Convoy Murders, Iraq Invasion, and the Zionist Lobby 130

Commenters may wish to dig around on this one. Just how precise a correlation is there between media supporters of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and media supporters of the illegal attack on the Gaza convoy?

Take both old and new media into account. I think you will find the correlation is approaching 100% – and is a much higher correlation in the media than among politicians.

Now how do you explain this?


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130 thoughts on “Convoy Murders, Iraq Invasion, and the Zionist Lobby

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  • StefZ

    “Oh sure, and those V-1s and V-2s never harmed a soul in Britain”

    still, that didn’t stop the US government from employing the guys who built them with slave labour eh Larry?

  • arsalan

    John D,

    Yes those are exactly the lines they use. And the ones using them are the same ones that support the Iraq war and whatever Israel does.

    And just like the defences they make for whatever Israel does and the never ending war on Islam. These attacks/bans on Hijab are just as silly.

    They don’t make the argument because of Hijab, because they have no problems with sikhs covering their hair with turbans of Jewish women covering theirs with wigs, or even Christian nuns covering theirs in exactly the same way as Most Muslims. The issue is about slaughter and its justifications.

    And the way afghan women dress was used as a justification for the invasion and the slaughter. And I did hear the Israeli spokesman mention Hijab as one of his justifications for killing the people on that boat.

    The reason why the Zionists attack hijab is, “Yes we kill Muslims, there is nothing wrong with that because they are evil, the proof that they are evil is the fact that they make women cover, and women covering themselves is evil”

    So they demonise the way Muslim women dress so people like you wont see anything wrong in their soldiers beating the shit out of covered women on that boat because you have been programed to think muslim women dress that way as some sort of takeover attempt, or to impose their ways on you. And you will not have a problem with Israel killing their husbands, because you feel they are oppressors because they have made their women cover.

  • mike cobley

    One need only consider the relative strengths of the Israeli and Palestinian communities. For example, how ships are there in the Palestinian navy? how many planes in the Palestinian airforce? how many tanks and mobile artillery and missile pieces do the Palestinian army have? Well, golly gee whillickers, I believe the answer to all those questions is none, zip, nada.

    There is no equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians, and never has been. Israel has its boot firmly planted on the collective neck of the Palestinians and whenever the Pals or their sympathisers attempt to relieve this intolerable torment, the Israeli response is to scream – “Stop threatening me! Away with your boats of hate! Oh dear God, how much longer must we be the victims of the world?” – while Washington slips them another few billion…

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “still, that didn’t stop the US government from employing the guys who built them with slave labour eh Larry?”

    oh wow looks like someone watched a documentary

    congratulations cupcake

  • StefZ

    “One need only consider the relative strengths of the Israeli and Palestinian communities”

    Operation ‘Cast Lead’ – 1400 dead palestinians vs. 13 dead Israelis

    Operation ‘Whatever they called that attack on those ships’ – 9 dead ‘brutal’ activists vs. 0 dead Israelis

    actually, we don’t know if it’s 9 dead or more as, days after the killings, the Israelis and their pals are still managing the information flow quite effectively

  • Arsalan

    Israel will do whatever it wants because it can do whatever it wants.

    The cry of antisemitism is all the justification they need for all past, present and future crimes.

  • StefZ

    “oh wow looks like someone watched a documentary”

    actually, I picked up on this during a visit to Huntsville where I was somewhat dismayed to find how well the Nazis who tried to flatten my home town with some genuinely lethal rocketry were treated

    and if being a ‘cupcake’ means I’m on a different team to the likes yourself that sits very well with me

  • Larry from St. Louis

    You had to go to Huntsville to find out that von Braun was once a member of the Nazi Party?

    Now go watch a documentary about the Cold War. Or read a book about the enslavement of Eastern Europe by the Russians following WWII.

    Was the U.S. supposed to not employ von Braun and his team?

  • RickyBaby

    Yes-I can vouch for Johann Hari’s support for the Iraq war-I’m sure I read him on it way back. To answer your point Craig, I would put the correlation at around 100%. And both have in common the large number of possible/probable Shills who appear during any online discussion.

  • Clark


    I find your remarks at 2:42 PM offensive. I am one of the people criticising the state called Israel – criticising, not demonising, thank you. I went to school near Gants Hill, over a fifth of my school were Jewish. I counted many as friends, and assume that I would still be on good terms with them were I to meet them again now. I have deep respect for many Jewish people, including some of the teachers at that school.

    You do Jewish people a disservice when you try to equate criticism of Israel with hatred of Jews; many Jews and many Israeli citizens are critical of Israel, and rightly so.

    Then you wrote “How many people shout about the illegal behaviour of Sudan in Darfur, China in Tibet, etc etc etc? No, it’s always Jews this and Jews that.”

    This again is offensive, criticising Israel is not “Jews this and Jews that”. It is also simply wrong. When Avaaz organised a petition in support of the Dalai Lama, they collected over 1.5 million signatures, ten times the number signing the Avaaz petition for withdrawl of troops from Iraq.

