The 11th of September 57

Do remember the innocent victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers. I will. The horror of what happened to them that day was unspeakable.

But I shall be avoiding the wall to wall neo-cons and those making money from “security” who will infest the media today. And I will also remember the 500 times more people who died as a result of the attack on Iraq, which had no connection with the attack on the Twin Towers, and no WMD. And I will rmember those who will die in Afghanistan and Libya today.

It is not impossible the anniversary will spark a terrorist attack. But it is quite certain that possibility will be played upon by those whose interest it is in to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, to justify wars abroad which benefit the oil, armament, military supplies and security industries, and provide the excuse for enhanced power for politicians at home at the expense of all our liberties.

Remember New York’s vicitms. But remember all the other victims whose lives have been destroyed by wars launched using the attack on the Twin Towers as a propaganda excuse. I shall do my remembrance standing on the stormy seashore. Not in front of a television.

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  • craig Post author

    Yes. Also noticeable the police closed down the arts centre party and searched the building, and there was nothing there.

    The supposed implication from the Guardian photo is plain – but in fact, nothing short of a nuclear explosion in that Arts Centre would damage that bridge.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Will this thread run to 1,000 like the other 9/11 one did? let us see…
    How about 13th September, when everyone’s relaxed. Perhaps they will disocver toothpaste tubes filled with goo that can swell into the shape of a human being and eat people. Or have I been watching too much Dr Who?
    On a serious note, though, my deepest condolences to all who died on that day and subsequently as a consequence of it.

  • John Goss

    I was alongside a field by the railway line walking to Titu (Romania) to get provisions when I suddenly felt a hollow feeling that I could not explain and had never felt before. When I got back to the smallholding where I was staying the radio was reporting the terrible events of the twin-towers attack. It seemed surreal.
    The previous year I had been in a youth-hostel in Istanbul when the announcement of George W. Bush’s rigged election victory was made. An American woman at the Youth Hostel said that she thought it was the end for her country. Sometimes people make off-the-cuff comments like that simply out of frustration. Sadly it has not been the end just for America, but for many other countries. The US over the years, with a lot of help from the Bush family, has made its own enemies. While some think it is a model economy, many, like me, are saddened that such a great republic has been reduced to what it has become.
    In post WWII years the response of successive US governments has always been to use its military superiority; to test out its latest weapons from Japan to Vietnam, to Afghanistan, to Iraq. It is sad that a lot of good American people died in the retaliation of 9/11, and in US retaliations from 9/11.

  • Jack

    I watch very little TV. It used to be I watched little but the news, but even that often goes by the board these days – rightly or wrongly I simply believe so little of what I see.

    Which has raised a curious phenomena in that – not only do so many people stand in disbelief that anyone can go through life without 24/7 TV – but in their minds it’s actually become a definition of how much we care!

    Again and again, I find myself trying to explain to people that I saw the news headlines about some terrible event (and there’s rarely a shortage) but switched off because coverage had degenerated into endlessly-repeated padded-out newsbites that were adding nothing to the information.

    “You’re not watching?!!!” they ask unbelievingly, “But … but … don’t you CARE???!!”

    I used to try to explain that one reason I switch off the TV – where in any case I’m as likely to be watching AlJazeera as BBC (and NEVER anything emanating from the Murdoch Empire) – is to seek out more careful coverage on the internet, along with more reasoned responses from forums like this. But these days I’ve given up on that score.

    It would seem how much we care about people and events now depends on viewing figures, not on personal response and morality – it’s sufficient to do nothing but watch as long as we’re righteously shocked, even genuinely upset, in the comfort of our armchairs.

    It’s been my opinion for years that prayer and committee meetings have one thing in common – they’re too often ways to feel good about yourself while doing very little. To those two we must apparently now add the watching of TV news coverage.

  • MJ

    “Will this thread run to 1,000 like the other 9/11 one did?”
    Unlikely. Comments will be closed on September 19, 2011. Shame really. What exactly is the point of these arbitrary time limits?

  • Clark

    MJ, I don’t know the reason behind the time limits, but I can see that it would reduce the “target” for spam. Remember that it was spam that effectively caused a DDoS attack that crippled the old version of this blog.

