Beyond Irony

by craig on March 14, 2012 4:47 pm in Uncategorized

The videos of both my speech and my interview at the Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum have been taken down. This is not an accident. All the other speeches and all the other interviews are still there. Both series have been renumbered to hide the fact that someting has been removed.

Given that my talk was about censorship and exclusion of whistleblowers, and the lack of genuine freedom in western societies to explain an alternative policy narrative, it is hard for words adequately to describe the apparent behaviour here. The full title of the event was “Censorship and Freedom in Traditional and New Media: The Revolution of Media as a Tool of Freedom of Expression “.

I have written to the organisers to ask what is happening. It is conceivable there is an innocent explanation, though the removal from different places of both the speech and the interview seems hard to explain. Once I hear back from the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy I will let you know. I do not intend to let this lie.


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  1. We need to elect decent representatives not lobby fodder.

  2. Where can we see the video of the missing speech

  3. Dammit, I’d earmarked them to watch later. Has someone downloaded them so we can host them elsewhere?

  4. Not surprised. We live in less of a democracy than the lands the West always moans are not democracies. Would love to see both if you can post them.

  5. I bet you don’t get a reply to your email.

  6. My cached version says :
    H.E. Ambassador Craig Murray (Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Blogger) – Interview conducted by Arion Thoksakis, James Davies and Magdalena Pietrzak
    Are the people who conducted the interview known to you? Can they be asked about WTH is going on?
    Why not the organisation a call: Tel.: +49 (0) 30 2360 7680

  7. I had also earmarked it to watch later. I have also emailed the ICD, for what it’s worth. Looking for the video on Google resulted in a missing page (the cached version merely linked to this blog),two bad links, and a selection of irrelevant Murrays. But let us not prejudge the issue. There may be a perfectly rational explanation for the video’s first being removed from Youtube, apparently by the ICD, and then, much later, the link itself being deleted from the ICD site. I shall be intrigued to see what it is. And I am happy to witness that the link and the live video were both there yesterday.

  8. In a recent blog about the media, I had created a link with your 2 videos which I had watched – see
    I have now E-mailed the Institute and asked for an explanation………

  9. Aaaahhh! Light begins to dawn. What else was Craig doing in Berlin, eh? Peruse the following, my lords and ladies, if you will…

  10. 1984

  11. Ronald Young:
    I don’t know if this is still the case, but last night I was getting “page does not exist” for the page with your link here. Google had however cached it. Good blog, btw. Will read again.

  12. Craig, were you able to make copies of the videos before they were taken down?

  13. For the record:
    The former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has also roundly criticized the relationship between Germany and the Karimov regime in Uzbekistan.

    Speaking at the High Level Hearings on Uzbekistan, held in Berlin on 1 March, Murray said that Termez was the first military base Germany had taken over beyond its own borders since the end of World War II.

    “It is ironic that Germany’s first overseas military base is being used to reinforce the totalitarian system in Uzbekistan,” said Murray.

    He also revealed his contempt for the hypocrisy of European and particularly German politicians who try to justify their cooperation with Karimov by citing dubious ‘progress’ in Uzbekistan’s approach to human rights.

    It would be more honest, Murray said, if politicians in the EU and Germany admitted that they cooperate with Karimov because of the military base in Termez which is essential to them in supporting their military campaign in Afghanistan.
    . (author not credited)
    14.03.12 05:16
    Well, hear, hear, but not very diplomatic…

  14. I downloaded the videos (in paranoid anticipation of the outcome to be honest) and just tried to upload them to Youtube. Rejected as too long. Probably fair enough – I’m not a regular Youtube user so I’ve no idea what the upload limits are. I have the flv’s here, though, if there’s anywhere else I can upload them to.

  15. I seem to remember one of the vids was 8 minutes. if so you should be able to increase your upload limit to 15 mins. No, I don’t understand a word of this, but you may:
    And what’s a DMCA notification? It’s a copyright thing. And a very good way of disappearing stuff posted on the interweb, I gather…

  16. I think this is potential scandal for them, they will surely have to respond.

    See the channels activity here,

    Post a comment/complaint here,

    Wayfarer – you’re a gem. Those flvs could come in handy.

  17. Wayfarer,
    Well done, obviously you know the lay of the land and are aware of the memoryhole.
    Could you torrent these and let us upload these for the sake of multiplicity of record?

  18. A link is now back pointing to a new upload at

    i currently get “Video is being processed – check back in a few minutes

  19. komodo your indefatigable tongues has once again lead you to the rotten smell of hypocrisy. Germany’s foreing relations, exactly due to this being their first overseas base for some time, are highly sensitive, especially when other NATO partners are talking about pulling out.
    Great thinking, wayfarer, I’m sure somebody can advise on how to upload it. Once its somewhere secure, you have a nice little story to tell to the Spiegel, if they dare touch it.

