At 16.00 Today I Was 18

On my way to the airport to check in for my overnight flight to Frankfurt, then Munich, then Izmir. Accra airport is dreadful in the evenings so I like to check in early and get rid of my bags, come back home to relax, and then saunter up just before boarding.

When I started this 16.00 thing it was 16.00 both in Ghana and the UK. Then the UK changed to BST while Ghana stayed on GMT. I kept with GMT. I have now to work out, do I use 16.00 local wherever I am, or 16,00 GMT always, or the time in the UK always (which last I didn’t do latterly in Ghana).

Travelling from now till 17.00 local tomorrow in Turkey, so forgive me if I don’t get a chance to post…

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18 thoughts on “At 16.00 Today I Was

  • Suhaylsaadi

    My advice would be to use local time: It's 1600 hours wherever YOU are. Otherwise, you risk having to rise at three in the morning if you're in, say, Thailand or wherever at some point in the future.

    • NomadUK

      Whilst I despise daylight saving time as an abomination, and my first instinct is to hold GMT/UTC as the One True Time, I think tat SuhayIsaadi is right: use 16.00 wherever you are; it's the only thing that's practical.

    • Herbie


      "The first time I saw Judge Goldstone speak in person he was striking in his equanimity and unshakeable commitment to international law. Even in the face of hate-filled attacks by Jews in the audience, who compared his report to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he handled himself with a level of firm principle that I imagined to be unmovable. The second time I saw him speak in public a year later, he seemed tired and worn down by the relentless attacks against him by those who chose to attack the messenger instead of deal with the message. It was nothing concrete that he said, but there was a withered tone in his voice and a sort of quiet resignation that his best intentions had been so vehemently manipulated—and misunderstood.

      Goldstone’s latest op-ed is something else altogether. It does not challenge a single concrete finding in the entire report, and he has not conceded absolutely anything to his critics in that way. In fact, his findings under severe constraints have held up remarkably well with time. But the tone and timing of this current piece suggest that somehow the report should be “reconsidered”, that it was somehow wrong. Moreover, his comments seem to intentionally mislead about the content of the UN independent committee’s findings on due process in Israel. This is nothing more than a bone to Israel’s apologists, which is deeply misleading for all the reasons discussed here. I am afraid this is a sad, integrity-damaging turn for a man who had singlehandedly done so much to protect people from war crimes in Israel, Palestine, and elsewhere."

      • dreoilin

        @asa_wire on Twitter this morning:

        "Alon Liel, a friend of #Goldstone's… [said he] has 'been through hell' & that has contributed to his decision to publish" the op-ed"

        "He was being constantly harassed, received threatening letters, and was forced to change his phone number and email addresses"

        "… it was an overwhelming insult. 'I'm a Jewish judge, a respected Zionist – and Israel doesn't trust me?' He was a broken man"

        "not saying… [threats] are what made him publish his article, but there is no doubt in my mind that it influenced his decision"

        If Netanyahu is demanding that the "Goldstone report" be retracted by the UN, he needs to be reminded that it was the findings of a committee and NOT a report by one man who has since been subjected to harassment and overwhelming pressure. This whole scenario stinks, even if the op-ed doesn't challenge any of the report's findings. It's being referred to now on right-wing USA sites as a "retraction". It's not. (And even if it was, it'd clearly be a result of coercion.)

    • hukama

      I would say it is another lie in the line of pack of lies. Nothing more, nothing less. Snakes move around and change their direction.

    • Jon

      What makes you think Craig is a "Jew hater"? Craig has never struck me as racist. His opposition to Zionism, and the opposition to Zionism and Israeli militarism generally found on this blog, are motivated by a desire for peace for both Israelis and Palestinians, I think.

      Hello and good wishes to everyone here, by the way; I've not commented for a while, but am still reading!

  • somebody

    Can't you remember what Craig told you the other day?

    ' Craig_Murray 55p · 1 day ago
    It is a famous cliche, but rather a lot of my friends are Jews. Nobody should be disliked for their ethnicity or religion. You may be surprised to know that quite a few of my friends – both Jewish and non-Jewish – are zionists. My best friend is an ardent zionist, and sometimes we discuss it. I don't like or dislike people according to what they believe.'

    Suggest you read this for some facts written by a Jew who saw the wrongs in that 'most moral of states' and left it to live in the US.

    Goldstone, the Zionist and Fellow of Hebrew University and frequent visitor to Israel, has obviously succumbed to the undoubted pressure from the lobby.

  • Imran Siddiq

    Hi craig,
    I have been calling IHH offices since morning but havent been able to get the information about your lecture schedule here in Turkey. If you could please post who to contact here or list the time and place of your lectures I would be grateful.

  • Vronsky

    1600: Listening to Hertz und Mund und Tat und Leben. Should be doing something else.

    Everyone should check in with a 1600 status – Larry too, if the institute permits.

  • ingo

    yugo, you are worse than an antisemite, you are Mr. flame bait in person.

    all this report proofs is that group pressure will eventually work, even on the most staunch. Judge Goldstone was rejected and called an antisemite before the report was even published.
    israel did use white phosphorous ammunitions against civilian targets and they did bungle some of its operations badly. Young soldiers only now overcome their trauma they receive when given orders asked them to shoot these weapons at woman and children.

    If Judge Goldstone was irrelevant then, because the IDF rejected his report, then why is he now taken for full after succumbing to the zionist pressure from flame baiters like you?

  • ingo

    Yugo get a life. To call Craig a 'seasoned jewhater, is flame baiting of the worst kind. __Judge Goldstone has been attacked before he even published his report, he was denounced as antisemitic and irrelevant.____All this CNN cop job has done is proof that group pressure will eventually grind down the hardest. Israel has used white phosphorous bombs on civilian targets, its recruits were uncomfortable with the task in hand, they are now beginning to speak out after the taruma caused by those orders to kill women and children.____netanyahu has no legs to stand on, he has failed to forward any peace negotiations and has failed in uniting the country. His reign has created more rifts than ever existed between Israel and its neigbours.

  • animated

    He is not a Jew hater, he is a Zionist hater which is almost the same as nazi hater!

  • somebody

    Slightly off topic but thought you would like to see this obituary of a truly inspiring man. He was concerned for the plight of the Palestinians as you see -____'In the wake of the massacres of Palestinians by Israeli-backed Lebanese Christian Phalangists in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982, the Israeli group Peace Now invited Birnstingl as one of a small group of Jewish doctors and scientists to visit Lebanon to study the health conditions in the refugee camps at first hand. They gained access to the large Ain-el-Hilweh and Rashidiya camps in southern Lebanon at a time when these were being systematically bulldozed under Israeli orders. On their return to Britain they published a report on the health of the refugees. ____A staunch member of Physicians for Human Rights Israel, Birnstingl continued to campaign against infringements of Palestinian human rights. In 2007 he was a co-signatory of a letter in the Lancet reporting allegations that Israeli doctors had colluded in the torture of prisoners in Gaza and criticising the Israeli Medical Association for not speaking out on the issue. He was one of 725 physicians who called for the UN to investigate the claims.'___ _ ________

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