Another Old Etonian Wanker Calls Me a Liar 67

Rory Stewart is getting the hang of being a Conservative politician; he has plainly learned that the first requirement is to lie through your teeth. Form today’s Independent on Sunday:

Once tutor to Princes William and Harry, Rory Stewart, in his latest incarnation as Conservative prospective candidate for Penrith, has found himself the unlikely subject of intrigue. Craig Murray, renegade former ambassador to Uzbekistan, claims in his blog that Stewart worked as an MI6 officer in Afghanistan. While it’s true Stewart was educated at Eton, received training from the British armed forces, and has yet to marry, the comparisons with James Bond appear to end there. “I’ve never met Craig Murray and I have no idea why he is saying this,” he tells me when I call, “It’s not just false but extremely dangerous. I’ve been doing charity work in countries where people are already at risk and his claims will only endanger them further.” Stewart’s father is even more succinct: “It’s bollocks.”

Let me be plain. Rory Stewart was an officer for Torturers’R’Us (formerly trading as MI6).

Now I know many MI6 officers personally and I know the identities of hundreds of them. But I have no intention of “Outing” them and, once retired, I am more than happy for them to tend their roses in Tonbridge Wells in all anonymity. But Stewart has entered politics and, in putting himself forward as a parliamentary candidate, he forfeits his right to conceal his history from the voters.

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67 thoughts on “Another Old Etonian Wanker Calls Me a Liar

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  • MJ

    “Time for another trip to the loony bin I think”.

    Off you go then lttle fella. If you’re good you may get Care in the Community in a month or two.

  • anon

    Fortunately the people who found him wandering around Afghanistan at the time of 9/11 in Sewar-Chemise knew very well he was a spy, but hospitality to strangers over-rides other considerations in Islam.

    He did convince himself that he was going undetected for sure, but not here and not now. Thanks Craig.

  • George Dutton

    “Craig Murray, renegade former ambassador to Uzbekistan”

    By inserting the word “renegade” into that sentence goes to show Matthew Bell as not being an honest or informative journalist.

    He should have wrote…

    Craig Murray,former ambassador to Uzbekistan who was sacked for his opposition to the UK governments complicity in torture.

    Now that would have been truthful and informative journalism.

  • writerman

    To me, it seems obvious, that Labour are going to be routed at the next election. About the only chance they might have of retaining power, if one supported them, would be to ditch Brown pronto and announce a radical rethink of their Afghanistan policy; meaning vote for Labour and we’ll bring the boys home within six months of the election. Turn the election into a referendum on the war, turn the Tories into the endless war party…

    Now Labour would reap a worldwind from the establishment, pro-American press, but at least they’ed have an issue that clearly seperates them from the Tories; at least they’ed have a chance of remaining in power, given the collapse in public support for America’s war.

    It amazes me how passive the mass of Labour MPs are in the face of electoral suicide. One would imagine they’ed show some semblance of crude self-interest, but their bovine brains seem incapable of even that much sense.

    Obviously the leadership are thinking of new pastures and loyalty to the American Empire is paramount in their minds, but what of the pawns in the parliamentary game?

    I believe this shows that old-fashioned Parliamentary democracy has broken down completely, and we now, more or less, live in de facto one party dictatorship, where ‘democracy’ is a hollow ritual with virtually now real substance or meaning.

  • Matthew Bell

    When the mega-corporation that pays my salary insists on truthful and informative journalism, then you’ll see some.

    Until that day arrives, George Dutton, “the law of supply and demand” will rule, i.e., my employer demands tripe, so I will supply it.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Tory Bear wrote “Time for another trip to the loony bin I think.”

    I think we can detect in that comment another person with no counter-argument and no facts to back up their non-existent argument, so falling back on insults in a desperate attempt to cover the fact. Not unusual for the right wing of the Conservative party, though there are some there who are much more honest than you seem to be.

    Also Craig has never been in the ‘loony bin’ – he did see a psychiatrist after victimisation by the foreign office, who told him he was quite sane and needed a lawyer, not a psychiatrist. So the one “fact” you present in your comment is actually a lie. Not unusual judging from your blog.

    Also show some guts and try coming out from behind the anonymous pseudonym when telling lies about other people mr “Tory Bear”. Craig provides his real name and identity when telling the truth, perhaps you don’t want to because what you’re saying is so blatantly untrue? My name by the way is Duncan McFarlane.

  • david

    **Stewart’s father is even more succinct: “It’s bollocks.”**

    Now, spare a thought for the unfortunate journalist here. To his credit, in protest at being made to put his name to this drivel, I think he has slipped in a cryptic face-saver. Truly, what credibility does Stewart’s father’s opinion have in the context? What MI* operative tells his daddy what he has been up to? It’s an obvious absurdity. This is the trigger that tells us where the truth is hidden, in plain sight as it so happens — “It’s bollocks”.

    It’s back to the compiling the crossword puzzle for you, Matthew Bell.

  • David Boycott

    “MI6 officer denies being MI6 officer” is hardly news is it?

    On the subject of loony bins, who is the half-wit about that thinks that Labour might win an election as the party advocating withdrawal from Afghanistan when it has been in government for twelve years?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    I agree with George Dutton. The prospect of a Conservative government is dire for the peace-makers. Those of you that remember the Tory blog – what was it – webCameron if my memory serves me well, of course it was crashed in a jolt of realisation that the British public are not ‘Sheeple’ or are we?

