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Cameron and Sarkozy in Benghazi

Aircraftman Cameron and Sarkozy are in Benghazi taking the applause of cheering tribal warriors. Sarkozy looks a bit nervous, as though scared he might meet the English rugby team at a dwarf hurling evening. Cameron looks a bit dazed, probably not sure what applause is. Aaah, that heady moment of triumph! Just like George Bush and Mission Accomplished!

Now those delightful oil contracts to sort out.

Elsewhere, Libyans who foolishly fail to agree with them are being bombed to pieces by NATO. Presumably, once anyone who might hold a different view is dead, it will be safe to hold a democratic election.

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  • anno

    The Arab spring was a pre-agreed reward for political Macho-Islam from the Zionist New World Order, for fabricating the excuse to invade Afghanistan Pakistan and Iraq and now Libya and for maintaining a continuous stream of terror incidents like the recent one outside Peshawar all of which undermine local government and strengthen World government.
    Other rewards will follow, boundary changes that give Sunni Islam autonomous regional control and protection from Shi’a persecution.
    Is it possible that the dictatorships of the Muslim countries of the former USSR will make a similar unholy alliance of terror with groups like Hisb-u-Tahrir? Don’t look at the differences between the superpowers, look at the differences between so-called Al Qaida (CIA paint) political Macho-Islam and HisbuTahrir. The former incorporates the totally mind-bogglingly twisted deviousness of Asian subcontinent Islam, which has spent the last 1,200 years outwitting Hindu polytheism. The latter is much closer to Islam, but in a form that has been sabotaged by a century of communist atheism.
    The World Order wants first to establish bullying Macho-Islam over the existing rather unpredictable whims of the Saudi or Iranian rulers/scholars. Then they will offer Macho-Islam to former USSR Muslim satellite states and see if there are any takers.
    IF they don’t eat the medicine prescribed for them, which they won’t, then they will have to start organising a Central Asian spring, with Russian bombs, not NATO’s.
    Islam has been completely hijacked by these collaborators with the Zionist New World Order, so I hope that the rise of China will bring with it a rise of Central Asian Islam. And no CIA Spring. China as the bearer of good news for Islam? Yes, the Mahdi will come from China, a superpower which has already established itself on the higher moral ground.

  • mary

    A Palestinian surgeon writes below on the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres. As I write I am listening to Susan Rice, US UN delegate telling the Palestinians to desist from their bid for statehood and go back to the negotiating table! She is repeating Clinton’s mantra and also that of Ashton of the EU. They are all singing from the same Israeli song sheet.
    Sabra and Shatila: never forget, never forgive
    Friday, 16 September 2011 10:00
    Today, September 16th 2011, it is 29 years ago that the horrendous atrocities committed by Israeli-allied phalangists against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians took place in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Sabra and Shatila.
    According to some estimates, the number of victims numbered 3,500. The images of the unimaginable acts of cruelty that took place between the 16th and 18th of September of 1982 are forever engraved in the collective memory of the Palestinians.
    This post does not aim to be a comprehensive representation of facts. Rather, it is meant to help educate the younger generations that are alive today, and have no recollection of the horrible news that shocked the entire world in those days. It is meant to encourage them to do their online research and ensure that they have knowledge of the facts that took place almost three decades ago, and is still affecting the lives of all the families who survived the killing-craze and lost their beloved in this Israel-instigated crime against humanity.
    In those years, I was still in high-school in the Netherlands, and was deeply shocked by the news. It had an enormous impact on me, and not only during those specific days. I got into a fight with one of my classmates who provoked me by saying that it was the Palestinians’ own fault; they shouldn’t have been in Lebanon in the first place.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Few questions if I may?
    1. Can you please explain in more details what do you mean by Macho-Islam?

    2. What makes you think that the rise of China will do any good for Islam in general and for Islam in Central Asia in particular (if you know Muslims in China as oppressed now as Muslims were oppressed in Central Asia during USSR. Plus Chinese government resettles Han Chinese population onto Muslim lands in the West of China occupying Muslim lands and turning Muslim majority in Western China into minority).

