Miliband: Vote Labour Because “You’ve Punished us Enough About Iraq” 28

In a remark that could seal New Labour’s fate, David Miliband whinges “you’ve punished us enough about Iraq”.

I don’t have to reply. The rotted corpses of tens of thousands of Iraqi women and children speak, and always will.

Miliband is a really nasty piece of work. He has continued to fight through the courts to try to cover up Britain’s involvement in torture. Miliband has also intervened to prevent the Freedom of Information Act release, and I am tipped off from within the FCO will continue to do so until after the election, of one of my Ambassadorial telegrams from Tashkent complaining about our use of intelligence from torture.

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Ed and David Miliband. Among British diplomats, David is referred to as “The evil of two lessers”.

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28 thoughts on “Miliband: Vote Labour Because “You’ve Punished us Enough About Iraq”

  • INGO

    Milliband is as bad as jack Straw, the man who is giving us a lot of grief here in Blackburn

    Blackburn cathedral, disgraced by political charade and bullying

    Setting the record straight is Ingo Wagenknecht, election agent and campaigns manager for Bushra Irfan.

    When the poster of Bushra Irfan was pulled off an expensive ad-trailer in the empty pay and display car park of the W.M.C. next to Blackburn University last weekend, right in view of two CCTV camera overlooking the car park, we thought that this was just one incident of token vandalism, little did we know what was to follow.

    An advert in the Lancashire Telegraph informed us of a hustings debate in Blackburn cathedral, invited were the speakers of the three main parties. We rang the organiser and after some debate about openness and representative participation, were assured that no discrimination exist, or favours were given to any of the candidates and that we were free to attend and speak.

    With no word was it said that we are not part of the panel of candidates.

    On the day Bushra Irfan went ahead as I myself was parking the large trailer. When I finally entered the cathedral confusion reigned large.

    Anjum Anwar, the organiser of the debate, had shown Bushra into the audience, then turned around with no further explanation and sat on her chair, her way of telling us that we were not part of the panel of speakers after all.

    The audience was totally unrepresented of the 40% that live in Blackburn. Apart from Anjum, two others, which we invited, were the only Asians present. A heated debate ensued, in which canon Andrew Hindley, the sacrist, at first argued with me, trying to get us removed from the cathedral, an apparently open and free event. I am the election agent and wanted to clarify their obvious bias and our position that was agreed. He then approached and with the words ‘now you listen to me young man’, I’m 58 next month, he pushed me backwards against the wall, with personal security police officer Julie Cross standing two feet away watching us, saying nothing.

    But then she was there for jack Straw, not us or the public’s health and safety.

    Aspiring barrister Khavar Najmi, sitting in the audience, stood up and berated canon Hindley as to his conduct, meanwhile three more Asians arrived for the audience and as they walked up the canon turned and said ‘I feel intimidated by these Muslims’, he then asked for the police to be called and have them removed. This was like blue touch paper to the young barrister to be and he made clear the canon understood that this was racial harassment and a cheap derogatory remark. Bushra Irfan who was waiting to be part of the panel was his next target; he walked up to 1 inch to her face and told her to ‘get out’.

    Personal space is precious to us all, especially for Muslims and she felt threatened by his closeness and told him in no uncertain terms. The canon was repeatedly asked for his name by us, not one of the attending police officers took an interest in finding out, and Bushra’s private secretary had to find out from the information board. Why should we talk to a man who is a bully and does not want to give his name?

    We then left the cathedral and filed a complaint against canon Hindley which is now being investigated by Lancashire police. The Guardian printed the story on the 22/04, the national media is now watching us here. We expect more dirty tricks from disgruntled party supporters and those who have helped to stunt the political life in this town for far too long. In the evening the same debate was arranged and we undertook a little demonstration outside. The police was called and we were shown off the cathedral ground, a private property so we were told, so we stood outside just in front of the sign announcing a 45 million public grant to this private property much of which is paid in taxes by Asian businesses in Blackburn. Inside questions were raised as to why nobody else, but the three parties were present, questions which raised supportive noises from the audience. The public wants to hear from Independent candidates, its just our established politicians who can’t let go of their controlling habits.

    This episode shows how past electoral results have been achieved, i.e. by clearly dividing the local community against each other. Islamophobia is rife amongst the population and is whipped up by a compliant media.

    Bushra Irfan will put an end to this, her support comes from all sectors of the social spectrum and she is there for all of them.