  • Donny Darko

    I was as shocked as anybody was on the 11th of September … but as I watched Afghani’s being interviewed on RT today and asked about 911.Which is the American call for help…. branded from the start…They were shown pictures of the twin towers being brought down.
    One of the Afghani’S that didn’t have a clue what 911 was and thought the picture of the twin towers was Kabul, cos it was the only city really in his reality,said……… So they knocked down 2 houses,the Americans have knocked down many more than that !!!!!!Why ? Said it all really. Yes it was bad and yes it was sad, but what the 10 years of American revenge has wreaked on Afghanistan is beyond belief.
    How many civilians have been wiped out by drones and other attacks ?
    I do feel sorry for the New Yorkers but when no proof is produced to substantiate anything why have they punished a country the way they have Afghanistan ?? And then there is the forgotten Iraq war which was attacked because there was an Al Qaida connection and WMD… Not !! How many tons of depleted uranium have we deposited in Iraq ??
    Wonder when it will become an offence not to believe the official line on “911”. No questions are permitted and no answers are given.
    They parade zahawi or whatever his name was on tv, and then show off his body when killed , But Osama , bigger and badder gets an anonymous killing and burial after all these years of hunting him and the awful crimes he committed… It’s just not the American way !!Is it ?? When they captured Saddam, it was BIG…. when they invaded Grenada it was BIG… they don’t have too many successes and I just don’t buy that one of the few successes they had was done quietly , out at sea and away from a press which print what they want anyways…………. At the worst it was made in the USA , at best , it was allowed to happen…. but there is still sympathy there for the unwitting actors risking their lives that day , or the victims.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    I simply observe:-
    1. Social and political activists might be deemed to have a more natural and instinctive gravitational pull to theories about contrary opinions against the official 9/11 report.
    2. Natural scientists, physicists, structural engineers, Professors in the fields of metallurgy,
    physics, chemistry – to mention a few areas – do not instinctively gravitate, to the same extent, that the political scientists do, to those contrarian points of view about 9/11.
    3. Points 1 and 2 above are stated to lay some foundation for a view I hold.
    When highly reputable and accredited scientists start raising questions about 9/11’s official report – I believe that those with honest and critical minds, are reasonably entitled to come to a conclusion that something is seriously amiss in the official account.
    One might go to this web site –
    The scientist, Dr. Steven Jones, is not a “conspiracy theorist” nut case. His arguments are clear, logical and by reference to peer review, appear to have been credibly laid out.
    From my layman’s point of view – I simply ask – how did these nano-thermitic elements arrive at the 9/11 site? A simple question – but I have yet to hear an argument or answer that credibly contradicts what Dr. Jones has researched and found.
    What Dr. Jones has said ( and here he is in his own words – raises in my mind, a question still worth asking – how did 9/11 really happen?

  • Hydraargyrum

    I had just come out from doing a lecture and a colleague told me what had happened. My first thoughts were for a friend that worked at the WTC and for the score upon score of fatalities that were sure to have occurred. In the heat of the moment I then blurted-out, “What the fuck do you expect with our insane foreign policy?”. Yet another moment when my oral filter failed me, and not the best response in a Midwestern town in the United States. More suited to my Clydeside roots. 🙂
    What happened 10 years ago was blowback. Supporting dictatorial/corrupt regimes in the Arab/Islamic world, lack of even-handedness with the Palestinians, unconditional support of Zionism and economic imperialism. There were warning signs with the first bombing at the WTC and the embassy attacks in East Africa, but willful blindness was the order of the day. It wasn’t as if blowback wasn’t in peoples’ minds either – just recall the initial response to the attack on the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.
    The prism of the corporate media is how the overwhelming majority of people get their news. The likes of CNN, Fox and MSNBC – and I admit there are exceptions at each – have largely become propaganda organs. The BBC, too. It has got to the stage that I will only tune into the corporate media to see how they are covering certain events or issues, and how they are slanting discussion and attempting to shape debate and policy making. Don’t expect any real analysis of crony capitalism or the roots of the financial meltdown either, let alone blowback. If I really want “news” it’s through careful use of the internet.
    I expect plenty of emotionalism on the airwaves today but, as has happened over the last decade, essentially no discussion of blowback. The population here is largely propagandized to the point where attempts to engage in real discussion are more often than not met with derision and hostility. However, along with the US being essentially bankrupt, I do see this beginning to change. People I talk to locally are beginning to wake up to the fact they are being propagandized, the coverage of the financial meltdown has helped accelerate this awakening. Look at the improved traction that Ron Paul has amongst the Republican candidates for President over 4 years ago. That does give me some hope.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    Lest we forget:
    On this day when the media fetishises the Official Narrative, let us remember that 441 footnotes out of 1700 from the supposedly canonical account – The 9/11 Commission Report – were derived from the testimony of two men who were repeatedly tortured.
    Abu Zubaydah, who was waterboarded more than 80 times.
    And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, waterboarded 183 times.
    KSM now holds the world record for most waterboarded man since the Spanish Inquisition

