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A good article by Sonia Zilberman in yesterday’s Guardian cif about the Karimov regime’s destruction of Uzbekistan’s cultural base.


This is greatly detailed in Murder in Samarkand. She rather understates the case, not mentioning for example the banning of books (actually in practice all books are banned – that is the default position. A small number are on an allowed list). She also doesn’t mention the murder of the country’s leading theatre director, Mark Weill.


But what she does say is perfectly true, and needs airing. It is rather saddening that there are very few comments, and these are dominated by mainly US pro-Karimov supporters, putting forward the entirely false argument that the only alternative to Karimov’s dictatorship is a Taliban governmnent. They also claim Karimov is not totalitarian. If he is not, then the word cannot be applied to any government anywhere.

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60 thoughts on “Karimov is Totalitarian

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  • anno

    And what, pray, would be wrong with a Taliban government? It’s probably what 95% of Uzbeks would probably like after 90 years of anti-Islamic, communist and post-communist oppression. If there was an election in Uzbekistan, the US knows that, like Palestine, the equivalent of Hamas would win. Karimov is their puppet to prevent the wishes of the people. The West still doesn’t get it, that people like Islam, because it defends Justice, Human rights, and condemns financial and sexual exploitation. Islam must never be allowed to flourish, in the eyes of the two-headed US ogre of Zionism and Colonialism.

    To discuss the total disenfrachisement of the Muslims of the world by US policy, at the same time as British elections, is an insult to the human right of self-determination. We have no choice in our UK election to challenge US-imposed policy of demonising Islam. The Uzbeks have no power to catch up with the darling of their hearts, the beloved religion of their grandfathers and grandmothers, Islam. The scholars of Islam, like Imam Buchari were cradled by this land of plenty. Imperial Russian, Soviet, and now US greed have ravished Uzbekistan. But it is the spiteful jealousy of Zionism in Washington that has steered the colonisers to greatest cruelty, now, in our time.

  • arsalan

    Andrew Desmore is a well known supporter of Israel.

    I think if you match MPs who support Israel against MPs who Support Karimov, you will find an exact match.

    “They also claim Karimov is not totalitarian”

    The reason for this is Karimov is not totalitairian in the same way Zionism is not Nazism.

    The Uzbecks may or may not want the Taliban. It makes no difference. Karimov is a mass murdering bastard what ever the Uzbecks want or do not want.

    It is there country it is there choice.

    All this nonsense about “We have to support dictators other wise silly brown golly wogs would elect a government we don’t like”, that sounds like people here who try and ban Islamic dress, “We can’t let silly brown women choose for themselves how they dress, because they might dress like what their scripture tells them instead of what the white master tells them!”, “White people have gone to Afghanistan and killed a lot of brown people to allow Muslim women to let Muslim women dress like the supperia white race, how dare they refuse to change their dress after we killed their husbands and fathers? and how dare Muslim women in white countries dress Islamicly after all the Muslims we killed? if they don’t want to dress like us, they should go back to,, oh shit we just removed the government there, and we don’t allow them to elect Islamic governments in their countries, what ever it is obey the white master race!!!!”

  • Craig


    You are completely wrong. 95% of adult Muslims drink alcohol, for one thing.

    What is wrong with a Taliban government? The same that is wrong with any nutty theocracy.

  • anno

    Dismore is a plant by the Friends of Israel into the heart of UK parliamentary

    debate. Government delegates self- criticism to obscure committees, so that unpleasant introspection can take place where strong objections to government policy will not be expressed in public on the floor of the house.

    Loathsome, party-whipped, food-obsessed dalmatians of M.P.s are thus excused from listening to reasoned argument against government policy, in public witness, so that they can continue to feel comfortable unthinkingly obeying the party line.

    Dismore’s JCHR’s first interviewee, Craig Murray, told the committee that as a recently serving ambassador, he knew that the government was complicit in torture. The second interviewee, Professor Phillipe Sands told Dismore that President Bush had negated all the human rights afforded by the Geneva Convention to his political opponents of Islam, contrary to the Convention’s statutes.

    Neither of these appalling criticisms have been placed before parliament as such.

