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Netanyahu’s speech to a frenzied mob of crazed American Zionists was quite appalling to behold. Juan Cole dissects with a steely brilliance Netanyahu’s wildly unhistorical claims. This should be compulsory reading for all people interested in politics anywhere:

Netanyahu mixed together Romantic-nationalist cliches with a series of historically false assertions. But even more important was everything he left out of the history, and his citation of his warped and inaccurate history instead of considering laws, rights or common human decency toward others not of his ethnic group.

So here are the reasons that Netanyahu is profoundly wrong, and East Jerusalem does not belong to him.

What modern Israel most closely resembles is apartheid South Africa. Those who deny that Israel is a racist state should read this – just one of hundreds of thousands of such personal stories:

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60 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Lies About Jerusalem’s History

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  • Tony

    I am one of an age where we were forced to study 20th century wartime history from the 1930’s and 1940’s, which seemed very dull and depressing at the time when I was doing my “O” levels. The period did throw up interesting unanswered questions to debate how sensible Germans must have stood by and watched the Nazis take over control with minimal effective protest. Living through Blair and Bush we have some understanding first hand for ourselves now how hard it is to protest effectively against a profoundly evil war machine prepared to tell any scale of lies and commit atrocities to get what it wants, coincidentally filling wallets along the way.

    Moving on to the point I wanted to make, I would say that Zionist Israel’s justificatory pronouncements about their expansions into Palestine and especially the latest into Jerusalem seen from here ring even more resonantly and transparently with the concept of Lebenraum than that of Apartheid.

    The presence of the racial divisions and contempt for a ‘lesser’ race in Israel bring obvious resonances with South Africa, as do the hypocrisies of the USA and UK offering seldom if ever anything but unqualified nodding to the eradication of Palestine and the Palestinians. However I would give Lebensraum a close look as well because the model fits the glove more closely.

    I would love to see a massive arrival of awkward questions in our run-up to the next election – specifically about the lies of the Middle East carnage and our continuing active participation(s) which both Tories and Labour are avowed to continue with formulaic lies like mynah birds. Sadly, if you are looking for rogue nations, WMD and an “Axis of Evil” we should not be looking so far from home and the forthcoming election should provide some opportunities to open debate before we slump back into parliament’s smug somnolence.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    I completely agree with both of you – Craig and Tony. Netanyahu is either a fanatic or else he has no conscience – i’m not sure which.

    Norman Finkelstein’s book ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ is one of the best i’ve read. He takes the false history apart by going back to the sources and seeing what they actually say – and what the Israeli propagandists claim they say – and shows up the inconsistencies between what some u-turning historians like Benny Morris find as the facts and the strange conclusions they draw from them.

  • Arsalan

    Zionism is a funny ideology. It claims Judaism is a race when people call them sectarian. And they claim to be a religion when people call them racist. In fact Zionists are both racist and sectarian.

    But Zionists are sectarian a religion, and racist without a race.

    The majority of Zionists are atheists, but they claim to be Jews so they can be discriminate against Christians and Muslims on religious grounds.

    Then they claim they have a racial claim

    to the land, when in fact they belong to many different races. Ethiopians who claim to be Jews are Black, Indian who claim to be Jews are Indian and Europeans who claim to be Jews are white.

    But none of this matters. What matters is the people who were kicked out of their homes still have the deeds to the land. they were never paid for it and they never choose to give it back. In this applies to pre-1967 just as much as it does to post.

    International law means nothing. It is ignored by the nations who writ it.

    This bit of toilet paper called international law still meant they carved Israel out of the middle east kicking out the people who lived there to fill it with Europeans.

    So why would international law mean anything to remove post 67?

    What is different about the Palestinians

    who were kicked out post 48, and post 67?

    So what is so different to the Zionists who are living in land stolen post 48, and post67?

    Anyone who thinks the solution is going to come from the nations that established Israel due to an election can hold their breaths waiting until they die. It isn’t going to happen. The solution is going to come from a change of government in the Muslim world. So it is time for Muslims to change their governments the only way it is possible to change them.

  • Alfred Burdett

    The Israelis have been “profoundly wrong” in their treatment of the Palestinians from the outset, and have no claim whatever to Palestine except that arising from violence and genocide, as they have, in moments of honesty, clearly stated from the outset:

    “We must expel the Arabs and take their places and if we have to use force, to guarantee our own right to settle in those places then we have force at our disposal.

