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My break from blogging continues. I have not been posting in or reading the comments sections. I am told some people have been worried by some posts there purporting to be from me. They are not from me, I am in good health and have not discovered any “bugs” or phone taps – someone is posting nonsense comments in my name.

Anyway here is a photo of my bed, to help explain why I am taking a break.


And here are some pictures of the rest of the house, which had been illegally converted to bedsits and substantially trashed.






Here is Ingo working on reinstating an original mable fireplace and open fire. Unfortunately by the time I took one this one the plaster dust had got into my Blackberry as it has got everywhere else.


We only have a few weeks left to get the house habitable for the family. We work from dawn to dusk. We haven’t got television or the internet or indeed, much of the time, electricity and water. It is simply not practicable to blog sensibly at the moment so I am concentrating purely on the building work until we are past the worst of it.

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  • somebody

    Cross posting from medialens. How vile Obama is to allow this. Thought he was closing it down. There are over 170 people still being held in Guantanamo.

    ‘Torture’ Confessions Allowed

    Posted by MikeD on August 11, 2010, 9:27 am

    ‘Torture’ Confessions Allowed

    August 10, 2010 “Al Jazeera”

    The confessions of Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen charged with terrorism, can be used as evidence in his trial, even though they may have been obtained through torture, a US military judge has ruled.

    Lawyers for Khadr claimed statements to military interrogators were illegally obtained through torture and asked a US war crimes court to throw them out.

    That request was denied on Monday by a military judge at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    US forces captured Khadr in Afghanistan in July 2002, when he was just 15 years old…

  • craig

    Fiver is in the post.

    Tiresome is renovation. We lunched just now at a delightful bistro where I met my cousin Michael. He has never seen building-in-progress. He was so shocked to see how the other half lives. But the lunch was to die for.

    The review will follow.

    I will replace the 4.45 pm post with restaurant reviews until we have the Aga up and running.

    It’s a hard life!

  • somebody

    F**k off Craig #2

    You are not at all funny. If you have time on your hands, suggest you head off to Ramsgate and give a hand.

  • craig

    “It was decided to change the title of Blair’s memoir from ‘The Journey’ to the slightly less pompous ‘A Journey’.” I quote from the Daily Mail. Could this have been written by the same annoyance of a person who suggested to me, in an email, that my blog categories The Book, The Film, etc., were pompous?

    What’s wrong with using the definite article?

  • A Blair


    You’re losing your touch mate, with all this post-patriarchal neo-domesticity groove you’re in.

    “What’s wrong with using a definite article?”, would have been so much better.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    When an interior door rattles, this means the door stop and/or the strike plate are not tight enough. If the strike plate has a flange in the center that can be bent slightly to tighten the fit, remove the plate and use a pair of pliers to bend the flange.

    Otherwise, you may have to adjust the position of the door stop on the latch-side jamb.

    To do this, first use a utility knife to cut the paint seal between the moulding and the jamb. Then place a wooden block against the door stop, and hammer the block gently toward the door to provide a tighter fit.

    The best way to stop an exterior door from rattling in the wind is to install resilient weatherstripping around its perimeter, which also will help insulate your house. Look for the vinyl bulb type and follow package instructions.

  • craig

    We are taking a break today and going up to London for dinner and meetings with fellow activists.

    The meetings are to do with the Babar Ahmad case.

    It’s great news that police will be prosecuted for attacking him, but we all know they won’t be convicted.

    More importantly, Babar has been imprisoned for 6 years.

    He hasn’t been convicted of anything.

    He hasn’t been tried for anything.

    He hasn’t even been charged with anything.

    He is in prison at the whim of the Americans.

    This a national disgrace. If I were religious, I would say this is a crime that cries out to God for justice.

    I hope you will all demand that the Coalition puts right this most grave wrong.

  • somebody

    Good for you Craig. You are probably correct about the likely outcome of any prosecution of the police. cf Smellie at the G20 and the TSG member in the Iam Tomlinson’s death.

    This letter appeared in the Times today from a further group of doctors and I have a copy. There is also an article in the Mail. Dr Powers is in the original group of course.

    Dear Sir,

    Amidst the continuing interest surrounding the death of the government’s weapons’ inspector, the late Dr David Kelly, we wish to express our concern about the conclusion as to the cause of death in the light of the information now in the public domain. It is extremely unlikely from a medical perspective that the primary cause of death would or could have been haemorrhage from a severed ulnar artery in one wrist without any evidence of a blood clotting deficiency. This small artery, deeper in the wrist than the larger radial artery used to palpate the pulse, would have retracted on being severed and within a short time blood loss would be expected to have ceased.

    Insufficient blood would have been lost to threaten life. Absent a quantitative assessment of the blood lost and of the blood remaining in the great vessels, the conclusion that death occurred as a consequence of haemorrhage is unsafe.

    The inquiry by Lord Hutton was unsatisfactory with regard to the causation of death. A detailed investigation of all the medical circumstances is now required and we support the call for a proper inquest into the cause of Dr Kelly’s death.

