Death of Sean Hoare

by craig on July 18, 2011 7:51 pm in Uncategorized

The best whistleblower so far from inside News International has just been found dead. Hertfordshire Police, either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt, have just been quoted on Sky News as saying there are “No suspicious circumstances”.

Whaether this is a convenient heart attack or a Kelly type “suicide” remains to be seen. Maybe the Met mistook him for a suicide bomber and pumped several shots into his head. With the exception of Kelly, this is possibly the most suspicious death of my lifetime. “No suspicious circumstances”. WTF!!

Sean Hoare’s testimony that Andy Coulson knew of individual phone hacking operations is pretty well certain to be true. I have written many times for national newspapers, and wherever I have written disparagingly about anybody, I have had to give my evidence. I have even, for example, been called in actually to meet the legal advisers at the Mail and discuss my evidence. The idea that journalists were not telling Coulson where they got their stories, or for what purpose they were laying out tens of thousands of pounds, is simply not practically possible. Same goes for the period when Rebekah was editor.

Sean Hoare’s testimony was plainly, absolutely true. His death discourages other whistleblowers a bit, doesn’t it? If the inquiries into News International are going to have any credibility, they are going to need a witness protection programme – from which the Met are totally excluded.

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  1. No suspicious circumstances, No suspicious circumstances, its a bit early to say that, surely the timing of the phrase “No suspicious circumstances” is itself a suspicious circumstance

    eek gad

  2. My sentiments entirely… as soon as I heard the news Dr Kelly came to my mind, well let’s see how long it will take to push the whole thing under the carpet. No suspicious shit.

  3. Can someone tell me what country we are living in?

    We are more corrupt and are covering up the truth more than any other country.

    First the racist papers like the NOTW are exposed, then the institutional racist police( i just call them plain RACIST), what more can be exposed?

  4. Beeston Regis

    18 Jul, 2011 - 8:09 pm

    Accidentally choked to death on a rolled up copy
    of The NOTW?

  5. Oh jeez, this really is extremely suspicious and leads one to think that there may be a far deeper well of evil – and I use that word deliberately – than even we had thought. I’m beginning to ponder upon Ruth’s postulations. This raises my ‘very simple question’ once again.

  6. For the record I think it is Hertfordshire, not Hampshire (according to ZeroHedge).

  7. technicolour

    18 Jul, 2011 - 8:22 pm

    no suspicious circumstances apart from the dead canary found on his chest…

  8. technicolour

    18 Jul, 2011 - 8:24 pm

    although a real person has died. sorry for flippancy.

  9. Yes, Langley Road, Watford says the BBC so Hertfordshire rather than Hampshire.

  10. deepgreenpuddock

    18 Jul, 2011 - 8:27 pm

    See the Nick Davies piece in the Guardian about Sean Hoare. He was certainly very physically fragile by that account, so maybe it was a heart attack.

  11. Craig and everyone

    While a priori this might sounds suspiciou I would be a bit careful to rush to judgement here. Mr Hoare had been known to be ill for some time. So while it’s possible that there was foul play, let’s not become conspiracy theorists without some evidence, eh?

    And as Kit says, Watford is in Herfordshire.

  12. Thanks, I have corrected Hampshire to Hertfordshire

  13. I said to someone this morning on the phone, ‘Wait for the deaths’. I am being totally honest.

  14. Mary
    Coincidence is not correlation; correlation is not causation.
    Let’s all hold our horses for a while, or our American Friend will have a field day.

  15. Yeah, sure, of course, John K. ‘Our Unquiet American’, perhaps? Just seems awfully, awfully convenient.

  16. He/she/it can say what they damned well like. I know what I was feeling and I know what I was thinking might happen. You seem to have already fallen for the planted message that he had drug and drink problems.

  17. John K,

    I don’t know how old the photo with the Davies article is, but it is not the coloration of someone with liver failure.

    And according to the Guardian today, at the weekend he was helping take down a marquee – so not a physical wreck then.

    “He also said he had been injured the previous weekend while taking down a marquee erected for a children’s party. He said he had broken his nose and badly injured his foot when a relative accidentally struck him with a heavy pole from the marquee.”

    It will be interesting whether there were any witnesses to this accident – there are other explanations for a broken nose and foot. I think the “he was a druggie, bound to die any second” argument is a bit convenient. Look at Keith Richards, for God’s sake.

  18. Mary

    Suggest you read Nick Davies’s piece. He’s hardly an establishment stooge.

  19. For clarity, I was replying to the post before yours Suhayl.

  20. John K

    I don’t doubt Nick Davies’ reporting or his health problems. But people can live for decades with such problems, and a week ago he was well enough to help take down a heavy marquee.

  21. Craig
    It may all be very dodgy, it may not. I don’t know, and neither does anyone else here.
    I’m just cautioning against rushing to judgement, is all. We get very agitated here and elsewhere when the forces of evil do it, so let’s be a bit more temperate – at least unless and until we have some more basis for suspicion?

  22. John K

    Of course you are right, we don’t know yet, and perhaps we never will. We have, I think, every basis for suspicion already. What we are lacking is any evidence.

  23. ps the picture on Nick Davies piece (at lest the version I saw) is of Coulson. The photo on the BBC website shows a pretty ill-looking man.

  24. From Marcy Wheeler:

    The whistleblower who first tied Andy Coulson to the HackGate scandal, Sean Houre, was found dead in his home last night and the police are, for some reason, not treating the “unexplained” death as suspicious. I find that particularly curious given that Houre had just explained to the NYT and Guardian how News Corp journalists used cell phone data for geolocation, in much the same way our government secretly does under the PATRIOT Act.

  25. Jonangus Mackay

    18 Jul, 2011 - 9:16 pm

    Been sent the following short statement. Really.
    Many people have accused me of a gross error of judgement in hiring Andy Coulson and suggest that I am considering my position as Prime Minister.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I have every confidence in Mr. Clueless, and despite the fact he worked for the Conservative Party for 4 years I have never met him. The same goes for Ms. Virginia Wade, the “flame-haired temptress” who has delighted so many fans at Wimbledon with her “wapping hits” (©K. McKenzie). I offer them nothing but my best wishes in their retirement from public life.
    As for “top cops” Stephenson and Yates, I feel I can say nothing while they are investigating themselves. It will be a sad day for democracy when a senior police officer cannot declare his own innocence.
    Finally, I must address rumours that my staunch friend Boris Yawnson has failed to support me at this trying time. As Loud Mayor of London he has a full agenda, from trying to find one working escalator on the Jubilee Line to talking to the Evening Standard, and one can only sympathise with his delightful wife Noris as these distressing symptoms of executive fatigue overwhelm her spouse. I am sure all of us join in offering them both a happy period of much-needed retrenchment in Tierra del Fuego.
    I have every confidence in myself. No more need be said.

    — Dave.


