Terror Scare Bullshit 42

Contrary to the false reports disseminated by government agencies, there were no detonators in the toner bombs. They would therefore almost certainly have failed to go off, just like the self gonad immolating bomber.

As for the weird insistence by the government that the bombs were designed to go off on the plane, I just don’t believe it. What is the evidence for this? If the object was to bring down a plane, why possibly call attention to the packages by addressing them to Chicago synagogues?

The only possible reason to insist that planes, not synagogues, were the target is to tap in to the public psyche which since 9/11 has been thoroughly indoctrinated with the airline bomb threat. In other words, deliberate government fearmongering.

There is now an official insistence that the bombs were physically created by the same man who created the underpants bomb. Actually entirely possible, in that both attempts were useless, had no access to detonators, and didn’t kill anyone.

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42 thoughts on “Terror Scare Bullshit

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  • MJ

    “Contrary to the false reports disseminated by government agencies, there were no detonators in the toner bombs”.

    Can’t find this. Do you have a source Craig?

  • Paul

    As you say this mastermind is a very dangerous skilled terrorist (NOT)!

    As an aside when can we expect the shoe bomber back ?

  • craig


    I have a security service source. You won’t find it reported in the MSM – that’s the point. But you may have noticed for example that Sky News have been displaying official photos of the bomb components – but have not shown a detonator.

  • Roger Whittaker

    This is interesting:


    Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz hinted Monday that Israel received warning of the intent to send bombs to US synagogues on Thursday, before the plot was revealed to the public on the following day.

    “Since Thursday Israeli representatives have been on location in sensitive airports around the world, securing shipments to Israel,” he said ahead of a large-scale drill at Ben Gurion International Airport.

  • somebody

    A new face on Sky News (well new to me) was Sam Kiley just now billed as a Security Expert. ‘Saudi Arabian intel led to discovery of bombs.’ ‘A Lockerbie type situation was narrowly avoided’….!!

    This is him. He is bald.


  • KingofWelshNoir

    Thanks for the voice of sanity.

    When the IRA were planting bombs on the British mainland I seem to remember the government telling us to maintain a sense of proportion and to go about our business as usual. Now they want us to get the threat all out of proportion and be scared. What’s changed?

  • somebody

    OMG it has just got worse on Sky News. Lord ‘Tanks to Heathrow’ Reid has just come on to spout his muck. Somalia is now on the banned list of flights to the UK.

  • Clark

    I had a look at some of the “bomb” pictures. I think that’s a fairly old mobile ‘phone circuit board, not an ’80s TV tuner. “Sophisticated” it is not. Look at the scraps of plastic that hold the board in place, and the screws, all at odd angles and with their slots all badly damaged. It looks like it was built my Mr Blobby. And the Brasso’s come out of the cartridge. Does anyone have any links to any more good pictures, please?

  • gyges

    “I have a security service source.”

    What was the point of the lead azide if not as a detonator?

    Doesn’t make sense.

    Ask your sources Craig.

  • glenn

    Sending these packages addressed to US synagogues, indeed! Who in the Pentagon came up with that wheeze, I wonder? It’s about as likely as the Klan sending a letterbomb (with return address marked) to the NAACP.

    But a couple of purposes have been served. The BA head who called out these “security checks” on passengers as being nonsense is now having fingers pointed at him, with “See? See?” being gleefully trilled by the government. And the fearful, trembling American public has this handy reminder – just before an election – that they should run into the arms of Republicans because (as we all know), they’re so hot on stopping teer’sm.

    One other useful side-effect – with all-bomb-all-of-the-time on the news channels, nobody’s talking about cutbacks anymore.

  • Polo

    Underpants bomb: … and had shit as a common factor. BS!

    Primitive circuit boards: don’t forget that the old valve radios would have been unaffected by the EMP.

    This is all real clever stuff! Back to the Future. 🙂

  • craig


    lead azide is found in commercial detonators. But it can’t just be packed loose into a toner cartridge (as is implied) or it would have exploded when someone put the package down on a counter or loaded a sack into a plane, You can explode lead azide by knocking it or dropping it from only a ew inches onto a hard service. That there was lead azide present outwith a properly manufactured commercial detonator is very unlikely.

  • Freeborn

    The current parcel bomb hysteria was confected by the Mossad to implicate their proxy which is Al Qaeda in Yemen. Blaming muslims who actually work for them is easy and profitable. It means more business for the numerous Israeli security companies who sell body-scanners.

    Check out what happened in Holland in 2008 when an Israeli cargo plane carrying their chemical weapons came down on apartment blocks.


  • StefZ

    But Fear not!