    I expect that the institutes funding was questioned, that strings were pulled. I also suspect that the bulk of their funds are from the public coffers and that the critic of an ex ambassador rankels somewhat, wagging his fingers at German acceptance to third Reich torture and largescale human rights violations, slavery against children and a perpetual campaign against all things Muslim.
    I have only listened to half of the interview, so don’t know what it was especially that riled comrad de Maiziere, but you can be rest assured that the little red rooster has not lost his guile for top doown delivery, Thomas does not like it up him and must have intervened with your principled delivery.

    Which has presented you with an opportunity to try and get this ‘scandal’ covered in Germany somehow. Hamburger Abendblatt, possibly der Spiegel, but I’m not so sure anymore, establishment and information is still something thats controlled. Maybe a newspaper from a neighbouring country, Danemark?, Sweden? Don’t try it in the CDU/CSU triangle, anything south of hanover wil not touch the story with a bargepole I think. There is a Nerlin underground, anarchists and rightleaning groups, grey wolfs and other militants, who would probably find a way of getting it heard and seen in Berlin.
    Once you got the tape secure, the fact of its removal is the story and why de Maiziere?, what is it that the old commi has got going with Karimov?

  20. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    14 Mar, 2012 - 7:43 pm

    We have learned in recent years to translate almost all of political life in terms of conspiracy. – John le Carré.

  21. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    14 Mar, 2012 - 8:08 pm

    I’ve had personal experience of hidden hands. Last year I had two websites domain names redirected to a holding page saying that the sites were no longer available due to copyright infringement. One was clearly within the definition of fair use and the other had publicly available US Government data.
    Shortly after that my DNS service provider ‘accidentally’ deleted my DNS zones which had the effect of rendering my email addresses useless, they admitted this but said they were ‘unable to restore the records due to bad backup media’.
    Since then I have been banned from posting on a large number of sites, including all those where DISQUS and IntenseDebate provide the commenting service, I could create new id’s and go through proxies etc. but it’s just not worth it. In fact this is one of the few places left where I can post stuff. I hope it’s not a honey pot. Hey spooks, leave me alone! ;)

  22. and it was the most viewed video of the icd list when watched a day ago

  23. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    14 Mar, 2012 - 8:55 pm

    “Both series have been renumbered to hide the fact that someting has been removed.”
    Craig, if you mean the numbers on the top-left of the thumbnails, I think they’re just an artifact of the youtube system, i.e. it’s done automatically.

  24. The main video is now back at and is now live. No sign of the interview reappearing. I’d watched the first video but not yet the interview. What did you say in the interview? Can someone please upload that if it it isn’t out back up officially.

  25. Roger Whittaker

    14 Mar, 2012 - 9:15 pm

    It seems to be back now at the bottom of the list.

    Number 42:

  26. @Komodo – too much rigmarole to increase the Youtube limit – even if I half-understood it all.
    @Fedup – yep, I always download stuff I haven’t time to watch right away – never does to assume it’ll be there when I get back. I’m afraid I can’t torrent it – wouldn’t know where to start.
    Anyway, everyone, Anon has just pointed us all back to at least one fresh Youtube copy. Thanks for the link Anon.
    Though it might still be as well to start downloading, folks… :o) ;o)
    I’m no techie, but for those who want to know, I use Firefox and find the Downloadhelper addon is pretty good for saving a lot of onscreen videos – just a click or two to download most Youtube stuff.

  27. David Melvill

    14 Mar, 2012 - 9:28 pm

  28. Dick the Prick

    14 Mar, 2012 - 9:51 pm

    Didn’t get yer knob out did ya? Nah, seriously, smells a bit iffy – just like my knob coincidentally, taxi, taxi….. All the best.

  29. DownWithThisSortOfThing You will do your best to keep going. I have had some trouble in our efforts to get an inquest on Dr Kelly as the law of this benighted country requires.

    I recall an elderly Jewish lady in Jerusalem who had been through the mill. She said, touching her nose with a forefinger,’I can smell fascism’. The obliteration of Craig’s address on censorship and the exclusion of whistle blowers is a facet of fascism. It is now all about us. The 19 yr old with an Arab name who posted some words on Facebook about the 6 dead service personnel, who were part of an illegal occupation and war, was arrested and gaoled.

    I define fascism as – the subjugation of the individual’s will and freedom by an overweening state. 
    Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive.