  26. YugoStiglitz

    18 Jul, 2011 - 9:25 pm

    I’m just waiting for you folks to blame this on the Jews somehow.

  27. Recording of an interview with Sean Hoare on Radio 4 PM 3 September 2010. He sounds quite lucid and coherent. At the end the statements issued by Scotland Yard and the NoTW sound quite humourous in the light of recent events. There are suggestions about Mr Hoare in the NoTW statement.

  28. As another one bites the dust… one has to ask… will this scandal – which is moving closer to Downing Street – actually bring down David Cameron and the entire government?

    Will the LibDems see this as a golden opportunity to wrench themselves away from Cameron and regain their position as a party untainted by the corruption which reeks at the heart of the Westminster ‘rotten barrel’?

    Cameron appears increasingly like an out-of-touch, upper-class, twit; his traditional class arrogance and easy charm seem to have deserted him and instedad he looks like a rent-boy for Kaiser Murdoch.

  29. Nick Davies says of Sean Hoare:
    “In the end, his body would not take it any more. He said he started to have fits, that his liver was in such a terrible state that a doctor told him he must be dead … He liked to say that he had stopped drinking, but he would treat himself to some red wine.”
    He could have died of cirrhosis, or alcohol poisoning, or even choking on vomit, causing death by asphyxiation.
    Could he have been celebrating?
    Coincidences do happen, they happen all the time …
    I got an email today with the word Kiki in the headline. Ten minutes later I popped in here and there was a spam comment from Kiki.

  30. Crikey this got to Mason, Ohio quickly yet none of us uttered the magic numbers 9.1.1.

  31. @yugostiglitz

    Are you fishing for a reaction, it doesn’t sound like a constructive comment, no offence intended, but I really don’t understand what the Jews have to do with all of this?

    : D

  32. His photo on the Guardian article
    News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead
    Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking – not being treated as suspicious
    Amelia Hill, James Robinson and Caroline Davies, Monday 18 July 2011 18.04 BST

  33. The police have recently changed the status from ‘not treating it as suspicious’ to ‘unexplained’. Perhaps they’ve been reading this blog.

  34. Tunde obawasa

    18 Jul, 2011 - 9:52 pm

    yugostiglitz is referring to murdoch i think, it is a sad loss and i feel for his family.

  35. Is this brand new?
    “Exclusive: Channel 4 News has learned that a former senior journalist at the News of the World worked as a translator for the Met Police, whilst he was employed by the newspaper.”
    “Interpreters are vetted by the MPS and all sign the Official Secrets Act. They are employed on a freelance, self-employed basis. We recognise that this may cause concern and that some professions may be incompatible with the role of an interpreter.”

    “The Met says it is now investigating the matter. Ukrainian Alex Marunchak spent most of his career at NoW.”

  36. It’s breaking out all over, like a rash.

  37. Yugostiglitz, one very simple question for you. Tell me, what is your opinion of Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan and his immediate family?

  38. Paul Johnston

    18 Jul, 2011 - 10:08 pm

    From The BBC

    The Serious Fraud Office said it would give “full consideration” to a request by Labour MP Tom Watson (Peter Kay) to investigate out-of-court settlements made to hacking victims.

    Now that could be fun :-)

    Incidentally anyone know anything about Laura Elston (Samantha Morton)?

    I blame you Dreolin I keep thinking who should play the various roles in the film!

  39. friend has just reminded me of the Conservative found dead in a Glastonbury loo -

  40. Suhayl, Karimov is a wonderful fellow, who has favourite dish called boiled human flesh.. and he is very kind. he scarifies himself and keep all the wealth for himself and his family so that no Uzbek is corrupted by filthy money. He loves his people so much that at great expense he isolate them from the corrupting influence of the outside world..and keeps his country safe by being a good friend of the USA/Europe even though he really really hates them.. do you want me to go on .. better drink another bottle of Pinot Grigio maybe this one will bring Karimov down

  41. Jonangus Mackay

    18 Jul, 2011 - 10:17 pm

    “I had a good relationship with Andy. He would let me do what I wanted as long as I brought in a story. The brief was, ‘I don’t give a fuck.'”
    It would be appropriate, I suggest, to put the words of this suddenly dead witness to each of them in turn tomorrow: Rebekah Brooks & Murdochs, father & son.
    First an axe in the head. And now death of a whistleblower — in circumstances so bizarrely coincidental that for police to say there are ‘no suspicious circumstances’ does, in itself, inevitably constitute suspicious circumstances.
    Once David Cameron has been briefly reminded in person of these two deaths involving news hounds retained in one way or another by his friend & spin doctor Andy Coulson, it would be apt to put those same words to the current CEO of Ukania plc.
    His response?
    Those words above would most aptly reside, I suggest, upon David Cameron’s political gravestone.
    “I had a good relationship with Andy. He would let me do what I wanted as long as I brought in a story. The brief was, ‘I don’t give a fuck.'”

  42. Guess it must be time for Freddy Patel to rolled out again…….. Sad, very sad.

  43. Chancellor Mosley

    18 Jul, 2011 - 10:18 pm

    Well done for raising this issue when other non MSM are being rather timid in the face of the unfolding Shakespearean tragedy that is UK politics.

    Less contentious issues surrounding the reasons for Rebekah Brooks’ arrest are being treated with kid cloves by many who should be speaking out. Given the interests of the various parties involved in this Mexican stand off, they should all be treated with more scepticism. I am finding it harder to disbelieve allegations domestic assassinations as it becomes increasingly apparent that the UK is rotten to its core

  44. Bob Cryer was MP for Keighley when he died in a car accident in 1994. He was a good parliamentarian, spending more hours in the House than any other MP. I remember when he was a lecturer of mine, in the late sixties, he took us all into the library of Blackburn Technical College, and tried to imbue into the heads of young people from a variety of trades, the importance of Hansard as a document of the accountability of MPs from the words they spoke. His death was a loss to parliament, a loss to his family, a loss to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society, a loss to us all. At the time of his death, or shortly prior to it, he was raising questions, repeatedly, as to why we had an American telephone-tapping station at Menwith Hill, with no parliamentary sanction. I was, and still am, suspicious about his death. ‘An accident’, ‘no suspicious circumstances’, and Dominic Grieve’s pronouncements on the death of Dr David Kelly are not very comforting for people who want justice to be seen to be done. Since Bob Cryer’s death I do not think a single MP has raised opposition to Menwith Hill, this illegal blight on one of our National Parks. News International is only one part of the problem. It goes a lot deeper than that. I asked my MP, Steve McCabe, to raise questions about Menwith Hill (a month and a half ago). I’m looking forward to his response.

  45. LulzSec are back and have control of at least one News Int website:

  46. Inquest anyone? Who’d like to be coroner? Is there anyone left who’s incompetent enough?
    Seriously, does anyone know who to apply pressure to over selection of coroner? This really must not be bodged.

