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Death of Sean Hoare 137

The best whistleblower so far from inside News International has just been found dead. Hertfordshire Police, either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt, have just been quoted on Sky News as saying there are “No suspicious circumstances”.

Whaether this is a convenient heart attack or a Kelly type “suicide” remains to be seen. Maybe the Met mistook him for a suicide bomber and pumped several shots into his head. With the exception of Kelly, this is possibly the most suspicious death of my lifetime. “No suspicious circumstances”. WTF!!

Sean Hoare’s testimony that Andy Coulson knew of individual phone hacking operations is pretty well certain to be true. I have written many times for national newspapers, and wherever I have written disparagingly about anybody, I have had to give my evidence. I have even, for example, been called in actually to meet the legal advisers at the Mail and discuss my evidence. The idea that journalists were not telling Coulson where they got their stories, or for what purpose they were laying out tens of thousands of pounds, is simply not practically possible. Same goes for the period when Rebekah was editor.

Sean Hoare’s testimony was plainly, absolutely true. His death discourages other whistleblowers a bit, doesn’t it? If the inquiries into News International are going to have any credibility, they are going to need a witness protection programme – from which the Met are totally excluded.

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Straight Copper 63

Very rarely, Sky News let a normal person be interviewed. There was a policeman representing Met beat bobbies on this morning who was great – I caught his name as Paul Blecksley, but perhaps misheard as I couldn’t turn him up on google. He had some brilliant one liners, of which my favourite was “If senior officers did less dining and less politicking and more detecting, the taxpayer would be better served.” He also asked why on earth policemen needed a spin doctor anyway, and pointed out that if a normal cop accepts a thank you bag of chips from the local chippie, let alone a £12,000 holiday, he is for the high jump.

This was refreshing as he came immediately after New Labour’s shadow minister for policing (sic) – a name I am not bothered I didn’t catch – who said Stephenson was a man of great integrity blah blah blah.

It is quite wrong to believe that the well-connected bent cops like Hayman and Yates are supported by the average cop. They are rather detested, as was “Lord” Ian Blair. If anyone can find that straight talking interview, let me know. We won’t be seeing him again on mainstream media.

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Still Killing in Libya 28

Cameron attempted to make out, in his press conference in South Africa, that the only difference on Libya between Zuma and Cameron was over whether Gadaffi should leave at the beignning or end of a new political process. Zuma then flatly contradicted him by stating unequivocally that the NATO bpmbing should stop.

The US’ decision to recognise the Benghazi regime (which, remember, nobody has elected either) as the government of Libya is purely about removing legal obstacles to huge sums of cash being spread round ruling elites and arms industries. In fact, it is still the case that less than half the population of Libya are under rebel control. Gadaffi has been able in the last fortnight to mobilise much larger mass rallies of supporters than he could in the months before the start of the bombing campaign. There is strong empirical evidence that, exactly as I predicted it would, the effect of the NATO bombing campaign has been to shore up Gadaffi’s popularity and entrench him more firmly into power than when he faced a purely internal rebellion.

What a terrible mess, and terrible loss of life.

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