    The facilitation of murder by a state, and its cover up, is fascism too.

  30. Internet samizdat, here we come.

  31. “It seems to be back now at the bottom of the list.
    Number 42″
    Aha! So that’s the answer.

  32. “The 19 yr old with an Arab name who posted some words on Facebook about the 6 dead service personnel, who were part of an illegal occupation and war, was arrested and gaoled.”
    And there was some terrible stuff posted on Facebook about HIM. But nobody else arrested?
    “A Tale Of Two States: Azhar Ahmed and Scott McHugh”

  33. No justice in the High Court for those seeking an inquest for Dr Kelly and none for the nuclear test veterans today in the Supreme Court. Shame on this rotten state.
    14 March 2012 Last updated at 15:35
    Veterans lose nuclear weapons test damages bid
    The British nuclear tests took place in the South Pacific region in the 1950s
    Nuclear veterans win appeal bid
    MoD wins appeal over atomic tests
    Nuclear test veterans can sue MoD
    Hundreds of ex-servicemen allegedly made ill by nuclear weapons tests in the 50s have lost a Supreme Court bid to be allowed to seek compensation.
    The court ruled it was too long since the problems – including cancer and skin defects – had emerged, for the claims against the Ministry of Defence.
    The ruling related to nine “lead claims”, from a total of 1,011 cases.
    The MoD denies the tests involved radiation exposure and that health problems resulted from this.
    The group of 1,011 ex-servicemen has battled for more than two years through the High Court and Court of Appeal for permission to launch damages claims against the Ministry of Defence.
    In the Supreme Court on Wednesday, a panel of seven judges rejected this bid by a majority of four to three.

  34. Was it something you said?

  35. It’s worth watching some of the other ICD videos to gain an insight into alternative perspectives. The BBC journalist and presenter Clive Myrie gives a passionate justification of the right of the MSM to censor news output. He highlights the Ryan “Gaggs” affair (in which a perfectly legal superinjunction was breached by Twittering perps, thereby undermining the rule of law) and the woman who was filmed parking in the middle of a public road in Bath and abusing and threatening the guy with the camera (apparently it’s an outrage that she was publicly humiliated). His argument is that social media breaches human rights by exposing private shame to public disgrace. Unregulated freedom of expression is allegedly bad because it embarrasses people who’ve done naughty things, hurts newspaper sales, and inhibits “creativity” (there’s a euphemism if ever there was one). Oh, and he casually mentions that St Tony Bliar didn’t actually try to control the media; instead, the rise of the internet decentralised information flow, so he was forced into “managing” it.
    Mr Myrie argues that the internet breaks the law on news regulation, and laments the fact that people can say “whatever they like” under the clock of anonymity, and much of the time “they get away with it”. It shouldn’t be allowed. He proposes that Facebook and Twitter should perhaps have some system of internal regulation whereby people who leak information can be traced and sanctioned. He concludes that the internet should be filtered and policed, not necessarily by the national governments (though maybe the UN). He smears the ubiquitous counterargument that freedom of expression should be protected, as a “battlecry”. He also expresses anger at the support given to the “charlatan” Julian Assange by the Frontline Club, of which he is a founder member.
    Censorship straight from the horse’s mouth. These are the people who are feeding us the news. Utter fucking disgrace!

  36. Yes, Nextus, that sounds exactly like the BBC. The British “Pravda”. It is run and staffed by superior people, who know what we canaille should think and feel, and never hesitate to tell us.

  37. You are not the only one, Craig:
    “On June 10, 2011 my Google account was hacked, this blog was deleted and my YouTube channel suspended. I managed to get them back, but apparently someone is not happy with the information I’m sharing here, so if you can make an offline copy of the site’s content you’re surely advised to do so.”

  38. Absolutely vile

    Makes me feel like you said you felt in ‘HEARTSICK’ – really appreciated that

    ‘Sometimes the horror of the abuse of power in the world just seems to close in, and I want to run away from the toil of blogging against it. To rage against the dying of the light is indeed noble; but also energy-sapping, and the light dies anyway.’

    It is like a horror story – impervious and domineering robots running the world. Makes you want to scream as they look through you…

    But we already have more by far than anyone still in the thrall of that mindset – theirs is not the power of love or truth or honour

    You have a true standing, Craig, and you don’t have to lie to yourself every day

  39. A Cambridge PhD student is banned for seven terms, ie rusticated until 2014, for making a protest against Willetts.
    ‘The student, named by a student newspaper as Owen Holland, read out a poem that included the lines: “You are a man who believes in the market and in the power of competition to drive up quality. But look to the world around you: your gods have failed.”‘
    The full text of the poem. {}

  40. Is this the interview which was “lost”? ………

  41. @ Rob,

    ” 1984 ” ?

