On Sex, Spanking, and Song 61

Precisely 38 minutes after I posted a blog entry pointing to definite proof of Jack Straw’s complicity in torture, one Helen Wright added this comment, which I thought deserved a wider audience:

I thought you were removed for buying sex from vulnerable young women in foreign countries?

Apparently you enjoy sex with a kilt on and like to smack womens arses while singing Scottish songs.

You are a man of questionable morals and brough shame on our country. Crawl back under your rock, you slimeball


I am shocked. You mean there’s another way to have sex?

I repeat it as a poignant reminder of the glory days of the Downing St smear machine, when they concocted enough lies about me to fill a Trident submarine. As New Labour goes down unloved into oblivion, it is interesting to see the legs still kicking in reflex.

The extremely important post from which she was seeking to detract your attention is here. Please, please read it – as experience shows that getting sex in the heading quintuples my traffic, her puerile smear will then have backfired spectacularly.


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61 thoughts on “On Sex, Spanking, and Song

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  • Roderick Russell

    If there is a deeper reason I don’t know what it is? I will tell you that slandering an honest man out of a career is a pretty viscious thing to do, and I expect that everything just ratcheted up from there in stages.

    As for the cover-up conspiracy. You can see it for yourself just from the documentation. Those involved in the cover-up (Police, Home Office, MI5/6, CSIS, Cabinet Ministers ?” i.e. Hazel Blears ?” a Manchester judge and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper) know whom they are protecting from justice.

    Roderick Russell

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