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33 thoughts on “Committee Dust-up

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Indeed,, Nextus. The hair is part of her act; it simultaneously infantilises and eroticises her and thereby – as with Margaret Thatcher – helps to disarm (male) critics. She is a sort of undead, zombie version of Alice, the enlarged, hallucinatory Alice, Alice of the incipient temper tantrum. Carrie, then, perhaps, or the demon girl from ‘The Ring’ (Japanese horror films also seem obsessed with prodigious hair). In fact, the entire Murdoch entourage has come to resemble the array of corpses in ‘The Day of the Living Dead’, which themselves are really archetypal splices from images of mid-1980s crack cocaine addicts. It is indeed, as Mark Golding pointed out, the society of the icon.

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