    No – 2012

  42. Rob,

    My point – it is reality – not Orwellian fiction

  43. @Tom Welsh BBC Scotland too – lies and prevarication.

    It’s more than headlines that have to change at BBC Scotland
    Wednesday, 14 March 2012 20:33 20 Comments By G.A.Ponsonby
    So BBC Scotland has decided to correct the errors contained in an online article it published on Saturday.
    Fully two days after one of the most blatant pieces of politically motivated articles ever published by the state broadcaster appeared as the number one story in Scotland, the corporation quietly removed the offending fiction and replaced it with fact.
    The corporation’s decision to amend the headline and text on a Nicola Sturgeon interview piece is a small victory for those of us yearning for mature and objective reporting from the state broadcaster.
    However, that it took fully two days before any action was taken on what by then was a piece that had most probably been read by tens of thousands of Scots, and perhaps even more English, is indicative of the malaise we have highlighted repeatedly on this site.
    For those unfamiliar with this latest example of BBC Scotland’s very own unique take on what constitutes professional journalism, here is a brief explanation.

  44. [i] Rob,
    My point – it is reality – not Orwellian fiction [/i] ….. Courtenay Barnett 15 Mar, 2012 – 5:26 am
    Actually, Courtenay Barnett, it is also virtual reality, and in certain IT Networking Circles, akin to Post Modern Ancient Round Tables, are they also responsible for the Seed Feeds of Novel Source Kernel for what are ESPecially Astute ProgramMING Projects, which whilst not maybe being anonymous and unknown, may most certainly be well enough known to those in the know and anonymous, and with a need and a selfless flair to know.
    I apologise for the may and maybe caveats in the preceding paragraph, but would point out that they reflect the truth in such matters as are revealed there, and as are known to those busy and active/HyperRadioProActive in the Virtual Team Terrain Fields and Live Operational Virtual Environments which deliver continuity for the daily doses of subjective views and/or objective opinions which deliver a fiction and facts for Phormation of the Future.
    After all, nothing just happens, does it, for everything is made to happen, is it not, by virtue of the building on what has gone before?
    And it is only natural and fully to be always expected that anything and everything built upon a spinning tissue of lies and half-truths, is a fraud which will always explode and implode in on itself ………. and thus is a new world order reborn.

  45. I saw the first half an hour and you did give away something that is TOP SECRET. I can’t say what it is because it is TOP SECRET.


    Craig watch this video before the powers that be pull it..Journalist Lizzie Phelan tries to hold back her tears as she speaks of the war on AFRICA and NATO the mass murdering machine. Incredible woman.

  47. @Mary
    Without supporting the BBC, this over-reaction would imply that the Scottish Nazis who make the distinction between the words ‘relied’ and ‘worked with’, are declaring that to ‘work with’ Nazis, would be an unreliable venture.

  48. http :-)

    See what I did there?
    See what he did there?
    I really wouldn’t click on that link.

  49. Dear Mr Murray,

    I would urge you to distribute your videos on other publishing platforms to bypass YouTube censorship. Here is a wiki list of alternatives to YouTube.

    Amazon Cloud is a fantastic way to keep control over your own content but this can be quite tricky to set up as you would need to include your own video player. However if one can run a blog then one can easily learn how to publish video on a slightly more complicated platform and it is fun to learn new techniques.

    Here is the free player;

    Who Uses LongTail Products?
    Do-It-Yourself Publishers. From the lone blogger, all the way to the White House, web publishers around the world have been choosing the JW Player for years to design the video experiences on their sites. If you plan to host your own video content or use a CDN, like Amazon CloudFront, then the JW Player is for you. And our huge library of JW Player AddOns gives you hundreds of ways to enhance the player.

    Good luck Mr Murray and thank you for all your efforts.

  50. Whoops- *red face* If I used Youtube at all, I would know that is the short link address. Kindly ignore the preceding and have a good guffaw.

  51. Oh, one of THOSE days…, then

  52. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    15 Mar, 2012 - 10:29 am

    Komodo, nothing wrong with a bit of paranoia ;) It’s totally natural and expected in our current ‘climate’, in fact I would go so far as to say that it’s quite a healthy, and totally logical, reaction to living in the present dystopia.

  53. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    15 Mar, 2012 - 10:45 am

    Sites to avoid if you’re a political dissenter are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google. Also ‘free proxies’ are often free because a government agency is paying for them. The main commenting services are also highly suspect – they’re akin to a virtual confession box in my opinion.

