  • salialioli

    Craig, I think these two petitions are a good idea, though I have little hope of them getting anywhere and agree with someone above who said at least they give a measure of the public feeling …

    A suggestion, why don’t you put the links at the top of your page. Each time you write the link drops further down and if, like me, people have time only to read a couple of your postings, readers are unaware of it.

  • Dennis

    Ive signed. She won’t do it, only 12 years since her own House almost fell.

  • Paul

    Healthy democracy allows the individual to cast a vote, there is an elective aristocracy not a true democracy in the UK.

  • Brian R Shirley

    Did you realise that none of the correspondence sent to the Queen is actually seen by her????Petitions,Calls to dissolve parliament etc.I wrote 2 months ago asking for her to excercise her Royal Perogative!2 Weeks later I had an acknowledgement from,Guess where!!! No 10 Downing Street.She is now regarded as a Nu-Labour puppet only.She has no power whatsoever its all a con.And I am a staunch Monarchist!!

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