    Dismore’s job was to kick these dreadful accusations into touch. It is the Israel lobby in parliament, which placed one of its own, to deflect the intelligent objections of learned, principled, authoritative voices, from being returned by the committee back to the powers that be.

    The chair of the JCHR should be a person of independent mind and persuasion, who is keen to serve this country by allowing the errors of judgement which obviously occur in any government to be re-looked at and changed. In my lifetime we have had many such politicians, Eric Lubbock comes to mind. The difference is that Dismore is serving Israel, like Blair in establishing the blockade of Gaza, rather than the UK.

    Dismore’s career , like Hazel Blears’, will not be affected in the slightest by the outcome of this election. They are paid by Israel, not the UK.

  • anno

    Craig, same could be said of Albanian youngsters or any society emerging from Soviet authority.

    To call Muslims, nutty theocrats, shows you in your true, Liberal colours. Liberalism is the freedom to out-fuck, freedom to out-fight, and freedom to out-swear, anybody, as a Stoke on Trent sparky once put it to me.

    Islam does not give human beings freedom to dominate others like this. You’ve still got a little attachment to the mentality of power that went with the job of British Ambassador. If you can listen to my advice, forget this past dream of status and power. Stand squarely against UK oppression, even if you still regard it as patriotism to be a loyal slave to US power.

    Since joining the Liberals, your position has become more and more contradictory. You might think you’re flying, but believe me it is a pantomime sky hook from a theatre crane. In my opinion you only look ridiculous, claiming to be a dissident, when you are hitched to the spin that the Liberal Party represents serious change to the status quo.

    Like the odious Paddy Ashdown, who dragged Bosnia by the nose using the hook of European Membership. His idea was that, since it’s broken, we can impose our own ideas on it. Well, who broke it? Instead of breaking Muslim countries and saying. ‘Oh look it’s broken. We can impose our own ideas’. Why not, don’t break it and help the Muslims get back their Islamic civilisation and religion that they had before?

    Theocratic nutters is more of an insult to me than making a cartoon of my prophet, may God’s peace and mercy be upon him. This kind of crap may endear you to your Liberal party peers. but it isn’t the words of the man of integrity I used to hear.

  • Craig

    But I am a liberal and I hate theocracy in any form. That is not to say I hate religion – but I do hare government by religious hierarchies, which is pretty well the most odious form of governmet possible.

    Religion itself I regard in general as a good thing, including yours.

  • anno

    I am a liberal and Islam is a liberal religion. Has anyone come round from the mosque and told me I must or mustn’t criticise government policy? Has anybody stopped me from travelling to different countries, or attending demonstrations or told me how to vote or what clothes to wear. I don’t do anything at all as a Muslim except what I wish to do out of my own free will. I believe in God’s laws because I believe my Creator to know more about life than me. Sometimes I disobey God’s laws because I didn’t understand the wider, rather than the personal, implications. The purpose of an Islamic government is to enable me to be educated in God’s commands properly, instead of being distracted by other ideas.

    Why would I not obey God, unless I did’t understand the wider implications of the law? Ignorance is forgiven at first. But there comes a time when you start to see the wider benefit of God’s laws, like not feeding the banks with usury. One twit from the BBC said it was good for the country for the banks to be profitable. Why? It’s good for the country if the banks are charging nothing more than the cost of administration. It’s drip, drip feed of the vested interests which slowlty gets everybody thinking that the banks best interests are ours.

    Maybe the LibDems, like the FCO offerred you the chance of doing your own human rights work, while flying their banner. The reassuring smile on their patriarchal physogs is them smirking at you for believing the same pack of lies you believed before. They are laughing at you, not with you. You are a Liberal, but they are not. If they were, like your hero, Gladstone , they would be condemning these appalling wars.

  • anno

    On this blog, I have criticised Deobandi anti-British racism, Sufi hierarchism, Salafi pro-Americanism, Muslim Brotherhood overcomplication and politicisation of Islam, general Muslim duplicity in backing the governments that have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Nobody has come round to beat me up. I live at 69 Chartist Road, Birmingham. If anybody wants to come round and hit me for trying to bring Islam back t5oits original form, they know where to find me. They don’t come, because they know that Islam is in shreds, same as Western democracy. Anywhere there is a general feeling that everything’s not right, people are prepared to listen to ideas for change. The only people who don’t like criticism and change are the people who have spent thousands of years trying to mess the system up.