    Those who know her, call Bushra Irfan the ‘Asian Barbara Castle’, she has grit, determination and an affinity to solve peoples problems, that’s what she is best at, regardless of the social spectrum, she is there for anyone’s cause. Her decision to decline a safe Lib Dem seat in Sheffield south east, in favour of offering voters a united choice here in her hometown of Blackburn, as an Independent, is

    greatly appreciated by many, the first ever Asian woman that has given them the choice to vote for a better, united community.

  • Mr M

    It is typical of the people who went and voted to kill Iraqis in their millions. They cared more about their Blairite jobs than the crimes they were allowing to happen under their watch.

    If this Milliband cares so much about his job, then I think it will be fair for him to loose just as many Iraqis lost their families and loved ones.

  • Leo

    We’ve punished Labour enough?

    Oh, well, if that’s how it works I guess we’ll be releasing all the murderers from prison as well.

  • Robert

    Speaking of rotting corpses and deaths going unacknowledged, perhaps you could have a word in the ear of someone closer to home?

    There has been a noticeable silence from the authorities in Birmingham over the death by starvation of Khyra Ishaq.

    This silence is to the benefit of the politicians and senior officials in Birmingham who are escaping proper scrutiny for their bad administration.

    And who is the junior partner in the controlling coalition in Birmingham?

    Who has considerable leverage over the Conservatives in Birmingham?

    Who might shortly be forming a coalition government with David Cameron’s Conservatives?

    It is high time the truth was heard about the shameful maladministration surrounding Khyra Ishaq’s death. Otherwise it will set the standard by which an LD/Conservative government will rule the country.

  • glenn

    What incredible chutzpah. “New” Labour won’t be punished enough over Iraq until everyone who ginned up the war and provided cover for it is being sentenced to life at the Hague. “New” Labour could go some way towards rehabilitation by initiating war crimes tribunals.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Punished enough” ? I imagine many prisons contain people who complain that their sentences are excessive; we don’t usually expect them to be the ones who get the final say in the matter.

    Punished ? They haven’t even had the bit about “a fair trial” yet, the bubble-headed git. “Get real”, indeed.

    I can’t see self-pity winning them an election, though, even when deployed cynically.

  • ingo

    I understand that talk needs to be aired, but if you are fed up, go and help those who want to make a difference for Asians and Muslims in this country.

    The weather is nice, go and help in the election.

  • technicolour

    OK re Israel & Palestine I found this. Anyone convinced?

    Attached is a three page fact-sheet from the Liberal Democrat Friends of

    Palestine on the contrasts between our party, Labour and the Tories on issues

    concerning Israel and the Palestinians. We are the only one of the three

    parties to call for substantive action in response to Israel’s ‘Operation Cast

    Lead’. Our calls for a war crimes tribunal, an arms embargo and measures in

    respect of the EU-Israel Association Agreement have not been matched by the

    other parties. Instead, Labour and the Tories have called for the Geneva

    Conventions Act to be amended so as to make it easier for individuals against

    whom there are credible war crime allegations to visit Britain with impunity.

    link really long but google for it!

  • KingofWelshNoir

    They do say the sociopathic personality – lacking as it does a conscience – is disproportionately represented amongst political leaders. Only a man with no heart could equate the discomfiture of the Labour Party with hundreds of thousands of dead people. Unbelievable.

  • mary

    @ technicolour

    This is all there is in the LD Manifesto. p 68

    Remain committed to the search for a peaceful resolution of the

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A sustainable solution can be reached in

    the context of two separate Israeli and Palestinian states, mutually

    recognised and internationally accepted within borders which are secure and based on the situation before the 1967 conflict.

    We condemn disproportionate force used by all sides. We believe Britain and the EU must put pressure on Israel and Egypt to end the blockade of Gaza.


    Words are cheap. Do they discount the existence of the LD Friends of Israel (led by a rabid Zionist Cllr Monroe Palmer photographed with Cleggover at the Bournemouth conference incidentally) and the sacking of Jenny Tonge for daring to call for an investigation into Israeli organ trafficking? In respect of the latter five Israelis incl a retired Amy general, have just been arrested on charges of such trafficking.

  • Tom Welsh

    Punished them enough? Have they been hanged by the neck until dead?

    I thought not. Better off, then, than their million-plus dead victims, not to mention the many many thousands of maimed, bereaved, etc. Or the several million homeless “displaced persons” who don’t dare go back for fear of being killed.

