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The best whistleblower so far from inside News International has just been found dead. Hertfordshire Police, either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt, have just been quoted on Sky News as saying there are “No suspicious circumstances”.

Whaether this is a convenient heart attack or a Kelly type “suicide” remains to be seen. Maybe the Met mistook him for a suicide bomber and pumped several shots into his head. With the exception of Kelly, this is possibly the most suspicious death of my lifetime. “No suspicious circumstances”. WTF!!

Sean Hoare’s testimony that Andy Coulson knew of individual phone hacking operations is pretty well certain to be true. I have written many times for national newspapers, and wherever I have written disparagingly about anybody, I have had to give my evidence. I have even, for example, been called in actually to meet the legal advisers at the Mail and discuss my evidence. The idea that journalists were not telling Coulson where they got their stories, or for what purpose they were laying out tens of thousands of pounds, is simply not practically possible. Same goes for the period when Rebekah was editor.

Sean Hoare’s testimony was plainly, absolutely true. His death discourages other whistleblowers a bit, doesn’t it? If the inquiries into News International are going to have any credibility, they are going to need a witness protection programme – from which the Met are totally excluded.

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137 thoughts on “Death of Sean Hoare

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yeah, what has happened to Norman Baker recently? I thought he was the bane of the intelligence services’ life, always asking awkward questions, making FOI requests and so on. I was a great advocate of his in these respects.

    Possible answer: As with Chris Mullen (remember him?), yes, he did all of this. And then he got into Government.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Well, Yugostiglitz, as in a Beckett play, we are all waiting, not for Godot, but for you. The generation of your prose usually displays no sign of hesitancy. I am asking you, Yugostiglitz, in all sincerity to comment on President Karimov of Uzbekistan. It is an issue central to this blog. Well then, here it is again, my very simple question: Yugostiglitz, what is your opinion of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and his family?

  • glenn

    Jeez, Angry, is that weak pedantic retort all you’ve got? One can be slavish to the establishment, and lead in its defence at the same time. Wonder why you can’t understand that. But accusing others of “tantrums” while you label yourself “Angry” does rather smack of projection 😉

  • tony roma

    within 2 hours of the police arriving it was stated nothing suspicious : )
    even if it was possible to investigate a crime scene test the body in that space of time the fact of government police mi5 and journalistic lies are involved, nobody from a southern police force should be at this watford location.
    what exquisite timing davd kelly,robin cook and Michael Todd the Chief Constable of Greater manchester investigating us use of british bases for renditions.
    all men with perfect death timing.
    mi5 had nothing to do with any of these assisted suicides.

  • tony roma

    Nick Davies piece on the walking corpse of mr hoare.
    how ill he was recently.
    why does he feel the need to justify that to talk and write about sean hoare’s drug and alcohol kill levels.
    according to a recent bbc4 radio profile nick davies is the greatest journalist working in the world today : )
    so has he based his sean’s death article on no suspicious activity on a detailed journalistic investigation?
    maybe the cops should not bother with a token toxicology report.
    according to the greatest truth giver since bernstein mr davies of mi5/mossad and the guardian says sean was ill and this was to be expected.
    how weird he would make a statement before foul play had been ruled out,while the body was still warm and before blood and organ tests were done?
    i thought it was news of the world reporters that made shit up without investigating first.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Reminds one of Tom Mangold wrt David Kelly, remember? Why so keen to reassure the public? Methinks they do protest too much. And, again, never believe anything until it is officially denied; trite, yes, perhaps, yet still, in such matters, applicable as a maxim of healthy skepticism.

  • Flash

    So this man takes a chunk out of the police, Murdock, the goverment and says he has a fear for his life and then goes and drop dead.

    The media are doing all they can to discredit this man using un-named sources but it does look and smells like another Dr David Kelly

  • Amy

    Thank you for having the courage (once again) to speak out. The very fact that Sean Hawe died at this moment is highly suspicious, never mind how…I’ve lived in Russia and there is plenty of corruption, and it’s obvious to everyone. But too often people in the UK like to think corruption and political assassinations are just a problem for ‘them over there’. The recent Murdoch circus just opens up a small window into the doings of our own elite, and the highly corrupt relations between the police, political class and media.

  • tony roma

    tom mangold bbc senior journalist and a close friend of david kelly : )
    forget about journalists in a swamp with the police,prime ministers and ministers.
    what about tax payer funded bbc men peston,mangold etc working for mi5.
    is it any wonder that libya is framed as a quest for humans wanting to be free.
    all the press is just propaganda a blunt and sometimes complex method for making us feel cozy democratic and free.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
    believe it”

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

    Joseph Goebbels

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Think posters leave out the week in which the most controversial events regarding Sean Hoare apparent murder occurred – last week when he met the New York Times reporters Don Van Natta, Jr. and Jo Becker who wrote the famous September 1, 2010 article which started the whole process of the NOTW hacking unravelling.

