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Kudos to the Independent on Sunday, which yet again is the only mainstream media outlet with the nerve to continue to report the real information on Werritty, Gould and Israel.

The rest of the media are content to leave the public with the impression that the Secretary of State for Defence was obliged to resign merely over soliciting lobbyist funding for a too close male friend. It is not the fact of the cover-up which is so shocking; it is its near-total success.

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63 thoughts on “IoS on Werritty’s Case

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  • mike

    Hear, hear, Crab! A bomb has a maker; explosions can be entirely unintentional. It’s state terrorism, most probably by Israel – and therefore very difficult for the BBC to condemn.

  • Fedup

    zioBBC no longer is tethered to reality, the Auntie has news diviners sitting in the warm and comfy rooms and divining news about; Syria, DPRK, Iran, etc. whilst messaging the reality to fit the cosy good guy bad guy version of the “world”.
    Vandals try to start fire in West Bank mosque
    By Yolande Knell
    BBC News, Jerusalem
    Officials in Burka, east of Ramallah, said that carpets and chairs were burnt in the local mosque and Hebrew graffiti saying “war” was scrawled on the wall.

    On Tuesday, a fire was started in a 12th Century mosque in Jerusalem.

    The incidents are being blamed on Jewish settlers angry at what they see as Israeli government attempts to restrict settlement building.
    Note settlers “Vandals”, clear example of impartial and objective reportage. Hence best ofcom gets rid of PressTV PDQ.

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