Those Killed By US Torture: Alyssa Peterson 4

Not everybody went along with the US torture programme. Read the tale of Alyssa Peterson.

Did she kill herself in horror at what she had witnessed her own country do, or was she murdered in case she made her experience public?

Thanks to George.

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4 thoughts on “Those Killed By US Torture: Alyssa Peterson

  • Jaded

    They never kill themselves! Well, 99% of the time anyway. They are invariably suicided.

  • Zigmund Void

    We also do not hear about the women soldiers who have died not because of being hit by bullets or blown up but from dehydration because of rape. They are so terrified of being raped by their own male peers that they piss into plastic bottles at night to avoid going to toilets and won’t go to get much needed water and food.

    Amy Goodman has covered this issue on Democracy Now! in America.

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