  47. Very witty, Azra, though with serious undertones. Only red-wine for me from now on. But I hope it brings the whole rotten lot of them down.

  48. “let’s not become conspiracy theorists without some evidence”
    What’s wrong with circumstantial evidence?
    A fella’s really sick, he’s not expected to last three months, not withstanding that in the meantime he’s up and about and helping take down a maquee.
    Then, he drops dead the next day, just before the Murdoch’s and Rebekah are questioned in public. What are the odds? I’d say about one in ninety.

  49. Now why do you ask that question, Suhayl?

  50. @John Goss, I have been thinking if drinking will bring them down I will have to be prepared to die of cirrhosis of liver..

  51. More important Clark is the proficiency and the independence of the forensic pathologist. Think Patel, and others.

  52. “I’m just waiting for you folks to blame this on the Jews somehow.”

    Why is that Yugo? You seem to have everyone puzzled. Would you elucidate how you arrived at this expectation, which is unverified to this point?

  53. ‘When is dodgy Dave going to do the decent thing and resign?’ Dennis Skinner. Hope Hansard gets it right.

  54. “Think Patel and others,”
    e.g., Nicholas Hunt, the “pathologist who performed the autopsy on David Kelly has said the government scientist’s death was a “textbook case” of suicide.”

  55. OK then Azra. I hope it brings the whole lot of them down with cirrhosis of liver.

  56. @ Yugo
    “I am just waiting for you folks to blame this one on the jews somehow”.
    I will let you on to a secret Yugo, I don’t blame Jews .. but you know what? my Jewish friend does! not this particular death but the whole of Murdoch affair… he blames it on Zionist Jews and Christians. I don’t know why and I laughed it off, but if you like to know, I can always find out!

  57. Well-it may or may not be suspicious-but it’s awfully damned convenient for some people, no doubt about that.

  58. Don’t know about the new times link above but I’ve just noticed is currently redirecting to the lulzsec twitter feed.

  59. Googling finds this

    Currently The Sun is still redirecting to the lulzsec twitter feed so it appears News International still don’t have control of the server back.

  60. Anonymous/lulzsec had put up a story about Rupert Murdoch committing suicide. He mixed up a concoction in the kitchen and then stumbled outside and fell over the topiary … I should have taken a screengrab.
    Now it’s saying “Apache Server at Port 80″.
    Looks like the Sun hasn’t got it back yet.

  61. “You don’t have permission to access /sun/ on this server”

  62. .
    And at least at the moment, the controversy swirls around a small British company owned by one of the world’s most powerful media magnates.
    That company, NDS, makes smart cards which unlock 28 million of the world’s satellite set-top boxes. Owned by News Corp. and its flamboyant owner Rupert Murdoch, NDS now finds itself on the receiving end of a $1.1 billion lawsuit filed in March by French rival Canal Plus Technologies. Canal Plus comes with its own heavyweights attached — Vivendi Universal, and its now embattled CEO Jean-Marie Messier.
    The Canal Plus lawsuit claims NDS paid hackers to break the code in Canal Plus smart cards, then gave the information away on the Internet, all to undermine Canal Plus business. It’s probably the largest computer hacking lawsuit ever, and one of the biggest accusations of corporate espionage.
    An NDS motion to dismiss the case was heard by a federal court in San Francisco Thursday, although the judge did not immediately issue a ruling — that could come in the coming days or weeks. Meanwhile, depositions are set to begin next month. With Canal Plus lawyers vowing to wage a very public court battle, the next few weeks will likely raise the curtain on a 5-year drama, unraveling a complicated world where the interests of small time TV-pirates and moguls bent on dominating the world’s media have at times overlapped rather neatly.

  63. Another bottle of red and I might be joining these Champagne and Cognac swilling jet-set minglers with cirrhosis of the liver. How much red wine does it take to get cirrhosis of the liver? The truth as I see it is there are many sober issues that need addressing, soberly. Wine helps me relax. The evidence indicates that tomorrow I could be as relaxed as a corpse.

  64. NDS by the way is News Corps encryption system for sky tv
    The following year, in 1998, NDS went looking for more smart card expertise and contacted brilliant German hacker Boris Floricic. Known as “Tron” in the computer underground, Floricic had gained a reputation for cracking pay-TV systems.
    A few weeks later, in October of 1998, Floricic was found dead,
    hanging from a tree in a Berlin park. The death was ruled a suicide by authorities – a ruling many hackers reject.
    There has never been any assertion that NDS was somehow involved in the death. But the fact that Floricic’s father found a letter from NDS in his son’s belongings indicated the company’s willingness to consult the computer underground for security expertise.
    The incident also shocked the hacker community, which wondered if computer curiosity could now have deadly consequences.}

  65. NDS by the way is News Corps encryption system for sky tv
    The following year, in 1998, NDS went looking for more smart card expertise and contacted brilliant German hacker Boris Floricic. Known as “Tron” in the computer underground, Floricic had gained a reputation for cracking pay-TV systems.
    A few weeks later, in October of 1998, Floricic was found dead,
    hanging from a tree in a Berlin park. The death was ruled a suicide by authorities – a ruling many hackers reject.
    There has never been any assertion that NDS was somehow involved in the death. But the fact that Floricic’s father found a letter from NDS in his son’s belongings indicated the company’s willingness to consult the computer underground for security expertise.
    The incident also shocked the hacker community, which wondered if computer curiosity could now have deadly consequences.}

  66. The Sun hacked by “Louise Boat” just announced on the Sky News Press Preview. I think she misread “Lulz Boat”. This comes shortly after Fox news twitter feed announced the death of Obama a few weeks ago after a supposed hack.

  67. There was much hilarity on Twitter when they hacked the Fox twitter feed. When Fox had got it back, someone started a hashtag #foxnewtwitterpassword (or similar) and some of the suggestions were funny. One of them was “whoneedsfactswhenyoucanmakestuffup”
    Lulzsec just tweeted: So News International released this AMAZING statement on The Sun: We improved it for them though!
    Twitter is awaiting the next move.

  68. “Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor, has filed a piece on Lulzsec’s hack of the Sun’s website.

    “The hacker collective also claimed to be “sitting on their [the Sun’s] emails” and that they would release them on Tuesday.

    “According to Charles, the episode demonstrated that News International’s systems have been vulnerable to hackers for some time. Rumours had surfaced that the hacking collective Anonymous would hit the site last week, but nothing appeared to come of it.

    “We have owned Sun/News of the World – that [Murdoch] story is simply phase 1 – expect the lulz [laughs] to flow in coming days,” Topiary tweeted from the LulzSec account.

  69. According to!/BigBrotherXtra if you accessed the original hacked site with the Murdoch death story using IE8 you may now be part of a botnet. I didn’t see the original redirected site so I can’t verify if that is true or not.

