White Supremacists Occupy Afghanistan 24

Rather sums up the whole bloody debacle:

Two Czech soldiers were suspended along with their commander Monday after the soldiers were seen wearing Nazi insignia on their helmets while serving with the NATO-led force in Afghanistan.


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24 thoughts on “White Supremacists Occupy Afghanistan

  • brian

    at least they’re being honest, below them in the food chain are those who claim to be there to “prevent terrorism reaching the streets of Britain”

  • Mr M

    I like people from Eastern Europe more. They will let you know of their opinion pretty quickly to safe one’s self from humiliation.

  • smog


    Curiously, despite the article you linked referencing Associated Press I can find no trace of any story concerning Czech troops in Afghanistan on AP’s website despite running quite a few searches. And Googling just throws up a load of Israeli/Jewish media and a couple of others quoting them. I can find no version of this story on any media I’ve ever heard of.

    Are you confident in the authenticity of this story?

  • tony_opmoc

    Well I saw Harry Brown today, but I’m not allowed to talk about that, so I’ll mention this thought instead…

    If the US Military Totally Fuck Up and Shoot themselves in the foot, by an accidental Nuclear Missile Explosion in Central USA which only kills a few Million, but the EMP Radiation completely Knocks out Over 90% of All Electricity Supplies across America as well as 90% of Computers which would cause massive Disruption, and The Chinese Think…..

    Well The US already owes us the equivalent of California, in unpaid debt, so lets pull a fast one….

    And The Chinese Hire ALL Spare World Airline Capacity Over a Weekend or So….

    And Launch a Mass invasion of the USA, whilst most USA troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq….

    Well, wouldn’t you fly over with me on Easyjet and plant some landmines to help Defend our American Friends from The Chinese Invaders?

    Nah, Thought Not.

    But you couldn’t blame Americans for defending their own Country by doing exactly what Afghanistan People are Doing in Afghanistan.


  • tony_opmoc

    I think in fairness that I should say that the vast majority of the content of my post above comes from a right wing conservative American website.

    Such things are discussed in detail right down to the actual technicalities of the risks of the Entire Electricity Supply across America being taken out…

    As regards to what some right wing American’s feel about China…


    I don’t post on right wing American websites, but I agree with almost all of what Karl Denninger posts about financial corruption at the highest levels. Most right wing US websites are incredibly scary. They really do have the sort of guys, that if you get into a disagreement about what the shape of popcorn should be, they will hire a private detective to get your home address and hire someone else to kill you. So I don’t post on websites like that, though I have been invited.


  • tony_opmoc

    Well, we got positive confirmation today, it really was him right up there working for hours clearing off all the growth…Right at the top of the extremely tall ladder. One slip and he would be dead…

    Well we knew it was him on TV, cos well we recognised him, and his name was below him when he was talking…but I wasn’t sure it was him, but almost certain cos there was no van around…

    I was going to shout out to him – Hey mate can you do ours? But it was a torrential thunderstorn and I thought anyone on a ladder in such weather must be completely insane…

    So today a couple of Irish blokes – asked us if we wanted our’s done…

    When it started pissing down with rain we invited them in – and gave them a cup of tea and orange juice – and chocolate biscuits…

    Of course they were Irish lads and we bartered with them a bit about the price…

    But they did a bloody good job….

    Now this guy Must Be Seriously Minted…

    Yet he risks his life doing that…

    Fucking Weird


    opmoc – 25 Nov’09 – 23:35 – 4936 of 4936 edit

    Some of the photography in Michale Caine’s knew Film – Is Completely Phenomenal in Their Originality…

    The intro to the film is wild and awesome

    The dark drug scenes look like they were inspired by nine inch nails having a really bad time

    The torture scene featured the star from skins

    The smoke scene in the house was so evocative of well – the full flavour of the film

    Not all of the pace was at the same of a rather similar film starring Jodie Foster…

    But the authenticity (with slight reservations about the lack of black actors – and I really do understand the reasons why)

    I thought


    Was totally Fucking BRILLIANT

    As a work of drama, it was both incredible and shocking.

