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The meeting in Paris to hand out the Libyan oil and reconstruction contacts to Western companies, the NATO assault on Sirte and surrounding towns, the continuation of control orders in the UK, even the unchallenged Israeli spokesman on TV saying that the Mavi Mamara was laden with arms and that all those killed were terrorists: all of these things make me feel that liberalism is so otiose that there is no chance of resonance, and there is no point in my screaming into the void. It is hard to summon up the willpower to keep blogging.

Not too pleased with the internet today either. Searching for the Wikileaks cables which the Guardian say are now available and freely searchable. Why are they not up on a website somewhere? Tried the Pirate Bay site to which someone posted a link. Could not get the cables to download, but did manage to infect my computer with all kinds of shit casino programmes, my homepage has become some rubbish called facemoods, etc. Is this what the brave new world of internet sharing became? Buggering up people’s computers for money?

You will recall that when commercial publication of The Catholic Orangemen of Togo was stopped by the mercenary Tim Spicer and legal parasites Schillings, I responded by making it available free online. I now can’t find it anywhere where it is not hidden behind registration or payment or the sort of crap downloads I just got given by The Pirate Bay.

I actually have no desire to download the Wikileaks cables anyway. I just want to search and read them. Why is that so difficult? Bloody interweb thing is useless.

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  • Tom Welsh

    “Is this what the brave new world of internet sharing became? Buggering up people’s computers for money?”

    Well, since the Internet became readily accessible from Windows in about 1992 – and especially since the Web became popular shortly after, as most Windows users had no clue about any other way to use the Internet… broadly yes. That’s what right-thinking capitalist entrepreneurs do, isn’t it, with any natural resource that isn’t actually defended by electrified barbed wire and soldiers with guns?

    I recall a peaceful time, in the 1980s, when those of us who shared what was then called the ARPAnet enjoyed reasoned discourse about important topics such as mathematics, computer science, and (when we felt like relaxing) astronomy. If anyone polluted the scared precinct with the mere mention of sordid commercial dealing, he got one (ONE) warning. On the next offence, he was excluded from our little electronic paradise for ever.

    Then – as H G Wells predicted for the radio – the hucksters found out about it, and then the marketeers, and finally the politicians. Now it’s like a lovely quiet translucent stream next to an industrial pig farm – the water is full of liquid shit, and you can smell it ten miles away. But at least it’s profitable.

    Bitter? No, why do you ask?

  • Quelcrime

    “It is hard to summon up the willpower to keep blogging.”

    No, it’s worth it. The occasional post like the Sirte one will be found by people googling about, and it makes a difference. It’s worthwhile.

    What you do is vastly better than what the Guardian does, posting utter garbage and relying on unpaid commenters to attract hits.

  • Vindice

    Hi Craig,

    I understand your frustration. Would I be correct in assuming that you want a hardcopy to read off-line? Evidently, the cables can be read at the following location and perhaps saved individually as pdfs. If you scroll to the button of the page there are options for downloading the torrent containing the entire cablegate site, or so I am led to believe:


    In order to turn up a particular article or reference relating to a cable, use the following:


    As for the issue of viruses, I would if possible change to a Mac. Since changing I haven’t had a single bad experience in terms of viruses. This, I know, is cold comfort as your computer is currently straining under the weight of foreign infections! Anyway, I’d recommend you switch to Apple when possible.

    Keep a cool head. We’re relying on your blogging to tell us what precisely is going on in this world of ours! 🙂

  • Clark

    So you’re still using Windoze, huh? It’s not secure, man!
    If you’ve still got the Ubuntu disc I gave you, boot it up (you might need F12 or something right near the start on a laptop to get the boot menu; choose CD or DVD). DON’T install it, choose the “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer” option. Your files, settings, passwords etc will all be absent, it won’t know your Wireless Key so you’ll have to tell it that when you connect, or plug a network cable between your computer and your router.
    The Ubuntu LiveCD session won’t remember anything after you shut down, so if you want to save anything, put it on a USB stick. It won’t pick up any nasties, but even if it did, they’d be lost along with everything else when you shut down. This won’t cure the problems Windows has just acquired, but it’ll prevent you from getting any more. You can always use that disc when you go browsing to any dodgy places on the ‘net.

  • Canspeccy

    Re: Catholic Orangement…
    I see it is available on Amazon.com for $129.40 (new), or (from) $59.99 (used). LOL.
    Why not self-publish it as an e-book.
    This is not too much of a headache if you can do simple html coding. Then you open a Kindle account and upload the file.
    Alternatively, you can get someone like publishgreen.com to do the job for you (cost about $999). You set the price you want and collect 60% of that as a royalty, i.e., Amazon (aka Kindle.com) takes 30% of the retail price and publishgreen takes 10%, or thereabouts (they put the thing on about 20 different e-book publishing sites and collect the royalties for you.

  • Clark

    I’m actually quite pleased that the unredacted versions aren’t so easily available. Wikileaks were doing the right thing, removing sensitive names etc before publication.
    The Internet is like the real world, full of different types of people, and one has to protect oneself. It’s not all pre-sanitized like the Mainstream Media. That’s the trade-off. liberty against “safety”. But Windoze is a lamb among wolves. Just like with cars, if the manufacturers won’t fit decent locks, you get a lot of joyriders.

  • Clark

    Oh and Craig, the Catholic Orangemen is still available from my web space, as it has been since the day you published it on-line. Click on the link on my name on the left. No viruses or other nasties, promise!

