Lib Dem Democratic Deficit 45

I presume I am receiving what other party members receive: so far that consists of a message telling us to shut up. I have received nothing at all officially from the party seeking my view on a coalition with the Tories.

The Lib Dems make much of being a democratic party.

Anyway, I am spending my time getting to know our new mates.

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45 thoughts on “Lib Dem Democratic Deficit

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Put up & shut – Craig is totally right – a crock of poo from Ros Scott:

    “We are a democratic party (unlike the other two old parties) and our internal processes will always reflect that. At the same time, our process will not stand in the way of the need for decisive action in the interests of the whole country. I promise to keep you informed…”

    “…In order for us to maximise our chances of delivering our fairness agenda we now have to keep this discipline up, avoiding speculation as to what happens next.”

    The ‘triple lock’ is broken, the morally superior democratic party is a complete fallacy.

    Poor show!

  • writerman

    I do hope Craig doesn’t take it too hard that his choice, the Liberals, as they move closer to the grubby business of actually having to weild power and take responsibility for their policies, seem to be just like all the rest of them, and not really a clean and gleaming alternative to the old system.

    I did though, wonder why such an intelligent person as Craig, seemed so enamoured with yet another Westminster system, party. In practice, under this system, their similarities are more important than their differences. Which leads towards a strong and efficient form of soft dictatorship.

  • writerman

    And talking of democracy, do we really what “strong” government, of the kind we’re likely to get from the Conservatives?

    And as there is a massive majority against them, the combined votes of Labour and the Liberals, isn’t around 60% of the votes? How can one really justify putting such an unpopular party into power against the wishes of the majority of the voters?

  • Anonymous

    so he said the people of england voted for his policies.

    SPINs started, looking at the figs im sure 60% voted against his policies….there you go…

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    Gordon Brown has just announced he will be stepping down, thereby opening the way for a LibDemLab plus others coalition.

  • writerman

    Aren’t the Liberals effectively supporting, if they put the Tories in power, the most basic, unfair, and frankly, undemocratic, principles of the first past the post system, that the largest party wins all, only on a naional scale this time?

  • Ishmael

    And they are pretty ugly characters too! Why we can’t have some hot women like the Italians do? Even if they suck at policy making like years and years of failed UK politicians, they still look good, Like Mara Rosaria Carfagna. Call the UK gang politicians, ha, they could find a good policy with two hands and a flashlight. We are in complete crisis. Economically (outstanding derivatives) Politically, socially…euro open ended bailout. It really is that bad, band aid the bastard they say. Just how bad it is is simply the sum of all the bad stuff x 3. What is still to come, gettng better, really you need be mad if you believe there is rising output in the uk. Us folks have no strategy to deal with the severe issues we face, why should the gangly fools in Lndon be any different. No point in having finance ministers meet in Brussels as that is not a workable solution

  • Roderick Russell

    Ruth said – “Far more important than PR is to establish who the government in power gets its orders from.” I would suspect that nothing much has changed. Last night and today on Craig’s topic “Voting Tree” of May 2, Angrysoba and I have been commenting on conspiracies in politics. “Angry” apparently does not believe, or its his agenda to purport not to believe, that there is any such thing as a conspiracy in the history of humankind. One assumes from his statements that our intelligence organizations never resort to conspiracies ?” presumably MI6’s Philby, Burgess and Blunt are airbrushed out of history. I have provided some other examples that relate to MI6 and CSIS trying to effect election results in UK and Canadian politics

    And here’s another bloody conspiracy for you “Angry” – I’m having to write this in a library since CSIS have shut off my home computer again.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    I agree with writerman when he intimates,”And talking of democracy, do we really what “strong” government, of the kind we’re likely to get from the Conservatives?”

    Cameron and Osbourne attempted to position themselves as the party of fiscal sustainability, but failed to outline 82% of the spending cuts required.

    Many countries manage an economy effectively with coalition governments.

    (1)The Tories will not consider dropping Trident – listen doods – WE CANNOT AFFORD THESE BOMBS and the ‘cold war’ is history.

    (2) The Tories HAVE NOT CHANGED – Poor people should NOT be paying tax. We should be lifting the starting threshold for income tax to £12,000, Not use a complicated ‘tax credit’ system to reimburse the poor.

    (3) The Tories will not consider our civil liberties period. Years of legislation inimical to the freedoms we once took for granted, and thought enshrined in our unwritten constitution, a thorough review is needed.

    If the LD’s support the Cons then morally they will have stabbed 15,000,000 British citizens in the heart.

  • Anonymous


    “And as there is a massive majority against them, the combined votes of Labour and the Liberals, isn’t around 60% of the votes? How can one really justify putting such an unpopular party into power against the wishes of the majority of the voters?”.

    The same could be said of EVERY government since the war!

    This is all very dispiriting. I did briefly hope that a hung Parliament might lead to a different way of working and that the parties would act in a statesmanlike manner, although I did not really expect that they would. The latter has proved to be the case.

    All the politicians of all the parties have been talking about doing what’s in the national interest then proceeding to act in a nakedly selfish way.

    I blame principally Gordon Brown. If he had made an announcement on Friday, when it was clear that the electorate had rejected him personally, we could have it all sorted out by now. But it’s now plain that the Tories and Lib Dems have also been practising their own brinkmanship and power games.

    As it is, the pound is now dropping fast and I fear it could go a long way down. The timing could hardly be worse. If we are plunged into another recesssion it will be the fault of the greed and self interest of our politicians – but especially Brown.

  • mary

    I feel that spoiling my vote has been vindicated.

    Brown (the clunking fist Ha ha) is speaking to a script written by Mandelslime.

    There is NO mandate for any of them.

  • ingo

    sod the horse traders. If they cannot decide to give us a choice on the electoral systems, they can leave it out alltogether.

    Av+ is FPTP with a single proportional sock on.

  • technicolour

    Brown resigned, Gurdian swamped with calls for David Milliband to be successor. To show you how bad New Labour really are, there are also several calls for Harriet Harman, and one for Blair to come back.

  • mary

    I had better own up. I had intended to spoil my vote but at the last moment, mindful of the Suffragettes, I put my X against the name of a local man standing for Peace. He got 280 votes out of 55.5 thousand! Says it all.

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