Christian persecution worsens in Uzbekistan 1

Forum 18 – UZBEKISTAN: Protestants in north-west “illegal”: The last legal Protestant church in north-west Uzbekistan has been closed by the Karakalpakstan region’s Justice Ministry, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. As all unregistered religious activity in Uzbekistan is illegal, the church cannot now legally operate. Klara Alasheva, first deputy Justice Minister, denied that her ministry’s closure of the church was persecution of the Protestant minority. “We warned the church last year not to conduct missionary activity but they carried on regardless,” she told Forum 18. Alasheva also denied that Uzbekistan’s ban on missionary activity violated its international human rights commitments. “That’s what you’re claiming, but we’re legal specialists,” she told Forum 18. The authorities in north-west Uzbekistan have long conducted an anti-Christian campaign, but Protestants in the region are known to still be active. Catholic sources have denied a claim by Alasheva that there is a registered Catholic parish in Nukus.

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One thought on “Christian persecution worsens in Uzbekistan

  • Moses

    well, how ca those christian missionery organization promote their denomination without trying to understand the local culture, main religion and religious customs and other related stuff. their are closed as they all had political MOTIVES and were financed secretely by western NGOs. Just like an a British spy scandal that took place in RUSSIA. Man, you guys gotta learn how how to be a better spy.


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