    The sad thing about it, is that it really did reflect one hell of a lot of reality, of what it really is like living in Inner City Britain

    We should all be ashamed, of the World we have provided for our kids.

    It is not their fault. We haven’t given them anything to do.

    It is hardly surprising, they behave the way they do.



  • tony_opmoc

    Go and see it.

    It was 10 times better than I expected.

    I am so glad I did.

    I Really Didn’t Want To Go

    Because it tackles a subject very close to home.

    My Wife chooses the most Amazing Films to See at The Cinema…

    Much of the time I have no idea what I am going to see…

    About 10 years ago – She said we are going to see this. I knew absolutely nothing about it whatsoever.


    I still rate it as my Favourite Film of all Time

    3 years ago, after my Daughter had been arrested twice for doing absolutely nothing wrong on Tony Blair’s orders to have her and all her friends DNA Taken, a Kid Got Shot Dead and Died in a Pool of Blood on Streatham IceRink. She wasn’t there at the time and neither was Her Friend.

    However He was and is a Briliant Ice Skater – He’s Teaching It Now

    He was determined to be there, the moment Streatham IceRink reopened and skipped school to be there…

    My Daughter didn’t skip school, but as soon as she got home, she said Dad – Take me to the Train Station

    And My Daughter Travelled on The Train By Herself to see Her Friend Dance on Ice…

    Sure She Was Interviewed By The Police Again

    And She Told The Truth

    I Wasn’t There I Have Come To See My Friend Dance on Ice

    She Was 15 Years Old.

    I Was Incredibly Proud Of Her Courage, and The Determination Of All The Young Kids Not To Be Intimidated By ANYONE


  • tony_opmoc

    It doesn’t matter how wealthy or priveleged you are, how are you going to find out what human beings are like – you know that same species as you unless you go to a normal school?

    Where everyone goes without race or prejudice based on the location where they live

    You go to a normal school – where all the local kids go

    You don’t go through any selection process…

    You just go to your local school – because that’s where all the kids go

    Its not seleceted on the basis of wealth, colour or religion

    You are just a child born in your local community

    And your local community naturally looks after all children born within it. No one had ever thought of an idea why they wouldn’t

    And then the stupid cunts turned up and tried to bend all the rules, such that all the rich kids could go to the rich schools…

    And so they did and knew all their other rich kids – and their rich kids mums and dads and aunties and uncles and because they all had so much money they formed a world government dictatorship

    And they said


    And we said



  • tony_opmoc

    opmoc – 26 Nov’09 – 01:38 – 4937 of 4938 edit

    I am posting this here, because it is the only webiste in the world that I have not either been banned or seriously told off by the moderator….

    I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now, but I thought I should first post it here, because the other cunts will probably delete it

    I started off as compo

    And I got banned, cos I didn’t want my mate BigChin banned…

    Sure he hated me and everything …but I never hated him

    And when he was incredibly abusive to me, and the moderator banned him

    I pleaded with the moderator to re-instate him…

    But he wouldn’t

    So I emailed BigChin my password

    But he was too Proud to Post His Words Under my own username compo

    I said

    Say what you want mate

    They will all think it is me

    But he wouldn’t

    So I posted my username and password for everyone to see

    I invited everyone to post under the name compo

    It was one of the funniest Saturday Mornings I have spent in front of a computer screen

    Well of course I got banned, I had not only committed a cardinal sin, but also a mortal sin…

    And throughout all this time I had absolutely no idea who compo really was – because I had never watched Last of the Summer Wine – filmed in Holmfirth

    about 10 miles from Oldham

    And then the real actor dropped dead…

    So I realised I could never post agian under the name compo

    So after a 6 months break I started posting again

    I posted under the handle


    I thought


  • tony_opmoc

    And so far as The People of Workington are concerned – well we were there in June…

    We normally stay in Derwent Farmhouse in Grange in Borrowdale – and did again

    Look, How Can I explain it?