    The Muslim ruler is he who when he is leader, he is one of the people, and when he is not the leader, his demeanor is that of a leader. if he does not serve the people’s affairs as if they were his own, then he will not smell the aroma of heaven.

  • arsalan

    Craig can you delete Anno’s address from post anno at April 16, 2010 12:50 PM, unless anno tells us it is a fake address.

    Craig the reason why Uzbek are seen more in bars than in Mosques may have something to do with going to mosques resulting in being boiled alive?

    Even though decades of soviet enforced atheism being replaced by Karomov the boiler may have resulted in Uzbeks losing much of their religion, the British, Americans and Zionists have made an Islamic government there inevitable.


    The axis of Zionism give Karimov unconditional support. Karimov uses this support to exterminate anyone who may stand in his way, Muslims, liberals, communists and democrats.

    He strikes so much terror that the only people left standing up to him are the Muslims.

    So the Zionist Prophecy that Karmiov would be replaced by Khilafah is self fulfilling. They aid to Karimov means we are the only ones left trying to replace him. When he is replaced, who is there to replace him but us?

    Just as the axis of Zionism, neocons and NeoLabour say they don’t like Karimov but support him because they hate Islam more than people being boiled alive, the people of Uzbeckistan who are not very religious want Khilafah, because they would prefer it to Karimov and being boiled alive.

  • arsalan

    Anno, Brother, please don’t be so silly as to put up your address. This is the internet.

    Craig delete that address, even if it is false.

    I’m going for Jummah now, and Anno, it is at a deobandi mosque!

    I haven’t really seen anti British racism. From what I see most families prefer converts as son in laws, because it means they don’t really have to deal with inlaws and future grand children will always be with them during the two eids.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Anno, I agree with Arsalan, best not to put your postal address on a public blog – anyone in the world could see it – or more to the point, anyone in Birmingham. I and some others said the same thing in fact to Craig himself when he once posted his address. There are some nutters and violent idiots out there. I realise that anyone can get anyone’s address if they really want to, but I’m talking about causal ‘lumpenprol’ idiots, not organised state ones.

  • tony_opmoc

    Karimov may well be a totalitarian, but so far as the UK is concerned he is totaly irrelevant for at least the next couple of years. Forget about cheap cotton, we will have to make do with UK wool.

    Most people have absolutely no idea what may happen over the next couple of years becuase they know nothing about history.

    The situation is potentially exceedingly serious.

    The last time this happenned it caused major Global cooling and famine and the French Revolution. I posted about this before the Daily Mail.

    The last time this happenned, it went on for 18 months. So far it has only been 3 days, but that volcano in Iceland could keep on blowing for even longer than it did last time.

    The population is more than 10 times larger now, and the UK imports over 50% of its food.

    So now is the time to fill your car up with horseshit. You can still get it for free near where we live. It will probably be no use for a few months – because it needs to be well rotted.

    So buy some Growmore or similar – and start digging up your lawn. You also need a good book on growing your own food – and preferably some Ladybirds – as they are brilliant at eating bugs that eat plants. Buy some insecticiside incase you aren’t lucky with the Ladybirds. We got absolutely loads of them last Autumn and I relocated them from our spare bedroom using a hoover – and most of them survived.

    Potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and broccoli are quite easy to grow as are fruit trees and even nuts – but it takes a lot of hard work and the soil conditions need to be right. If you don’t get it right you can easily lose the entire crop.

    Chickens and eggs are really good too, except most areas are absolutely rampant with foxes – and they will need to be securely caged in or the fox will get the lot.

    You should also stock up with lots of tinned food – particularly of high protein stuff like tinned fish – as well as high density dried carbohydrate stuff that will store well like rice and flour.

    Also, a very high powered air rifle maybe a good idea if you haven’t got a shotgun license. This isn’t for protecting your family with, but for shooting mice and rats. They can provide a good source of protein if things get really tough.

