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  • mark_golding

    Liam Fox claimed in public that the meeting between Dubai based private equity boss Harvey Boulter, had happened “by chance”… – that Mr Fox is a bare-faced lie supported by credible evidence now in the public domain and the admission from Lee Petar of Tetra Strategy, a bid procurement service company that has worked for the Government of Dubai.
    If Prime-Minister David Cameron retains Fox then we must assume that this coalition between Lib Dems and Conservatives is indeed corrupt and deceptive.

  • Looking for truth

    I’ve read following passages from an interesting website. I want to find and know the truth.
    …Prior to the 911 attacks it was reported that several of the alleged future Muslim hijackers were engaged in some very un-Islamic fundamentalist behaviors — including aquiring hookers, getting drunk and doing drugs. According to the FBI several Muslim men had used credit cards to pay for drinks and lap dances at a strip club the night before 911. According to witnesses several of these “Muslims” were making loud anti-American statements such as, “wait til’ tomorrow America is going to see bloodshed”, and then left a Koran behind at the bar! Six nights before 911 Atta and several of his henchmen had a binge-drinking session in a Florida bar called Shukums, where one of the owners recalled hearing Atta get angry and shout obscenities including a peculiarly blasphemous one: “Fuck God.”

    Whoever these people were they clearly wanted to be seen/heard and identified as Muslims who were angry with America. The behavior of these men proves they were not Islamic fundamentalists as they have been portrayed by the Zionist media — they were not even religious at all. They were Mossad agents impersonating Muslim radicals tasked with deliberately leaving behind a false trail of evidence for reporters and the FBI to follow. This is standard intelligence work and a hall mark of past Israeli ‘false flags’.

    It is the opinion of this author that personalities such as Atta, Jarrah, and the 17 other alleged Arab 9/11 hijackers, were only used as misdirection. Such media villains as Osama Bin Laden are mere inventions of the Jewish crime network, and are thus hardly worth mention, save for their direction connection to the Zionist Jews who planned, orchestrated and benefitted from 9/11.

    There are a number of suspicious circumstances that quickly arose from the ashes of 9/11 which casts serious doubt on the veracity of the goverment’s official fairy tale, and strongly indicates that 9/11 was indeed an anti-Arab frame up.

    For instance it was claimed by the FBI that a paper passport of alleged co-hijacker of flight 11, Satam Al Suqami, SURVIVED the plane crash into the WTC, as well as the subsequent fireball inferno, only to be found a couple of blocks from the towers, unburned, intact and readable for the FBI to identify this indiviudal as a hijacker! This tall tale is proof that the Mossad went around planting evidence to put the blame for the attacks on Arabs. Amazingly, the lying US government claimed three of the alleged nineteen hijackers passport’s survived the crashes intact, and that another was found in the luggage of Mohammed Atta (more on that later). Why would terrorists even bring passports on domestic flights?…


  • Uzbek in the UK

    Get well Mr Murray. I think it is OK if you stay away from few meetings as you should consider your health from long term prospective and how it is important to your family. I am sure that with current state of affairs there will be plenty more meetings in future.

  • Voila

    the best medicine for cold Craig:
    cut 10-12 cherry tomatoes, mix them with thinly cut and chilly and really hot pepper, then squeeze two lemons and add the juice on top. Mix the medicine to perfection for about 2-3minutes adding a tea spoon of pure olive oil in the end. Mix again and eat it with freash brown bread.
    You can also eat this with egg omelets in the morning or roasted lamb for dinner. In two days you will be Voila!

  • DLJ

    I posted on the previous thread a comment from the Commentator and Clark and Mary tried the argument – ‘guilt by association’ i.e., the Commentator is run by x, x is y, therefore the commentator is also y.

    Surely the same argument could be directed this way – Mary links, with approval, to Galloway, Galloway works for Press TV, Press TV is owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the IROR does x to people therefore Mary approves of x, where x means all the litany of crimes, too disgusting to mention, conducted by that state.

    Please, can someone tell me where my logic lies?

  • mary

    Can’t remember if I put this up but Foxy is 6 months overdue on his Ministerial register of interests.
    See page 3 for his overseas travel costs. Last Nov/Dec he was sniffing around in Cyprus. Was that some forward planning for Libya?
    Look at the sums involved and they won’t be the full cost as there would have been costs for accomodation and there would have been an entourage, including Werritty or not as the case might have been.
    £2343 for him to go to Afghanistan and Oman for Remembrance Day. Outrageous.

