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34 thoughts on “Today we passed our 4 millionth visitor

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  • Jaded.

    Hmm, I would guess that he was a mason and is expecting some sort of ‘supermarket style’ benefit or prize.

  • Scouse Billy

    Your post on Burnes, Masons… was briefly in the top 10 at theories 😉


  • craig Post author


    must have been due to you linking to that nutter bloke!!! Where do you lot get the smile icons from?

  • Richard Robinson

    “Where do you lot get the smile icons from?”
    I think they just get substituted in by magic when you do a text one. I see “preview” has gone missing, damn, I could have tried it out without embarrassing myself when I’m wrong. Ho hum, let’s see … write colon hyphen close-paren, like :-), and semicolon hyphen close-paren, 😉
    aand, push the button to find out if I’m right …

  • Scouse Billy

    Lol, I wish I could claim credit but I suspect they pick up on key words/phrases like “Knights Templar”.
    Just type a ; followed by a ) and you get 😉 🙂

  • Richard Robinson

    “I suspect they pick up on key words/phrases like …”
    I bet you actually wrote something completely different there, and it changed it … ;-~

  • dreoilin

    “smile icons”
    They’re awful. I often add a smile at the end of a sentence and then look in horror at the yellow monstrosity that appears at the end of my comment … Oh, and it would be great to have preview, as Richard says. I have no idea what comment platform we’re on now?
    Anyway … cheers, Craig. Been a busy place here lately!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Congratulations, Craig! Well-deserved indeed.

    Just out of interest, has the USA comprised a significant component of the blog readership in recent times? In other words, has it ‘broken the USA’? I’m sure the answer will be, ‘yes’, but still, I think it’d be interesting for us all to know.

  • Paul Johnston

    Wonder if an optional box with location would be useful.

    However as a killjoy I would rank a blog on the number of posts not views.
    Don’t know what logging software you use but as I said I run loads of WordPresses, Drupals and various wikis and a large percentage of “hits” are not actual humans.

    As an example below are two lines from one of our log files: – – [19/Jul/2011:15:44:14 +0100] “GET /sites/default/files/Knowing%20what%20to%20do.pdf HTTP/1.1” 200 425329 – – [19/Jul/2011:08:35:47 +0100] “GET /sites/default/files/Knowing%20what%20to%20do.pdf HTTP/1.1” 200 425329

    One of my jobs is to disambiguate log entries like the above, the first is a Russian search engine, the second is a British Government machine 🙂

    If you want that sort of analysis or your log files let me know 😉

  • craig Post author


    I keep a pretty close eye on the log files and IP addresses coming in, and actually I have never seen any that look like that. I have no doubt the vast majority of my visitors are human. Whether they are all well motivated is a diffrent question!


    Actually almost from day 1, we have had about a quarter to a third of our readership in the USA, and over half not in the UK. That is why we don’t feature highly in the Wikio UK political blog rankings, which are based only on links from other UK political blogs – ie points are given mostly for constant political party group linking. Almost all our incoming links are from outside the UK.

    I will try to post a copy of the visitor map, though obviously this varies with time of day.

  • Scouse Billy

    I must confess that I tend to browse using TOR (the onion router) so will appear to be coming from an IP relay which is nearly always outside the UK.
    Once TOR is enabled it applies to all sites I visit so sorry if I bugger up the stats a wee bit.
    Rather than posting a link. I want to ask your thoughts regarding Susan Lindauer (ex-CIA). She has posted some really heavy stuff on NATO-backed rebel atrocities in Libya in the last 24 hours at Would you mind if I posted the link?

  • Clark

    Craig, congratulations on the popularity of your site, and thank you for running my favourite place on the web. I thoroughly enjoyed the party on the previous thread last night; it isn’t often I get the chance to have a conversation like that.

  • craig Post author


    You can post it on the new thread I just started. Actually you can post any links you like. I’ll just make fun of some of them,

  • Scouse Billy

    Craig, I look forward to that… 😉
    P.S. both Tarpley and Madsen have been in Tripoli recently and neither has trotted out the MSM b/s – I applaud them.

  • Anon

    Craig, well done. It may be cause for a double “Yaay! Let’s drink!”, do you know if Charles Crawford`s “Blogoir” has had its 4th visitor yet?.

  • harpie

    Congratulations, Craig!
    I check out the water here whenever the surf’s up. 🙂

  • MR Bill

    Greetings and Congratulations from Trendy Blue Ridge GA!
    I’ve been posting the “Is Breivik in this Picture” link at the sites I frequent (including the NY Times)…
    You deserve greater readership.

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