    The Locals Just Want All The MEDIA TO


    The People of Northern England Will Have Workington Back To Normal Within Months

    In 6 Months Time. No one will Know Anything Had Happenned

    And in My Evidence I Submit Hurricane




  • tony_opmoc

    Well, After Trying to Wind Up all most every Cunt in the World Who Really Fucking Annoys Me

    I Think I Should Listen Again To My Gift


    I am going to be dancing very soon..sure it is 4 minutes past 4

    But I went to University in Salford

    Never heard of the cunt before


  • anno

    Blog censorship

    Just as even the most experienced draught horses can shy at an unexpected shaft of sunshine reflected on the plough they are pulling behind them, or another team of carriage horses overtaking them suddenly from behind, so even the most seasoned of political animals is capable of taking fright at the unexpected activity of fools who follow an interesting blog. It’s easy for an outsider observer to say that in their opinion digressions are as inevitable as flocks of seagulls circling for creatures turned over by the plough, or traffic on a busy turnpike road. Such is the array of distractions that only a rare horse will perceive that this unaccustomed and unwanted activity is a normal and harmless part of his/her job. Having said that almost 100% of horses in harness do wear blinkers, so it’s unreasonable to expect different from this blog.

  • tony_opmoc

    No it wasn’t that – he knew I knew computers, but this was something different…

    It was a multi-gybabyte thing that could record everything in total high definition multi-track and everything with loads of weird effects possible…

    So he said to me how do you make it go?

    I said why the fuck do you think I would know

    And I unpacked the box and thought – weel – I reckn to be able to make this thing go…

    So we connected speakers and microphones and guitars and I couldn’t get even a passthrough through it…

    I thought oh fuck my Musical Friend will think I am a Right Cunt

    I actually had to read the manual amd went through it step by step

    He wrote the steps down

    However, I haven’t Yet seen him perform the Results Live yet, except in our kitchen…

    I keep saying – come and do it live again

    So he gave Me The FALL Instead

    So Who is This Mark E Smith I have never heard of before and who gets gigs in High Definition TV?

    You are Not Allowed To Do That


  • Craig


    It’s not glimpsing a ray of sunshine. It’s finding a big puddle of piss blocking the path.

  • ingo

    Maybe he who is in charge of the cart and is looking for pissy puddles every time somebody makes the wrong sound, does not like the issue’s raised?

    Is apparent incohesion and obfuse clattering of verbals a strategy to foul us all up by driving this imaginary cart through those puddles? LoL

  • Stuart


    As much as I love to read your ramblings on this blog could you do us all a favour and either stick to the blog subject or start your own blog and ramble away to your hearts content. It is very hard to keep a blog running when you are distracted by totally irrelevant ramblings.



  • Stuart


    As much as I love to read your ramblings on this blog could you do us all a favour and either stick to the blog subject or start your own blog and ramble away to your hearts content. It is very hard to keep a blog running when you are distracted by totally irrelevant ramblings.



  • Stevie

    I agree. Tony you have your followers so please do set up your own blog as I am sure it will be a success.

  • anno

    Craig you were on the safe high road in the diplomatic service where no doubt there are many honourable people keeping their mouths tightly closed. I am a personal friend of one of them, because I knew him at school. But faced with a massively corrupt Blair government changing the rules on human rights, you chose the low road, which is the road to the gallows. I have started to save your blog pages because there is enough evidence posted on them between yourself and your friends to hang the joint administrations of Bush Blair Brown and Obama altogether. There are also a few puddles of piss on the low road which can be circumvented with patience. Your public campaign for justice and human rights is massively to your credit. Don’t get bogged down by us naughty bloggers, but remember the enourmous respect people rightly have for you. You probably have more admirers inside the so called establishment than anywhere else, because you’re doing their job for them, if the truth were told. It’s also noted that you are out there earning your living by your sweat and helping people in the third world.

  • writerman

    I both admire and respect Craig. However, I think he’s a perfect example of the price one pays when, after being posted abroad, one ‘goes native.’ This isn’t meant as a criticism, as I’ve gone native too.

  • Jan Wiklund

    I think the czechs just display black irony. They can’t help remembering what happened to their own country some seventy years ago, and see it all happen again where they are stationed.

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