    Its no use waiting till all hell breaks loose. You need to prpeapre now.

    Also get to know your local farmer and buy food direct from him, now. If the shit really hits the fan – his existing customers will come first, and he may even let you shoot rabbits on his land if he trusts you.

    Of course the volcano may only last a few days, and it may all blow over.

    But it didn’t last time

    tony_opmoc [Moderator] 21 hours ago

    1 person liked this.

    Whilst water pollution can be a very major and avoidable issue, there is a lot of nonsense written about a water crisis in much the same way as a lot of nonsense is written about Global Warming.

    We should be far more concerned about the threat of Global Cooling. When I mention this on Alternet, there is usually some attempt to ridicule me from the convinced Global Warmers.

    Well now we have an enormous volcanic eruption in Iceland that has shut down all flights in the UK. We do not know how long the volcanic eruption will continue for – but sometimes they can carry on for as long as 18 months. This poses very real dangers


    “Iceland sits on a large volcanic hot spot in the Atlantic’s mid-oceanic ridge. Eruptions, common throughout Iceland’s history, are often triggered by seismic activity when the Earth’s plates move and when magma from deep underground pushes its way to the surface.

    Like earthquakes, predicting the timing of volcanic eruptions is an imprecise science. An eruption at the Katla volcano could be disastrous, however ?” both for Iceland and other nations.

    Iceland’s Laki volcano erupted in 1783, freeing gases that turned into smog. The smog floated across the Jet Stream, changing weather patterns. Many died from gas poisoning in the British Isles. Crop production fell in western Europe. Famine spread. Some even linked the eruption, which helped fuel famine, to the French Revolution. Painters in the 18th century illustrated fiery sunsets in their works.

    The winter of 1784 was also one of the longest and coldest on record in North America. New England reported a record stretch of below-zero temperatures and New Jersey reported record snow accumulation. The Mississippi River also reportedly froze in New Orleans.

    “These are Hollywood-sort of scenarios but possible,” said Colin Macpherson, a geologist with the University of Durham. “As the melt rises, it’s a little like taking a cork out of a champagne bottle.””

    We need more CO2 not less.


  • tony_opmoc


    I think you are a great bloke, and I also think you have nothing to worry about. Anyone can find almost anyone if they really want to, but there is no point in waving a big flag.

    If you run your own company in the UK, then all your details are publicly avaialable for free. If you are on the electoral register, all your details used to be available for free, and still are for a small fee.

    In most cases almost anyone can be traced very easily if they are a normal human being.


  • tony_opmoc


    You live very close to my niece who now has two young Babies. And I will be driving past tomorrow morning. If a bloke with long hair and a big stick turns up at your door, it will not be to hit you with. It’s actually the monopod for my camera, which I also sometimes use as a walking stick such that I look like Gandalf – from Lord of the Rings.

    Only joking. I left my monopod at home.


  • arsalan

    The axis of neo, neo labour, neoconservatives and neo neoNazi(zionists), define totalitarian as being anti zionist. So karimov can boil as many people as he likes, he will still be a democratic in their eyes.

  • brian

    One only had to listen to Humphry’s report on a saturday night out in Cardiff to relish the prospect of the increasing influence of respectful Islamic doctrine on UK society.

  • anno

    Every new Muslim assumes that his government is spying on him, because they regard us as mad, because we chose Islam.

    This country is a theocracy but its inhabitants do not recognise their religion. It is the cancellation of sin by blood redemption of Jesus. Genocide’s just fine, and normal, and healthy, and green, not even worth a mention on a national election debate taking place at the same time as the genocide is being performed in Afghanistan.

    Obviously, anyone who does not subscribe to this theocracy, must be a nutter, such as people who defend their countries from genocidal invaders, or people who complain about radiation related birth defects from our bombs, or people who just don’t understand the saving blood of Jesus is capable of eradicating sins. If they’re that stupid, it must be legitimate to massacre them, and if they still don’t get it, maybe the ones who left their homes to live in squalor in another country as refugees will reflect on the true wisdom of the UK religion.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Why is there this ongoing constructed and simplistic duopoly b/w being a state run by a totalitarian US slave-dictator and a hairy entity run by ‘The Taliban’? As though only those two (extremely temporally-defined) options existed in the entire universe of political philosophy and human history – and indeed religion-inspired political-societal thought?!

