The reaction we are getting on the streets of Norwich North is tremendous, When we talk to people they are sick of corrupt politicians, sick of vast sums of their money being handed to banks, sick of war and the deaths of young men.

There is a real chance in Norwich North to land a real blow on the dinosaur political parties that are so comfortable in exercising ever increasing power over us. If we can win in Norwich North, it will give momentum to the cause of independent people in parliament and could build momentum towards challenging the big party dominance at the coming general election.

BUT – while the ground is fertile, we have to sow the seed. We have an extremely energetic campaign, and those voters we reach are very sympathetic. But still, less than half of the people when asked know that I am standing. The media are wilfully ignoring us.


We have some major campaign surprises up our sleeve which can break through to public awareness and win this, including a first in British electoral history. But we desperately need manpower to do it.

So far 37 volunteers have delivered leaflets for us. That is wonderful, but not nearly enough. There are 79,000 voters in over 30,000 households, and we need to leaflet each one twice more in two weeks, and to speak to people.

I am urging you to get yourself here and help. If you can just come for one afternoon, and deliver a few hundred leaflets, that is already a huge assistance. If you can persuade others to come, that is wonderful. Best of all is if you can come and stay a few days – we have room, but it would help if you can bring bedding. Please come, and please urge anybody you can to come.

We gave to show that an independent can stand against the system without simply being knocked down by the sheer organisational muscle of the big parties.

So please, please come and help me now.



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50 thoughts on “URGENT HELP NEEDED

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  • eddie

    “I haven’t been able to get into Craig Murray’s website all day. I tried Google and only just managed through another bloggers site. Dirty deeds are being done. ”

    Obviously MI5, or those dastardly Jews – what other explanation can there be? Ha Ha. Craig must be stopped at all costs, clearly. Idiots. Can’t you see the scale of your paranoia? It all links together with the troofer stuff – there is never a simple explanation for things going wrong is there? The toaster breaks down so it must be the CIA. What is the world coming to? Dear oh dear.

  • Freedom

    — TWITTER —

    When the UK students rose up earlier this year on GAZA and other matters, it was reported they used TWITTER for quick exchange of essential information.

    Craig and Co, it may be worth your while having someone full-time on Twitter and Facebook every day.

    At present you have approx 200 Twitter subscribers for your news. My experience has been that if you surf around within Twitter’s membership and subscribe yourself to the accounts of various Twitter users, around 90% of them will subscribe back to you within 48 hours.

    If you keep subscribing to more and more people, the process will continue.

    You could have A LOT of people subscribed to your news before Polling Day.

    On Facebook, you can launch a ‘CAUSE’. Such as: HELP BRING DEMOCRACY TO THE UK. It might spread fast. When people join your cause they are given the option of extending an invitation to all of their friends.

    You have good people here who know the Internet – how about it / what do you think?

    TWITTER – If you decide to put a large effort into Twitter, you probably need to put one news item out every hour for British daylight hours, to keep a momentum going. You can cover associated news – news vital to the type of Britain (and world) we all want; then keep coming back to your own campaign news.

    If you want TWITTER and FACEBOOK to work for you, you probably need one person on each 18 hours every day. If you know some good people who can do it, or share it, they can work from anywhere – they don’t need to be based at your Norwich HQ.

    CRAIG’S TWITTER Account: http://twitter.com/craigmurrayorg

    Subscribe NOW – and get your friends to subscribe … NOW.

    Let’s hope you can get your 80,000 DVDs delivered soon.

    Someone mentioned STUDENTS. If you can get students and young people involved, you could be onto a winner.

    Re your TWITTER account / page. Perhaps it would be best to have your main link on your Twitter page pointing to your CAMPAIGN website, rather than to your blog website.

  • Bella

    No one actually blames anything on ‘the Jews’ unless they’re a shit-stirring little gimp trying to muddy the waters – kind of like you Eddie.

  • MJ

    eddie is only content when Muslims are blamed. Anything else is a conspiracy theory. Yawn.

  • George Dutton

    “Can’t you see the scale of your paranoia? It all links together with the troofer stuff – there is never a simple explanation for things going wrong is there?”


    “Dear oh dear”…


    eddie,I bet you feel really stupid now.

  • MJ

    What does “troofer stuff” mean? I assumed it was an inpenetrable typo, rendering a most probably inane remark wholly meaningless.

  • eddie

    Troofer = “Troofers are sanctimonious pricks who believe in absurd conspiracy theories blaming the US Government for 9/11, when it is obvious that Jews were responsible for the attacks.”

    “The rise and rise of conspiratorial thinking is one of the most disturbing developments in twenty-first century public life.

    “Sometimes it appears as if Western societies have regressed, adopting a medieval attitude towards calamitous acts. Back in the Dark Ages, people regarded accidents, disasters and other acts of misfortune as the work of hidden forces. Accidents did not happen, apparently ?” they were intentionally caused, either by divine or malevolent forces. Misdeeds were often said to have been caused by people who had been manipulated by ‘evil forces’.

    “This primitive outlook is making a comeback; it informs the way many people make sense of high-profile catastrophes today. Conspiracy theories are pushed forward to explain what happened on 9/11, or why there was such devastation in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. And since conspiracy thinking believes that what you can’t see is more important than what you can see, it is highly unlikely that the report on the destruction of Tower Seven on 9/11 will help to clarify matters.