    “During the assault we must be ready to strike the decisive blow; that is, either to destroy the towns or expel its inhabitants so our people can replace them.

    “The war will give us land. The concept of ‘ours’ and ‘not ours’ are peace concepts, only, in war they lose their whole meaning.

    – David Ben Gurion (1937

    “What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived. We should demand his blood not from the Arabs of Gaza but from ourselves. . . . Let us make our reckoning today. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood.

    “We have no solution, you [Arabs] shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes may leave, and we will see where this process leads.

    “It is not in our hands to prevent the murder of workers… and families… but it is in our hands to fix a high price for our blood, so high that the Arab community and the Arab military forces will not be willing to pay it.

    – Moshe Dayan

    On one point Dayan has yet to be proved correct. The Israelis keep ratcheting up the price of Jewish blood, but so far the Arabs have continued to pay it.

  • nobody

    As for Israel being compared to apartheid, I’ve lost count of the anti-apartheid veterans who visited Israel and declared it to be worse than South Africa at its apartheid height.

    Why did we attack Iraq again? Can anyone remember? Whatever the reason was, Israel makes those Iraqis look like a bunch of boy scouts. And between the two, Israeli is so utterly more deserving of having its arse kicked.

  • arsalan

    To say Zionism is racism is an insult to racism.

    There isn’t a word for Zionism but maybe Zionism can be used to describe Europeans going to America, killing off the Red man, taking his land, locking him up in reservations to starve, then claiming to be the victim when the red man fires a few arrows just before these Europeans massicre all the women and children. All with the excuse that God gave America to the whiteman, And this is my land!!!

    The Native Americans are Palestinians, and if the Palestinians.

    That is why the American government love the Zionists and hate the Palestinians.


    And the UK, whichever of the three take power will remain to be a puppet of America=Israel.

  • Woody

    There was some Zionist twit called Mencer (former director of Labour Friends of Israel) on BBC World at One yesterday trying to give Ming Campbell a hard time and using classic Tel Aviv propaganda tactics to derail the subject and redefine the purpose of the interview to suit Israel’s case. (18 minutes in).

    Is this the same David Mencer who has now wormed his way into a key job with the Central Office of (Mis)Information?

  • anno

    Alleluya, peace man shalom salaam shalom.

    In a secular world, people want secular solutions, but in the case of Palestine it doesn’t work because it is a Holy Land.

    It is sacred to the memory of the prophets sent to a tribe, who were instructed NOT to confine their religion to their own race, but to spread their monotheism, Islam. When they were captured by the Babylonians, they returned to Jerusalem speaking Babylonian or Aramaic, and the Babylonians had got monotheism.

    Along comes Jesus, peace be upon him, the anointed one, the Messiah, to rejuvenate their religion. They were having a good time. Money was flowing between Asia and Rome, polytheism. Do you know what an Avatar is? It’s a sage who has spent a lifetime studying to be a holy man, who dies, and is believed to return in the form of a new person. That’s what they asked Jesus pbuh: ‘Are you Elijah, returned?’

    The question is, not who owns the land, but when will the tribes and the converts to the original religion return to their religion. When they return, they will find that it is now Islam.

    Anybody who thinks that the problem can be solved in a secular way, will find that the problems keep coming back like avatars or zombies. You can remove the curse of Allah on the disbelievers easily. Believe in your religion and the prophet of your time, Muhammad may God’s blessings be upon him. Welcome!

  • John

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the historical update on the “promised land” and putting some reality into the preposterous Netanyahu claims.

    It is sickening to know how much power these Zionists hold over the US/UK and soon to be over EU.

    It is time to call their bluff/chutzpah to account and create some balance throughout the western world, as far as their bullying foreign policies affect the US and UK.

    As I have intimated before, lately–and without in any way trying to justify Hitler’s barbaric treatment of Jews and the Holocaust–I have come to reason the idea that, Hitler knew more about Zionists plans–and feared their effects on Germany.

    Indeed, so obdurate, scheming and ruthless are the ways of modern Zionist leaders of Israel, that one wonders if this approach to foreign cultures hasn’t been tried before–without the benefit of seeing the Jewish State at work.

