Don’t panic! 1

You may have noticed the sudden disappearance of every comment on the site. This is part of the IntenseDebate installation, and perfectly normal. In fact, the IntenseDebate installation is why he had to be so certain that the bulk of comments were imported to WordPress correctly (because they then had to be processed by this provider).

On that note, I am happy to announce that the 9/11 thread was saved, and will re-appear in a complete state along with all other comments in the coming days (there are tens of thousands of comments to import – 56,727 to be exact – and this will take some time).

The site should re-launch shortly with Craig at the helm, and should process any new comments immediately (something I am just about to test before closing this thread). Cheers all.

UPDATE – Test completed, but we are stuck with the default settings of IntenseDebate until the import is complete, and it will take a while to get to know everybody regardless, so all comments will be processed immediately, but very few of them will be published immediately; they will need to be approved first. The system will get easier to use when we can later adjust the settings to ‘trust’ regulars with immediate publication.

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