  54. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    15 Mar, 2012 - 10:58 am

    From the Mozilla site regarding Collusion “Building user awareness through our work with the Ford Foundation…”
    You just can’t make this stuff up can you? From the creators of Sesame Street (I kid you not) and the funders of the University of Chile. They were responsible for implementing Friedman economic polices in Chile after the ‘Chicago Boys’ take down of Allende. What a strange world it is.

  55. Just watched the Amazing Disappearing Video. Will you be auditioning for the remake of Zelig? ;O)

  56. Long-form link here, in case I put anyone off. This one is guaranteed safe to use and kills 99% of household germs. Enjoy. I did.

  57. Off Topic : Ireland’s debt.

    Guess he dont wanna answer the question.!

  58. Weapons of mass destruction discovered at Olympic Park. Workmen flee.
    Any more there deep under those foundations?
    . :)
    Suggest Barack and Cameron watch the basketball there. It will be an elevating experience for the blood brothers.
    ‘A full-time bomb disposal expert was overseeing work after locals warned the area was previously used as a tip for unexploded Nazi ordnance.’

    Robinson and the Time Team must check it over. I heard too that Guido F and his pals left some unexploded ‘ordnance’ (nice euphemism – ordnance pulping you brain) down by the river. Now if that would explode, that would be a service to our microscopic ‘democracy’.

    WMD are held in Syria you know just like those held in Iran, Iraq, …… We were told this on Radio 4 Today by Mr Riedel of the Brookings Institute.
    Warning over Syrian WMD capability
    A new warning has been given about the difficulties facing the international community in Syria about weapons of mass destruction.
    Bruce Riedel, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington and a former CIA official, told the Today programme’s Justin Webb that Syria has been developing chemical weapons since the 1980s and has the “most sophisticated chemical and biological weapons arsenal in the Arab world” and “the means to deliver them”.
    “If Syria implodes”, he said “many people will try and get their hands on these weapons” such as Iran, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda. He said that “until you have stabilised the country any outside force coming in is going to be a target.”
    “Clearly what Assad government is doing is barbaric and horrible”, he continued, “but not easy to see out how the outside world can help transform the situation.”
    Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen said that a year since the Syrian uprising began, outside powers will say they don’t see things we can do militarily that won’t make things worse.
    He explained that people are focusing on the Kofi Annan mission who is trying to get political process going because the alternative would be a “continued spiral downwards into war”.


  59. @ amanfromMars

    “And it is only natural and fully to be always expected that anything and everything built upon a spinning tissue of lies and half-truths, is a fraud which will always explode and implode in on itself ………. and thus is a new world order reborn.”
    Thus – fiction spun – collapses as reality eventually impacts the false projections.

  60. watching the video, 1:00:28 in length, there is an edit at 0:42:56, jumping from the topic of ‘Blair and his comparison of Islamist terrorism with WW2′ to ‘that’s not fictitious money………” could be a bad edit after a break but obviously some speech is missing.

  61. OT:
    Yes we Kony! – Rap News 12
    “You mean the same court the US refuses,
    To submit to for it’s own war crimes and abuses,
    Isn’t that hypocrisy?
    Robert honestly,
    the ICC only prosecutes dark peoples atrocities
    Ok I hear theres been criticism of the videos accuracy,
    fallacies and neo-colonial fantasies
    Don’t have such a Heart of Darkness Robert,
    Join the missionary industrial complex,
    Save poor Africa from burning,
    accept the white man’s burden!”

  62. I’ve downloaded the video of Craig’s lecture from the link given by Anon, 14 Mar, 7:21 pm:
    It came through as a 550 megabyte .mp4 file. I have nowhere to host something that big, so I extracted the audio. That came to a 50 megabyte .mp3 file, which I’ve uploaded to:
    If anyone has the other video I could try the same thing with that.

  63. It must be very frustrating, but the good thing is that you must have them worried Craig, for them to go to that much effort to try to stop people hearing what you have to say (or more likely trying to make it seem as if you are so far “out there” that the mainstream don’t listen/ don’t take it seriously). Don’t let them demotivate you. Lots of people are reading your blog posts and you can still write to the papers.

  64. still on youtube? great – will be watching it there – i’m sure lots of other people will too

  65. Audio of the interview (30 megabyte .mp3) at:

  66. The original video was 1 hour 20 minutes long. The new one is 20 minutes shorter with an edit around the 43 minute mark

  67. Hey Clark,
    Glad to see you posting again, I hope you’re doing better.

  68. I see that piece of crud Liam Fox has been ordered to apologise for spending public money on his boyfriend Miss Verity Adam.