    Hillary Clinton, whilst condemning Israel’s illegal building programme, was at the same time, almost orgasmic in her pledge of American backing for Israel–(no matter what?)

  • arsalan

    Do you know what I find strange?

    It is people on our side celebrating Obama, or brown saying naughty naughty to Israel.

    As if it is some sort of voctory, that will mean all stolen homes and land will go back to the people they were stolen from.

    This is silly, while the bastards say naughty naughty, they pour money and weapons in to the Israeli millitry, while promising more.

    Israel will only be destroyed by an Army, and the army will only invade it after the naughbering countries have a real government instead of these puppet dictators.

    They need to be removed, and Muslims need to do the removing.

  • Craig


    While I do believe you when you say that you write

    “without in any way trying to justify Hitler’s barbaric treatment of Jews and the Holocaust”

    What you go on to say about Hitler’s knowledge of Zionist plans is a weird road to tread. Hitler’s views on Jews were not rational, and downright evil.

    As for Arsalan’s fantasies of vengeful Muslim armies, I am not of the view that a great deal more death is what the world needs.

  • arsalan

    It is only the Zionists who say the Muslim Army will be vengeful. That is because they see themselves in others. They behave vengefully when they kick people out of their homes and when they kill babies, so they assume others will behave likewise when power is exchanged from the oppressors to the oppressed.

    Don’t buy in to that. When I said Israel will be destroyed, that means the racist system will be destroyed, not that the people will be destroyed. The only ones destroying people are the Zionists.

    What I mean by destroy is a reintegration of Palestine in to the region. The invasion is just a pacification of a rebel province, not a genocide. the only ones who are interested in genocide are the Zionists.

    The Muslim world have no history of invading lands for ethnic cleansing and resettlement. We have no history of concentration camps and gas chambers.

    So don’t assume we will behave like the European powers after victory. Victory will mean we will stop dying, not that we will start killing.

    These dictators and kings who now rule Muslim nations are part of the western system, the sooner they are removed and given asylum in the UK, the sooner we will rule by our own system and oppression will end.

  • Woody

    The only language Israel understands is a clampdown on trade. And proportional representation – right up the LibDems’ street.

  • ingo

    Sadly John is right. 1940’s zionist made overtures to Hitler and his drive to spread his third Reich to all and coming.

    There is no dispute about his evilness towards Jews Gypsy’s Homosexuals and those who opposed his dreadfull regime.

    It was Yitzak Shamir and Ben Gurion who approached the Nazi’s with the offer to becoming their ‘enforcing arm spreading their rule of law’ in the middle east, no doubt a chancing moment in history that showed how much hardline Zionists felt in line with fascists, enough to espouse their aims and further them in the middle east.

    It also can be argued that this was an attempt to introduce the ill gotten Balfour declaration into the Nazi’s vocabular and provide them with an alternative to their mass extermination, a means to stop their ‘Endloesung’.

    The two ideologies, as time went on, increasingly had more in common, their loathing for other races/tribes in lands that were supposed to be theirs by the power of historical scriptures, only today we find out that many of these were hearsay or fabrication.

    Still the lying by Netanyahu continues. His strong arm tactics might go down well with the bamboozled jewish lobby and Obama might be scared off for now, but he has hit the buffers and his strong responses are nothing but a flight of fancy, hiding his insecurity.

    When he says that Obama will not get re-elected again, then that applies to him as well, he will not survive the next election either.

    Craig, more death is not what the world needs, but, far from predicting the end of the war on terror here, thats what western powers are planning their contingencies for, and thats what we are going to get.

    Now I shall make this my last post for now. I feel that my words are lost.

    Nice to have made your aquaintance, ladies and gents, keep happy and healthy.

  • anno


    In psychological terms, ‘projection’ is looking at another person and seeing a lot of things you don’t like about yourself in them, without there being any evidence for their existence.

    I believe human intelligence is much more able to assess character than modern psychology leads us to believe. For want of another word Christians look at Muslims and see anger and violence and they project onto us the anger and violence that they find in themselves from their own frustrations. Unlike you, I don’t deny that the anger and violence is also present in Muslims. Honesty is the cure. Chritians are deeply subjugated by their religion and their governmental system. Muslims are liberated by their religion but persecuted eternally by crusading envy. Of course they are angry and possibly violent, but not by their own frustrations, but by the frustrations that others have taken out on them.