    3. Do you really think that all sins of humanity can be safely and open-mindedly explained with blaming Zionists?

    4. What makes you think that Russia will bomb Central Asia? They could have done it in times when Russia really needed to get rid of some very problematic (for Russia) central asian dictators. Russia would rather do everything to prevent from so called Macho-Islam to be ‘given’ to Central Asians as they really have problems with it.

  • MikeD

    So spot on (and funny)…Thanks Craig

    Hope you don’t mind I posted it on my facebook page as sadly many of my family/ friends don’t have a clue about what it is all really about – helped in their ignorance by our media

  • dlj

    Too many contributors to this blog, if they are not doing this already, will spend their days shuffling around the libraries of provincial towns ranting about Zionism, the new world order and Bliar.

  • dlj

    Actually, that is really shocking. Think I’ll keep my mouth shut in future. However, that Zionist world conspiracy shit is an insult to the intelligence.

  • Sunflower

    @Vronsky “It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has first hand experience of operating such schemes.”
    The zionists will label you a terrorist and throw you in jail if you try, ask Bernard von NotHaus. Real value silver or gold coins don’t go well with the global fascist police state that the zionists are introducing.
    Edward Griffin will explain to you why:

  • DLJ

    Nuthouse doesn’t go on about Zionism wallflower so why do you? Head off to your nearest library and go shuffle.

  • Sunflower

    @DJ Thanks for creating further interest in “The Creature From Jekyll Island”
    This is the heart the evil -the zionist banksters. Argue yourself out of that one. No slimy arrogant argumentation will help you.

  • anno

    The insult to our intelligence is that the banks declare that they have no money and demand that we borrow enough money (back from the banks that have no money) for them to recapitalise.
    In the real world, not that there will be any libraries soon to shuffle in, the UK economy was extremely vibrant 3 years ago, with new green technology breaking like a wave over a technology based boom.
    The real money that the bankers extracted and invested in commodities has been replaced with paper junk ( who would know the difference ) and at the same time trillions have been added to the UK slate for wars which the UK did not need, Who did need them? Actually it is an insult to the intelligence to keep trying to work out how bombing millions of human beings into the middle ages helps anything.
    Work increases profits, wrecking things decreases them.
    Praise be to God I do not live in this fantasy that attacking other nations in any way helps anyone. It benefits absolutely nobody. All it does is please the enemies of Islam.

  • anno

    1/ When I put my forehead in worship to God who created all things, I particularly praise him for installing in human beings the characteristics of love, forbearance, and the respect for others that enables us to exist together as human beings.
    Macho-Islam is a form of Islam that focusses the individual on small-minded matters, starting with religious ritual, then intolerance to others, and subsequently on exclusion of the rights of others because they refuse to be controlled by you.
    2/ The role of China. The Chinese people have suffered from a feeling of inferiority to the believers in the Divinely revealed books, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, for a very long time.
    Like all people with chips on their shoulders they take it out on others without realising what they are doing. The new self-confidence of China will change that mentality. At the same time the followers of the divine scriptures have sunk to new levels of depravity, by adopting terror as a political strategy and by not being able to find an effective way to condemn the explosion of violence that the West has unleashed on the Muslim world.
    The West has dug its own grave and Islam has fallen in as well.
    The creativity of China, will I believe encompass the truth of Islam where the West has refused. whether that is the fault of the people or the leaders I don’t know, but I blame the leaders because they are the ones who control the media and the bombs.
    3/ Zionism
    As explained to Lja above, it just doesn’y make sense to me to try and explain economic benefit of the mass production of destructive material when it doesn’t create anything and it destroys lots of things. It only makes sense if you exclude the cost of making the stuff which has in net terms merely been added onto the borrowing slate of the Western Countries. Allah provides us with what we need, but He does not provide us with enough to pay for destruction. as the debt mounts, the interest mounts until the power of the lenders exceeds the power of the borrowers and they just have to do what they’re told.
    If you don’t get it, I’m sorry I don’t have another way of explaining why we allow companies to profit from weapons which the country can’t afford. Just say, ‘Sorry we don’t have enough money for any more wars today. ‘
    4/ Russia. I don’t believe that Russia would bomb Central Asia in the same way that the West has bombed these Muslim countries.
    I was just transferring the idea from what the West has done to what Russia might do, by way of comparison.
    I don’t believe that Russia would do what the West has done, which is to lose all respect, just to try to discredit Islam.
    I do believe that Russia and China are under the control of Zionists, but both of these having been communist countries, they do not threaten Zionism in the way that Christian, liberal democracy with its remarkable tradition of Justice and freedom has done. Zionism is ambitious to be the one way of truth for the entire world. That is the dream of the Jewish people which was removed from them because of their disbelief and their sins.
    I believe that Russia will continue to be content simply to persecute Islam as it is now doing.
    You see, it is said that you can only destroy Islam from the inside. The Zionists have destroyed Western justice and freedom from the inside by banking blackmail. They are trying to destroy Islam by recruiting egotistical, war-brutalised Muslims, who also look the part of being scary on the TV with their weapons slung over their shoulders, – to blacken the name of Islam.
    I worship Allah because I love Him and I am prepared to fight for Him. but I am not prepared to fight for Muslim leaders who collaborate with small terror against innocents or big state terror against nations, as people like Libyan army chief Belhadj are doing.
    Never, not in a million years will I ever fight for them.