    Yours faithfully

    Dr Michael J Powers QC

    Barrister, Medical Practitioner and Examiner to the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians

    London Chambers, 218 Strand WC2R 1AT

    Professor Julian Bion

    Professor of Intensive Care Medicine Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

    Dr Margaret Bloom

    Barrister, former general medical practitioner and former Deputy Coroner

    Dr Neville Davis MBE

    Consultant Forensic Physician

    Dr Elizabeth Driver

    Solicitor and Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists

    Sir Barry Jackson

    Past President British Academy of Forensic Sciences

    Dr Jason Payne-James

    Consultant Forensic Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer Cameron Forensic Medical Sciences, Barts &The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

    Professor John Francis Nunn


  • A Blair


    Don’t worry. I’m not really him.

    I’m just an indefinite any old Blair.

  • somebody

    Sorry I missed this name at the end of the list.

    Denis Wilkins

    Retired Consultant Vascular Surgeon

    @A. Blair – I know that

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Thanks ‘somebody’ for the David Kelly post – just to add this from Bloomberg:

    ‘U.K. Attorney-General Dominic Grieve is examining the case in order to decide the best way forward, a spokesman for his office said in a telephone interview today. One of the options open is to go to the High Court to request a new inquest, though the final decision will lie with the court, said the spokesman, who declined to be identified in line with government policy.

    Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke is considering a request for the papers about the case to be published, his office said in an e-mailed statement.’

  • craig

    My break from blogging continues.

    Anyway here is a photo of my chin, to help explain why I am taking a break.

  • MisanthropicCowardlyPolitico

    As Mr Murray isn’t blogging for a while, I’ll make a short post:




    ww w dot bradleymanning dot org

    He’s 22 years old and facing up to 52 years in a military jail for allegedly leaking to WikiLeaks video footage of U.S. soldiers killing civilians, as well as thousands of pages of “war” documents.

    The military currently have him on suicide watch.

    He needs plenty of money in order to fund a good legal team that has a thorough understanding of military law (the legal team will also need funds to be flown overseas):

    By Bradley Manning Support Network:

    “We are also concerned that Bradley may choose his legal counsel based on his available funds. If he fears his family will absorb the cost of the trial, he might choose a less experienced, less expensive attorney. We’re very concerned about the ramifications of such a decision…the right civilian defense team can be the difference between an administrative separation and years in the stockade.”

    Donate by visiting ww w dot bradleymanning dot org.

    I don’t expect anyone on here to do anything. Those interested in politics are usually misanthropes.

  • Charlie Falconer

    “Dr David Kelly was on a hitlist, says UN weapons expert as calls grow for full inquest”

    “Dr Richard Spertzel claimed Dr Kelly was on a ‘hitlist’ in the final years of his life. The former head of the UN Biological Section, who worked closely with Dr Kelly in Iraq in the 1990s, has written to Attorney General Dominic Grieve about the ‘mysterious circumstances’ surrounding the death.”

  • Larry from St Louis

    Lies, lies, lies. It’s all lies.

    All you people ever talk is lies, lies, lies.

    Next you’ll be telling us we’re not the true and ancient owners of the land of Israel and entitled under moral law to throw the natives out, through slaughter, ethnic cleansing and starvation.

    You’re all completely and utterly insane!

    And you’re all weirdo conspiracy theorists too.

  • craig

    I accept that “you” once lived in Israel. That doesn’t mean it’s yours now.

    And any posts either questioning my mental stability (the door really DID rattle, here and in Africa) or mocking my chin (or lack of) will be deleted.

    That’s trolling, Larry.

    Goodbye, Larry.

  • Andy Keen

    Craig, even though you have to have a break, there is a wealth of material posted on your blog, but I am finding it hard to use. The other day I was searching for your telegrams so I could read them out to my local Amnesty group – where are they? How can I do a search? Am I being thick? I am an IT specialist, so this is quite possible 😉

    Thanks, Andy

  • Andy Keen

    Actually answer to last question is yes, just scrolled down and found the search field. But, there is nothing useful I can find under ‘The Telegrams’ category, which was my first port of call ..

  • Jaded.

    Syd, Craig is a smart man. He must have his reasons for not blogging about 9/11. It would be like opening a war on another front. Just think of the additonal shills that would show up. Furthermore, he’s overworked as it is I don’t doubt. I’m sure he does know what happened on that dreadful day… I think everyone should lay off Craig about having to speak out on 9/11. I’ve probably had a moan at him in the past, which makes me guilty too. He’s made his ‘official position’ clear and let everyone have their say. That’s fair enough.

    I would certainly say that the last year or so has at least opened his eyes to state sponsored shilling though. I’m glad he has spoken out on that and I reckon that the majority of internet surfers, from one source or another, are now fully aware of these freaks.

    Good luck with the house Craig, whatever it is you are doing to it.

  • somebody

    A terrible litany here of birth deformities in Fallujah.

    Angrysoba, being an efficient insert, has linked to Gilligan’s attempt to divert the doctors’ request to get the truth on David Kelly’s death. Likewise Mangold and Aaronovitch on Newsnight plus Mangold all over the place. Who would you rather believe – a cornoner, a pathologist, the ex President of the Royal College of Surgeons, surgeons, physicians and so on?

  • somebody

    Gilligan knows much more than he lets on of course. I thought he looked like a frightened rabbit yesterday morning on Sky. This is just a short segment. He used the propagandists’ figure of 200,000 for the dead in Iraq. We all know that it exceeds 1 million and counting.'s+Death+Inquiry+'A+Fuss'&videoCategory=Latest+Video

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