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Looking for an honest US Senator my be a long shot, but we need one now to take forward the foiling of the British government’s attempts to block publication of the Senate report into torture and extraordinary rendition. Now we have got this into the mainstream media, it may have more traction. I am delighted that the Belhadj legal team have formally adopted the information that the UK is seeking to block release of key information in this report. Given that the Crown’s defence in the Belhadj case rests entirely on the argument that the USA does not want the facts revealed, that the Crown is then lobbying the USA to hide the same facts ought to be too much even for the most abject establishment lickspittle of a judge to stomach.

I have, however, never ceased to be surprised by the appalling quality of the English judiciary. Given the Megrahi case, nor can I pretend the Scots are any better.

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41 thoughts on “Honest US Senator Wanted

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  • Mary

    They got Mladic but not Blair whose crimes could be considered a million times worse.

    Mladic war crimes defence begins
    Survivor of 1995 massacre mourns a relative at memorial cemetery in Srebrenica
    The defence in the genocide and crimes against humanity trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic opens its case in the Hague.

    The stooge Ashdown was speaking at large about this to the exclusion of the others on the panel of last Thursday’s QT and giving his anecdotes. Man of action stuff. How the Serbian military were more scared of being brought to The Hague than they were of their leaders. Ashdown talked to the latter too. Can’t remember if he said he met Mlafic or Karadzic.

  • Ed

    Four suggestions:

    Senators Ron Wyden and Tom Udall are on the Senate Intelligence Committee. They have been as proactive as any senator in trying to reveal the truth about NSA spying.

    They might have better access to Senator Feinstein, whose committee holds the vital information.

    The others are Angus King and Bernie Sanders, both independent senators, so less tied up by issues of party loyalty.

  • Les Wilson

    Craig I really like your writings, said well, written well.

    Could I direct you to the blog of John Jappy, I am sure you will know who he is but,
    you should, as we all should, read the articles in his blogg, many things there that few of us Scots know. I draw your attention in particular to his articles on Nuclear.

    They are utterly frightening, I just think these need the attention of a worthy writer like yourself. However, in the unlikely scenario that you see nothing in them, then I apologise for directing you to them.



  • Gadfly

    The Crown lobbying the USA to hide facts or to pretend to that they don’t want the facts revealed seems to be common procedure. They now employ it whenever it suits.

    The Crown did the same to us in order to prevent us presenting evidence of high-level corruption and criminality by the Blair government (and the untouchables) before a court of law. It has been claimed that the US are opposing our access to justice, so we cannot have it. (As if the US would have any national interest involved in an accident investigation about a trawler that sank 40 years ago.)

    And they have the cheek to criticise the Russians.

  • Peacewisher

    Sorry, guys, I didn’t take much interest in the 2012 US Elections. Very sad to hear that Dennis has gone. He seemed much too principled to be a post-Carter Democrat. Hope he’ll be back next time around.

  • Mary

    Exclusive: MI5 stands accused of complicity in torture this year after ‘trying to recruit man from Egyptian jail’


    19 May 2014

    ‘MI5 faces claims that it has been complicit in torture as recently as this February, after a former British resident told how he was beaten by Egyptian security forces working closely with the UK.

    Ahmed Diini, 25, alleges that he was questioned by a member of MI5 earlier this year while being tortured in an Egyptian prison. The claim challenges assurances given by Britain’s security and intelligence agencies last year that they no longer take part in operations where a suspect is being tortured or illegally detained by a foreign state.

    In November, the head of MI5 told MPs that his officers would never participate in or condone torture.’

    Of course they wouldn’t would they, Mr Andrew Parker!

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