  69. Mr. Murray, your concerns about the numbers of ‘viewers’ the mass media commands, compared to top blogging sights, such as this one, are ill founded.
    Consider when people glance at their watches, due to some timetable or other; if someone were to ask them the time a few seconds later, they would probably have to look at their watch again to declare the time. This is because most of us are looking at what the time isn’t rather than what it is; i.e. we are ten minutes from the train departure, or the lecture starting, and so on.
    So it is with the news voyeurism of the mass media; most of the millions of people, that form the statistics, are simply not paying conscious attention to what the news is, that is being broadcast at them, but what the news isn’t. Their unconscious mind will flag up only what concerns their personal biases, and they will recall only that, if anything.
    Whereas those that visit a blogging sight, do so consciously and in a proactive way. Hence the true measure of news perceived will be in proportion to the number of comments, regardless of the size of voyeuristic traffic.

  70. Good to have you back, Clark.
    Just watched the interview on utube and lodged it on my FB page. If you leave a comment on u-tube it’ll help the ratings. Westminster Holdings should employ the team here as their publicity backup and dissemination team.

  71. OFF TOPIC BUT ………

    Former Solicitor General for Scotland Lord Fraser has said that if Scotland was left undefended as a result of acquiring independence, the enemies of England could use it as a base from which to launch air raids over the border, The Herald reports. If that were to happen, England would have no choice but to BOMB SCOTTISH Glasgow and Edinburgh airports in order to defend itself, the newspaper says.

  72. Scotland can acquire S-300 system from Syria or Russia dorect or get the Iranian equivelent !!!!

  73. Boindub wrote: “Scotland can acquire S-300 system from Syria or Russia dorect or get the Iranian equivelent !!!!”
    And who’s going to lend you the money to buy them with? The freedom of independence on grounds of ‘hate they neighbour’, means you get to choose the route by which you starve to death.

  74. @ JimmyGiro

    “So it is with the news voyeurism of the mass media; most of the millions of people, that form the statistics, are simply not paying conscious attention to what the news is, that is being broadcast at them, but what the news isn’t. Their unconscious mind will flag up only what concerns their personal biases, and they will recall only that, if anything.”
    Nope, it doesn’t work like that, They do subconsciously absorb all the propaganda and will recall it. Do not underestimate the power of Propaganda. Edward Bernays was the master of it.
    The Elite use the same old propaganda tactics time and time again, and while that may seem retarded to anyone enlightened, they keep doing it precisely because it does work on the masses
    They are using exactly the same propaganda tactics in the run up to the attack on Iran as they did in the run up to the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan, and while more people are aware this time the masses are not and it still works

  75. The D of C did NOT play hockey, She stood there and hit the ball with the stick and whacked it into the goalmouth. I can still do that and I could be her grandmother, well nearly.
    It was just a photo op for the ghastly Olympics. Pathetic.
    Duchess of Cambridge plays hockey at Olympic Park with Team GB
    Catherine plays hockey with Team GB players
    The Duchess of Cambridge, who led her school’s hockey team, scored a goal while playing with Team GB’s players during a tour of the Olympic Park.

  76. Britain is a fascist state. Gove has sacked outright all the governors of a London primary school and wishes it to become an academy under the Harris brand. (Lord Harris of carpet fame) One of the angry parents said she thought she lived in a democracy.


  77. Smeggypants, Hi,
    In reply to your posting of 15 Mar, 2012 – 6:20 pm, the paragraph which you can read below, and which is just a small part of a very interesting document entitled, … “The Internet and U. S. Communication Policy-Making in Historical and Critical Perspective” …. would suggest that things will not work as they used to.
    “On the other hand, newly developed computer and digital communication technologies can undermine the ability to control communication in a traditionally hierarchal manner. The most dramatic development along these lines has been the Internet, which permits inexpensive, global, interactive, and mass computer communication, as well as access to a previously unimaginable range of information. The Internet has been alternately described as a “functioning anarchy” that is virtually impossible to control from a centralized command post (Lipson, 1995) and “a grass-roots, bottom-up system” (Flowers, 1995, p. 24). Kapor (1994) notes the historical significance of what is now termed cyberspace: “Instead of a small number of groups having privileged positions as speakers-broadcast networks and powerful newspapers-we are entering an era of communication of the many to the many. . .the nature of the technology itself has opened up a space of much greater democratic possibility.” The executive director of the Internet Society characterizes the Internet as “a profound turning point in the evolution of human communication-of much greater significance than the creation of the printing press” (Flowers, 1995, p. 26).” …..
    And you can be sure that there is a lot more going on than you will ever know, for that is how things are done and/or are being done.

