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This really sounds interesting. According to tonight’s Norwich Evening News, my friend Rupert Read could be the Green candidate while fellow blogger “Norfolk Blogger” Nick Starling could be the Lib Dem candidate. New Labour still have to pick someone to come last.

Based on recent results in the constituency young financial services executive Chloe Smith must start the bookies’ favourite to win it for the Tories.

Here is her website.

I think we can win this one. A very high proportion of people seem to realise that just swapping New Labour for Tory isn’t going to make the changes this country needs.

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31 thoughts on “Norwich North Starting Line

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  • Denim Justice

    Craig you are a man of remarkable arrogance. You are a candidate from out of nowhere. The people of Norwich don’t know you from Adam. All that is known about you is that you left your wife and kids for a belly dancer less than half your age.

    You say you have a much better chance of anyone else in beating the Tories, Lib Dems included. Based on what? Your massive profile? The people who read your blogs are spread around the world. There’s much fewer than them all put together than there are enough people in Norwich North that you need to convince to win. Some Guardian readers might know who you are, but this is Norfolk, not Islington.

    Stop being so arrogant. Did you ever apologise to your ex-wife and kids? Is your eldest daughter older or younger than your current wife? And you’ve done sweet FA as Dundee Rector. So you think you can somehow beat the Lib Dems?

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