Murdochs Make Case Against Themselves 11

By their own admission, the Murdochs’ media empire is too large for effective corporate governance. The fact that Rupert, James and Rebekah claim they had no idea who authorised thousands of illegal phone hacks, and had no idea who authorised tens of thousands of pounds of bribes to policemen, and still say they have no idea even after all the hullabaloo, is positive proof that such concentrations of media ownership become unaccountable and should be banned by law.

They are condemned from their own mouths, by the line of defence they have chosen. Whether it is true or not doesn’t matter in terms of the policy that must be adopted – the prevention of multiple media ownerships.

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11 thoughts on “Murdochs Make Case Against Themselves

  • mark_golding

    The ‘attack’ on Piers Morgan was by Tory MP Louise Mensch. Named the “surprise star” of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, according to the Economist, Mensch took part in the questioning of James and Rupert Murdoch over the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Louise Mensch ‘nee’ Bagshawe went on tour with Metallica resulting in her secretly marrying Metallica manager Peter Mensch without even telling her children? She has hit the headlines before when her joke about a super-injunction was censored on the BBC show ‘Have I Got News for You,’ for naming a football player in a proceeding legal case.’
    This feisty woman and close friend of Samantha Cameron has tried her best to redirect the mud flying at Agent Cameron over Coulson by targeting Piers with slander protected by parliamentary privilege. Bad show!

  • mary

    She was at it again this morning Mark doing some point scoring against the opposition quoting the name of Damian McBride.

  • Clark

    It would seem to be CNN that has made “Piers Morgan look good”, by dedicating nearly nine minutes (!) to this one question. Also, the only way we can check if he indeed boasted is to buy his book! Win/win for CNN and Morgan.
    Did someone prepare Mensch’s notes for her, and if so, who?

  • Tom Welsh

    “I had no idea our people had burgled the Watergate building. I can’t know everything about all our operations… I am shocked, shocked to hear about this. Heads will roll”.

  • Tom Welsh

    Mark Golding wrote:

    ‘Named the “surprise star” of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee…’

    Talk about damning with faint praise! Isn’t that like being the best pole vaulter in an obesity clinic?

  • Scurra

    Clearly it isn’t just NI that has this problem though.
    The one rule of business I ever came up with was that if a company ever needs to have managers to manage the managers then it’s got too big. And not just because there probably aren’t enough people around with the skills to do that properly, which is largely why corporate governance in general is in such a bad way. Whilst I am in no way a libertarian – if anything I am a communist – I am not blind to the fundamental flaws of modern corporate culture.

    Media ownership is only the start of it, although it’s clearly the most visible example right now.

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