Sean Hoare Police Statement 70

Hertfordshire Police have issued a statement on the preliminary post mortem results:

There is no evidence of third party involvement and the death is non suspicious. Further toxicology results are now awaited and there is an on-going examination of health problems identified at the post mortem.

Please note, toxicology reports can take some weeks and we cannot make any further comments at on the post mortem, including the problems at this time

If I was the family I would call in an independent pathologist quickly. We all remember the first pathology report on Ian Tomlinson. Sean Hoare may indeed have died from natural causes, though it is unusual with modern communications for someone in their forties to do that with a suddenness that precludes a call for assistance. But unfortunately, the lies police told about Jean Charles De Menezes, the far too convenient first post mortem on Ian Tomlinson, and the lack of any inquest on David Kelly, means that it is no longer possible in this country simply to accept the word of the authorities on such things.

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  • mark_golding

    Murdoch is in no way unassuming; he is rich, insolent, brutal, cruel and ruthless with a propensity for the chattels of bloodshed and hostility. A vile human ‘Azra’ in the true sense – willing to lie without conscious, unmoved and impassive to the death screams and charred flesh of burning Iraqi children in a macabre ambition for the $20 oil barrel.


  • mark_golding

    I should add this from PressTV:
    “As the UK government was beating the drums of the war louder in 2003 , Murdoch’s newspaper initiated even more pro-war propaganda. Murdoch who was the strong supporter of attacking Iraq and ousting Saddam, even said:”The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in the any country.” However after the invasion News International never apologized for the false information they had published pushing the economy to the brink of collapse. “

  • ingo

    Clark, tried to publish your link,
    on to my FB profile, three times it was removed, so I tried it as a comment on a previous posting, again it was removed.

    That in itself is proof that the subposition of a Chalabi style method of discrediting and subsequent attack has some substance. maybe thats what Zuckermann and Obama talked about when they last met, i.e FB’s support for a campaign in the autumn.
    What do you reckon, are they plotting harm?

  • Ruth

    I have no evidence at all that Gareth Williams was killed by MI6 but to me it’s completely logical from what I’ve read about him and the sort of things I believe the SIS are involved in. There are some interesting bits on SpyBlog at

    I think Gareth’s inquest will be coming up soon and I believe a lot of misinformation has been and will be put out in the public domain. If it is true he was involved in making software for illegal purposes and a hint of this emerges, then it will have been countered with something like ‘ sources say Williams, who was on secondment to MI6 from the Government’s eavesdropping centre GCHQ, was working on equipment that tracked the flow of money from Russia to Europe.’

  • Azra

    @Clark, and surprisingly Ahmadinejad, is one of the very few people in power in Iran who is not corrupt.. even his enemies and those who dislike him in Iran admit that.
    Anyhow, I hope they will not be so stupid to attack Iran.. it will unite the people against the enemy and what will happen, is exactly what happened as the result of Iran/Iraq war, which was survival of the so called Islamic revolution . There are many who believe It would not have survived but for the Iran/Iraq war. It gave the Islamic government time form their own Basiji (Revolutionary Guards) army which is now the real power in Iran.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yep, Azra, the Iraq-Iran War and the Hostage Crisis weakened President Bani Sadr and facilitated the mullahs in torturing and slaughtering the many liberals and leftists who had actually suffered under, and eventually toppled, the Shah and all of this effectively helped them to effect a coup d’etat within the Revolution. Bani Sadr – a serious politicaian and intellectual – had to escape from Iran disguised as a woman and riding on a donkey. His colleague, Ghotbzadeh, the Foreign Minister, was executed. They say revolutions eat their children, but the mullahs, it seems, were indigestible. They, and that bastard, Saddam Hussein, killed 1 million people on both sides, many of them children or teenagers. One of my pals lost her little son as he walked to school in Teheran – killed by an Iraqi bomb. What a stupid and pointless war, a war promulgated by the USA (who supplied both sides with weapons and then sat back and laughed all the way to the bank) but let’s face it, engaged in by the dolt, rapine, mass murderous leaders of ‘Muslim’ countries. The regime in Iran is busy torturing its own teenagers again. Fear is rife. The opposition in Iran is very despondent right now. No, definitely don’t want any kind of military attack on Iran, no more war! But allow me to say this: God damn the mullahs!

  • Azra

    @Suhayl, have you read the book by an Iranian Turk writer (Reza Beraheni), called “Crowned Cannibals”? .. how ironic after all that sacrifices Iranian ended up with the “Turbaned Cannibals”

  • larry levin

    Sir Paul Congdon had an enquiry, Congdon admitted that he had about 100-200 corrupt officers whom he could not sack because they could employ better barristers than the met, a very good book was written about police corruption called “the untouchables”.

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