CIA Attacked French Civilians with LSD 520

For all those nutters who cry “Conspiracy theory” whenever it is stated that the CIA have ever done anything wrong, here is a story from that impeccably conservative source, the Daily Telegraph:

A 50-year mystery over the ‘cursed bread’ of Pont-Saint-Esprit, which left residents suffering hallucinations, has been solved after a writer discovered the US had spiked the bread with LSD as part of an experiment.

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520 thoughts on “CIA Attacked French Civilians with LSD

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  • juniper

    Coupla shirtliftin’ shills like Larry anna angri ain’t gon’ fite nobody.

    Dey both gonna stay hidin’ under da table das’all!

    Like all dem dule citzen Isreels dey trayters to dese United States.

    We awl jussa waytin’ for Larry get here back from Massa Silverstein cathouse.

    We got mitey fine recepshun committee waitin’ on ya Larry!

    P.S.Larry-Yo’lady say she don’ min’ leasways if youz get wassa comin’ to ya,neither!

  • Larry from St. Louis

    arsalan, clearly you don’t understand what a false dichotomy In any event, you’re a very dumb person.

    And on top of that, you’re a religious nut who has to bother others with your religion.

    Britain deserves you.

  • arsalan


    you are wrong. The Larrys of this world do not have dual loyalty. They are loyal only to Israel.

    The reason why they praise the American system, is America is a country which doesn’t give its citizens free healthcare, but it pays for Israelis to have free healthcare!

    It can’t afford to house its citizens, but it pays for Jews from all over the world to be housed in what it calls Israel.

    The Larrys of this world don’t praise America’s system due to love for Americans, they do it due to love for Israelis.

    So larry if you like the America education system so much. And you like the American welfare system so much. And you like the American healthcare system so much.

    Together with liking Israel so much.

    Are you in favor of Israelis having to pay for their own education, healthcare and housing the way Americans have to?

    So do you want America to stop sending all this money to Israel?

  • arsalan

    And Larry answer the question. Whose side will you be on if America and Israel go to war?

    He will never answer, but we all know that answer. And he knows it!

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Go to war over what?

    Your question makes you sound like even more of a Neanderthal.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    I have to know more before I can answer your extreme hypothetical.

    I’m not a reflexive nationalist so it wouldn’t always be the case that I always back the Americans.

    I don’t think you can understand that, you Muslim nutter of an undetermined race.

  • arsalan

    Larry So give an example of in what circumstance you will side with America against Israel?

  • arsalan

    I am someone who believes you will always side with Israel.

    I believe that is where your nationalism lies.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Jesus Fucking Christ, I’m not even Jewish! Love the sandwiches, of course! But I’ve never even been to Israel!

    So apparently you think that, because I don’t support the conspiracy theories of the conspiraloons at this website, I must have loyalties to Israel.

    You sound like someone who read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion with glee.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    He never answered my question either. Here it is again, Larry:

    Do you disagree in any substantive way with the Bush-Obama Administrations’ foreign policy as it pertains to the Middle East/ Central Asia?

  • Suhayl Saadi


    You know, Larry, I thought back there that you’d dropped some acid and had become really cosmic. Of course, it was Arsalan who had drunk too much Turkish coffee and eaten deluxe fish.

    You know, even imperialists are allowed to be funny occasionally.

    Come on, man, Bush-Obama, say it, man, sing it. Think of an insect climbing up a wall. Imagine a spider weaving a web. Everything has its place. Nothing is wholly evil. Even a black hole is… heavy. Give me an answer. You’ll feel much better when you do. A sense of lightness will fill your being. St Louis and Joan of Arc will apeear to you in a vision by a cave. Honesty is next to cleanliness which is next to… You know you can do it. Just say no. Or yes. Yes. Or no. No or yes. Yes or no. No or yes. Yes or no. No or yes. Yes or no.

  • Arsalan

    I was accusing you of being Loyal to Israel, I wasn’t accusing you of being Jewish.

    A Jew is someone who believes in the Lord of Abraham, you are someone who blasphemes

    against him.

    Just as you have blasphemed against the Islamic/Christian Prophet Jesus pbh in your last post.

    You are the enemy of God, The Prophets pbh and all of humanity. You support the state of Israel because that state is bad for humanity, you support the american health care system because that

    System results in countless millions dying each year due to no health coverage. Larry you have a grudge against humanity and God. I don’t know what is the cause of it, may be your father abused you when you were a child.

    Or maybe nothing evil happened to you, you just choose the evil path.

    I have already told you if you continue on this path you will die a very lonely man. I didn’t mention what you have waiting for you after death. And thats even worse.