  70. I don’t know how cynical I can get. Another bottle might decide. But I read your feed, Canspeccy, and also your link from the Telegraph. I realise from this it was mostly pathological evidence, that the Telegraph article would have us believe, that decided Dr David Kelly died from self-inflicted wounds. However there was other evidence, lack of fingerprints for example, that the Telegraph article does not appear to address, or how he got non-prescription medicine, and why there was so little of this non-prescription medicine found in his stomach.
    Especially when the deaths of public figures are concerned, who clearly have a contribution to make against those holding oppositional philosophies, they should be scrutinised with knit-combs, whatever their political persuasions. Leaving the truth to emerge seventy years after a person’s death is not good enough.

  71. The other thing is, and this might seem even more cynical. This article appeared the same time Sean Hoare died. Draw your own conclusions.

  72. The Chairman and CEO of NDS is an Israeli and has links to the intelligence services of that nation and has studied in the USA. The plot thickens.

    From Wikipedia:

    As of 2009, Abe Peled is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NDS Group plc, a leading provider of technology solutions for the pay TV industry. He was appointed to this position in 1995 and during his tenure the company has expanded rapidly and grown tenfold, achieving an over 35% market share in the global digital technology for pay TV industry; a significant proportion of this growth has resulted from being News Corporation’s in-house technology provider and the continuing success of that company’s pay TV strategy. NDS is a privately owned company, jointly owned by Permira, the majority shareholder, and News Corporation. Peled is also a Member of the News Corporation Executive Committee.

  73. has gone down now.
    And BigBrotherXtra says
    “BREAKING news international admins freaked out and unplugged the nameserver ns0/ –> more than 200 sites down”
    I don’t believe that about the botnet, though. They don’t operate like that. You can download software if you want to be part of their DDOS attacks. They don’t load your computer.

  74. Regarding the death of Bob Cryer in a car crash, from an archived Independent report of the incident;

    “BOB CRYER, the left-wing Labour MP for Bradford South and a former junior minister, was killed yesterday in a car accident, writes Donald Macintyre.

    Mr Cryer’s Rover crashed at 1.24pm on the M1 near Junction 5 for Watford as he was driving down to London for the return of the Commons after the Easter recess.

    His wife, Ann, was thought to have suffered minor injuries. Scotland yard said: ‘The car overturned, ending up on its roof. It’s believed no other vehicle was involved.’ ”

    It would be interesting to hear Ann Cryer’s version of events and if she suspected foul play at the time.

    Of course these events may just be fate and not any plot.

  75. dreoilin I didn’t think it likely myself but the BigBrotherXtra feed tweeted the following specific info:

    BigBrotherXtra Big Brother on FIVE.
    Fired up my spare machine – testing the page – its injecting code, it’s planted a trojan and set my homepage to ‘ ‘
    1 hour ago
    Big Brother on FIVE.

  76. Oh dear, then maybe it is true. I’m surprised though.
    Glad I was on Firefox!

  77. Suhayl,
    There is most definitely ‘a far deeper well of evil’. This well has used all these lackeys to bring about its purpose. But over the last view years this evil has come dangerously near to exposure, so it may be now that a huge operation is being undertaken to clean up and grab Murdoch’s assets into the bargain.

  78. So the argument here is that although Sean Hoare has long since let out the secrets he knew about he was killed to…er…silence him?
    And now the Guardian are suddenly in on it with their “planted” stories about his drink and drugs lifestyle?
    Craig: “And according to the Guardian today, at the weekend he was helping take down a marquee – so not a physical wreck then.”
    Yes, brilliant point, Hercule Murray, except if you Google “man dies of heart attack” you’ll find that people die suddenly while doing all kinds of strenuous activity and not long after: “The Summit County coroner tells the Summit Daily that the man died Sunday. … man had a history of medical issues and that he likely had a heart attack.” and “Six boys were hospitalized after a Boy Scout leader had a fatal heart attack while driving them home from summer camp” while Oliver Reed didn’t look like a “physical wreck” when he was arm-wrestling in the Pub during filming breaks for Gladiator.
    “It will be interesting whether there were any witnesses to this accident – there are other explanations for a broken nose and foot. I think the “he was a druggie, bound to die any second” argument is a bit convenient.”
    Well, yes. It would be the daftest cover story ever concocted to say that he had had an accident taking down a marquee at which nobody else was present.
    “Look at Keith Richards, for God’s sake.”
    Yes, just look at him! But why? What does looking at Keith Richards do for anyone? Are you arguing Keith Richards hasn’t died despite his legendary drugs and drink intake therefore Sean Hoare couldn’t have? What about Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon or Brian Jones?

  79. YugoStiglitz: “I’m just waiting for you folks to blame this on the Jews somehow.”
    Parky: “The Chairman and CEO of NDS is an Israeli and has links to the intelligence services of that nation and has studied in the USA. The plot thickens.”
    Well, that didn’t take long.

  80. The honesty of Sean Hoare’s testimony to the New York Times & to Panorama was extremely embarrassing to the dissemblers he was ranged against. Whether these same dissemblers had a direct hand in his death is unproven at this point, and will probably remain so.
    I’d rather not conspiracy theorise so soon after Mr Hoare’s tragic passing, but instead will just note the sheer coincidence in the fact that he died at almost exactly the same age(49) as a reporter from across the pond who also blurted out a few embarrassing truths that offended the PTB.

  81. The Murdoch-NI-Met-pols nexus is, in essence, a criminal organization.

    No one should be surprised that there’s an associated body count. Sean Hoare is most likely not the first.

    We know, from the death of Dr. David Kelly, that elements within the Blair government were, at the very least, willing to circumvent UK law to allow a highly suspicious death to go uninvestigated. We also know, from the NI-enabled ramp-up to the Iraq War, that these elements did not care if that body count climbed into the six-figures. We know that elements within the Met derailed the murder investigation (via threats and harassment of their own detectives) of Jonathan Rees’s former business partner. These people don’t fool around.

    This is the tip of an iceberg. What we’re seeing is, in effect, a criminal gang that’s been in operation for some time with far-reaching consequences.

    If anyone wants to start digging, a good place to start would be with the death of Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd in 2008. The way in which he is alleged to have died defies credulity; the way in which ‘sources’ were immediately swarming to Sky News with information on his alleged affairs(while serving with the Met in London)now deserves a deeper look.

    Given what we know now about the Met and corruption, one wonders what was really going on there.

    Todd had been tasked with cleaning up corruption and racism in Manchester and was tipped to be a future commissioner of Scotland Yard. At the time of his death, he was vice-president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and his death came shortly before Ian Blair was notified he was on his way out.

    Hard to believe? Certainly, it’s easier on the brain that accepting the ‘facts’ of Todd’s death — but I guess hill-walking, for some folks, will always have its risks.

