Vanity Posting 18

Could someone who knows how to do it, kindly replace my photo on Wikipedia with a more flattering one?

I am very grateful to the person who took and posted it, but at the time I was standing on a train while stooping to speak into a microphone tethered on a short lead three feet from the ground, As a result I look stunted and a very strange shape (no offence meant to anyone who is a very strange shape).

Pure vanity, and I am sorry 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Vanity Posting

  • MJ

    Craig, according to Wikipedia at the moment, “Image uploads, deletes and restores are temporarily disabled while we upgrade our servers”.

    Perhaps if you could post here a more suitable picture then I or someone else will try to do the business once the service resumes.

  • Richard Robinson

    So of course I had to go look at it –

    It’s much better than Juan Cole’s.

    There, that should start a few daft arguments …

  • glenn

    Craig –

    In order to to edit that picture one requires at least a class of user named “autoconfirmed”, the account needs to be at least 4 days old and needs to have made 10 edits to other pages, none of which have been disputed.

    My own account is less than an hour old. But I’ll make the 10 less serious edits (which do not involve changing the main image, for example) to something innocuous, which won’t raise disputes, over the few days. Hmm… now to try and think of 10 things I actually know something about.

    I downloaded Ediot’s reference, but could not upload this as your signature picture until this probationary period as a Wiki editor has been fulfilled.

    Please confirm the picture for my upload which you would like to represent you – you have 4 days to choose one.

  • Craig


    Wow! Thanks for all that trouble. Just any picture in which I don’t look like a Saga tour guide!

  • Neil

    I haven’t got time to search for photos of you, but if you can post, on this thread, the URL of a suitable photo I can do this for you as soon as I see it, subject to one VERY IMPORTANT proviso:

    When it comes to images, Wikipedia is super-hot on copyright – the image MUST be available under a “free” license (roughly: one that allows the free use of the image by anyone, for any purpose (including commercial use), without payment, subject only (if required) to the author/copyright holder being acknowledged.

    The easiest way of doing this is to post a copyright notice on the web page containing the image. The recommended license is the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. A good example of how to do it is on the Christian Peacemaker Teams website:

    (There are other ways of dealing with the copyright issue, but they involve a lot of time-consuming wiki-hassle)

  • Neil

    I see someone else has now posted a (very small) pic from the Univ of Dundee website (many thanks), but of course it is now slated for deletion because it lacks copyright info (and there is no copyright info on the Univ site that I can see).

  • glenn

    Ah, that’s fine then. My admin rights don’t take effect for another 2 days, so I was beaten to it, but at least I’ll have edit abilities shortly.

  • Neil

    Sorry, it isn’t all right, because the image is going to be deleted. Someone needs either to provide an appropriate copyright release for this image, or to provide another image which does have acceptable copyright status.

    Sorry to keep going on about copyright, but there’s no point uploading an image which is just going to get deleted.

  • glenn

    Craig – please refer me to a picture of yourself you’d like on Wikipedia for which you own the copyright. I have editing rights now, and need a suitable picture. How about the one from this website?

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