    Larry you don’t need to answer my question. Whenever two choices are put towards you I’m sure you will choose the worst of the two.

  • Freeborn

    What with shill infestation and a host of commenters with A.D.D. and other learning difficulties the topic thread rarely gets a look in.


    Walter Bowart’s classic,Operation Mind Control,from 1978 has an introduction by Richard (Manchurian Candidate)Condon.It’s available on-line.

    Bowart captures the breadth of the US elite programme to control and eliminate their enemies at home and abroad.No aspect of behavioural control was not explored in their quest to control the memory and will of both individuals and whole masses of people.

    Instigated by the secret government with the CIA at the apex and NSA,DIA and its subsidiaries in air force,military and naval intelligence and the civil service providing back-up the mind control programme used operatives across a swathe of government departments,major US corporations,especially certain airlines,oil companies and aerospace contractors.Assets in the US and world press are also on board.

  • arsalan


    There are two things that make your posts very hard to read.


    The insults at the start.

    I probably insult Larry a lot more then you do. What makes my insults readable is two things:

    A: I use a different insult each time, which makes people want to read on. You just repeat shrill, so people think they have read it before.

    B: I try and make them funny so people want to read them. There is nothing funny or unfunny about the word shrill. Most people don’t even know what you mean by it?


    You don’t use full stops and enough. Make your sentences smaller. It would make understanding what you write a lot easier. When writing Scientific papers we are told to make our sentences as small as possible and our paragraphs as big as possible. This makes each point very easy to understand. And encourages people to read to the end. Even though I use this rule for writing papers on Science and Engineering, you should use this rule when writing bad things about Larry and his family. If you don’t use this rule, you are only writing to yourself, because you will be the only one who understood what you wrote.

  • Freeborn

    arsalan-I guess you were pissed when you wrote the convoluted jibberish above.

    Any deficiencies in syntax on my part are decidedly small beer beside your across-the-board failures in:

    (a)using the right terms-the term is “shill” not “shrill”

    (b)consistently writing completely off-topic

    (c)failing to contribute anything meaningful to discussion

    Your notion that my posts make frequent insulting references to Larry of St Louis is quite unfounded.Like most comments of mine the one that precedes yours contains no reference to him whatever.I think most visitors to this blog-aside from you apparently-have worked that the said Larry is not really up to engaging anyone in serious debate.

    Comic debate is a possibility with Larry as the venerable juniper’s comments seem to suggest!

    But serious debate with Larry is a wholly unlikely prospect.

    I’m beginning to wonder if you are the same.

    What seems more likely to have irked you is the jibe about A.D.D.A symptom of this all too common contemporary condition is your failure to observe in your contributions any rule of relevance whatever.

    Just to repeat what has been said elsewhere:the topic is Mind-Control experiments.

    If you’ve got something material to contribute to our knowledge-please do.

    If you got some helpful links and references to pass on to us-please do.

    If not,I trust this sentence is short enough for you to understand-fuck off!

  • tungsten

    Top man,Freeborn!

    The guy arsalan’s only fulfillment in life seems to be to engage airheads like Larry and angri in meaningless exchanges re-vacuous propositions like on which side would they fight in a war between Israel and the US.

    You hear more grown-up conversations in the kindergarten sandpit!

    juniper answered unequivocally on their behalf-they wouldn’t fight for anyone.They’d hide under the table!

    That was the high-point of the debate that particular night.

    Sorry for being OT,mate!

    I think your syntax is just fine by the way!

  • Apostate

    The Bowart Mind Control book,as Freeborn says,is on-line.

    Believe it or not,Jim Keith’s classic on the same topic which includes brief reference to Pont-St-Esprit is available at W H Smiths.

    As someone who supervises graduate theses I would hazard,judging by Freeborn’s posts,that he has studied to the same level,albeit some time ago.

    The prose is lucid and demonstrates a consistency of style that is all too rare among the last two decades of student-intake at university level.

    Whereas arsalan,I’m afraid,exhibits a rather laboured and ponderous style of writing which is probably acceptable in science departments but would be deemed thoroughly bad style in Faculties like English or Humanities.

    The prose is characterised by numerous spelling errors at crucial points-“shrill” for shill for example.The mistake is all the more glaring and careless for it’s being crucial to the writer’s argument.

    Words like the ajective,”scientific”,are needlessly capitalized.This is stylistically characteristic of someone either new to the language or poorly schooled at writing in their first language.

    arsalan also exhibits a tendency to overestimate his capacity to engage the reader.Whereas Freeborn’s writing is consistently compelling-arsalan’s is insipid and often or not uniquely uninspired.His claim to be able to use his writing as a vehicle for humour is quite lost on me for one!

