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Totalitarian dictatorships are generally extremely tidy places. In Uzbekistan, even with major massacres, the streets are sluiced down within a few hours, bullet holes filled in, walls repainted, new flower beds instantly in bloom. There is never any litter, nothing out of place.

Democraries are by contrast messy. Members of the ultra-boring blogging tendency (Iain Dale, Norfolk Blogger) etc have been attacking my campaign for fly-posting. That conjures up unpleasant images of derelict buildings and bridges with scores of tatty mouldering posters pasted to them, for months.

We have been attaching posters, on hardboard, with cable ties, to lamp-posts and other street furniture in the constituency. We have been careful to avoid traffic lights and not to cause obstruction. We will remove all trace after the election. This is the common practice in elections over much of the UK.

The political parties, who don’t want people to be reminded of a wide range of democratic choice, are pretending to be outraged. The council have been going around scrupulously removing my posters. Interestingly, they have not been removing the numerous other posters on street furniture in Norwich, including scores for something called a “Bang Fest”. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds fun.

There are occasions where my poster and another poster are on the same lamp-post. They have only removed mine. The peculiar explanation they give is that mine are the only ones they have received complaints about.

Anyway, much better to keep the lamp-posts free from temporary posters, than have an outbreak of political expression outwith the political parties. Where might that end?

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98 thoughts on “Totalitarian Dictatorships Are Very Tidy

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  • eddie

    I’m surprised that you believe in that stuff anticant. This is just a statement of principles and a lament for a rose-tinted past. I can guarantee that similar stuff has been written by Russian/Soviet policy wonks over the loss of Soviet influence and by Islamists over the loss of the Caliphate. There is a big gap between words and actions, as you know.

  • eddie

    Moreover, not a single one of the names on that site is in the present Obama administration. So what is your point exactly?

  • Ian


    Have you asked the BBC why you have not been invited onto the Norwich North by-election TV programme on Monday 20 July, 22:35 on BBC One (Cambridgeshire, East only).

    “A special edition of Look East. Stewart White hosts a live audience debate with the four main candidates bidding to win the Norwich North by-election.”

    You are ahead of the LibDems at Ladbrokes so should be considered for the programme.

  • Bella

    “Does Eddie sit at his computer all day watching this blog and writing comments?”

    Yes it seems to be his day job. Hope they’ve paid him well for his soul.

  • dreoilin

    eddie is in his element.

    He’s had more attention on this thread than any other so far.

    However, he is *still* ducking my questions.

    “As an Irish person you should know that more than most.”–eddie

    More than most? Why would that be?

  • eddie

    Dreolin – come on keep up! You know the history of Ireland. It’s closed minds/sectarianism that contibuted to centuries of suffering. The point is valid surely? As an Irish person I was merely pointing out that you will have had more experience of such things than many others. Any other questions you want me to answer?

    I spend about 5 minutes a day here – not much – and I am very fast typist.

  • tony_opmoc

    Whilst some books that may be classified by people like eddie as in the “conspiracy” field are both highly entertaining and educational, my view of Daniel Estulin’s Bilderberg Group book is that

    a) Estulin is a Nutter (Anyone who believes that lifts in buildings are set up to appear as an empty hole with a long drop – to kill people like Estulin, not only is suffering from extreme paranoia – but they also have a lousy editor for the story to be included)

    b) The accounts from Estulin and others of the details of topics discussed at Bilderberg meetings is deeply disappointing. The knowledge and intelligence displayed by many of the participants is so dire, that they make some members of Nu-Labour and the idiots Alan Sugar has on his aweful program the Apprentice look inspired. If this bunch of retards are having a serious influence on World Affairs, then it may explain a lot of the current lunacy going on.

    I do however, think there is a great deal of truth in that certain very powerful elements – elites for want of a better word – do have enormous influence on World Affairs. You can either take the view that things like the current economic collapse just happen by accident, or that they are deliberately planned.

    When I see people like Webster Tarpley predict events well in advance of them happenning – purely by studying what has been written and said by those really in control, then its time to sit up and take notice


  • dreoilin


    You’ve been posting here today since 8:19 AM. Don’t talk nonsense about 5 minutes a day.

    And if you think that “closed minds/sectarianism” encapsulates the history of Ireland, or even the North, then you know even less about that than you do about Craig.

    I’m done with you and your nonsense.

  • Jives


    Well i’m surely no expert on the history of Ireland but even i know what you posit is simplification in extremis.Conveniently you fail to mention a significant element in that history i.e The British.

    I’m not Irish but even i know that country has clearly produced MANY oustanding thinkers,writers,artists etc…

    I respectfully suggest you generalise less and,perhaps,read some more.

    A corporal in the CCF with a marksman certificate for the .303 eh?

    Regrettably i recall i,too,was FORCED,for 3 years,into this toy-soldier world and hated every second.The whole thing was an utter shambles.They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. And the .303 certificate? Well they threw those around like confetti.If you didn’t get one you were probably blind.