  • MJ

    So that’s “troofer stuff” is it? I would have thought that the refusal to apply dispassionate rational thinking to evidence, and instead to accept blindly the repeated, preposterous claims of those in power, is the most telling indication of a return to the Dark Ages.

    On the matter of the towers I agree that’s what most important is what you you can see. It’s blindingly obvious that they were demolished. You can tell just by looking at them. It’s the apologists for the official account who are forced into inventing absurd alternative theories.

  • Christopher Dooley

    I’m halfway through ‘Murder in Samarkand’ at the moment and I can see that this country needs more people like Craig in parliment. No more lickspittles and spindoctors, we need politicians who speak the plain honest truth.

    I’ll try come over next weekend to help with the leafleting.

  • Anonymous

    I just saw you ranting like a maniac at the Conservative candidate in Norwich high street. What kind of political debate is that? The most un-civil behaviour I have yet seen from a candidate in this by-election. Your frankly childish ranting has lost you the vote of my partner and myself. Did you not stop to think how intimidating that must have felt for all the residents enjoying the music and sat in the cafes around your stand? Unbelievable…

  • JB

    Anyone worth their salt would have been cheering Craig on. The trolls coming on here are just SO transparent. Bravo Craig if you really did ‘rant’ at the Tory.. you’re speaking for millions up and down the country.

    To the sensitive wee poster who is easily intimidated: If you’re not pissed off too, you’re not paying attention. In fact if you’re not pissed off, perhaps you need urgent medical attention to check there’s still a pulse.

  • Anonymous

    Oh fabulous, so now Tory voters don’t deserve a pulse do they George, for not seeing the light? How comforting it must be to presume millions support your views. Your fringe, don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

    Don’t belittle this either. Your a ‘troll’ for Murray so I am equally impressed with your reply. The fact is, in a crowded street with music playing, people shopping and most not wanting to give a crap about politics and enjoy the sun (including the young and the elderly incidentally), no one wants some random independent shouting agressively at the top of his lungs down the street. Not a blow for freedom of expression or however else you want to spin it, just pissing off the town centre. Well done. I just felt sorry for the poor people in Pret who couldn’t escape as they were having lunch.

    My first reaction was ‘who is that nutter and should we call someone’. And let me assure you that people are not going to think to themselves ‘a random man shouting at people across the street, lets go and engage him in political debate’.

  • JB

    Will somebody PLEASE think of the poor people in Pret trying to have their lunch!


  • George Dutton

    VERY worried conservative supporter above.

    Lets examine both your posts…

    “the music”

    Hmmmm,might I suggest that to get himself heard Craig had to be a bit more loud what with music playing etc. But you come on here saying…”I just saw you ranting like a maniac”…your opinion of course,I put it to you not shared by 99.999% of others that were there.

    You say…”most not wanting to give a crap about politics”…your opinion again.So now you know what everybody thinks and have appointed yourself as spokesperson for the people of Norwich …I am impressed,NOT.

    I could go on and on pulling your two posts above apart but you show yourself up as such a right wing little fascist I can’t be bothered.

    I would suggest you uncoil yourself and stop hissing it’s all so transparent.

  • Anonymous

    This is so much fun! I love the careful analysis leading to the dispassionate conclussion of ‘right wing little fascist’.

    Let me apply the same treatment to your post.

    “the music”

    You may ‘suggest’ all you want, but as you weren’t there your guesses on the volume and type of music are worth zero. As it happens there was a chap playing guitar at what I would call an easy listening volume.

    Ranting is correct, as he spotted a Tory poster a good 10 metres away and at once started shouting and yelling at them over the heads of a crowd of people. No provocation, just instant rant.

    I can tell you most people didn’t want to give a crap about politics because everyone was trying their best to ignore ALL the political types out, from the Tories to UKIP to, yes, even your man Craig. Heads down, avoiding eye contact, sweeping past the stand to avoid getting pulled in. It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon, go figure. So again, as you weren’t there your comment is worth zero.

    Finally, having pulled your post apart, I conclude that you are a left wing little communist who thinks he has sole right to the moral high ground and that anyone right of Tony Benn is a fascist, and who I can’t be bothered with further.

    I would suggest you stop your warblings about an incident at which you were not present. Your reflexive defence of Murray regardless of context is so transparent.

    Anyone else want to accuse me of being a fascist for suggesting that yelling at people across the street isn’t intelligent political debate? Obviously I’m a Tory mole for suggesting such a thing, how do I sleep at night.

  • Ian

    To: Posted by: at July 12, 2009 12:15 PM

    It would be helpful if you would use a name rather than leaving it blank. You can use a nom.

  • George Dutton

    “but as you weren’t there”

    My point about you…

    How do you know that?.You seem to know everything…Someone that say’s they know what other people think and want is the definition of being a fascist.So as I said above…”you show yourself up as such a right wing little fascist”…I am NOT the one saying that,you are.Your problem is you can’t see what your posts tell everybody about you…Fact.

  • Ian

    To: Posted by: at July 12, 2009 12:15 PM

    It would be helpful if you would use a name rather than leaving it blank. You can use a nom de plume.

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