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Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a tiny everyday example of those shared US/Israeli values Dianne Feinstein was on about.

Courtesy of the Guardian.

Meanwhile another 47 people are killed by a truck bomb in Iraq and over 200 maimed. A slightly larger toll than usual in a single incident so it actually made the media here, but again in Iraq such violent death is an everyday occurrence. That is over ten years of fear, carnage on an unthinkable scale, dire poverty and destruction of basic services. I bet the Iraqis are extremely grateful for the peace and security Blair and Bush brought them.

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67 thoughts on “Shared Values

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  • Rose

    Fed up et al – thanks for your helpful suggestions re computer slowness. Will try what you’ve said.
    I have a feeling it might be something to do with location – neighbours with more knowledge and less time than I have to wait around for things to happen, tell me it’s something to do with the broadband connection. But as I come from Barcelona I wouldn’t know. (Insert silly face)

  • Clark

    Rose, it is worth testing your broadband speed, as suggested. Some Internet Service Providers, notably TalkTalk, don’t contribute infrastructure proportionate to their market share, and thus their customers end up sharing what little they provide. Suggestions about defragging don’t apply if you have anything other than Windows XP.

  • guano

    Suggestion for slimming the Military budget.
    Stick an electronic cigarette into each of Her Majesty’s corgis’ backsides. They will no longer have to be rated as a fire/terrorist risk by Her Own Special Forces.

  • guano

    You’re probably right about the Saddam death toll.
    Many mass graves continue to be found all over Iraq, however.
    The system was that they used to charge the families for the execution of their loved ones before releasing the corpses for private burial.

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