  78. “And who’s going to lend you the money to buy them with?”
    I expect we’ll wake up one day to discover that we’ve had them all along, and that they can be readied for launch in 45 minutes, and have major English centres of population within their range, and we’ve refused all reasonable attempts at diplomacy. What fantasy! Such things never happen.

  79. The enemies of England could use Scotland as a staging post for attacks on the south ? What is this man smoking ? From Alaska through Greenland and Iceland to Spitzbergen,NATO has early warning systems in place.NATO jets patrol the skies and intercept daily.
    If Scotland leave the Union, their airspace will be retained by NATO, you can be sure. England don’t have to bomb anyone !! Not the Libyans, Afghans ,Syrians or Somali’s. Yet they do !!
    When will they come up with positive reasons for keeping the Union together instead of trying to scare the Scots into remaining under the protection of England ? Or , why don’t they consider a proper partnership between the 2 countries ? Mutual protection instead of threats ?

  80. Komodo – is valid, legit and safe. That domain is owned by YouTube/Google themselves. the nameservers for the domain are at

    Youtube itself generates the shortened URL’s

    Now can anyone tell me what is missing in the 20 minutes said to have been edited out before re-uploading.

  81. Komodo, OK – I see you corrected yourself later.
    Just need a transcript of the bit they edited out now.

  82. Hi Clark,
    good work mate, you have used a panoply of tools, very well to get to the audio file, good on you.
    However the edit: cut, which leaves the money bit out of the clip is in need of further investigations, and awaiting another lucky find again.
    The curious saga of appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of a truncated version only adds to the mysterious case of fight against censorship clip that got censored.

  83. deepgreenpuddock

    15 Mar, 2012 - 8:18 pm

    hi Jimmy giro

    “This is because most of us are looking at what the time isn’t rather than what it is; i.e. we are ten minutes from the train departure, or the lecture starting, and so on”.
    This was very funny as it reminded me of an incident that came burbling up from the deepest recesses of the brain from nearly 60 yrs ago .

    Seen by the teacher squinting through at the clock outside the door,anticipating the dinner break, (it was primary one) , she challenged me to look through the little round window, and tell her (and the class) the time.
    ‘Ten to’ I triumphantly shouted.
    The teacher was of course very pleased to announce to the class that I was wrong, as it was 25 to.

    It was ‘ten to’ the start of the dinner break, which was ‘quarter to’. So I was ‘right,’ but wrong.

    Of course the teacher knew what I meant and was delighted to make sure I was put in my place for my ‘clock watching’.
    Seems almost like a simile for the way we are treated in relation to information by government.

  84. The narrative on Syria is getting sillier by the minute. After the expulsions of the “activists” (armed thugs and marauding yobs)from Idlib (the bastion of the resistance no less), the shrill broadcast of the al Jazeera is almost comical, the Qatari and Saudi project has suddenly hit the rocks and this is reflected in the al Jazeera reportage that is getting more and more shrill and supercilious by the passing second. (so much for the al Jazeera integrity)
    Furthermore, the wannabe little Emperors of US, Nato, et al too having found their fake war getting nowhere are still busy instructing their psyop merchants to carry on with their smear stories, the latest of which is about the release of the emails nicked from Assad private computers.
    Apart from the glaring criminal conduct that is at the root of the email theft enterprise, the narrative then becomes a window into the mindset of the morons who have organised the emails affair.
    We find that Assad cannot buy from Itunes because of the sanctions, and he has to resort to third-party methods of buying his tunes. FFS what is this about? Then there is the “left wing warmonger’s rag” aka Guardian waxing lyrical about Assad’s father in law giving advice to him in how to handle the media!!!!! That is as well as the Iranians advice, and Lebanese Hezbollah advice in: How to put down the uprising!!!!!!!!! (the orders of the psyop merchants were to cover all the bases probably)
    These emails are in fact an effort in trying to rubbish the Assad success, who has been making fools out of the empire lite bunch of twits, who still try to keep up the pretence of public opinion counts in the West. If it did then they need not have jailed a teenager for what he wrote on face book, but he Johnny foreigner is not clever enough to see the political repression in the West, and the court of public opinion will matter to him.
    This latter facet actually proves that the only ones taking any note of any of the constituents of the west are in fact the very devils that the Western public is being urged to hate. Talk about a paradox.

