140 thoughts on “Scotland’s Gay Conservative Leader

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  • cynicalHighlander

    OT: War profiteers unveiled

    Also the United Kingdom sent military equipment to then Yugoslav republics and provided loans for arms purchases, as did Germany, the authors found based upon studies of thousands of declassified documents and cooperation with journalists in several countries.

    Your post is a ‘cracker’ Craig as has been commented on elsewhere.

  • Abe Rene

    Leaving aside Ruth Davidson’s inborn sexual orientation, which is not her own fault, looking at a video of her, she made a good and attractive impression. I can understand why people would vote for her as an MP, at least.

  • Pee

    ‘Guest’ Thanks for the link to ‘Stop NATO’- such an erudite article. The quote from Tacitus is so relevant today.

  • Lupus Incomitatus

    More Gays than Scottish Tories?

    More pairs of Ospreys than Tories, breeding that is.

  • Vronsky

    Comment from American wife on the fireworks: Why are they celebrating? I thought the guy failed?

  • Tony

    2200 votes. Partick Thistle get bigger crowds on a Saturday. She was the Westminster backed candidate and will about as relevant in Scotland as old Bella was.

  • glenn

    Mary: Thanks, love that film, but already have it on DVD. Ought to give it at least a couple of years, so I’m not mouthing the words along with the actors.

  • jake

    We have no “gays” in Scotland.
    We have “dours”, and that applies to everyone irrespective of sexuality.

  • tony_opmoc

    The band were really good, and we hadn’t seen them for about 6 months, and the pub was packed with all our friends, so when they did the gay song, I just had to do the most outrageously gay dance with my mate.

    So far as I am aware all his girlfriends tell me, well I don’t think he is gay – but I simply do not care. I couldn’t give a shit about his sexuality, the fact of the matter is that he is a really nice person who can dance.

    (I can and do dance with girls too)

    I look at it and it still seems to work

    But my angel walking home with me, just disappears…

    I am looking for her and she eventually comes walking home…

    I ask her where she has been

    And we walk back together into the depths of the fire.

    I say be careful, the ground is still incredibly hot..

    But we have done volcanos together when we were younger

    She just looked so incredibly Beautiful Tonight

    I don’t understand how I got so lucky.

    She is My Wife.


  • jake

    If by “gay” you are referring to some levity of spirit, the word “jocular” is the more appropriate term.

  • tony_opmoc

    Cos some cnut fucked over Our War Memorial in Our Village

    All Our Pretty Girls are Bringing Out Our Surviving Soldiers From Their Homes and Bringing Them Down Our Pubs and Dancing With Them.


  • angrysoba

    She features on the new sit-com, “Little Scotland”, where her catchphrase is the plaintive, “I’m the aaaawnly Tory in the village!”

  • angrysoba

    Parky: just as I read that line a very loud firework exploded nearby, is that part of the brainwashing too ? Are these things getting louder or am I just getting older ?

    Goodness me!
    I very much doubt that fireworks are “part of the brainwashing”. As disturbing as the grotesque anti-Papist revelry that is known as “Bonfire Night” or “Guy Fawkes Day” is there are some things that people do for entertainment. That is, they enjoy it! Not everything is about politics. War movies, fireworks, computer game shoot-em-ups, gangsta rap, that game about carjacking and smash-n-grabbing from shops and all these other things are as likely as not popular because they are entertaining.
    Back when I were a lad, fireworks probably were tamer but partly because of rather draconian laws on what kinds of fireworks were allowed in Britain. In France, they were much more powerful. England’s fireworks are probably just catching up. As for China, those things are going off at all times of the night about three months either side of Chinese New Year. And they are LOUD!

  • glenn

    Angrysoba: I don’t know if you’re older than me, but back in the day we had “Jackie Jumpers”. The really fun thing about these fireworks was that you really didn’t know which way they was going to go, leaping several yards in indeterminable directions at a random interval precipitated by a small explosion, and one never knew if it all its stages were complete. Nor – once the fun really was underway – how many of them were currently in operation, chasing people around. The size of the individual charges varied by an enormous margin too.
    They were banned for some ridiculous reason.

  • glenn

    I should add that the _really_ fun thing about Jackie Jumpers, was the total randomness of the thing. In the pitch dark, one could only discern the presence of a Jackie Jumper in operation by a faint hiss and a small emission of light. Right up until the explosion, that was the only indication of its presence – after the screaming and calls for hush had died down, and the hunt for its new location was on again – as a matter of some urgency. All the more exciting with several of them on the go.

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