  • StefZ

    You don’t read too good do you Larry? What I found in Hunstsville was how well Nazis were rehabiliated.

    And the reason why I mentioned this was because you introduced the subject of German rocketry in a half-arsed attempt to conflate V weapons with the relatively inefective weapons used by some Palestinians. The use of which I do not condone for a second

    If you’re looking for parallels which might resonate with British readers the IRA bombing campaign on the British mainland would be more appropriate. Quite a few people died

    On the other hand, the British government did not respond by slaughtering thousands of Irish nationals. As I recall, the reasoning was that wouldn’t have solved anything

    There again the British government wasn’t clearing Ireland for colonisation. Not that century anyway

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Look StefZ, someone above brought up the idea that the rockets were meaningless because they had no “guiding system.” So of course I had to bring up the buzz bombs. And then you had to bring up von Braun moving to America, because you’re just another puny pissant Brit who’s turned his pathetic jealousy of America into constant and reflexive anti-Americanism.

    “the Nazis who tried to flatten my home town” Just pathetic. You weren’t there.

    And then you bring up Ireland. Snore. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ

  • StefZ

    America is a wonderful country and I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time there and I, and plenty of other British people, are no more critical of the American state than our own

  • Alfred Burdett

    There are some interesting parallels between, on the one hand, USIsrael and the people who have created this mechanism for global hegemony, and on the other hand, UK/South Africa and the Rhodes Milner group of a century ago, which created its own mechanism for global hegemony. It is also interesting to consider whether the two mechanisms are not merely stages in the development of the same phenomenon.

    Today, America’s Neocons, who as noted by David Frum are necessarily Zionists, seek American global hegemony. At the beginning of the last century, the Rhodes-Milner group sought British global hegemony, although as the century advanced, leaders of the group, including Lord Milner, recognized that America would likely take over leadership of the project.

    The Rhodes-Milner British imperialists saw control of South Africa, including Rhodesia, Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda as a key objective in the development of their project.

    The American Neocon-Zionists see control of the middle-east and central Asia as a key objective in the development of their project.

    The British imperialists instigated a series of wars in South Africa, culminating in the Boer war, to further their project.

    The American Neocon-Zionists have instigated a series of wars, culminating in what we cannot yet be sure, to further their aims in the ME and Central Asia.

    The Boer War demonstrated to the world that the greatest power on Earth could be held up for years by 40,000 Dutch farmers armed with high quality German rifles. The Germans, in particular, took note.

    America’s current imperialistic wars demonstrate to the world that the greatest power on Earth can be held up for many years by some of the poorest peasants in the world armed with IED’s. China, one supposes, has taken note.

    The British imperialists were directed initially by a small, extremely well-funded (the Rhodes Trust and other sources) group (Cecil Rhodes “secret society”) with important political allies, including the British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain.

    The central group of British imperialists was assisted by a much larger circle of able individuals or “helpers” who, through the application of influence, were promoted to positions of power. In addition, the group invested heavily in public persuasion. They published journals; they gained control, through ownership, of Britain’s most influential newspaper, The Times; they took effective control of a large part of Britain’s most politically important university, Oxford.

    The Neocon-Zionists must surely have their inner circle, and they are in a position to advance the careers of a multitude of “helpers”, they are extremely well financed; they have effective control of most of the news media, entertainments industry and book publishing; and they control America’s chief political university, Harvard.

    The British imperialists extended their influence throughout the English-speaking world through the Round Table Groups, publishing ventures and financing propagandists.

    Today the Zionists extend their influence throughout the world in many ways, including the internationalization of America’s entertainment industries, global domination of publishing, the financing of think tanks, and of course direct purchase of political loyalty through political action committees, Friends of Israel groups, etc.

    Thus, just as the Rhodes-Milner group dictated British Imperial policy during the first half of the last century, so today a Zionist cabal dictates the imperialist policy of the United States and Israel plus many other more or less tributary nations such as the UK and other members of the EU.

    This being so, it is largely mistaken to talk in terms of Israel or America or Britain as nations democratically engaged in the imperial project. The nations involved are merely being used. The people may be swept up by the propaganda and thus appear monstrously brutal racists, as seems widely to be the case in Israel and throughout much of America. But the people are mere subjects to be controlled in their thinking and used at will by a Zionist-imperialist elite.

    Not every thoughtful person goes along with the project. But to get along in a political career or in journalism and in many other fields, it necessary to go along.

  • Alfred


    If you have nothing intelligent to say on the subject, try saying nothing at all.

    Alternatively, tell us about yourself. You keep returning here although you have called everyone here “hateful”. So what is it that we fail to understand about you that makes us “hateful” to you?

  • arsalan

    The reason why Zionists can go about killing people with out remores is they are a racist people who only consider themselves human. Zionists view the rest of humanity as two groups. They either see us as vermin to be exterminated or see us as oxen to be worked.

    They see Americans as oxen to be worked, cattle to be milked for every penny. For which the Americans will not get a penny in payment, they will only get the honour of serving Zion.

    While all others who do not serve Zion are vermin to be exterminated.