    The immodesty on arsalan’s part is typical of students we encounter today whose exam grades were highly inflated to meet artificial targets set two decades ago.Such students often make it necessary for academics such as myself to spend long hours bringing the quality of their writing up to scratch.

    They simply have not read widely enough to feel comfortable writing at length let alone constructing and sustaining meaningful analysis and argument.

    Perhaps this is not entirely arsalan’s fault as he seems to be getting thoroughly bad tutorial advice on style.

    Good writing which is fluent and easy to read juxtaposes short and long sentences appropriately within each paragraph.

    If arsalan’s writing is to reach a level necessary to write a science paper to degree standard I believe he could do far better than spend late nights engaging with commenters on this message board who are as equally deficient as himself.

    No prizes for guessing to whom I refer!

    My advice to colleagues involved in admissions is always to prioritize the applications of mature students.Their writing,whether or not they have achieved the required “A” levels,is generally far easier to mark and read than that of the school-leavers of the last two decades.

  • MJ

    It’s ‘adjective’, not ‘ajective’. Might be an idea to acquaint yourself with the correct usage of ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. Remember also to insert a space after full stops and commas.

    Jim Keith’s “Mind Control World Control” is available on-line too at

  • Arsalan

    Freeborn, tungsten and Apostate one after the other.

    I’m starting to agree with what many people here have already said on this issue. MJ if you didn’t post that I’m sure

    Steelback would have been next.

  • MJ

    Well, they all fail to insert spaces after full stops and commas, which may suggest common authorship. Doesn’t really matter though. At least he/they often have useful things to say, unlike the Larry.

  • arsalan

    MJ yes, Larry and his civil partner are my only enemies here.

    Everyone else have their uses, I just hope that they/he start using full stops and commas.

    I’m sure they/he has/have important things to say. I would like to read them. But he makes it very hard to, the way he writes them.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    No replies yet from any of the multiple shift-working larries to my very simple question. No surprise there. I shall draw my own conclusions. Btw, how is Vauxhall these days? Do you get to go there? Or is it like working in a sweat-shop?

    No reply yet from apostate, either. At the risk of getting detention (or the tawse!) for using over-long sentences, as this entity provides erudite and informative critique of the structures of power, I will assume that the entity is anti-imperialist. There is a possibility though that it may be a Dalek.

  • Freeborn

    You adolescent numbskulls!

    Still trilling to each other like lovebirds rather than contributing to anyone’s knowledge.

    Apostate is so so right re-your proclivity for rambling off-topic.

    Were I on an admissions board for higher education you plonkers wouldn’t get near a lecture theatre.Universities right now are desperate to attract students with self-discipline and initiative who do not require extra tutorials to assist with their cognitive and writing skills.

    Other students UK higher education is crying out for are those capable of conducting their own research without too much supervision.

    You dickheads fail on all counts.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    A tawse it is, then! Hit me with your rhythm-stick, hit me, hit me! Do you do ‘school-ma’am’? Or reader (with mortar-board and dividers)? The University of S ‘n’ M has many erudite post-graduates and fellows, Professor Freeborn. May I have the third degree? Thank you.

  • Anonymous



  • Arsalan

    “Were I on an admissions”

    But you are not. And for good reason. If you were, no one would be able to read anything that comes out of a University.

    Freeborn or whatever else you want to call yourself. Just make what you write easier for us to read.

    You might think your writing style is best. But you are not writing to yourself.

    If you do that you will find others will read what you write, and we might actually agree with you.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    1) It could be argued, and has been, that nowadays academia largely is part of the military-industrial complex.

    2) A blog is not an academic treatise, it is midway between a conversation and a journalistic article. To think otherwise is to misunderstand the nature of the medium.

    3)Humour is an essential part of resistance. Let me share with you a vignette.

    A writer under house arrest in a military dictatorship sends out tea and biscuits to the secret policemen who are standing in the summer heat (we are talking subtropical). This is an act of humour and also is an act of resistance. The writer’s name is Kishvar Naheed and she is a poet in Pakistan. The time is the 1980s. She did not posit cerebral discourses with the secret policemen, she sent them out a tray of tea and biscuits. She did this every day for several months. They drank all the tea and ate all the biscuits (basic-level secret policemen are paid poorly).

    In a world where power displays itself in the clothes of logic and rationality in order to construct itself as the sane and natural order, it is absolutely essential to nurture the possibility of insanity.

    This is far more significnat act that gaining admission to MIT or Harvard.

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