  • mark_golding

    Excuse me but I think this thread is relevant to the unfortunate circumstances of Shaker Aamer, a detainee held in Guantanamo. From my information British SIS are blocking his release back to the UK while America has granted release to Saudi, a somewhat obtuse compromise just to keep his mouth shut.
    Shutting his mouth has been tried many times in Bagram where he was severely beaten ‘within an inch of his life’ and where a loaded gun was left by British SIS on the interrogation table, either to shoot himself or be shot as an armed terrorist. This routine is familiar to me and was once ‘mode d’emploi’ of the British SIS ‘backoffice’ thankfully now defunct on humanitarian (fear of being exposed) grounds.
    Shaker has a British wife and four lovely children who need him.

    I sincerely ask you to write to William Hague at Westminster:
    or his Yorkshire Constituency
    Unit 1, Omega Business Village, Thurston Road, Northallerton, DL6 2NJ
    Tel: 01609 779093
    Fax: 01609 778172
    Asking for a rational explanation.


  • mark_golding


    Sadly I agree with you albeit many local committee meetings do serve the public, as opposed to making oneself feel good. Every week on a Wednesday night I sit on a ‘UK Collapse’ meeting intended to provide support to the local community in some small way if our economic system did eventually crash. There are some young people much better than myself who constantly monitor the indicators of the financial situation that affects the UK.
    May I suggest also you watch PressTV (channel 515 : Astra 1H
    Europe 12460 / 27500 / 3/4 H ) for an independent news source.
    Press TV has been praised for airing programs about under-reported stories around the world. According to, “the Iranian government aims to use PressTV to counter what it sees as a steady stream of Western propaganda on the BBC and ITV as well as offer an alternative view of world news.”
    BARB refused (we have no statistics) to give me viewing figures but some sources claim 2M regular viewers in the UK and rising rapidly since 2009.

  • Sunflower

    @Craig: The seashore is the real world, not a manipulated fabrication like on TV
    @Clark “…the Global Consciousness Project recorded…” fascinating.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    11th Sept 1973, Chile. The blueprint for much of what has occured since, both economically and militarily vis a vis US foreign policy. Milton Friedman’s litte manuals. The CIA. So., arguably, that 11th Sept actually may be of deeper significance than that of 2001.

  • DLJ

    Beware Craig Murray, the Pied Piper of … I don’t know what. Don’t follow him to that sea shore!

  • Tony

    There have been so many fatuous and flatulent pieces written in the last week with a view to endorsing the American tactic of masquerading as victims in the foreign policy arena. A travesty. Have a nice war on terror, everyone.

  • Clark

    The tenth anniversary of nine-eleven. For three days now, the top of the “Most Popular” articles on the BBC News website has been “Drunk Swedish elk found in tree”.

  • Dave

    My local paper the OuestFrance, the biggest daily seller here, had scads on 911 and I didn’t read any of it. The same for the BBC Guardian and other websites.

    I knew it all already and haven’t forgotten.

    Unfortunately most people don’t know about Sibel Edmonds, TFS link above , , and they should.

    Incidentally I was on the way to a language class when I heard it on my car radio.

    One of the students was a Chilean saved by chance by the Red Cross from the aftermath of that other 911 and was accepted by France as a refugee. Rubèn had been tortured. He was very quiet while we watched the TV instead of having our normal class.

  • Ruth

    Let’s remember today how evil our governments are that they would murder their own citizens to steal the lands and resources of others.

  • Parky

    watched “letsroll911” on the net, an antedote to the official narrative being spewed out by the beebs highly paid and respected reporters, not.

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