What is the Point of Lib Dems Being in Government 20

if the UK does not condemn this Israeli massacre?

I can tell you categorically, as a former Head of the FCO Maritime Section, that a Turkish flagged ship on the high seas is Turkish territory. This Israeli attack was undeniably illegal.

Having seen so many illegal wars lately, you might be interested to know that in international law Turkey could now with perfect legality declare itself to be at war with Israel. I do not advocate that, but after the fake justification over Iraq I thought you might be interested to see what a genuine causus belli looks like.

But what the UK should be doing is giving voice to the strongest possible condemnation of Israel. What is the point of Lib Dems being in government if we cannot act against this kind of naked atrocity? Economic sanctions against Israel must be a minimum response.

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20 thoughts on “What is the Point of Lib Dems Being in Government

  • Steve Goodwin

    Typo “This Israeli attack was undeniably legal.” Should read ” … illegal”. Unfortunately we both know that nothing will be done about this and the Israelis will continue to treat international law with contempt and murder with impunity.

  • Neil Barker

    You are a rich, privileged man, Craig. You are also a good writer.

    I am a poor man, from a council house, and I want to read your book “Murder in Samarkand”, but I have no money.

    Please will you send me a copy by email?

  • Matt Keefe

    Craig, am I to presume Israel simply never ratified the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea?

  • craig


    Yes. But the high seas provisions are customary international law. I don’t think you will find any internationa lawyer even in Israel who would argue that one. Freedom of the high seas is one of the few tenets of international law which is regarded as universal.

  • Matt Keefe

    Well, I’ve written to my MP – Nick Clegg – to ask for a government response, and briefly outlined this point, so let’s hope, eh?

  • Ed Davies

    Yes, remind me, what is the point of being in a coalition with a government many of whose members seem to lots of people to be chargeable with committing crimes against peace? Labour would not have been able to partake in the invasion of Iraq if there had been any significant Tory opposition. Don’t expect sudden support for international law now.

    Still, Turkey’s in NATO so an attack on Turkey’s ships is…

  • LeeJ

    Freedom of the high seas is the excuse the US used to attack Libya in the 80’s.

    Craig I know you said you are not a Socialist, but you seem to share more values with the RESPECT party than with the Lib Dems mate.

    It may be a small party but it most certainly condemns Israel’s constant illegal actions while most if not all of the rest continue this insane adulation of Israeli genecide of the Palestinians.

  • Arsalan

    Forget a Turkish ship in international waters, Turkey wouldn’t even declare war on Israel if Israel invaded Turkey itself!!!!

    And even if Israel invaded Turkey itself killing half the population of Istanbal, the FCO would still ask for clarification Tel Aviv instead of condemning it.

    That is the way things are now. Israel has attacked a lot of Countries recently, and each of those countries refuse to declare war.

    If Israel attacked the UK, the FCO would ask clarification form Tel Aviv, instead of condemning.

  • JohnM

    I’ve had my own embargo on Israeli good for several years. It is time to have sanctions to save Israel from itself. Stirring up tensions with Turkey feeds extremists on all sides.

  • Chris

    Sorry Craig, but this was always inevitable. Clegg and his cronies have sold out. They were always going to, but I thought they might have held out for a little longer than this – if only to maintain a little dignity.

  • Abe Rene

    Neil: Why not look after someone’s child for an evening, wash up dishes in a restaurant, or work a night shift as a care assistant and cleaner somewhere? (I’ve done the last one in my time as a young man, BTW). A few enquiries or telephone calls round restaurants or nursing homes and you may well find luck. Within 24 hours you would have more than enough money to buy the book and enough for a good meal besides.

  • Clark

    Neil Barker,

    I don’t think that ‘Murder in Samarkand’ is in electronic format. ‘The Catholic Orangemen of Togo’ is (.PDF), and you can download it from the link on my name, below.

  • Grey Wolf

    One thing that has struck me since the election is the absence of MPs from Twitter now that everyone has done and voted for them. Nick Clegg especially was a leader in the art of tweeting, and has vanished, and is not replying to any direct messages.

  • kingfelix

    Give it up, Craig.

    You got worn out working on the outside of the mainstream, but your throwing in your lot with the Lib Dems has gone from bad to worse, first the coalition with the Tories, that, if you read back, you rationalised successfully, though you’d have hated the idea, rightly, beforehand. Then you rationalised the Laws departure this week, in a show of hypocritical blind loyalty after your previous posts on fiddling MPs.

    And now you are being outraged all over again when it’s entirely predictable that the consequence of being in office is to be beholden to the realities of international politics, which includes the successful capture of the UK govt (and the BBC) by Israeli propagandists.

    Do yourself a mighty favour and disengage and resume the fight from without.

  • ishmael

    Sanctions are welcome. Station French peacekeepers in Gaza with orders to shoot first any activity deemed hostile. No chance of getting U.S. to back sanctions. Treason from the Conservative government. Are the cops knocking on number 10? Even if Washington and London censure and criticise Israel, it will not be sincere and will have been agreed with the Israelis first. No action will be taken and I’ll bet my crap salary that another event will occur to remove the heat from this matter

  • david

    I agree with kingfelix. Where has your support for the rigged UK political process got you?

    To looking-like-just-another-party-hack, that’s where.

    What really gets me is how you can contemplate belonging to a party that tolerates a Friends of Israel faction amongst its office bearers.

  • me

    actually this attack was undeniably legal.. read San Ramo Manual if you are searching for proof..

    apart from that There is no massacre! there is a blockade which probably saved the lives of thousands of peoples, but there is no and there will never me a massacre

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