  • Ruth

    writerman ‘It amazes me how passive the mass of Labour MPs are in the face of electoral suicide.’

    Much like the ministers in the Cabinet meeting which ‘made the decision to go to war with Iraq’ According to Claire Short there was no discussion.

    So who’s really running the show? It obviously isn’t the electorates’ representatives

  • dreoilin

    “MI6 officer denies being MI6 officer” is hardly news is it?

    What are they going to do about that when they make the biopic of his life? Apparently Brad Pitt has bought the rights.

  • Abe Rene


    Apart from the risk of going to jail, a readiness to break the law (the OSA, specifically) could be used against you if you ran for public office. Of course, if you do not intend to do so but simply be a political activist, that may be less crucial.

  • Alfred Burdett

    Is it not the case that no one truly retires from the spy business — unless at free-fall speed from the seventeenth floor of a U.N. building or in some other such dramatic fashion?

    If so, then if Parliamentary candidate Rory Stewart has indeed been an MI6 officer, he has no option but to lie about it, for to admit otherwise would be to admit that the intelligence services have attempted, clandestinely, to infiltrate Parliament.

    If Murray is lying, Mr. Stewart can sue him for libel. That he has not threatened to do so, seems to confirm Murray’s claim.

    By thus drawing attention to the corruption of Britain’s democratic process, Craig Murray has performed an important public service at the cost of being branded publicly as a liar and a at the risk of possible retributive action.

  • Subrosa

    Renegade? You Craig? Sue! Then again you could always accept it as a back-handed compliment insofar as you were right and the others were wrong.

    Anyone who stands for political election should be completely open to scrutiny.

    Seems Rory thought he could wing it.

  • Elliot

    ohhhh…look at me…my name is craig and i like fabricating conspiracy theories to assuage my own ego. i make a MI6 claim that can’t be substantiated. and then watch as those people squirm because it’s not true and it carries incredible baggage. yes, i like that. i have no soul.

  • SIS

    To the correspondent above who requested information on the true identity of rabid right-wing loony Conservative blogger Tory Bear:

    His name is Harry Cole.

    You can find a photograph of the grinning buffoon here:

    Yes, he’s one of Guido’s muppets and rather embarrassed at the drivel he writes in his Tory Bear blog, hence the fruitless attempts at anonymity.

    Don’t think he was in MI6, but his eforts at concealment seem almost as risible as Rory’s.

    This information has been brought to you by our operatives in the field. Working for peace and harmony throughout the world, SIS is an equal opportunity torturer. Muslim applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

  • The Flying Pig

    Had to laugh at this account of Rory’s life, from the New Statesman:

    They’ve obviously left out the fact that Rory was in MI6 during his travels, but that omission makes the whole adventure rather bizarre, particularly this bit:

    “I decided to get a taxi from Jordan to Baghdad, just me and the taxi driver.” He arrived in Baghdad and immediately reported to the Director of Operations who was pleased to see the eager volunteer told him to go home and await instruction.

    “I wasn’t completely convinced that anything would come of it.” But it did and in August 2003 Stewart found himself the deputy governor of Maysan province in Southern Iraq, with a population of 850,000 people. He was not yet 30.”

    Yeah sure. Just turn up in Baghdad in a taxi and get a job as deputy govenor of an Iraqi province.

    We’ve all done it, eh…

  • Paul J. Lewis

    To SIS,

    So is ‘’ fronting as a independent campaign supporting transparent government? It appears quite genuine at first glance. On second glance the people listed on the About page don’t look like likely candidates for such a project.

    Would be interested in more information on this?


  • anon

    Today’s loony bin is far removed from the stigmas of the past. A majority of people, including myself, have a spiritual crisis in their life, in which normal activities become impossible and one’s system is given space to make fundamental, spiritual or conscience, decisions. The decision to follow one’s conscience is not a one-time decision but the start of a path, which in my case led to Islam.

    What happens today when this crisis occurs is that the person is treated with chemicals that literally burn out the parts of the brain that are working over-time. Then happy drugs and a label are applied. Psychologists love labels. What did they do before they invented bi-polar? Don’t they know that brains are all bi-polar by design? The subject is then released into the community having forgotten the spiritual purpose of the crisis, and made content to dwell on the horns of their moral dilemma, subject to continuous medication. Fail to take the medication and the horns will start to screw into the mind. Don’t they know that God blew something of Spirit into Adam when He created him? Don’t they know that the seat of the soul is the heart, not the brain? They can’t medicate the heart, thank God, only the symptoms of distress in the brain.

    The reason why debate about going to war is non-existent in our cabinets, is that our society is even more terrified of addressing spiritual decisions than in previous centuries, and employs super-quacks called psychologists to solve the problem at vast and unnecessary expense. Are they scared of the blood of Iraqis and Afghanis and Gazans on their hands so much, that they have to call people of conscience, loonies? Why don’t they take a lesson from Macbeth and understand that their refusal to recognise their guilt will only serve to increase their murderous crimes?

  • anon

    Craig, my previous father-in-law was a well-respected Old Etonian who flew spitfires and had seen a thing or two.

    Morality is bred out of them and dangerous charm bred into them. But my present father-in-law is the salt of the earth and usually calls a spade a spade without being prompted.

    Nil carborendum…Don’t let the bastards gring you down.

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