    A Muslim army of today would probably be retributive and murderous, unlike the army of our prophet saw when he entered Mecca. But the army that restores the khilafah will be an army that is supported by the vast majority of Christians Inshallah, when they unite with us to remove the inconcionable excesses of the tyrants that control them.

    My only purpose of contributing to this blog, if I’m honest, is to show Christians that we are in solidarity with the righteous ones amongst them. I can’t deny that our anger is scary. When the anger of the Christians at their so called leaders reaches our level, THEN, in a unity of purpose, an army comfortable with itself and united, will destroy the common enemy of tyranny, the Cheneys, Netanyahus, Blairs, Camerons and Browns. Is that an un-Islamic ambition? Is that an unlikely scenario to occur?

    By the way, I totally disagree with Craig about Nick Clegg. Yes he has passion but my inner motive detector system informs me that his anger is merely the product of being put through the cold public school education system like me from a tender age, at Westminster School like myself, rather than any passion about real injustices to others. Call me a cynic, tell me I’m projecting. To me he’s a collaborator with the system, a prefect, a spy, a disbeliever and a menace and a pain in the backside. Envy is a terrible thing.

    Praise be to Allah, my God didn’t give me leadership of a political party; He gave me Islam. Apart from that I don’t need anything and there isn’t any other way of achieving anything or any change. If you don’t add Islam, it really is just plus ca change…

  • John

    “Hitler’s views on Jews were not rational, and downright evil”.

    Craig, this is not in question.

    I am old enough to remember some of the first pictures from Belsen and I was sickened, by what the world had allowed.

    Now I see a star rising above a similar evil and the world seems paralysed and indifferent, or afraid to speak out.

    You know Israel’s history of aggression, duplicity and hubris, from the inside–and far more accurately than my observations–but if anyone says that, they cannot see parallels between the behaviour of Zionist Israel and Nazi Germany, then I say, they are blind, or wilfully avert their eyes.

    A dead child, from white phosphorous, napalm or cluster bombs, suffers the same in any time or situation–and all are accepted in war.

    It worries me that, none of the western powers does more than “regret” what The Jewish State of Israel is doing illegally and perpetually–and with impunity.

    This leads to the thought WHY?

    And why Hitler feared their power, to an extent that, he contrived evil solutions against them.

    I know that, this is not so nuanced as you would like–but I have lost patience with pussy-footing politics, which is always charitable at other victims’ expense.

    What are western leaders keeping from their populations.

  • MJ

    “The only language Israel understands is a clampdown on trade”

    I don’t think Isreal can be persuaded to change its ways by a boycott of jaffa oranges. Israel understands two languages: military action and global finance.

    “1940’s zionist made overtures to Hitler”

    Indeed. See Lenni Brenner’s ‘Zionism in the Age of the Dictators’ for a thoroughly-researched analysis of the whole sickening story.

  • arsalan

    Anno you are right the Armies under the rulers we have today will behave like that. They are in fact behaving like that right now!

    They are behaving like that against Muslims! They slaughter their brothers without mercy to please America and Israel.

    I am stating that the cause of this behaviour are the rulers that order them.

    When these rulers are removed, that behaviour will be removed.

    Soldiers do what they are ordered to do.

    Americans torture Muslims Muslims because they are ordered to, and the Armies of Muslim lands torture Muslims for the same reason.

    So WHEN we remove our rulers, unite our armies, what they did to us will NOT be repeated on them. Because we will not order our soldiers to shoot their children, like they are doing to our children now.

    We are not them, we have never been like them and we will never be like them.

    We don’t believe, we have never believed and we will never believe that we are some sort of master race, some sort of chosen people. That is their belief not ours. We don’t believe we are saved. We believe our deeds matter and not just our words. Let me be clear on this, Muslims will never behave like the Zionists. No matter how bad we get we will never do to them what they did to us. The Muslim world has always been a refuge for Jews. There are still some Palestinians and I have met them who remember the Zionists coming to Palestinian as refugees. they remember sharing their food and homes with those people. And they also remember being kicked out of their homes by those same people they helped when Israel was established.

