Cameron Could Be Britain’s De Gaulle: So Don’t Vote For Him 12

Bruce Anderson is becoming a caricature of the golf club saloon bar bore. After his enthusiastic espousal of torture, he now gives us this piece:

Actually I agree Cameron could be our De Gaulle: a posturing, arrogant mountebank with a cult of personality, repressive right wing views and an overweening sense both of his own importance and of his country’s true place in the world.

Only genuine nutters like Anderon would see that as a reason to vote for him.

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12 thoughts on “Cameron Could Be Britain’s De Gaulle: So Don’t Vote For Him

  • Abe Rene

    The article speaks well of David Cameron. If I am not convinced to vote for the LibDems, it may well be the Tories.

  • mary

    Have just been out with the dog for some air and walked through local beech/oak/sweet chestnut woods which form part of the North Downs Way and Pilgrims Way, the old path from Winchester to Canterbury.

    The beautiful blue of the bluebells in mass against the new green of the trees was amazing as was their perfume. What a beautiful country we live in but we are betrayed by the politicians who are unworthy to lead us.

    At this time of year I am always reminded of that dear man Dennis Potter who said in an interview just before he died that ‘the blossom was at its blossomest’. In the same interview he was warning us of the danger we faced from the likes of Murdoch. He had named his pancreatic cancer ‘Rupert’ and said that if he wasn’t so tired and lacking energy, he would have shot the bugger.

    Hope the above doesn’t sound smug. I know I am fortunate to live where I do and yes I spend a lot of time countering the racist types here who blame immigrants for all the country’s ills. Yes they are pleased to get cut price Polish plumbers and painters and vote LibDem and Con in turn. Which will it be this time I wonder and will it make any difference who wins? We are all going to go down the tubes together anyway.

  • Abe Rene


    Is not the beauty of nature that you found so moving, a sign that the same Providence who let you see it, and who has inspired great reformers in the past, will do so again? Can you be so sure that politicians who have not yet been tried (like Clegg or Cameron) are so bad that the country will collapse?

    I euggest that you put the kettle on, make a strong cup of tea, think hard about whom you will vote for (as is the duty of evrry good citizen) and cheer up!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    “The Tory leader promised to create a “war cabinet” immediately upon entering Downing Street and gave his strongest indication that a Conservative government would not raise value added tax rates in an emergency Budget, expected in June.”

    “As Today’s Financial Times ‘ reports on front page! about Cameron stating his immediate action will be establishing a War Cabinet!

    Are we like De gaulle going on a new crusade of trouble in Africa ??

    Sudan Rhodesia etc etc

    Beware you middle england voters , do you want blood on your conscience !

    we have had Thatcher!

    we have had Blair

    now we have DC ”

  • mike cobley

    Spot on Craig. Last thing we need is another bout of self-deluding ‘leadership’.

  • writerman

    Frankly I don’t think Cameron is in De Gaulle’s league. He’s a lightweight opportunist, not significantly different from Blair.

  • Mr M

    I could not help but notice the foundations and lipstick he uses along with too much plucking of the eyebrows.

  • Guano

    Possibly he will retire to Notting Hill Les Deux Egiles to await a call that never comes.

  • Alfred

    Cameron as de Gaulle?

    Too short and not the right nose.

    However, we can hope that he maintains his composure under machine gun fire.

    In fact, though, de Gaulle was a product of a particular time in the history of France. The country had suffered repeated humiliations. De Gaulle was a reaction to this. He set out to restore French pride and national independence.

    Britain’s position today is entirely different. Pathetic perhaps, but a position of Britain’s own making. There is no need for grand gestures on the international stage to restore British pride. What is needed is a solid program to curtail the bloated bureaucracy and transfer resources to the productive sectors of the economy, to curb immigration until unemployment is greatly reduced, and to educate the mass of illiterates and innumerates who make up a large part of the workforce.

  • NN

    This time, it’s been the task of “Alfred at May” to infuse a bit of intelligence and moderation in this website.

    I had already downgraded this RSS feed to the bottom of a list a while ago ; it will be out in a moment.

    I think your thin experience and almost non-existent culture cast a greater shadow than the late General’s, Mr Murray.

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