    They had dinner with Hoare, and reported that he was in good spirits, though somewhat bothered by physical problems.

    Then there is no account of anyone seeing him, though there were repeated calls on Thursday and Friday to his residence in Watford which were not answered.

    Why were the calls made, by whom, and why weren’t they answered? Seems they were made to see if he was okay, and the failure to answer showed that he apparently wasn’t.

    So why didn’t the caller or callers inform the police, and why didn’t they go by his house to see what’s what?

    The answer seems to be that they knew he was dead, but the discovery could only be made after the Met leadership had resigned, and closed out their part in the affair – what was achieved essentially by Stephenson surprisingly resigning on Sunday night, making the belated discovery of Hoare’s body the next morning okay.

    And there are reports that Hoare looked yellow when last seen, like Gareth Williams when he was seen on that fatal Sunday outside Harrods, and going into the Holland Park tube station.
    Was Hoare also poisoned by something like death cap mushrooms – what would make a similar delay in finding his body advantageous, as it would give the deadly toxins time to break down into harmless substances. And the police have just added unexplained delays.

    And as for unexplained deaths when it comes to crucial police work, don’t forget that the TVP said exactly this when GCHQ German language teacher, and cipher helper Gurun Loftus fell down backwards on those stairs at St. John’s College, Oxford – what has never led to anything more by the police in the following nine months.

    Hoare’s murder will soon be forgotten about too unless there is a concerted effort by people with some reputation to start making a stink about it now.

    Waiting until the conspiracy murder is pretty well established is just too late, as the belated complaints about Kelly’s murder have demonstrated.

  • river

    Death from alcoholic jaundice is probably quite slow, gradually slipping into a coma, and he would have told someone he was feeling ill prior to this, and been admitted to hospital. He could have had a fit and died, that is really possible.
    The one main thing that makes it seem suspicious to me is from the moment he was found the police said ‘unexplained but not suspicious’, how on earth can it not be suspicious, given the circumstances? …. which is what Craig Murray said at the beginning of this blog.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Seems that the heart of the scandal is the tradeoff that corrupt constabularies in Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Suffolk et al. have engaged in with the Met’s Chief Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his assistant John Yates to solve their mutual problems.

    The constabularies were deeply involved in covering up the massive illegalities that the Carroll Global Corporation Group engaged in – what Yates was most well-versed in, but Stephenson continued to drag his feet over despite American demands for action.

    When the phone-scandal broke, the Met officers realized that the Hertfordshire Constabulary, under its new Chief Constable Andy Bliss, could do them a favor if it looked the other way after whistleblower Sean Hoare was disposed of – what would take the pressure off the Met, given the disarray and other concerns in London.

    For more, see this link:

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Trowbridge, this is fascinating; I knew nothing of this scandal. It’s apt that you draw the possibility of a link b/w the Met Commissioner’s somewhat surprisingly-timed resignation and the death of Hoare. If all this information re. the Carroll cartel and the police is accurate, then I think they would kill for this. The image of a sink-hole of snakes comes to mind. The phone-hacking farrago, it seems, in the manner of a port-hole, may merely be allowing us – Joe Public – a brief glimpse into a very deep and serpentine darkness.
    Yes, like many people, I’m also very suspicious of the Oxford University death, and of course that of Gareth Williams in Pimlico.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Thanks, Suhayl Saadi, especially since I could not have put my case as well as you have. Too bad more people are not like you, attuned to what is going on, and interested in learning more.

    The takeover of the Carroll Trust enabled the world’s covert government to have a slush fund which could finance whatever it wanted.

    I shall be writing an article about it soon, and post it on various sites, apparently this one too.

    And if I suddenly, it seems,commit suicide before it appears, please inform everyone that I have no, and will never have any such plans, as a am too busy, taking care of my ailing partner.

  • river

    Trowbride Im one of the disappointing people that dont know and cant take in all these details, my head is just too full of other concerns of what Im trying to deal with in my life.
    I just know that theres both something very suspicious as well as a lack of morality and responsibility.
    I heard on the news tonight that the issue that Murdoch is being questioned on is whether he know or not. To me that seems the wrong question, as people like that have what could be termed a seamless ‘optical neglect’, they see what they want to see and dont know things because they dont want to know them. If they didtn know about it, that surely is a condemnation in itself, as they surely should be held accountable for any widespread practice in their company. The only question should surely be ‘was this practice widespread or a one-off?’ and we all know it was wedespread in which case the owners and managers and the top of the hierarchy should all be accountable, as well as the frogs and minows who complied with it. What are others’ opinions on this?

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