    The UK government has just banned jumbo-sized toner cartridges in carry-on luggage

    An act that is so beyond parody I’m starting to believe that the writers of the Daily Mash are moonlighting as government security advisers

  • Clark

    Damn. I always carry a jumbo sized toner cartridge when I fly, because the chances of there being one toner cartridge on a plane are small, but the chances of there being two are tiny.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    How about banning the word, ‘ink’ on flights? Anyone found using this word, in any language, anywhere in the world, will be detained and fighter-jets despatched. There could be acoustically-trained dogs for the purpose.



  • StefZ

    There’s a 500g restriction, so you’ll just have to limit yourself

    Let’s hope these cunning Tonabombers don’t realise that they can pack their detonator-free explosives into other everyday items, not just toner cartridges. Otherwise things might start to get really silly…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    That’s a concrete poem, of course. Personally, if I were a hacker, I’d encode some really nasty entity in those three words and would send it back down the wires those generating spambots:

    ‘Words Weigh Nothing’.

    Now there’s an idea for someone with the appropriate expertise. I see a ‘Rosebud’ happening.

  • Mehdi Nafti

    Very interesting initial reaction by Mad Mel re: the ‘bomb scare’


    As Craig does, she is puzzled as to why these parcels would be detonated in mid air if they were addressed to a synagogue

    but, dont worry! a little later it all becomes clear. Britain is in a grip of deniers and conspiracy claimers, and WE SHOULD ALL BE IN TERROR OF YEMENI INK TONERS!


  • StefZ

    Dropping the heavy handed irony a moment so that even the most obtuse troll can’t pretend he doesn’t get the point…

    Every time there’s one of these scares – baseball boots, underpants, hair gel, toner cartridges whatever, that scare is used to implement restrictions on those specific items

    …when any idiot should be able to realise that if you can pack explosives into baseball boots, pants, hair gel, or toner cartridges you can pack them into virtually anything else. Identifying these specific items as being riskier than others is a nonsense

    Therefore the restrictions on these specific items are total and utter bullshit.

    This week toner cartridges. Next week…?

  • gyges

    Craig@7:29pm said,

    “That there was lead azide present outwith a properly manufactured commercial detonator is very unlikely.”

    I’m familiar with the properties of azides, Craig. Further, I distinctly remember the BBC reporting the presence of lead azide in the bomb; I remember because they mispronounced ‘azide’ (they pronounced the initial vowel in a short manner; to my ears it sounded ignorant).

    For clarification, are you saying that the BBC report, that there was lead azide present in the bomb, is wrong?

    I will also seek clarification from the BBC.

    ps thanks for the response.

  • nobody

    Hullo Craig,

    Apropos me raging at you over at a slightly earlier piece on this topic, would it be fair for me to summarise your position thus?

    – Any number of tiny pissweak terrorist threats are faked (by peoples unnamed but presumably Western security services).

    – That notwithstanding, the big events such as 911, the July 7 bombing, the Madrid bombing etc. are real and actually committed by real Muslim terrorists exactly as described by the same media that declares all the pissweak ones real too.

    Is that right?

    Because I have to tell you mate that that’s an untenable position. Why would a SPECTRE/SMERSH style al qaeda carry out the biggest terrorist attacks in the history of the world and then fall down in between times thus requiring our opportunistic secret services to fill in the gaps?

    It seems we’re required to believe that the world’s best funded, most professional security services are faking the chickenfeed stuff whilst the big stuff is done by the world’s crummiest, most two-bit operation run out of caves in Afghanistan by blokes on donkeys. It’s akin to having a class of eight year olds in charge of the moon programme whilst NASA gets to set off bottle rockets in the back yard. Honestly mate, it’s that obvious.

    C’mon Craig, seriously, when are you going to dump this unsustainable, logic-defying, wishy-washy bullshit? If you’re not prepared to go full-tilt why not just pack it in? I get it that the spooks want everyone to know that David Kelly was whacked, and fair enough that you might be scared, but ditch the charade mate. As the Chinese say, ‘shit or get off the pot’. Are you calling the fuckers out or aren’t you?

  • somebody

    Yemen: drones and hunter-killer teams to move in? WSJ


    The Wall Street Journal reports today that the White House and the Pentagon are considering stepping up covert action in Yemen [1], giving the CIA operational control over US military’s Special Forces units. They’d operate what the Journal calls “elite US hunter-killer teams” to go after Al Qaeda and others allegedly responsible for terrorist attacks and attempts against the United States.

    In addition, the plan includes using drone attacks, a la Pakistan, to target Al Qaeda operatives.

    By giving the CIA control over the Special Forces units, the United States can claim that the whole enterprise is “covert,” that is, that it doesn’t need the permission of Yemen’s government to be carried out. Or, as the Journal puts it, the CIA get “get around restrictions placed on military operations.”

    CIA present in Yemen since 2008


  • craig


    who do you think told the BBC? They didn’t expect the bomb themselves. It will be Frank Gardner getting his marching orders from MI6, as usual.

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