    That’s exactly the same argument Bush et al use and it entails the collapsing of history into a point of absolute darkness. It seems to me symptomatic of a simple longing for ‘perfect’ power and also demonstrates a fundamental lack of imagination. Suits them well, those who wish to govern us all. Which end of the egg do you believe one ought to crack? Guelphs and Ghibellines. Pope and Antipope, Rangers and Celtic. Laurel and Hardy.

    There must be – there are – a whole range of potential systems that entail a reasonably equitable distribution of resources among the population, the avoidance of boiling people alive, the active application of religious and cultural freedom and of people being assured that their heads will remain conjoined with their bodies. I agree entirely that people must be allowed to determine and evolve their own systems and that they cannot be imposed and that the above-denoted are simply my own very general views.

    Right now, I prefer Tony’s suggestion that we fill our car-boots with prime-quality horseshit, grab our monopods and take to the hills amidst a world of red, rumbling volcanoes.

  • anno

    The reason I put my address on this blog is that with Craig defecting to the Liberals, and saying that he would prefer Clegg not to want to send money to boost the Afghan slaughter, instead of taking a stand and opposing him, I do not see any corner of the UK establishment that is prepared to fight the corner of Islam.

    I have spent many years trying to explain to Muslims that the British are people of integrity, but they have been powerless for generations to oppose their establishment, who are intent on war and colonialism. Craig has either had his price found, which I doubt, or his pride found, that he might like to share in the pathetic glory of tagging in on a Liberal coat-tail in a hung parliament.

    What is the point in trusting in a non-Muslim champion if his price or his pride can be found? This is divorce, between myself and my country, if the last of the champions of British decency have succumbed. Why did our ancestors fight for England and freedom from tyranny of Nazism or of Papism, or of our own feudal system, if at the end we just turned to jelly and caved in to tyranny of state-sponsored genocide against sovereign foreign nations, and for what? for a pathetic, measly, poxy, fiddled General Election.

    This is a historic moment, when principle and honour and integrity and freedom of expression, have all finally been sluiced down the drain. If Craig is prepared to sacrifice his principles for a general election, who gives a damn about this country. All it contains is market-worshipping, money-spider-brained, spin-wanked, darwinian monkeys.

    We might as well all become Sikhs or spivs or paedophiles for all I care, if no-one will stand up against the destruction of international conventions, because if Britain doesn’t uphold international conventions, I can guarantee you that nobody else is going to uphold them.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Anno, look I get what you’re saying – but we – all of we who do not accept the seemingly omnipotent grip of the military-industrial complex et al – need to continue the struggle in whatever way we can. No point being desolate. It’s a fight, a long, long fight. We need to have bones of iron and spirits of diamond. Empires come and go but truth remains.

    Craig has to make his own decisions and I feel sure he will be fighting for what is right in whatever context he finds himself. We can agree or disagree with re-joining mainstream political parties but disarray and dismay just hands ultimate victory – the victory of the spirit – over to the forces of oppression and ‘shock and awe’.

    We must constantly demonstrate that we are neither shocked not awed, that we sons and daughters of Awake – Hayy Ibn Yaqzan – that in spite of everything we billions are Alive.

  • tony_opmoc


    Don’t be too hard on Craig. Even at the time of his Norwich attempt, I was of the view that the best way to achieve change was through people like Craig joining any of the mainstream political parties and to try and influence policy from within.

    At the time of the European Elections I tried my best to convince both my kids to engage with the democratic process and vote – even if it was for the monster raving loony party. They convinced me, the situation was hopeless and that voting would never change anything. The system is not only broken, it is hopelessly corrupt.

    I now believe my Children are right. The system cannot be fixed as it is. Its like a virus ridden piece of operating system software that is so hopelessly corrupt, that not even a fresh re-install is worth bothering with – because all the old problems will still remain.