  82. “12.54am: My colleague, James Ball, tweets:
    News International’s DNS servers (link web addresses to servers) and all 1,024 web addresses are down. Likely protective takedown by admins.
    12.49am: The Times has confirmed that its web addresses have been taken down as a precautionary measure.”
    Ok, me for bed. Probably a big news day tomorrow. Again.

  83. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 2:11 am

    “Yes, just look at him! But why? What does looking at Keith Richards do for anyone? Are you arguing Keith Richards hasn’t died despite his legendary drugs and drink intake therefore Sean Hoare couldn’t have? What about Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon or Brian Jones?”

    Yes, Hercule Murray, what is your response to the fact that people die all the time?

    I once knew a young lawyer who die banging his wife. Must have been an inside job!

  84. Angry said: “So the argument here is that although Sean Hoare has long since let out the secrets he knew about he was killed to…er…silence him?”
    No, because he hadn’t gone on sworn record with his comments, just as Dr. Mitty had not (after the latter’s initial testimony, of course). That should be obvious to any fool, but to someone of your vanity it must be galling to write crap like that. I appreciate you’ve got to pump the establishment line, Angry, even slavishly attempting to anticipate and lead it. But – as with “teabagger” Larry’s, your positing on any subject suggests that more suspicion is required. Your joint credibility is well into negative territory.
    Surprise resignations at the most senior level, desperation at the heart of government, sackings, the most powerful people in the world making grovelling apologies even after years of their minions denying anything was amiss (such as your efforts even in this thread). When people start showing up dead aswell, my first thought is, “Nothing going on here that we don’t know about already. Yup, we’ve got the full story now, and I’ll trust the Official Line.”
    Thank the Lord that Angry is there, assuring us (as always!) there’s nothing to see, and to move right along. That’s me convinced anyway.

  85. “I appreciate you’ve got to pump the establishment line, Angry, even slavishly attempting to anticipate and lead it.”
    One of the things I love about the comments is Glenn’s witless malaproprisms such as “Slavishly attempting to lead…” that he liberally sprinkles into his tantrums. LOL!

  86. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet but David Kelly and Sean Hoare were both found dead on the same date – 18th July.

  87. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 6:04 am

    Angrysoba, and so did Mary Jo Kopechne! My God! This involves the Kennedys!

  88. Well, Yugo, at root, in his account, Craig’s refusal to acquiesce in torture and murder in Uzbekistan is the original reason Craig Murray’s blog exists, is it not? So, I’m simply asking you what your opinion of Islam Karimov is. Simple question. I would wager that 99.9% of the contributors to this blog over the past several years – whether of Right, Left, Centre, green/cosmic or no particular political stance – would have no difficulty whatsoever in answering the question.

    Lola Karimov, the daughter of the dictator (I’m so glad we’re all able to say that now, ‘the daughter of the dictator’, since the court ruling in Paris) was in the news again just yesterday. So I was reminded of the centrality of the Karimovs, and everything they represent, in relation to Craig Murray’s blog. Ah! Here, emerging as though from a Sting song), as though she is again, the daughter of the dictator:

    So, Yugostiglitz, respectfully and politely, here once again is my very simple question: What is your opinion of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and his family? Thank you for your time.

  89. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:04 am

    That really doesn’t answer my question, or specifically what’s behind my question. Why would you think it would be possible that I would ever say a kind word about Karimov?

  90. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:16 am

    [Jon/mod: more 9/11 o/t]

  91. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:22 am

    [Jon/mod: abusive, deleted]

  92. I woke up late today (8am) made some tea and switched on Sky News to hear the latest. There was Alastair Campbell holding forth on what Cameron should do. I wondered if the sexer up of the dodgy dossier had realised, as I did yesterday, that the discovery of the both of the bodies of David Kelly and Sean Hoare occurred on the same day. Is he still haunted about David Kelly’s death?
    RIP Dr David Kelly
    RIP Sean Hoare

  93. I concede that fate and coincidence could account for an otherwise unaccountable death. That’s why a proper inquest should take place, and be completed – to rule out foul play. It may be appropriate to use a panel of coroners in some high-profile cases to be absolutely sure the verdict is safe. But when no inquest takes place, as in the death of David Kelly, questions are always going to be hanging in the air. An apology from the Bill Clinton or Hilary Clinton fifty, sixty, or seventy years after the event for experimenting on blacks in Alabama and prisoners and others in Guatemala by injecting them with syphilis and other nasty diseases, without their permission, is of no comfort. If it had been known at the time (and that was the same time Mengele was conducting experiments on Jewish prisoners) there would have been absolute outrage. This lack of knowledge at the time of the event is the same as Dominic Grieve not allowing an inquest into David Kelly’s death. And now Sean Hoare! Some deaths seem particularly convenient for those who have been manipulating the news for the last four decades.

  94. Paul Johnston

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:33 am

    @Yugo and Suhayl!
    Same day as William Westmoreland who lead US forces in Vietnam, spooky!
    Watergate as well :-)

  95. stantoncarlisle

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:33 am

    Did anyone notice this? You really couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s like a Carry On movie.

    Carry On Hacking! Starring Kenneth Williams as Rupert Murdoch, Barbara Windsor as Rebekah Brooks, Charles Hawtrey as Andy Coulson, and Sid James as David Cameron.

  96. Suhayl you should give us a warning when you post that piece about Karimov’s daughter that it contains a photo that might cause shock!
    I have just read back and see that Angry also spotted the coincidence of the dates.

  97. fact is, Sean Hoare, according to his doctor was dying of liver disease, and he spoke out. Chances of him spreading lies and innuendo at a point in live when he knew that his health is failing, totally, is very small.

    Question, will there be an inquest on a his death, if not, can anyone outside pay and ask for it?
    Thanks for the botnet warning, shall try and keep away from too exciting links today, my computer runs on steam and can’t cope with any bamboozlin’

    My best wishes to those who thought that the coverage in Murdochs paper did not reflect the reality over the last week, a little of their own message and methods might just get them to repent, for a day.
    My condolences to his family, the stress of it all could have killed him, but lets find out, don’t let some Patel carve him up ffs.
    What led the police to establish their judgment of ‘no suspicious circumstances’.

    In the light of the damning statements he made, which stand up in their own right as such , but can’t be collaborated by him anymore, this death would be seen as suspicious as the unexplainable death of tron, RIP, explained.

    Rupert using methods like that? never….

  98. Paul Johnston

    19 Jul, 2011 - 8:53 am


    The link you pasted ( gave:

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
    Error 404
    Tue Jul 19 08:39:39 2011

    That is the most pathetic 404 I have ever seen, still it’s running on open software :-)
    Anyway do you have a cached copy?

  99. Conspiracy or not, for a guy who was first to come out with all this he must have been under some amount of pressure the past couple of weeks…. He seemed OK on panorama, wonder when that interview was filmed?