  • Sunflower

    Let’s hear what Mr. Soros has to say Recapitalise!! – i.e. make an European Federal Reserve under the control of the cabal of Gollums.
    Poor people, they have all the money and all the power but their insatiable greed for more power is increasing exponentially. I pity them and their arrogant followers as well.

  • anno

    I meant to add that our hadith about Mahdi is that a nation will rise in the East where he will come from. I am not well informed about these things and I don’t have any knowledge of the unseen.
    I am just hoping that China’s success is symbolic for the future of Islam and that I find comfort in the fact that there are alternatives to the distasteful (and distinctly racist against Englishmen) brands of Islam we are surrounded by now. Who and how or where from – not my problem. I like the creativity of China and I hope to go there soon, inshallah.

  • tony_opmoc

    When She Was 15, She Had done nothing wrong and so didn’t Run Away.

    When She Was 17, She Had No Fear and Dressed as If She Was a Press Photographer and Took The Most Amazing Photographs at The London G20 Riots.

    I Reckon They Didn’t Hit Each Other Cos My Little Girl Was Stood There On The Front Line Between Them


    She is at University and about to Start Her Final Year

    She Tried So Hard To Get a Job in The Summer and Eventually Did

    She said Sure I Can Finish at 1:00 am

    And Cycle 7 Miles Home

    Which She Did

    She took My Bike on The Train

    My Little Girl Carried My Bike Over The Station Steps To The Other Side

    And Cycled Home

    And Then The Riots Hit

    And She Got There on Time

    The Management Said Surely You Are Not Going To Ride Your Bicycle Home Through The Riots and The Flames

    She Looked at Them and Said

    Well Actually My Brother is Giving Me a Lift Home Tonight


  • tony_opmoc


    Forget about the rest.

    Why don’t you have the courage to come out.

    O.K. I haven’t either.

    But you can’t possibly believe the Official Story About 9/11

    Yes I am sure the Vagina Monacles are Great, But after you have already done so much why don’t you Pull Your Head Out Of Your Arse.

    Its Amazing That You Are Still Alive

    What Exactly Have You Got To Lose?

    Or Is it That You are Scottish/English and Drew The Lines re North Sea Oil

    Come On

    I want to understand You

    It was me telling you go to Bed on Your Wedding Night

    Or don’t You Remember?

    My wife has been Telling Me I have got to go and see a Film at The Cinema Next Week

    Bill Nighy has been advertising it on Music Radio

    I Know Absolutely Nothing About It

    I Don’t Do Media

    But I Do Video Young Bands

    I Do It For Free – and Give Them All The Camera Files

    I Don’t Tart it Up and Edit It

    This is You Doing a Live Performance

    I was just The Cameraman.##

    And The Sound Too But Inly when I have got a Furry Microphone

    Talk To You in 2012



  • Courtenay Barnett

    Off topic.
    Murray – your name has gone abroad.
    “Blair knew nothing. Was more or less astonished at the question, but then, he said, one can’t know everything. Astonishing. Apart from allegations of British Army excesses, first alleged in 2003, Craig Murray, Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-2004, wrote to Blair and Bush, outlining the horrendous practices in that country’s alliance in the “war on terror” – and was ultimately fired for the alert. (iv)”
    “Murray’s subsequent mammoth battle with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which moved every legal mountain to stop publication of his book, (v) under Blair’s Premiership, with massive accompanying publicity, documentaries, plays, can hardly have passed Blair by.”
    Check: Man of Faith: Crusader Tony Blair’s Vision: Eternal War: Iran and Syria Next?