  • Sunflower

    Here is what you are looking for Craig: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?29431-WIKILEAKS-Insurance-file-password-revealed
    Seems you can browse it here: http://www.cablegatesearch.net/
    Seems there is a decrypted version to DL here: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6644050/
    There is still a (good IMO) possibility that WL is part of the Zionist agenda, please save some scepticism for Mr. JA. If it sounds too good to be true it generally is. So far WL has mainly served US/Zionist interests from what can be understood from official resources. How many whistleblowers that have been caught in the net we will never know.
    To believe that the key to the file was revealed by accident is not good, these things don’t happen by accident. There is always a purpose. I imagine we will find out the purpose in the coming weeks.
    Have you heard of Mr. Adrian Salbuch? Very interesting man.

    Salbuchi – Zionism: A Key Factor in the New World Order Elite Power Network – Part 1-3/3

  • mary

    I went to Bloggerheads to see what Tim Ireland had to say about Nadine Dorries and her Abortion Act amendment which seems likely to be ditched. However the latest post there is dated 5th August on another topic, so nothing doing.
    Instead, the UK’s answer to Sarah Palin writes http://blog.dorries.org/
    Same old, same old.

  • Wikispooks

    The best cablegate browser is/was http://www.cablegatesearch.net/ . Yesterday it had just over half the 250K cables up with the rest expected soon. Today the address returns the Apache blank web site page – we’ll see what happens.
    Another good cable browser is: http://cablesearch.org/ . It currently has 122,800 cables up. Wikispooks maintains a mirror nut I haven’t updated it for a couple of weeks now
    Catholic Orangemen of Togo has been available on Wikispooks since I helped with the publication woes as sabretache when it was threatened.
    I agree the whole ‘New World Order’ and its manifestations are near infinately depressing in their Machiavellian evil. Pretty much a slam-dunk – as the Yanks say – now though and dissent is therefore likely to become even more dangerous than it already is. The alternative is to be obedient little Sheeple eh? Enchanting thought.

  • John Goss

    I took a look at the piratebay link from the previous blog and thought better of downloading it due to the flashing buttons PlayNow/Download and not knowing the identities of JM70 and R2D2. Hope somebody can help you clean up the mess, Craig.
    What is most important, as I see it, is not to apportion blame to Assange or the Guardian (after all The Guardian nailed the Murdochs). What has been done cannot be undone. There is an onus on us all, especially those with the technical know-how, to create a list of whistleblowers whose names are in the public domain and make sure they are not persecuted for having told the truth.
    Likewise for Assange. His battle against the powers-that-be is likely to be tough and protracted. Let’s hope it is not as bad as the prophecies in the article Craig posted the other day.

  • Richard Nolan

    Craig, there are many people who do appreciate your efforts, so please don’t give up or where else would we go?

    I’ve heard good things about Ubuntu and am about to look into it as Clark makes it sound very easy.

    To stop any further aggravation with your PC I would suggest you upgrade your security. There are many systems available from AVG Free Edition to paid versions; I can recommend Zone Alarm Extreme Security.

  • Ed Davies

    Using Ubuntu 10.10 I downloaded the cable_db_full.7z.torrent file from http://wikileaks.org/cablegate.html (last link before the FAQ link), did a gnome-open on that, saw a message about failing to run gnome-btdownload, found it was in an eponymous package, apt-get installed that, tried again, got an error message, Googled that to find


    and began to think “f it” then looked at another Google result:


    so installed vuze (17.1 MB). Running that on the .torrent file seems to be downloading 360 MB which will take another 20 minutes or so. Not exactly straightforward but kind of working in a rather “follow your nose” sort of way.

  • mary

    I have just read the front page of the local paper, the Surrey Advertiser, once Guardian owned and now Trinity Mirror. One of the main stories, apart from the one about the council, Guildford Borough, outsourcing its leisure and theatre facilities to private operators, is one about a massive police and DWP raid on benefit cheats this week. This involved a line of twelve marked police cars driving in a line at 5 AM from the Surrey police HQ Mount Browne which is about two miles away from the town. Searches of all the properties took place and evidence and property was removed. Doors were not broken down but the heavies were available if needed.
    Six arrests were made. Sgt Hill said he was ‘pleased with how smoothly the operation had gone’ and ‘My colleagues from the DWP have achieved exactly wehat they wanted’. Nice. A strong message is going out here on behalf of the rulers.
    Another snippet. Our postal service is so bad for a town that has a university, business park, county hospital, retail etc and a population of 150,000, that it is rated just above the Outer Hebrides on delivery speed.

  • Neil Banker

    You were warned of the consequences if you, the rich man, failed to share your book (Murder in Samarkand) with the poor man. You are a hypocrite and a parasite in some people’s opinion, and they will have their revenge.
    Such is life.

    Now stop whinging and whining and get a job.

  • Clark

    Of the GNU/Linux distributions, Ubuntu is pretty good – simple to use, secure, supports most hardware and well supported on the Ubuntu Help forums by virtue of its popularity.
    However, it is not fully free software. It costs no money, but some of its components are either restricted by proprietary licenses, or their source code is not fully disclosed.
    Undisclosed source code leaves you, the user, at the mercy of the supplier of that software. So that company could use a potential “back door” to access your system. However, your exposure to this risk is greatly reduced compared to proprietary systems like Windoze or Mac.
    For a list of fully free systems, go to the link below. Of these, I recommend Trisquel. It’s basically Ubuntu with the non-free components removed. I haven’t tried everything on the list!

  • Jon

    Would recommend you get some anti-virus software and a spyware-checker pronto – if things have been changing your home page etc you may well have a virus. Best solution – grab an IT person in your area and get them fixing your computer. Would be happy to help out, but Ramsgate is not too close to Birmingham 😉

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