  100. Off topic. A call to boycott the appearance of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra at the Proms on September 1st. At the top of the piece is a reproduction of a photo of the orchestra playing to the occupying force in Palestine in 1948 entitled IPO Entertains Troops 1948.
    Out of Tune with Human Rights
    BBC Proms: Cancel Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Invitation
    The BDS campaign is the only thing that the Zionists understand. btw the solo French boat Dignite is approaching Gaza.
    Brave people. Hope they don’t get blown out of the water.

  101. YugoStiglitz

    19 Jul, 2011 - 9:14 am

    Heh Mary, as Suhayl would hopefully say, what about Karimov?

    Suhayl, why don’t you call out Mary and others for not demonstrating against Karimov?

  102. Paul,
    That link went to a blank page last night. I thought it was LulzSec’s idea of “improving” the News International statement. But it turned out that (maybe?) News Int had taken all of their sites down when the Sun was hacked.
    You can see a screengrab of the “Rupert Murdoch’s body found” story, along with more details, here
    I’m off to boil an egg and make more coffee. You can read the LulzSec tweets here:

  103. @ OldMark

    Kostas Tsalikidis, Vodaphone, Greece (10 years younger, 39)

  104. The death does seem very suspicious. It will be interesting to see what comes out after the police investigation. Forensics have already been on the scene for some time, so there must be suspicion of foul play.

    [Jon/mod: edited to remove commercial urls]

  105. I suspect Agent Cameron arranged the hit before doing a ‘Blair type’ off to South Africa. Sean (PBUH) was once a close friend of Coulson. He was interviewed under caution by a team headed by disgraced Assistant Commissioner John Yates. Sean had *in-depth* knowledge of NOTW reporters bribing police officers to track targets for stories using mobile-phone mast technology.


    And a very short story (#vss) just written and posted to Twitter a bit ago:

    A #scandal, a scratch upon a gangrenous state, and two UK insiders thus far dead, with the media’s usual cover-up framed as journalism. #vss

    Or perhaps I should have used #vos (very old story)

  107. Twitter id: @SeanMMadden (

  108. Interesting, too, that Cameron refused to cancel his trip to South Africa, given what’s revealed in this article (and elsewhere on the web):

  109. Sean Hoare was murdered! And you know it!

  110. Yugostiglitz, as I said, I was reminded of Karimov by the recent article in the Daily Telegraph on the Paris court ruling. I am simply asking you for your opinion on the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and his family. Why would be this be a difficult or problematic question for you? I would warrant that 99.9% of the bloggers here would find it really easy to answer the question. Here it is again: Yugostiglitz, what is your opinion on the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and his family?

  111. David Kelly.. Christopher Shale…and now Sean Hoare.. is this taking coincidence too far or is ‘something rotten in the state of Denmark’? I know people sneer at the old conspiracy theory thing but….how convenient it is when these people choose to exit right on cue. It’s beginning to feel like Russia rather than England. Being a senior level whistleblower does seem to be a very dangerous occupation.

  112. It is a deep well of evil. I don’t really give a toss what name they have or who exactly is a member, but secret societies are behind most of the skulduggery in this world. They seem to have control of our security services and many other top positions within the U.K. infrastrcuture of power. Right, so what else would be a useful power structure to control if you had the means to and nefarious motives? An army of idiots let’s say. I’m saying nothing. Answers on a post card… :-)

  113. Source:

    Article submitted here in case its edited or is taken down.

    ‘Someone’s coming to get me': Terrified phone-hacking whistleblower feared for his life before he was found dead

    Sean Hoare found dead at his flat in Watford, Herts
    Ex NotW reporter’s claims last autumn reignited scandal
    Mr Hoare claimed Coulson’s denials of phone hacking were ‘a lie’
    Police probing former showbiz reporter’s ‘suicide’
    Friends suggest he may have died of natural causes
    Post mortem being carried out this morning

    By Sam Greenhill, Tom Kelly and James Chapman

    Last updated at 4:05 PM on 19th July 2011

    Comments (494)
    Add to My Stories

    Found dead: Former News of the World journalist Sean Hoare was discovered at his home in Watford

    Found dead: Former News of the World journalist Sean Hoare was discovered at his home in Watford

    The man who launched the entire phone hacking scandal had become a paranoid recluse who believed someone was out to get him, a friend has revealed.

    Sean Hoare, who was found dead at his flat in Watford, Hertfordshire, yesterday, had spent much of the last weeks of his life ‘hiding’ in his flat with the curtains drawn.

    Last night a friend and neighbour claimed Mr Hoare, 47, had become increasingly reclusive and paranoid in recent weeks.

    ‘He would talk about someone from the Government coming to get him,’ he said.

    ‘He’d say to me, “If anyone comes by, don’t say I’m in”.

    ‘He was physically going downhill. He was yellow in colour and wasn’t looking well for the last month.

    ‘He had a constant struggle with alcohol and talked to me about how much he had put his wife through.

    ‘He did say something about phone hacking and I think that was his main worry. He had definite concerns with the media. He did mention he was paranoid and would mention conspiracy stuff.’

    Former News of the World journalist Mr Hoare had accused former Tory media chief Andy Coulson of lying about his role in the affair.

    He said that when editor of the paper, Mr Coulson actively encouraged his staff to intercept the calls of celebrities.

    It was his explosive claims last autumn that reignited the scandal and ultimately led to the tumultuous events of the past fortnight which have shaken the political, police and media establishments.

    Police were investigating the possibility that he had killed himself, saying his death was ‘not thought to be suspicious’.

    His death came on a day when:

    The Metropolitan Police was left in turmoil as counter-terrorism officer John Yates was forced to follow Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and resign;
    Mr Yates faced investigation over claims that he secured a Scotland Yard job for the daughter of hacking suspect Neil Wallis;
    David Cameron cut short a trip to Africa and said he will fly back to Britain today after agreeing to delay Parliament’s summer break to discuss the affair;
    London Mayor Boris Johnson infuriated Number Ten by refusing to say whether the PM should quit over his hiring of Mr Coulson;
    Police recovered a bag containing a computer, phone and paperwork found in a bin near Rebekah Brooks’s London home.

    Mr Hoare in the sitting room of his home. A friend and neighbour claimed Mr Hoare had become increasingly reclusive and paranoid in recent weeks

    Mr Hoare in the sitting room of his home. A friend and neighbour claimed Mr Hoare had become increasingly reclusive and paranoid in recent weeks
    Tragic: Police are investigating the death of Mr Hoare after his body was found at his Hertfordshire home

    Tragic: Police are investigating the death of Mr Hoare after his body was found at his Hertfordshire home

    The body of Mr Hoare, 47, was discovered by police yesterday morning at his modern first-floor flat in Watford.

    The former reporter blew the whistle during an investigation by the New York Times last September, pointing the finger directly at Mr Coulson, by then the Prime Minister’s communications chief.