    We are a people ordered to feed the poor and house the homeless.

    So we will remove our evil rulers, unite under the khilafah, liberate Palestine, then live in peace with the Jews as we have always done. And that’s what we have always wanted. European nations are the ones who wanted genocide against the Jews, Muslim nations have always been a refuge for the Jews.

  • Simon

    Netanyahu is a buffoon. Unfortunately he’s also a dangerous buffoon. There are quite a few of them in Israeli politics.

    This isn’t just about the Palestinians, though I’ve long pitied their plight in being tied to the fantasies of supremicist and racist Israelis. The real problem for the UK and US is that in linking ourselves to right wing Israeli policy we are poisoning our own political life, both domestically and internationally. Our present crisis is for precisely that reason. There are many, if not perhaps most, political and media figures who are openly working for Israeli interests and not for UK or US interests at all. Some are Zionists, some are bought off and some simply see it as a good career move.

    It doesn’t seem to matter to any of these people that Israel holds the US and UK in contempt and will continually abuse the relationship, as we’ve seen again recently in their abuse of UK passports or their insulting the vice president. They’ve done this hundreds of time before. They did it with Bush too when they humiliated Condi Rice and Ehud Olmert laughed about it all.

    These are evil scum who hold everyone who is not one of them, in total contempt. It’s the most dangerous terrorist and rogue state on the planet today, and nothing is ever getting any better. It can’t, until we stop tolerating their abuses.

    There’s quite a good article about this problem here:

    And you can read the full text of Peter Oborne’s excellent analysis of the UK Israeli lobby.

    Make no mistake. These people are ruthless, mad and dangerous, and are the greatest threat to world peace today.

  • anno

    Having stayed in Tel Aviv as a guest of an Israeli family, I know that their family system is warm. That’s the irony of the Netanyahus. They are obviously the product of secure homes, but they are acting the part of aggrieved victims. Their performance contrasts with Obama, who can justifiably claim the struggles of his race for his own. There, I said it, a good word for Obama. His health care legislation and his stand against Netanyahu are impressive. If only his activities in Afghanistan and Iraq continued in the same vein.

  • Alfred


    You talk of the power of “these Zionists,” i.e., NetenYahoo and co., over the US/UK, etc, as if Israel somehow rules these greater entities. But this view is surely misconceived.

    America is a plutocracy where a handful of people at Goldman Sachs, for example, have vastly more power than, say, 30 million more or less bankrupt Californians (many of whom are literally bankrupt due to the mortgage scams of non other than Goldman Sachs). America’s plutocracy is overwhelmingly Jewish. American Jews are overwhelmingly Zionist. Israel was created and has been directed and bankrolled from the outset by American Zionists. Twenty-three percent of Israel’s Jewish population is American born. Thus, it is not that Israel controls America, but that America and Israel are ruled by the same Zionist cabal.

    That there is widespread belief in Israeli control over America, arises from two facts. First, that the settler state cannot survive and continue its program of genocide and expansion without American money and arms, the flow of which cannot be entirely concealed. Second, oligarchic government of the United States depends on outsourcing various unconstitutional and criminal government functions, such as spying on American citizens, bribing members of Congress, e.g., via AIPAC, assassinating American citizens and undertaking false flag attacks on American property and citizens, all of which can be traced back to Israel by anyone paying careful attention to the facts.

    Israeli influence over the UK and Europe works the same way, but the Zionists are not apparently in full control, as indicated by Germany’s refusal to bail out Greece and, hence, those like Goldman Sachs who irresponsibly lent Greece money it would be unable to repay. This, and the brilliant multi-billion-dollar mugging of New York hedge funds by Porsche, suggests a new face off between German and Jewish nationalism.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Thus, it is not that Israel controls America, but that America and Israel are ruled by the same Zionist cabal.”

    You’re a fucking nut, Alfred. Clearly you don’t understand how America works.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    John: “I have come to reason the idea that, Hitler knew more about Zionists plans–and feared their effects on Germany.”

    You believe that because you’re an impressionable idiot who’s been reading the primitive literature of the conspiracy nutjobs who other people at this website likewise read.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    larries, it’s dinner-time. Are you hungry? Better order a take-away then. Remember to keep all your receipts. It’s Britain, you know, and you’re not a government minister.

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