Terror Scare Bullshit 42

Contrary to the false reports disseminated by government agencies, there were no detonators in the toner bombs. They would therefore almost certainly have failed to go off, just like the self gonad immolating bomber.

As for the weird insistence by the government that the bombs were designed to go off on the plane, I just don’t believe it. What is the evidence for this? If the object was to bring down a plane, why possibly call attention to the packages by addressing them to Chicago synagogues?

The only possible reason to insist that planes, not synagogues, were the target is to tap in to the public psyche which since 9/11 has been thoroughly indoctrinated with the airline bomb threat. In other words, deliberate government fearmongering.

There is now an official insistence that the bombs were physically created by the same man who created the underpants bomb. Actually entirely possible, in that both attempts were useless, had no access to detonators, and didn’t kill anyone.

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42 thoughts on “Terror Scare Bullshit

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  • StefZ


    assuming that Craig Murray did cross that particular line, he’d either…

    a) be reduced to some kind of pathetic Shayler-like figure, used as a media whipping boy to be rididculed as and when it suited

    and/ or

    b) still berated by Truthers for not promoting their individual perception of what the Truth actually is

    If I were in Murray’s shoes, with a young family to look out for and experience of what the establishment smear machine is capable of, I’d certainly think twice

  • gyges


    “… who do you think told the BBC?”

    I realise now that I was deceived. Further, I have only myself to blame … I feel like the character played by Gregor Fischer in one of the film versions of 1984.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    – as predicted ‘somebody’ – ‘nobody’ – softly softly catchee monkey – the ‘states’ powers of ridicule are overwhelming and absolute and right now going ‘full tilt’ means falling off the edge. So, we play the ‘deep state’ at their own game of reinforcement. Logically if we are consistent, intelligent and transparent then the scales will tip in our favour because eventually trying to reinforce a negative fails.

    If that sounds cryptic then do some deep thinking – meanwhile I have written to the director of the American Institute of Physics AIP requesting their assistance in the analysis of WTC dust samples.

  • paul

    There are certain things you cant talk about when you want to run for MP other than as an exercise in futility.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    gyges, don’t worry; it happens to us all, including me! But if we all do the ‘Ali Shuffle’, they cannot fool all of the people, all of the time (I hope).

  • joe fox

    The gov’t wants us citizens kept in a state of fear. How else can they infringe upon the rights of individuals?

    I have a new alert color to add to the existing ones: BROWN=Gov’t Bullshit!

    Wake up America and stop looking for terrorists under your bed!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Another ‘dud’ bomb attack falls into the dark cracks of history. Who *is* Anwar al-Awaki?

    My sources tell me he is a CIA asset – CIA Islam. Here from the mostly religious paper, (http://www.salafimanhaj.com/pdf/SalafiManhaj_Awlaki) – we learn the true Muslim perspective on this infidel:

    “When one listens to the earlier lectures and khutab of ‘Awlaki it is immediate noticeable that he was … appealing to Middle-Class Muslim professional in the US.”

    “Awlaki can be seen in … the PBS documentary Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (2003) giving a khutbah [religious speech] in an American Congress building at Capitol Hill (!!!?) [there emphasis]”

    “Hence there has been a clear transition and methodological shift in the procedure of ‘Awlaki”

    “It is possible at this point [moving to Yemen] ‘Awlaki reviewed his methodology to regain credibility after the likes of ‘Abdullah Faisal al-Jamayki [Real name Trevor William Forest] in the late 1990s had actually condemned him for spreading ‘CIA Islam’ and being a ‘Murji’, ‘spy’, ‘a plant of the government’, ‘an enemy of Islam’ etc. See Faisal’s lecture wherein he … condemns ‘Awlaki for being a CIA agent.”

    “Al-Awlaki is not known for having participated in any ‘jihad’ whatsoever and this is what has to be highlighted. For he calls to it and hypes up his audiences with it, yet the question has to be asked: upon which battlefield has he fought?”

    On the connection between intelligence agencies and jihadis:

    “The likes of Omar Bakri, Abu Qatadah al-Filistini, Abu Hamza and a whole host of other takfiri-jihadis [takfiris are muslims who accuse other muslims of being apostates or non-believers, in this context to justify killing them] are well-known for their meetings with not even the police, but with Intelligence Services! Some of them have even been protected and sheltered by them! As in the case of Abu Qatadah al-Filistini after 9/11 which is perhaps the most well-known example in the UK of being sheltered by intelligence services!”

    Eventually the state plotters will make a mistake and the deception will glow like the rays of the sun – but will the British public still bask in the heat? because ultimately everyone gets burned.

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