    Until Mr Hoare spoke out in September, pressure had eased on Mr Coulson, recruited by David Cameron as his media chief in 2007 after resigning as editor of the News of the World when royal reporter Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire were jailed.


    News Corp shares bounce as markets shrug off doubts over Rupert Murdoch’s position
    Brooks and mystery of dumped bag: Laptop, phone and papers ‘belonging to husband’ found in bin near couple’s London home
    As phone hacking scandal deepens, Cameron flies home to face the biggest crisis of his premiership
    No. 10 aide told me not to compromise Cameron: Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson claims he was told to be quiet that hacking suspect had been hired by Met
    Murdoch will ‘absolutely’ launch investigation into 9/11 phone-hacking if evidence comes out

    Last week, Mr Hoare was back in the spotlight with further claims, telling the New York Times that reporters at the News of the World were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals in exchange for payments to police officers.

    Mr Coulson, who quit Downing Street in January and was arrested over hacking earlier this month, has strenuously denied Mr Hoare’s allegations.
    Allegations: Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was aware phone hacking took place at the paper, Mr Hoare claimed last year

    Allegations: Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was aware phone hacking took place at the paper, Mr Hoare claimed last year

    Sean Hoare

    Last year Mr Hoare (right) claimed that Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking while he was editor at the News of the World.

    He gave an interview to the New York Times, and then to the BBC, about the use of phone hacking at the newspaper.

    Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, he said phone hacking was ‘endemic’ in the newspaper industry.

    Mr Hoare, who worked on the Sun before being recruited by Mr Coulson to work on the NOTW, said: ‘He was well aware that the practice exists. To deny it is a lie, simply a lie.’

    Mr Coulson denies the allegations.

    Later, Mr Hoare was interviewed by police over the allegations he had made but would offer no comment, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said in December.

    He issued a statement last year that he had ‘never condoned the use of phone hacking and nor do I have any recollection of incidences where phone hacking took place’.

    But Mr Hoare told Radio 4’s PM programme that phone hacking was ‘endemic’ at the newspaper and said of his former boss: ‘He was well aware that the practice exists. To deny it is a lie, simply a lie.’

    Mr Hoare’s death remained unexplained last night.

    Police could not rule out suicide but friends suggested natural causes was also a possibility as he had been suffering from ill health.

    A post-mortem examination was taking place this morning as police continued to investigate the death.

    A Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman added: ‘The man’s next of kin have been informed and the family are being supported by police at this sad time.’

    Officers have yet to confirm arrangements for an inquest to be opened.

    His solicitor David Sonn said: ‘I last spoke to him a week ago and he seemed fine. I am shocked and saddened. It is a terrible tragedy.’

    He added: ‘In giving his statement to the New York Times, he was arguably the catalyst for everything that has happened since.’ When Mr Coulson was made editor of the News of the World in 2003, he recruited Mr Hoare as a showbusiness reporter.
    Investigation: Forensic officers and a policeman at the flat of Mr Hoare

    Investigation: Forensic officers and a policeman at the flat of Mr Hoare

    They had previously both worked on The Sun’s showbusiness column Bizarre.

    One former colleague said: ‘At The Sun, they were absolutely the best of buddies. They used to go out to Covent Garden and socialise all night together. Andy would cover for Sean, or vice versa, if one of them was too hung over for work.

    ‘I last saw Sean at a do not all that long after he left the News of the World. He was looking very scrubbed and sober and I asked what he planned to do, and he said he wanted to get back into journalism but added, “Journalism has turned its back on me”.’

    Mr Hoare was sacked from the News of the World over drink and drug problems in 2005, and last year sources at the paper said that his claims should be treated with ‘extreme scepticism’.

    But a friend who saw him more recently described him as ‘sober’ and wanting to rebuild his career.
    Evidence: The death of Mr Hoare is currently being treated as unexplained, said authorities

    Evidence: The death of Mr Hoare is currently being treated as unexplained, said authorities

    Guarded: Two police officers stand outside Mr Hoare’s flat

    Guarded: Two police officers stand outside Mr Hoare’s flat

    Read more:

  114. I suspect there’s coing to be a connection here:

    Elizabeth Filippouli (AlJazeera) – Greek Gate
    Just a few months before the 2004 Olympic Games began in Athens, the worst espionage scandal in Greece’s history was uncovered. Vodafone discovered wire tap software in its cell phone system, allowing thousands of illegal interceptions to be made. People who were tapped included the Greek PM, a member of the opposition party, former prime ministers, journalists and businessmen. The event took a tragic and suspicious turn when Vodafone’s leading engineer was found hanging a day after the discovery of the devices

  115. “Hertfordshire Police have sent my colleague Paul Lewis the results of the post mortem on the body of Sean Hoare, the News of the World whistle-blower:

    “There is no evidence of third party involvement and the death is non suspicious. Further toxicology results are now awaited and there is an on-going examination of health problems identified at the post mortem”

  116. Thanks, Kleinfelter. Terrifying stuff.

  117. Kleinfelter?

  118. Sean M. Madden – I am interested in Madsen’s ‘Christopher Shale murder linked to that of Dr. David Kelly’ which has made certain events clearer. I have detailed knowledge of ‘NOT FOR SOUTH AFRICA EYES’ communications, Beira patrol and SA nuclear weapons & Tech. I am forwarding the report to Norman Baker MP who is still investigating David Kelly’s demise.

  119. Yeah, XXY: Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Sex Chromosome variation. Dig?

  120. Yeah, what has happened to Norman Baker recently? I thought he was the bane of the intelligence services’ life, always asking awkward questions, making FOI requests and so on. I was a great advocate of his in these respects.

    Possible answer: As with Chris Mullen (remember him?), yes, he did all of this. And then he got into Government.

  121. Well, Yugostiglitz, as in a Beckett play, we are all waiting, not for Godot, but for you. The generation of your prose usually displays no sign of hesitancy. I am asking you, Yugostiglitz, in all sincerity to comment on President Karimov of Uzbekistan. It is an issue central to this blog. Well then, here it is again, my very simple question: Yugostiglitz, what is your opinion of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and his family?

  122. Jeez, Angry, is that weak pedantic retort all you’ve got? One can be slavish to the establishment, and lead in its defence at the same time. Wonder why you can’t understand that. But accusing others of “tantrums” while you label yourself “Angry” does rather smack of projection ;)

  123. within 2 hours of the police arriving it was stated nothing suspicious : )
    even if it was possible to investigate a crime scene test the body in that space of time the fact of government police mi5 and journalistic lies are involved, nobody from a southern police force should be at this watford location.
    what exquisite timing davd kelly,robin cook and Michael Todd the Chief Constable of Greater manchester investigating us use of british bases for renditions.
    all men with perfect death timing.
    mi5 had nothing to do with any of these assisted suicides.

