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A while ago a friend asked me why the western media ignored the Naxalite rebellion. I confess I looked at them in some bemusement. They gave me a quick briefing and I went to read more.

Yesterday the Naxalites killed 74 Indian para-military forces in a huge gun battle in Chatisgarrh, bringing to over 200 the number of Indian security forces they have killed this year – before we get into the officials and landlords they have killed. A Muslim suicide bamber killing six Pakistani civilians makes broadcast media on every channel. The Naxalites are fighting a burgeoning civil war in the heart of India, yet totally ignored.

The Naxalites are a rebellion of impoverished castes against landowners, and of indigenous people whose environment is being ruined by mineral mining against the government and big business who make sure they don’t benefit. They characterise themselves as Maoist, and their leadership includes Indian university intellectuals with links to the cult of Bob Avakian in the USA and to the Maoist rebels of Nepal. The Naxalites have real control on the ground of a great deal more territory in India than Karzai and NATO control in Afghanistan.

This low level war has been rumbling on for decades, but has burst into real fire by a decision two years ago by the Indian government to switch policy. From trying to undermine the Naxalites by social policies assuaging the greivances of the poor in the region, they dramatically changed to a policy of wiping out the Naxalites militarily. The cause of the change was India’s economic growth and the urge to speed up multinational company access to mineral resources. So far, it looks like a very stupid decision.

How much of that did you know? I maintain that if the Naxalites were Muslim, they would be on the front page of every paper as a threat to India, and the Americans would be bombing them. But they aren’t, so you will find them hard to track in the mainstream media.

They are however just an extreme example of the fact that the losers in India’s economic miracle are not dependably complacent.

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    No, I was not promulgating a ‘theory of everything’ that would be quite wrong. My own theory is we live in a world governed by deception to farther Western interests and power.

    Let me back that up with a succinct example of which there are many. I will reveal more deceptions as an when necessary.

    Today the American president signed a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty leading the fight against nuclear proliferation. This sealing of the accord will be followed by an address at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington set for April 12-13. On that occasion, said a White House spokesperson, Obama “will present facts, not just words. What facts?

    The treaty really does nothing in terms of destructive power, tactical nukes, limiting the qualitative build-up of nuclear forces ie new build such as Boeing’s X-51 “global hypersonic missile” X-51 that will enable the Pentagon to strike any target in any part of the world in less than one hour.

    Nor does the Treaty place any restrictions on the new anti-ballistic missile “shield” project that the United States aims to deploy in Europe, along the Russian border: an offensive, and not a defensive, system which would enable the USA to launch the first strike against another country, relying on the “shield”‘s capability to neutralize any reprisals. Incidentally if Iran were actually in possession of long-range missiles and had the intention of launching them against the United States, Tehran would choose the shortest route to minimize interception hazards. Consequently, it stands to reason that the missiles would not be sent via Eastern Europe. It necessarily follows that U.S. devices in the region are serving a different purpose.

    By listening to Obama’s speech we note the real purpose of this timely Treaty is just:

    1. Conferring the right to “lead” the fight against nuclear proliferation, something that Iran has pledged for the last year and indeed has recently gathered 60 countries to a nuclear disarmament conference.

    2. The opportunity to point the finger at Iran as noted in Obama’s speech and as confirmed during the Obama-Sarkozy meeting of March 31, indicting her with the intention of developing the atomic bomb, while completely leaving Israel off the hook despite its stockpile of hundreds of nuclear weapons aimed at other countries in the region.

    Deception, deception, deception a the prelude to grab power in the Middle-East because we are tied down at the moment – nothing whatsoever to do with reducing nuclear bombs. (the State Department reckons that the United States currently has 1,762 nuclear warheads deployed on 798 carriers, versus 1,741 and 566 respectively for Russia)

    What makes me sick is the way politicians think we buy into this fucking crap like morons holding an American flag.

    Look – facts:-

    United States continue to stockpile nuclear tactical weapons in five “nuclear-free” NATO countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Neterlands and Turkey) as well as in other countries, thereby violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Look facts:

    The new START does not limit the number of operational nuclear warheads contained in the arsenals. It only sets a limit for carrier-based “deployed nuclear warheads”, i.e. kept ready for launch, with a range greater than 5 500 km: land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles launched from submarines and from heavy bombers.

    The true scenario is America and Britain are in an economic crisis and must reach an agreement with Russia to slow down the arms race and reduce the ensuing defense budget increases.

    The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have stretched our resources and we cannot deal effectively with Iran until America pulls her forces out in 2011.

    Israel cannot hit Iran on her own.


  • Duncan McFarlane

    Ron wrote “Duncan

    Think about it. The mainstream media tries to tell stories very simplistically – and that’s when it’s trying to tell the truth. So of course it will characterise a group as Maoist or whatever, rather than try to explain their position. It saves words and brain power. Maybe some within the grouping also call themselves Maoist. What it doesn’t mean is that they are Maoists. It certainly doesn’t mean you should judge them as if they were some other group of Maoists. Judge them by the evidence of their own actions. this is one of the problems of Marx getting bundled along with Lenin. Sure Lenin probably liked a lot of what Marx said. That doesn’t necessarily mean Marx would have appreciated what Lenin did. You follow?”

    Yes – i agree completely with you there Ron.

  • Ron


    You are the first person ever to completely to agree with me. I’m crushed. I hereby retire 😉

  • Suhayl Saadi

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  • acker

    I thoroughly recommend the article and the accompanying photos ,’Walking with the Comrades ‘, by Arudhati Roy in the Indian mewsmagazine ‘Outlook’ mentioned by Suhayl Saadi above(

    the struggles around Rajgir between tribal peoples such as the Muria and India and government officials etc.have been going on for many years.They are made worse by the conflict of sexual cultures between modern Hinduism and the more relaxed tribal culture.

    The evil consequence has been the shipping off of many tribal women to the brothels of Mumbai, a point that I do not think is made in the article.Strange that people who are termed Maoists of fighting against the destruction of their land for the extraction of iron ore to feed post-Maoist China’s need for steel.

    Of course this is only one part of a belt of conflict across central India and up into the foothills of the Himalayas.

  • redflags

    For regular digesting of information on Maoist movements internationally and in South Asia, check out

    Craig, I saw you speak at Cooper Union in NYC a while back. thank you for breaking ranks and telling the truth as best you knew it.

    The other word for “naxalite” is communist, though centrist developmental types have used that word for their own corrupt purposes throughout India as in much of the world. The best way to understand the Naxals is as South Asian bolsheviks. They are that kind of communist, not the bloated party functionaries the Soviet Bloc hoisted on the world.

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