Convoy Murders, Iraq Invasion, and the Zionist Lobby 130

Commenters may wish to dig around on this one. Just how precise a correlation is there between media supporters of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and media supporters of the illegal attack on the Gaza convoy?

Take both old and new media into account. I think you will find the correlation is approaching 100% – and is a much higher correlation in the media than among politicians.

Now how do you explain this?


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130 thoughts on “Convoy Murders, Iraq Invasion, and the Zionist Lobby

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    That’s an excellent link, Technicolour. The recording allows one to view, and assess, the arguments very effectively. Thanks for posting it.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    He’s also very good on the rise of religious fundamentalisms and on the manner in which, over many decades throughout the region, the US has supported oppressive regimes which stymie development in their own countries. This, of course, was the old British policy too.

  • Alfred


    Here’s WaPo trying to deal with the fact that Israel killed an American-born American citizen.

    It’s like: Oh crap, they killed an American kid, now there’ll be a demand for a US investigation, so let’s focus on the fact that his father’s an immigrant from some Muslim backwater.


    “Just dropping in to make the (possibly unpopular) point which Chomsky makes about the Israeli Lobby: whenever a decision in the US comes down to US interests v Israeli interests, US interests always win out.”

    I agree, for reasons I stated at some length above, that it is a mistake to believe that Israel rules the US. Equally, I believe it is a mistake to suppose, as Chomsky seems to imply, that the interests of the Israeli and US governments can be in opposition to one another. Both governments are controlled by the same Zionist movement, and the Zionist movement is not alien to the United States. Zionism took root in America long before the founding of the state of Israel. And today the American government is dominated by American Zionists.

    Obama’s chief of staff may be an Israeli citizen, the son of an Irgun terrorist, an IDF veteran and, presumably, a Mossad agent, but he’s also an American.

    Vice-President Biden is not a Jew, but he’s a Zionist. What he thinks about Israel and the Jews is irrelevant. He must along to get along. Likewise, Obama.

    Zionism is the most powerful political movement in the United States because it controls much of America’s wealth, it controls the chief American news media organizations and it controls most other aspects of American culture from Hollywood to the porn industry and to book publishing, and through AIPAC it owns Congress.

    Some people say AIPAC should be registered as the agent of a foreign government. But in fact it is the agent of the American Zionist movement, which is not foreign at all.

    Zionism in America will be defeated only if the 98% or so of Americans who are not Zionists have the motivation and ability to develop a competing power structure that limits and eventually supercede the Zionist network.

    Given the near total control of American culture, capital and news dissemination by the Zionist clique, a counter-revolution seems most unlikely. America, as a free and prosperous society is almost certainly doomed.

  • technicolour

    Alfred, according to Chomsky, US and Israeli interests can and do diverge, with the results as predicted, eg:

    “Take, as one example, arms sales to China, which they (Mearsheimer & Walt) bring up as undercutting US interests. But they fail to mention that when the US objected, Israel was compelled to back down: under Clinton in 2000, and again in 2005, in this case with the Washington neocon regime going out of its way to humiliate Israel. Without a peep from The Lobby, in either case, though it was a serious blow to Israel”

  • Alfred


    If Israel is exposed in actions that would be regarded as treachery by the US public (high-fiving in front of the burning Twin Towers, for example), the US government has to do something about it (In the case of the five dancing Israeli’s they deported them. Later the five admitted on Israel TV that they were Mossad agents). Hence the Israeli spy Pollard is in a US jail. Hence, the US State Department acknowledges that because Israeli pirates (illegal warriors, or whatever) just killed an American citizen an American investigation will have be conducted (damn it). But this is just about managing the sheeple, it in no way reflects a real conflict within the Zionist elite that controls both the US and Israel and much of the rest of the western world beside.

    Perhaps, then, we are merely arguing over the definition of terms. My contention is that there can be no conflict between the governments of the US and Israel because a single Zionist movement controls both. However, there can be extreme conflicts of interest betweeen the ruling elite, or Zionist power structure, and the people of both the United States and Israel.

  • Alfred

    In a comment here, I stated:

    “Today, America’s Neocons, who as noted by David Frum are necessarily Zionists, seek American global hegemony.”

    In this I was following Wendy’s comment that” in stating that

    “as david frum (he of axis of evil speech writer and leading neo con) has stated one can only be a neo conservative if one is 100% pro zionist.”

    Now I am unable to find the source of that statement by Frum. Can Wendy, or anyone else direct me to it?

    In the interim, I withdraw my statement concerning the necessary connection between Neoconism and Zionism, notwithstanding the fact that most of the leading Neocons, whether Jewish on non-Jewish, are Zionists.

  • Alfred

    Here, I seem to be talking to myself. Anyway, here’s a link where Chomsky is quoted as stating, in effect, that Israel does what America commands, which is essentially what I have been saying that USIsrael is one entity so far as critical questions of defense and global empire are concerned.

    The implication is that Israelis live a dangerous life as citizens of a front-line satellite of the American empire.

  • rykart

    Israelis are filth. The US should give them 90 days to get off other people’s land and stop brutalizing them. After that, we should attack Israel with napalm and high explosives. Give them one last chance, after which, the place should be obliterated.

    No person of conscience can have the slightest sympathy for the Israeli scum.

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