  • DLJ

    Heh, what about my point? You called me a fully paid up member of the Henry Jackson Soc, and something else using the argument of guilt by association. Does that make you a fully paid up member of the bad guys fraternity in Tehran?

  • DLJ

    It’s a dirty job but no one else is going to do it.

    That’s right AngrySoba.

    I am conducting a psychological research project at my university. My dissertation topic is – Can SWP types recognise the truth?

  • mark_golding

    “Invasion of privacy by Governments” – I have six tabs sitting atop my browser titled, ‘GCHQ – Eavesdropping-how it might work’ waiting to be read and disseminated. Is that global consciousness? I think so.

  • DLJ

    yeah, Richard Aldrich is really good on that, last chapter of his book. Better not say anything to stupid, and stay of those dodgy sites. Ooops, too late!

  • John Goss

    @ Mark-Golding. Liam Fox – the ‘Atlantic Bridge’

    Good analysis.

    It is one of the reasons why the US and UK should share a vote in the Security Council of the UN. When did they ever oppose one another?

  • glenn

    “Looking For Truth” – heard quite a bit about this alleged behaviour of the hijackers, and they did indeed appear to be non-practicing Muslims going out of their way to draw attention to themselves. All very odd, and quite contrary to the Official Conspiracy Theory. However, I’ve heard nothing to credibly tie them to Mossad or any Zionist conspiracy, the fact that Zionists were absolutely delighted by the whole thing notwithstanding. (At least they had the sense not to dance in the street themselves.)

  • Clark

    DLJ, I’m sorry if I suggested guilt by association. Really, I should spend time on sites like The Commentator, posting comments to counterbalance the obvious bias and inaccuracies there. However, I have limits. I still think that you should link to your sources.

  • Jack


    Large mug of hot milk, 3/4 full. Top up with a double measure of decent whisky, and 2 teaspoons of honey. A sprinkle of nutmeg (or whatever you like) on top. Be in bed when you drink it – really.
    Of all the things that don’t always work (persistence may be called for) – this is my all-time favourite…

  • mark_golding

    The recent Christian killings in Egypt involving the Coptic Church is an attempt by America to divide the Christian/Muslim communities and cause international outrage. I am very worried that Bishop Joannes Zakaria of Luxor and other Coptic religious leaders are in grave danger.
    My analysis is based on a similar catastrophe in Iraq in 2008 when unknown gunmen kidnapped and murdered Paulos Faraj Rahho, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and three others also murdered. These killings created fear and worries amongst the Christians in Iraq and riots ensued.
    Some months prior to these Iraqi killings I was contacted by Reem Mikha a ‘senior Coptic’ in America who urged to make contact with the archbishop and set up a dialogue that would provide help to Christian children traumatised by the Iraq war. Subsequent correspondence gave me the feeling that I was under tremendous pressure to try and gain public awareness in the UK as a spokesperson for the Chaldean community in Iraq. Something was not right and I became suspicious that I had been targeted in some way.
    I was later advised by an Iraqi doctor that so called ‘foreign fighters’ were responsible for these Coptic murders and subsequent unrest in Iraq.
    This same situation appears to be happening in Egypt with sectarian violence rising by ‘unknown’ thugs while the Egyptian army seems to be doing nothing to stop the attacks and killings.

  • Vronsky

    “Can SWP types recognise the truth?”
    SWP?? He’s a JREF’er. Truth is predefined by his gubmint. It’s everything comfortable, conformable and unlikely to interrupt your viewing pleasure. All else is Untruth, aka ‘Truthing’ and its witless disciples are ‘Truthers’ (us).
    Oh, ask him to explain all this. You’re a moron, by the way, and probably own and use a tinfoil hat – I’ll save him that paragraph.

  • angrysoba

    Truth is predefined by his gubmint. It’s everything comfortable, conformable and unlikely to interrupt your viewing pleasure. All else is Untruth, aka ‘Truthing’ and its witless disciples are ‘Truthers’ (us).

    It’s true Vronsky! You’re just way too edgy!

  • DLJ

    Vronsky. Thanks for that. Your contribution to my research is most welcome. My argument today about ‘guilt by association’ was interesting. Mary criticized me, tried to tar me with the same brush, because I cited the Commentator. I retorted that Galloway and Press TV have their own associations, in my view worse ones. No one has really refuted the points I made. FACT.

    Actually, there is nothing wrong with the guilt by association argument. Galloway associates with Press TV. They are owned by the IRofI. They are really really bad, worse therefore … what does this say about Galloway? A lot. Bad luck if you like him.

    By the way, what is gubmint? I have heard of other kinds of mints.

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