The “Threat” From Central Asia 223

The threat of Islamic fundamentalism rising up in and pouring out from Central Asia, is a popular theme of those who design Western security – or hydrocarbon – strategies. It is in order to exagerrate the threat from Central Asia that the US and UK use the Karimov regime to torture “Confessions” out of Central Asian “Al-Qaida” members.

Al-Jazeera has this week been running a feature documentary by Michael Andersen, a Danish journalist who really does know Central Asia, It should be required viewing for anyone with an interest in the “War on Terror”. You can still catch it on Al-Jazeera today and tomorrow, or throught this link.

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223 thoughts on “The “Threat” From Central Asia

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  • Richard Robinson

    “PS Richard’s idea for transforming Afghanistan is growing on me.”

    That’s a very odd mental picture. Best keep still, then, or you’ll disturb the roots.

  • Steelback

    These Sunstein “gamers” are in their own peculiar little Derridean postmodern universe aren’t they?

    They can shift more shit than Fisons,I reckon.

    On the packet it says,”Made in Israel”.

    They’re products of the abnormally large Israeli special school system.Along with the vaccine damage they probably sustained when young their rock bottom level of intellectual engagement is only to be expected.

    The “gamers” are a product of the experiment in the spiritual and moral degradation of a people we call,”Israel”.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    ‘The gap is enormous’ so true, I was devastated by the slums I explored.

    I was invited by an American family who could not afford health care, it was a defining moment, because although poor they gave me enormous hospitality and in return, after they gave me a guitar, asked me to play (in the garden on a hot summers day) the old London cockney songs – they sang enthusiastically ‘Roll out the barrel’ and a few I struggled to remember long into the night. Wonderful memories.

  • technicolour

    Oooh, an allegiance between the neo-Nazis and Larry, how exciting zzzzz

    Larry, my previous post was what was known as ‘teasing’.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Wait, what’s my association with neo-Nazis? I was pointing out Mark’s getting in bed with the American right – did you pick up on that?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    OK, so it was “Harvard” a few times and now it’s Hartford – you claim that you spent a long time working there.

    So now you know the name of the city where you worked for a “long time.”


    Can you imagine how much abuse you would throw at an American who made the same silly mistake? Can you imagine how that would become part of your “I met an American” diatribe? Wouldn’t you then have a little joke about Americans not knowing the names of the cities where they work?

  • Jon

    Calm down in here, will you… play nicely or everyone should take their balls and leave!

    And regular posters who are interested in a civil debate are advised to leave the trolls alone. Trolls are advised to be nice if they genuinely want a debate.


  • Larry from St. Louis

    Jon, so I take it you’re ok with the conspiracy-mongering, and the plagiarizing, right?

  • avatar singh

    hemical ali is hanged when will war criminal tony blair will be put to gallows? include among those to eb doomed-after goign through abu gharibi style treatment-those companison of crime like bBc journalists, sky journalists and rupert murdocjh and ofocurse this criminal jack ripper straw. and let thse be judged not by kangaroo british court but by the iraqis and afgans who suffrerd fromt these animals.

    some one wrote this about americans-this applies more to the british because atleast americans did nto really vote for fraudulent bush but the british did vote thrice for the war criminal tony blair harami-knwing fully well his crimes.

    “And Americans are definitely at fault. Who do you think elects these people, the French?? Just how many French voted for Bush in 2000?? How about 2004??? Did the Swiss vote put Bush over the top then??? You guys are blind if you can’t see how the American people have gleefully baaaed their way into this morass happy to drive their wasteful Hummers and remain completely ignorant about the rest of the world.

    When the world was saying that Saddam might not have WMDs, it was the US AND ONLY THE US (well, with the UK, Spain and Israel) that insisted on starting an illegal war. Americans were all for it. They were screaming in the streets for it. The rest of the world protested louder than ever before in 2003 AGAINST THE WAR and the US decided to go in anyway. If Americans weren’t behind Bush, there’s no way he would have been able to go against the entire world.

    Americans are some of the most ignorant, stupid people on the planet. They have one of the most corrupt medias anyway, know very little about what really goes on in the world, love to flaunt their ignorance as some sort of richer-than-thou trophy that they don’t need to know what’s going on, and then spout idiotic crackpot theories as if they were facts even in the face of reality.

    “The Jews are the only ones to blame” is pure racism. It would be a lot closer to the truth to say that “Americans are the only ones to blame,” but even that is far from the truth. Morons vote for morons and then, morons become elected. The easier to control the herd with.”

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