    by Felicity Arbuthnot

    However, I must warn that the article is flawed in that it has a major typographical error:-
    “The man who said of his relationship with Bush: “We pray together”, also notes that: “Religious faith can also be used to divide … we still see how it can be distorted to fan the flames of hatred .” Presumably enjoining a “Crusade”, and decimating only Muslim countries, does not count in flame fanning..”
    That obviously should have read “ prey together”.

  • tony_opmoc


    You dropped all your emotional and real guts as if you were the Mercury Prize winner again…

    You posted Everything About Yourself

    You posted photographs of your Beautiful Children

    Your Brother Frazer Said Everything So Heavy at One Point , I Thought You Were Going To Moderate Him (My Son Deleted Some of The Stuff I Posted On HIS Website cos I was upsetting His American Customers Wo Wanted To Go To WAR)

    My Son went to America With The Local Methodist Organised Scout Camp when He Was 12 Years Old – So He Knew The Score….

    I have never posted photographs of My Children on Websites such as THIS

    But They Post Photographs of Me and Their Mum on Their Facebook Accounts

    And I Do Not Have a Problem With That

    Providing They Say That is My Dad


  • Michael

    I was in RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus in the 1970’s when loads of body bags of SAS soldiers were coming back from Aden and in the next weeks news there were reports of Land Rovers crashing in Germany. A year ago the SAS were on a contract to train Ghaddafi’s special forces, who have folded back into the background, on how to wage guerilla warfare and the Russians were showing them how to use the latest SA 24 Igala MANPADS which have a ceiling of between 10,000 and 15,000 feet. The Tribes in Libya are biding their time to when the no-fly mandate runs out for NATO and without NATO the so called Rebels are toast.

  • Tim B

    “Aircraftman Cameron and Sarkozy are in Benghazi taking the applause of cheering tribal warriors.”

    Ah so that’s who all those normal-looking people in Benghazi and Tripoli were, including all the women in headscarves getting out their mobile phones to get a picture of Dave. If I hadn’t had this blog to tell me about it, I might have assumed that they were just people a bit like you and me who didn’t really like living under an irrational dictator.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    OT: ‘Oh, no!’ squeals victim of Johann Harassment, Odone. More ominously, warns: charity volunteer is ready to publish ‘devastating’ allegations. ‘Watch this space.’

  • Vronsky

    Hari supported the attack on Iraq (subject of another of his ‘apologies’) and that was the end of whatever meagre interest I might have had in his writing. What kind of an idiot could not have known what was happening there? Charming to see another screwball like Odone complain about him, though.

  • angrysoba

    Hari supported the attack on Iraq (subject of another of his ‘apologies’) and that was the end of whatever meagre interest I might have had in his writing. What kind of an idiot could not have known what was happening there?
    He did apologize for it though. And he was only young.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    ‘You behaved in the way you did is your galloping careerism. [ . . .] You’re an unscrupulous little hustler and your continuing efforts to disguise this — even in the face of overwhelming evidence — is an insult to our intelligence.’

  • Quelcrime

    Tim B

    Read up about Libyan tribes. Why do you think Sirt is still holding out after NATO has been bombing Libya for six months? The people there are not “a bit like you and me”?

  • Dave

    On a point of detail it was Sarko who actually served in the Air Force.

    Pushing a broom for a couple of hours a day !

