You Are Not Alone 23

In May we had 79,321 Unique Visitors as measured by Statcounter. Pageloads is a much higher figure.

This despite some teething problems in switching over to a new server. Yet again, it is a new record.

You may also be interested to know that posts on my continuing work against UK complicity in torture attract the least readers. General foreign policy does a little better. The most popular articles this month were attacks on the right wing bloggers.

Quite an interesting month really. Got married, had a son, flew to Africa. You can’t complain nothing happens on this blog! Here’s a picture of Nadira to cheer you up. Cheers me up, anyway.


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23 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  • eddie

    I saw Steve Earle play at the Cambridge Folk Festival a couple of years ago and his lovely wife came on to play with him. He described himself as “over married” – if you know what Steve Earle looks like currently you will know what he meant. No offence Craig, but the same applies to you. Well done.

  • Sam

    Oh, believe me, Craig, I came to you for the torture, and keep on coming back.

    What does that make me?

    In all seriousness, I admire and appreciate what you are doing. Keep fighting, and post a picture of young CM soon.

  • subrosa

    I’m not posting my stats as you put me to shame Craig. Also I’m not posting a picture of my other half – Nadine has far more attractive eyes 🙂

    I enjoy all your posts and I have to admit, until I started reading your blog, I had little interest in torture. Now I’m a little informed and my opinion has changed. Don’t be saying a little knowledge is a dangerous thing now!

  • dreoilin

    You smug thing you, Craig Murray.

    Are you doing your part with the nappies and broken nights??

  • VamanosBandidos


    She is damn pretty. Cheered me up no end, her eyes are so gorgeous.

    You lucky thing you!

    Damn fine choice, and for Murray family I sincerely wish happiness, luck, and joy.

  • MJ

    “posts on my continuing work against UK complicity in torture attract the least readers”

    Do you mean least comments? Not the same thing. I certainly read them but rarely comment. I feel you are so well-informed I have nothing to add to your analyses. I suspect others here feel the same way. Don’t be disheartened by the comparatively muted response.

  • Chris

    I’m with MJ on this one. It can be difficult to comment on torture issues sometimes because you – not me – have the knowledge. Therefore I am often quite content to read and digest.

  • avatar singh

    you are a lucky man Mr murray-your wife is beautiful and young-what more to ask besides belly dancing lessons all free!

  • ken

    I’ll repeat what MJ and Chris have said above. I follow the torture issue closely but rarely find I have anything to add. Usually I’m lost for words. And your blog is almost the only place to learn what is happening.

    I follow St Exupery’s advice: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” So I don’t add much.

    But I will this time. I just made tea, which I find helps when reading about torture.

    I warmed the pot. Then was horrified to see that a spider must have been in the pot before, and I’d just boiled it alive. Brings home what is happening in the world, how could anyone do that to a human being??? It’s horribly nasty doing it to a spider accidentally. And the horror that humans are capable of such things.

    Keep up your excellent work. It’s a journey of millions of footsteps and you’ve only taken a few so far.

  • odaiwai

    Mrs. Murray: Hamdoolilah! (what a beautiful sight in the eyes of god!) She has beautiful eyes and wonderful skin.

    Women tend to think that they’re big and fat and horrible in the late stages of pregnancy, and really they’re the most beautiful they’ll ever be.

  • Suhayl Saadi


    You took revenge on behalf of the fly.

    The question is, did you drink the tea and did you have an entheogenic experience as a consequence? Are spiders psychotropic?

    Everyone is dying to know.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Odaiwai, calm yourself!

    Craig, what on earth are you trying to do to us? Think of John Knox.

    On second thoughts…

  • tony_opmoc

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Murray on Your Wedding and Birth of your Son. I am still slightly confused on which came first – but no matter.

    I was always under the distinct impression that despite your very English accent that you were Scottish – one of the Edinburgh mafia ( I have relations there )

    Yet your wiki says you’re a Norfolk Lad.

    I love Norfolk.

    Keep it Up.

    She’s Beautiful.


  • Chris Comley

    Well you could take a leaf out of the ops manual of the tabloids for many years, post lots more pictures of the wife, see it push up the figures, and then claim that every single reader agrees with you on every point you put anywhere on the site.

  • ken

    @Suhayl Saadi

    Oh dear, it sounds as though you’re asking for a serious analysis!

    No, didn’t swallow the spider, I removed it (dead) from the pot first. The tea was as good as usual.

    You probably already know this little item, but everything I know about swallowing a spider is here:

  • Carl Eve

    Craig, I come here for all the material but the prime stuff is your coverage regarding the torture issues. As ever, love the work, still miffed at Taking a Stand for not choosing you after our long interview.

    I would say “keep it up” but having seen the pic of Mrs Murray… yada yada yada, you know where I’m going with this don’t you.

    Rule one on the little Murray (and I’ve got three so I know what I’m talking about), both you and Mrs Murray take naps whenever you can.

  • Rhisiart Gwilym

    Damn you Craig! Isn’t life difficult enough already without having to look at gorgeous women like Nadira, and turn away in the bitter knowledge that some other lucky bastard has their undivided affection? Aaaagh! My eyes! My eyes!

    Thriving to you and your family, though. In the end they’re the most important thing. Don’t take too many risks without a power-base to protect you. Remember David Kelly’s unfortunate ‘suicide’ when he crossed that invisible but so real unreliability threshold of the English state gics (gangsters-in-charge). The way you punch, you may be near that threshold yourself, from the viewpoint of some powerful and very nasty gics, both English and USAmerican. If it seemed necessary (from their viewpoint) they wouldn’t think twice about widowing Nadira and orphaning Cameron. They do that sort of thing routinely, wholesale, all the time, after all.

    But so long as you don’t go over the edge, I hope that you do keep punching your stuff out. Go well, you lucky sod.

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