    And no,i dont engage in amateur psycho-analysis,but it does confirms certain suspicions to me.

    Hurry up and wait eh?

  • eddie


    “contributed to” – read what I write for Christ’s sake. Did I use the word “encapsulate” or anything like it??

  • Tumeric

    Why oh why does eddie persist in writing on this blog? Could he not just stick to left wing organs and leave us all in peace. Eddie you’re not wanted here so sod off!

  • Abe Rene


    The controversy about Ireland has stirred my curiosity about your country. Are there organised tours of Ireland, something like the Cosmos package tours, which focus on ancient history? There might not be any physical evidence that Ireland is an a remnant of Atlantis, but it would be interesting to visit ‘mysterious’ sites that need explaining for one reason or another. Concerning recent history, I’m aware that one of the world’s greatest mathematicians, William Rowan Hamilton, came from Ireland and inscribed his great insight about quaternions (a four-dimensional number system) on Brougham Bridge, where there is now a commemorative plaque:

  • Anonymous


    Shame they won’t let me place a lay bet at their price.

    Most bookies have Cons at 1/15, Lab 20/1 and anyother around a 25/1 bar. Hell betfair have have Greens, LibDems and anyone else at 49/1.

    Ask Ladbrokes where they have Craig in the place market and get them to give you a price at 6th or worse and to get beaten by UKIP

  • Chris


    I have had my fair share of run-ins with eddie but his opinions are as valid as anyone elses – even if I believe most of them to be wrong. I think this site is a surprisingly broad church and I don’t particularly want anyone to go away.

    Eddie enjoys the back and forth and if he irritates (and he does, with the virulence of a sociopathic highland midge) then ignore him.

  • Denim Justice

    I love how Craig Murray’s robots are all on here wasting time arguing with ‘eddie’ instead of actually doing anything to help Craig salvage his train wreck of a campaign!

  • anticant

    Well, eddie, several of those PNAC names were key figures in the G.W. Bush administration, and undoubtedly exercised a big influence on post-9/11 US policy – not least the invasion and ocupation of Iraq, which that group had been campaigning for since the end of the first Gulf War.

  • eddie

    Yes but they have no real influence now do they? Or do you know different?

    Denim Justice – they prefer to talk than to do anything meaningful (or should that be meaningless?)

  • Chris Dooley

    I fail to see how when 80,000 people have Craig’s DVD in their lap that it will lead to a ‘trainwreck’. Unless the government removes the power supply to the good people of Norwich North, they may actually find someone worth voting for. Job done. Craig’s campaign goes from strength to strength, as can be seen from the increased wailing from Millbank. Hi Eddie \o.

  • Jaded.

    ‘I spend about 5 minutes a day here – not much – and I am very fast typist.’

    Hilarious. Why don’t you just ‘come out’ and tell everyone here why you are here? You are certainly not here as an individual and anyone can see that. You used to post under the name Jessy and possibly another tag too. You are a complete twat.

  • eddie

    Jaded – that is paranoid. I am not Jessy and never have been, nor have I been anyone else. What is wrong with you?

  • dreoilin


    That Hamilton plaque would be hard to find but you seem to have great instructions at that link!

    Yes, there are such tours. (I was thinking 5,000 y.o. Newgrange, but that one is well explained already). But I can’t vouch for any of the tours, personally. Like many natives, in many countries, we often don’t look in our own backyards – until we find ourselves taking friends/relatives from abroad on a ‘sightseeing trip’. That’s how I happened to see “Viking World”:

    I don’t know if there’s one tour that covers the whole of Ireland, but here are two links as examples,


    At the second link you can take one of their tours, or create your own, with accommodation booked for you in advance.

  • Jaded

    ‘Jaded – that is paranoid. I am not Jessy and never have been, nor have I been anyone else. What is wrong with you?’

    Ok, I guess i’ll just run along then! Oh look, Tony Bliar is now U.K. candidate to be Euro King. People I knew said I was paranoid about that too. :-0 It still might never happen though of course. Funny how Laddies said they would get back to me with a price, but they never did. Anyone know of any bookies takings bets on Bliar by the way? You were Jessy and you are arrogant with no intelligence to back up your arrogance i’m sorry to say. Furthermore, you spend much more than 5 minutes a day here you little weasel. Stop telling porkies.

  • Jaded

    Update – They just did get back to me. The odds are 2-1. Any cash I get in the next month i’m punting. He was like 12 to 1 a year ago! It’s a no lose bet so lump on your ‘spare cash’ folks if you have any. Lose your money and you’ll still be ecstatic! 🙂

  • Jaded

    Maximum stake £500 I was just informed. Ha ha ha. I bet they only take limited bets as well. They have to put up pretence on what they reckon is probably a ‘done deal’.

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