    I am also sorry to say, that religion too is in exactly the same state. It is ALL based on myth. It may once have been of some use in providing a moral framework, but now it is all long past its sell by date and is hopelessly corrupt.

    So it is best to ignore all these people trying to control what you think and what you do. Just keep out of their way and say yes when they tell you to do something, but just carry on as you did before trying to do your best for your family and your friends. Its not worth the bother of saying no and arguing with them. Just say yes and then ignore them when they go away. They will then feel happy thinking they have exerted their control over you.

    They simply aren’t worth the bother.


  • Duncan McFarlane

    following Jean Kirkpatrick’s bullshit article back in the 80s (?) a totalitarian government basically means a dictatorship not allied to the US.

    An authoritarian government is a dictatorship allied to the US and so not so bad, by this theory.

    Utter hypocrisy but it serves the purposes of American nationalists so it’s become a popular hypocrisy.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    and i agree with Tony – Craig has not given up his principles – he’ll keep to them whether he’s in the Lib Dems or not.

    There are at least some decent people in most of the big parties – including some MPs.

  • tony_opmoc


    Send us £500 and I will consider joining the Monster Raving Loony Party, and if they haven’t already selected a candidate for where I live, I may offer myself as a candidate.

    Just don’t expect to get your money back.

    Actually make it £2,000 for expenses too.

    I’m really cheap.


  • tony_opmoc

    Unfortunately I think I’m too late


    06/04/10 Election Update 2010

    PLEDGES SO FAR:- Could all proposed candidates contact Party HQ ASAP for your briefing papers!

    1. Dale Fontaine—- Rushmoor,Aldershot

    2. Alan Powell——-Ludlow and South

    3. Roger Monksummers——-Dorset North

    4. Nutty Farrquha Perigrine Parker—–Welwyn Garden City

    5. Mark Adshead to stand in Sheffield Hallam Against Nick Clegg

    6. Andy Gibb Mole Valley Surrey

    7. Chris Buttick Rochdale

    8. Garry Norton———–Chesterfield

    9. Martin Taylor———-Brighton-Kemptown

    10. Tony Davies—–Blackpool North

    11. Robert Day——-Halifax

    12. George Ridgeon—-Tewkesbury

    13. Jaz Delorean :- to stand in—– Lewisham

    14. Elizabeth Beighton————-Sheffield

    15. Martin Hogbin—————–East Surrey

    16. Liam Keeping——————Cardiff

    17. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE alias Tommy Kitkat to stand in Old Bexley and Sidcup

    18. Matt ‘ Bananamatt’ Fensome to stand in ‘Milton Keynes North’

    19. Nick Humphries – Derby South

    20. CHRIS ROGERS (Lord Offa of the Dykes) – Brecon and Radnorshire

    21. GARY FINNIGAN Washington North–Tyne&Wear

    22. COLIN DALE to stand in BUCKS

    23. STEVE GUEST to stand in Gloucester against Parmjit Dhanda

    24. DANCING KEN HANKS to stand in Chelteham

    25. MONKEY THE DRUMMER to stand in Kingston+Surbiton

    26. CAMPAGNE CHARLIE to stand in Bath

    27. DAVID ‘THE PRIEST’ PRIESTLY to stand in Battersea

    28. TOP CAT OWEN to stand in Wokingham against JOHN REDWOOD.

    29. JAMES “Jimbo” Edgington to stand in WAKEFIELD.

    30. CRUCIAL CHRIS DOWLING of “Whats Next Brain Child” is to stand against Nick Griffin ‘BNP’ leader in BARKING,London

    31. HOWLING ‘LAUD’ HOPE………WITNEY against David Cameron

    32. Nick the Flying Brick………Derbyshire Dales






    38. ROCKIN’ ROBBO…………..KENT




    42. MARK BEECH aka “The Good Knight Sir Nosda”………CARDIFF CENTRAL

    43. GARY DENMAM aka “Laird Flash Hartt” …………Wealden Crowborough

    44. NIGEL KNAPP…………..North Hackney & Stoke Newington against Dianne Abbot.


    Positions Vacant for 2010 Election


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