    Still, they meant well. That counts for something, doesn’t it? (Actually, no it doesn’t).

  • geoff

    Who, in their right mind, could ever vote for New Labour again? Miliband, if anyone actually needed reminding, is a fully paid-up Zionist shill. His interests lie with legitimising war crimes, sanctioning the economic rape and murder of the arab world and the active pursuit of endorsing MI5 torture. A vote for New Labour is a vote for state terrorism.

  • Neil Craig

    He was also involved in killing many thousands of Serbs. In some cases cutting them open while still alive to steal their body organs. Isn’t it interesting how some deaths are atrocities & some simply aren’t mentioned?

  • Guano

    I didn’t realise that the guilty get to decide when they have been punished enough!

  • Hatari

    Following up George Dutton’s Post Latest news about Blair in KL

    “War Criminal Blair Hides For One and Half Hours to Avoid Service Of War Crimes Indictment In Malaysia.”

    War criminal Tony Blair, the keynote speaker at the National Achievers Conference organized by Success Resources, a sycophant Singapore outfit at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, hid in fear at the threat that members of the Malaysian anti-war NGOs would throw slippers at him and that members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission would serve an indictment for war crimes.

  • Chris Dooley

    After waiting for the Iraq enquiry since the last election, now is the only time people can cast their own verdict on what we have heard up to now.

    Labour will only be punished enough once Blair,Straw et al have been in the dock in the Hague.

    The ICC still awaits ratification after Labour signing the original treaty 12 years ago. One wonders why they felt the need to give sanctuary to war criminals.

  • Titus

    Honestly, he makes me want to puke. 1 milion dead Iraqi’s and he is whingeing because he dosen’t want to lose his power.I can’t believe he has the front to say that in an interview, what an absolute

    turd of a human being.

  • Guano

    Before he resigned as PM, Blair was allowed to make a number of speeches in which he developed his ideas about liberal interventionism. These are dangerous and naive ideas. They involve breaking international law. They make a lot of over-optimistic assumptions about avoiding the unintended consequences of war and about being able to rebuild a state after an intervention. The case of Iraq illustrates very clearly the absurdity of the assumption that removing a bad leader automatically leads to a better outcome. Military intervention is not the magic bullet solution to rogue states or to failed states. The intervention in Iraq created, between 2005 and 2008, a failed state which served as a training ground for terrorists (supposedly the very thing that we were supposed to be trying to prevent). We only have sketchy ideas about how to rebuild weak states and in any case this is necessarily a long-term project: Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Bosnia are a peace but the long-term structural issues are hardly being dealt with. The ideas of liberal interventionism are naive because they ignore how much work is involved in building the accountable institutions that are the buildng blocks of a functioning state.

    I won’t be voting Labour (which is what Milliband presumably means by punishment) because it seems to be strongly influenced by these naive and dangerous ideas that are against international law. Milliband himself, at the Chilcot Inquiry, was hinting at needing to ignore the UN Charter because of “overgoverned states” and “ungoverned spaces”. Gordon Brown was saying something similar at Cholcot about failed states. Denis MacShane is a member of the Henry Jackson Society (which campaigns for this kind of dangerous policy) yet is seen in the Labour Party as someone who knows about foreign issues and regularly contributes about them to CiF. Gisela Stuart is a member of the Henry Jackson Society but is also a Labour MP and represents Labour on the Foreign Affairs Committee (voting against its recent report recommending a more heard-headed attitude to the relationship with the USA). Blair himself was brought in to campaign for Labour, despite his views. The Labour Party still seems to tolerate its members insulting people who opposed the invasion of Iraq.

    The Labour Party seems to want to have its cake and eat it. It appears to want to claim that it has learnt lessons about the invasion of Iraq without actually saying what lessons it has learnt. I don’t see any signs that the Labour Party has really learnt any lessons about the risks of liberal interventionism so why should I vote for it?

  • Richard Robinson

    The more I think about it, the more pathetic it seems. These people are not handling privilege well, are they ? Talking like they’re entitled, and it’s unfair of us to deprive them of it.

    “Remember, if you plan to stay,

    Those who give can take away.

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    WE will decide when you’ve been punished enough Millipede you odious little fart, and you ain’t seen nothing yet….

  • ingo

    If you feel so strongly Hatari, why don’t you help one of the many independents that are standing in this election, without changing the equation in parliament you will not get the bigger picture into the frame it deserves.

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