New Stronger Whitewash 19

The Guardian has for the last ten hours had an over-optimistic live blog entitled “Liam Fox Report Published.” Four hours ago the BBC told us rather hilariously the delay was caused by technical difficulties putting it on the Cabinet Office website. I bet the photocopier is jammed too.

A Murray Mole has struck again!! What was already a very sparse report on very narrow terms of reference had huge chunks hacked out of it by Number 10. The result was so obviously pathetic that it is being bulked out with guff and waffle, large font, line spacing and paragraph breaks.

I kid you not.

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19 thoughts on “New Stronger Whitewash

  • Stephen Newton

    I got letter from MoD yesterday to say no Atlantic Bridge references. Optimistic interpretation that they had realised that won’t work and sneaking stuff in… but I suspect you are closer.

  • glenn

    What then – will they palm us off with another report, or try to brazen it out until the next scandal comes along?

  • arsalan

    Pardon my ignorance but I really can’t see what all the fuss is about?
    Some MP takes his orders from Israel?
    I thought that was what the Labour Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Israel and Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel were all about?
    What’s new?
    What’s different?
    What is the big deal?
    Lots of MP’s come up on camera and talk about their loyalty to Israel?
    No one has made any secret of Rupert Murdock’s links to Israel and his control over British Political parties?

    Please explain to me how these revelations are any different to what we already know?
    What is the new information here?

  • DonnyDarko

    oooh a rush job…. from a bunch of incompetents…. might be a field day for bone pickers !!

  • NoMad

    Arsalan, nothing major difference. Except, Fox has been caught by some slightly non-zio media, then others picked him up.

  • Oliver Hobson

    Padded out with guff, waffle, large fonts, line spacing and paragraph breaks!? I tried this on my geography teacher in form 4 when handing in an end of term project. It didn’t wash.

    Can it really be pulled off on an entire country? OMG!

  • Kit Green

    …you asked me to establish the facts of the case in relation to the former Defence Secretary’s conduct in the context of the Ministerial Code. Since then, more allegations about Dr Fox’s conduct have arisen many of which will be the responsibility of others to answer….

    Well then, the pressure needs to be kept up to make sure these “others” remember to answer.

  • Kit Green

    Mr Werrity also has a company, Todiha Ltd, which is Mr Werritty’s personal company and this company invoiced Pargav for Mr Werritty’s services.

    I wonder if HMRC will be checking that everything is above board here?

  • Larry Levin

    This report will weaken the minds of our children and strengthen the resolve of our enemies

  • Kit Green

    Mr Werritty was …..not himself a lobbyist

    Were the funders of Pargav under a different impression?
    Are we defining “lobbyist” too narrowly?

  • John Goss

    DonnyDarko, let’s go bone-picking.
    “National Security
    10. Dr Fox has stated to Parliament that Mr Werritty had no access to classified documents and was not briefed on classified matters. There is nothing in the evidence we have taken to contradict this.”
    That last sentence wreaks of cover up. And who believes it? Fox’s best man, close buddy, financed by backers who are not yet known (except that they are on the extreme right), travelling everywhere with the Minister for Defence, and he knows nothing about classified issues. What are these backers paying for? They’re paying for information that is not available to the general public – because without knowing the classified details the knowledge would be worthless. Nobody pays for worthless knowledge.

  • DRE

    The report is just a rolling out an obvious line in plausible deniability by dominating the narrative. Hague said that the idea that one minister “could run a completely separate policy is a fanciful idea” – i.e. the cabinet were fully cognizant of what Fox was up to. Werrity was part of the official entourage; Just not on the books. His backers were not paying for information – they are paying to shape foreign and defence policy.

    All these fake stories about Israel stomping on Iran next month trotted out for the past decade must be leading somewhere.

  • John Goss

    DRE, I’m sure you’re right. And as Hague is part of the so-called Atlantic Bridge he should go down with the ship, which I have every confidence will go down when the truth emerges.

  • Arsalan

    Oliver Hobson

    I thought I was the only one who tried it, and the only one to get caught.
    I tried it on my final year report in University.
    I left everything too late. So just wrote a few lines here, there and everywhere.
    Lots of spacing, enlarged pictures and diagrams.
    He failed me, and I thought it was because he is just a bit picky.
    Anyway, redone it before the end of summer and the resubmission hand in date and got a 2:1 Hon.
    Wahay, a good grade, but now I am a house husband so what good did it do me?

  • MJ

    “What is the new information here?”
    Hello Arsalan, hope you’re keeping well. What’s new is that on this occasion it’s made the front pages of the the MSM. And it’s mostly due to Craig, which is nice.

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