    “He describes him as a “military service skiver” because, Le Nouvel Observateur explains, he served in the air force in his home city Paris, in a capacity which allowed him to pursue his career as a municipal councillor and his studies as a law student at the same time”

  • anonn

    “We do a great deal of complaining here about how awful everything is, but few seem minded to do anything about it”
    Most worthwhile comment (by anyone) for a long time …

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Annon,
    “We do a great deal of complaining here about how awful everything is, but few seem minded to do anything about it”

    Most worthwhile comment (by anyone) for a long time …”
    So – what would you have the people on this thread do? Some of us are professionals who do what we can in our sphere of activity and professional lives; others are activists who do what they can – be it – write – publicly protest; some use avenues of parliamentary complaint – what would you have the people on the thread otherwise do?
    Has anyone thought for a moment about the tragic lunacy that has unfolded in Libya, and has been unfolding in Libya for the past 6 months?

    1. It is declared by the NATO countries that Gadaffi is about to bomb his people in Benghazi, who had armed themselves and were rising against him.
    2. UN Resolutions were passed, inclusive of a lawfully imposed no-fly zone, at a time before there was any actual bombing or retaliation by the then Gadaffi government.
    3. A faction from Benghazi puts up armed resistance to the Gadaffi government and ultimately pushes its way all the way to Tripoli and occupies Tripoli – to be declared with NATO’s help – the government.
    4. At all times the UN Resolution(s) is/are based on the premise that it is a “humanitarian mission” to prevent Gadaffi from bombing his own people by way of implementing the UN approved “no-fly zone”.
    5. The NATO forces end up bombing the civilians and Gadaffi’s own people in Sirte and other cities with huge populations loyal to Gadaffi – and – in so doing the “humanitarian mission” is deemed to have been upheld.
    6. Isn’t point 5 above the supreme irony? Gadaffi, by NATO instigated edict, should not resist and fight armed rebels – but – NATO now finds itself bombing civilians while having started its “humanitarian mission” on the premise that it was preventing the bombing of Libyan civilians?

    Q. How, with any rationality, does NATO bomb Libyan civilians, when in fact, it was the threat of bombing of civilians by Gadaffi, that provided the excuse for the operation led by NATO, to prevent the bombing of Libyan civilians?
    A. Simple – just declare that there is a new government without any Western style elective mandate and switch yesterday’s government into today’s rebels who must be bombed? Which, ironies of ironies, was the reason that had originally been posited as been unacceptable – because – he was about to bomb his own people. Now – NATO shows how it actually has to be done.

    Is it that a measure more humanity attaches to the NATO bombs being actually offloaded on the Libyan civilians; or – is it that the threat of the Gadaffi government suppressing the armed uprising was an illogical action by a government faced with armed rebellion; or – is it that NATO has a self-declared mandate to bomb in support of one armed faction – send operatives on the ground in support of one armed faction versus another – continue to bomb after over 6 months because clearly the people of Libya continued to support the leader who had been attacked by NATO – or – is there some almighty “democratic” insight that is able to deduce the following:-

    i) A small North African nation of some 6 million people – with a significant section wanting its then existing leader to remain in power – is not “democratically” ( i.e. in the Western sense of the use of the term “democracy”) entitled to a vote which the African Union says is welcomed and the then leadership stated was acceptable – to have decided by popular will – who stays in power and who goes?
    ii) NATO bombs support the entire 6 month attack on Libya (cf. unlike Tunisia or Egypt – remove NATO and where is the popular will that is said to support in the majority – this change?).

    EITHER – All I have said is flawed – for that it is not one armed faction that is fighting – but a number of armed factions supported and directed by NATO, without whose assistance, the resistance could not be sustained; or
    As with the complaint initially leveled against Gadaffi that his forces were about to suppress an armed rebellion with overwhelming air power – NATO has, step by step, over 6 months, used overwhelming airpower of combined national forces to demonstrate to the Libyan civilians – what it really means to bomb civilians ( as distinct from a quick threatened air attack by a government to suppress armed rebellion).

    I suspect that if Gadaffi is mad, as some say he is, then by reference to the logic and tactics and operations applied by NATO in this over 6 month air campaign, against a mere 6 million population, being subjected to the forces of European and American aggression with the most advanced weaponry known to humankind – NATO at the very least – on a logical and analytical trajectory – must, at the very least, be triple mad – if bombing the population into submission is what they read UN Resolution 1973 as having authorised!

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