Normal Service Will resume…. 34

Sorry, about this folks. I am still in Africa trying very hard to get some odds and ends tied up on the project here before I go. And at the same time – with help from some great volunteers – I am trying to get the logistics in place for Norwich North, and am also writing election literature. So apologies for lack of blogging at the minute. Hope to be back in the UK on Tuesday.

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34 thoughts on “Normal Service Will resume….

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  • Jives


    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the “debate” between yourself and dreoilin,i have say it’s very rude and puerile to change someone’s handle like that.

    Grow up.

  • eddie

    I am grown up, but where I receive ad hominem abuse I tend to respond in kind. I always aim to be polite in the first instance.

  • Jives

    Well to paraphrase Gandhi,if you will…an eye for an eye renders the whole world blind…

    Surely,if you believe in the points you’re making in a discussion you ought stick to your line and rise above those who would abuse you? At end it dilutes your own position surely?

    Which is not to say i agree with your posts- i rarely do-but surely you see my point here?

  • eddie

    I do, but no one is perfect. As I say, I have been subject to a huge amount of abuse on here for expressing what I consider to be calm and reasonable views. In response I have been often been met not with counter arguments but abuse – I have been called a Zionist shit, troll, scumbag, evil turd etc etc. So it is often hard not to retaliate. But I take your point.

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