  124. Nick Davies piece on the walking corpse of mr hoare.
    how ill he was recently.
    why does he feel the need to justify that to talk and write about sean hoare’s drug and alcohol kill levels.
    according to a recent bbc4 radio profile nick davies is the greatest journalist working in the world today : )
    so has he based his sean’s death article on no suspicious activity on a detailed journalistic investigation?
    maybe the cops should not bother with a token toxicology report.
    according to the greatest truth giver since bernstein mr davies of mi5/mossad and the guardian says sean was ill and this was to be expected.
    how weird he would make a statement before foul play had been ruled out,while the body was still warm and before blood and organ tests were done?
    i thought it was news of the world reporters that made shit up without investigating first.

  125. Reminds one of Tom Mangold wrt David Kelly, remember? Why so keen to reassure the public? Methinks they do protest too much. And, again, never believe anything until it is officially denied; trite, yes, perhaps, yet still, in such matters, applicable as a maxim of healthy skepticism.

  126. So this man takes a chunk out of the police, Murdock, the goverment and says he has a fear for his life and then goes and drop dead.

    The media are doing all they can to discredit this man using un-named sources but it does look and smells like another Dr David Kelly

  127. Thank you for having the courage (once again) to speak out. The very fact that Sean Hawe died at this moment is highly suspicious, never mind how…I’ve lived in Russia and there is plenty of corruption, and it’s obvious to everyone. But too often people in the UK like to think corruption and political assassinations are just a problem for ‘them over there’. The recent Murdoch circus just opens up a small window into the doings of our own elite, and the highly corrupt relations between the police, political class and media.

  128. tom mangold bbc senior journalist and a close friend of david kelly : )
    forget about journalists in a swamp with the police,prime ministers and ministers.
    what about tax payer funded bbc men peston,mangold etc working for mi5.
    is it any wonder that libya is framed as a quest for humans wanting to be free.
    all the press is just propaganda a blunt and sometimes complex method for making us feel cozy democratic and free.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
    believe it”

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

    Joseph Goebbels

  129. Amy, Tony, spot-on.

  130. Think posters leave out the week in which the most controversial events regarding Sean Hoare apparent murder occurred – last week when he met the New York Times reporters Don Van Natta, Jr. and Jo Becker who wrote the famous September 1, 2010 article which started the whole process of the NOTW hacking unravelling.

    They had dinner with Hoare, and reported that he was in good spirits, though somewhat bothered by physical problems.

    Then there is no account of anyone seeing him, though there were repeated calls on Thursday and Friday to his residence in Watford which were not answered.

    Why were the calls made, by whom, and why weren’t they answered? Seems they were made to see if he was okay, and the failure to answer showed that he apparently wasn’t.

    So why didn’t the caller or callers inform the police, and why didn’t they go by his house to see what’s what?

    The answer seems to be that they knew he was dead, but the discovery could only be made after the Met leadership had resigned, and closed out their part in the affair – what was achieved essentially by Stephenson surprisingly resigning on Sunday night, making the belated discovery of Hoare’s body the next morning okay.

    And there are reports that Hoare looked yellow when last seen, like Gareth Williams when he was seen on that fatal Sunday outside Harrods, and going into the Holland Park tube station.
    Was Hoare also poisoned by something like death cap mushrooms – what would make a similar delay in finding his body advantageous, as it would give the deadly toxins time to break down into harmless substances. And the police have just added unexplained delays.

    And as for unexplained deaths when it comes to crucial police work, don’t forget that the TVP said exactly this when GCHQ German language teacher, and cipher helper Gurun Loftus fell down backwards on those stairs at St. John’s College, Oxford – what has never led to anything more by the police in the following nine months.

    Hoare’s murder will soon be forgotten about too unless there is a concerted effort by people with some reputation to start making a stink about it now.

    Waiting until the conspiracy murder is pretty well established is just too late, as the belated complaints about Kelly’s murder have demonstrated.

  131. Death from alcoholic jaundice is probably quite slow, gradually slipping into a coma, and he would have told someone he was feeling ill prior to this, and been admitted to hospital. He could have had a fit and died, that is really possible.
    The one main thing that makes it seem suspicious to me is from the moment he was found the police said ‘unexplained but not suspicious’, how on earth can it not be suspicious, given the circumstances? …. which is what Craig Murray said at the beginning of this blog.

  132. Seems that the heart of the scandal is the tradeoff that corrupt constabularies in Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Suffolk et al. have engaged in with the Met’s Chief Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his assistant John Yates to solve their mutual problems.

    The constabularies were deeply involved in covering up the massive illegalities that the Carroll Global Corporation Group engaged in – what Yates was most well-versed in, but Stephenson continued to drag his feet over despite American demands for action.

    When the phone-scandal broke, the Met officers realized that the Hertfordshire Constabulary, under its new Chief Constable Andy Bliss, could do them a favor if it looked the other way after whistleblower Sean Hoare was disposed of – what would take the pressure off the Met, given the disarray and other concerns in London.

    For more, see this link:

  133. Trowbridge, this is fascinating; I knew nothing of this scandal. It’s apt that you draw the possibility of a link b/w the Met Commissioner’s somewhat surprisingly-timed resignation and the death of Hoare. If all this information re. the Carroll cartel and the police is accurate, then I think they would kill for this. The image of a sink-hole of snakes comes to mind. The phone-hacking farrago, it seems, in the manner of a port-hole, may merely be allowing us – Joe Public – a brief glimpse into a very deep and serpentine darkness.
    Yes, like many people, I’m also very suspicious of the Oxford University death, and of course that of Gareth Williams in Pimlico.

  134. Thanks, Suhayl Saadi, especially since I could not have put my case as well as you have. Too bad more people are not like you, attuned to what is going on, and interested in learning more.

    The takeover of the Carroll Trust enabled the world’s covert government to have a slush fund which could finance whatever it wanted.

    I shall be writing an article about it soon, and post it on various sites, apparently this one too.

    And if I suddenly, it seems,commit suicide before it appears, please inform everyone that I have no, and will never have any such plans, as a am too busy, taking care of my ailing partner.

  135. Trowbride Im one of the disappointing people that dont know and cant take in all these details, my head is just too full of other concerns of what Im trying to deal with in my life.
    I just know that theres both something very suspicious as well as a lack of morality and responsibility.
    I heard on the news tonight that the issue that Murdoch is being questioned on is whether he know or not. To me that seems the wrong question, as people like that have what could be termed a seamless ‘optical neglect’, they see what they want to see and dont know things because they dont want to know them. If they didtn know about it, that surely is a condemnation in itself, as they surely should be held accountable for any widespread practice in their company. The only question should surely be ‘was this practice widespread or a one-off?’ and we all know it was wedespread in which case the owners and managers and the top of the hierarchy should all be accountable, as well as the frogs and minows who complied with it. What are others’ opinions on this?


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