    This attitude is no secret, because Zionist state it all the time. So do their supporters in America.

    They state it to get Israel to milk more from America, they also state it to America to give Israel more.

    But when any of Israels enemies state this well known fact, the Zionists shought and scream, “antisemitism!!!!”

  • Alfred


    “The reason why Zionists can go about killing people with out remores is they are a racist people who only consider themselves human.”

    What you say may be correct. However, my point was that ordinary people in any nation believe mostly what they are made to believe by a ruling elite that is well equipped to manipulate people’s thinking. Therefore, the challenge is not to tackle racists here or there, but to identify the controlling mechanism and then, um …

    Well, anyway, if you don’t tackle the controlling mechanism you will get nowhere.

  • Arsalan

    What did Larry’s latest incarnation say?

    China, Russia, Sudan?

    Well bitch, China Russia and Sudan do not board charity ships in internation waters to kill people and steal aid to the starving.

    Israel does!

    And People do attack China, Russia and Sudan when they do bad things, and when that happens, I don’t hear you bastards shout, Anti Chinese, and Russian anti Sudanese.

    Israel must end, we must end it.

    It is a racist state to its core.

    there is no way to reform it, or rediffine it.

    It is the pure meaning of racism, through which all racists get the inspiration.

    Zionism was the inspiration for what hitler did, not the other way arround.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Larry

    Was it Okay for Israel to Kill Those US servicemen on the USS Liberty in international waters? Must be Okay with you? Why don’t you tell what actually happened top the USS liberty?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Don’t worry about the invasion of the forked-tongues. They are just Uber-Zionist letter-writers, deployed across the media spectrum. A re-run, of a re-run, or a re-run: Oliver Hardy strikes again!

  • FMJ Fan

    the latest TrueLife account of the assault from the Jerusalem Post

    including this line…

    T. said he realized the group they were facing was well-trained and likely ex-military after the commandos threw a number of stun grenades and fired warning shots before rappelling down onto the deck. “They didn’t even flinch,” he said. “Regular people would move.”

    …aside from the homage to Full Metal Jacket (‘If he runs he’s VC. If he stands still he’s well disciplined VC’) it’s also noteworhy because it does seem to be a grudging admission that shots may have been fired before the commandos landed on the boat after all

  • Alfred

    Confirming the unity of USIsreali government, Vice President Biden said:

    “Look, you can argue whether Israel should have dropped people onto that ship or not and the – but the truth of the matter is, Israel has a right to know – they’re at war with Hamas – has a right to know whether or not arms are being smuggled in. And up to now, Charlie, what’s happened? They’ve said, “Here you go. You’re in the Mediterranean. This ship ?” if you divert slightly north you can unload it and we’ll get the stuff into Gaza. So what’s the big deal here?”

    So there you are, don’t blame Israel. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Zionist-imperialist USIsraeli ruling elite, which controls both the US and Israel.

    And note, Craig, on the authority of the Vice-President, the USIsrael is at war with Gaza.

    So if the Vice President says so, does that make it so: an indirect declaration of war, it would seem, without the courtesy of a formal note to Hamas?

    Sad how manners have deteriorated since Winston Churchill signed a letter declaring war on Japan “Your humble and obedient servant”, saying, “if you are about to kill a man, it does no harm to be polite.”

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “So if the Vice President says so, does that make it so: an indirect declaration of war, ”


  • Larry from St. Louis

    Read the Constitution and do a word search for “Vice President.”

    I’m a lawyer, but it doesn’t take a lawyer to figure this one out.

  • Tony

    There are several things going on.

    First is the “Mad Dog” identity policy. Israel believes that people stay away from “Mad Dogs” so if they portray themselves that way, they will be left alone.

    Second, both Israel and Washington consider themselves way above the law. What they want to do supersedes any law – because they are the law – like Wyatt Earp.

    Third. What are we talking about when we label countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Iran as rogue states? What Israel does on a regular basis qualifies it to be even further up the list than N. Korea or Saddam Hussein. When the US invaded Iraq it was an illegal act far worse than anything Saddam Hussein ever achieved against Iran or Kuwait.

    The inevitable outcome of all the above is that no-one respects either Israel and the USA any more – and why should they? They lie, they kill, they break the law, whenever and however it suits them. All they have left now is that they are each other’s best friends, one small mad dog, and one much larger one.

    Both these Mad Dogs have enough nuclear weapons to finish us all off, and enough attitude to finish themselves off. Let us hope the latter arrives before the former.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “When the US invaded Iraq it was an illegal act far worse than anything Saddam Hussein ever achieved against Iran or Kuwait.”

    See, that’s the kind of stupid thinking that one finds on Craig Murray’s blog. It’s not enough to vehemently disagree with the U.S. intervention in Iraq – which would be an arguable position. But you have to go further than that, straight into nut job territory, and define the Iraq intervention as even worse than the aggressive wars launched by Hussein.

    Was Iraq’s annexation of Kuwait justified in any way? Did it prevent an inevitable war? What U.N. resolutions had Kuwait broken?

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