  85. @ Smeggypants
    I would not disagree with your points regarding propaganda, but my point makes the distinction between the unconscious-subliminal, and the conscious-cognitive.
    The nature of subliminal messages is that they effect our behaviour without conscious thought; if we are conscious of them, then they are simply messages.
    @ AmanfromMars
    What you report may have been true in 1995, but in 1996, Google was conceived in a PhD research project. From that point on, the internet had a black-hole to contend with; for most of the information to be found – or not found – goes through this hub. Who ever controls this hub, will control the ‘bias’ of most of the millions of searches each hour.
    Try this experiment: type in a google search “fat ma”. You should notice, if you have predictive text, the choice ‘fat man’. Now try the same experiment with “fat wo”; you will have no predictive text, as it would have to be politically incorrect with ‘fat woman’. Although a trivial example, the fact that it can make any political decision, should raise eyebrows.

  86. Those were the days Deepgreenpuddock, luckily for us. These days, however, any wayward behaviour not to the liking of Ms, would earn you a trip to the Ritalin lady.

  87. Thanks for the mp3 version Clark and well done

  88. Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud.

    “The powers that be” – And the good old Sate Propaganda channel, the BBC always tell us that the President is the most powerful man on earth. – LMFAO!!!!

  89. Unidentified Object SUN! March 11, 2012
    A planet sized object (Jupiter no less)evidently is refuelling from our Sun. Are aliens doing a fill and run on the free, and will this practice now spread to other free loaders hanging around in the space?
    Does this mean we have been just declared a solar system in need of democratisation by some weird unelected interplanetary bunch of tossers?

  90. shite the bastard ate my comment.

  91. Fedup: Did it actually eat it, or did it appear slotted back further? Sorry if it ate it, your comments have been pretty interesting here. It’s always a wise precaution to copy the text you’ve written, and save it on a scratchpad just in case. The scratchpad proves useful too – you may want to quickly look up what you wrote some time back.

  92. The videos of both my speech and my interview at the Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum have been taken down. This is not an accident.
    That’s very bizarre. I listened to about half of it and thought it was a fairly gentle admonishing of the BBC et al.
    By the way, why did you have only two pieces of A4 that you handed around the room? It would surely have made sense to copy enough for everyone to read at their leisure, it is difficult to read some official letter like that while listening to a speech especially when they have to hurry through it to pass it on to the next person.
    Just some advice for the next time.

  93. Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud.

    Sounds completely fake.

  94. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    16 Mar, 2012 - 4:23 am

    There are stories appearing about how the US soldier who murdered 9 children and 7 adults in cold blood was ‘upset at a casualty in his unit’, he didn’t want to go to Afganistan in the first place and he’s apparently worried that his family may face revenge attacks.
    Soon he will become the victim as the media educates the masses about battlefield trauma, PTSD and the like. This sets things up nicely for a lenient sentence, like the 12 week jail sentence handed out to the US soldier who massacred 24 people in Haditha.

  95. DownWithThisSortOfThing There is already a steady stream of stuff coming out on BBC News and Sky News this morning emanating from this man’s lawyer, Browne, who is doing a Max Clifford exercise eg the perpetrator felt he was not well, was three times in Iraq, had been injured twice, saw his friend’s leg blown off, etc, etc. He is obviously now under the protection of the evil EmPyre. No mention at all of the deaths and injuries inflicted on the Afghan people.
    The man’s a victim for God’s sake!
    US Afghan accused ‘not healthy’ – lawyer John Browne
    John Henry Browne says he was contacted by the accused soldier and his family

    The US soldier accused of shooting dead 16 Afghans had been injured twice while serving in Iraq and was not confident about his health, a lawyer has said.
    John Henry Browne said the soldier – who has not been named – had already completed three tours in Iraq and was not fit for the Afghan tour.
    He also said the accused had witnessed his friend’s leg blown off the day before the killings.

  96. as always an excellent posting. the way you write is awesome. thanks. adding more information will be more useful.

  97. More on Google, from a former executive; and its evolutionary change from “Don’t be evil”:
    The road to hell is paved…

  98. The Syria narrative is changing, as Assad is now reported to be gaining the upper hand. It is being suggested (by a Yank last night on R4, and by some latterly silent voices some months ago) that there are interests in the region who would not be too upset if Assad carried on, as the instability resulting from a successful insurrection and the likelihood of Islamists gaining influence might affect their security. Despite the interests’ nukes and Iron Dome system. Which raises the question of whether we are in fact singing from the same hymn sheet as those interests, and how soon we can get back in tune.

  99. There is a thread on medialens about the ‘lone gunman’. It is still being said, and there are witnesses, that others were involved.
    In the same vein, there is a proposition that this event and all the other horrors have been engineered to give Obomber a Get Out Quick card.

    (The latest is a NATO helicopter crashing and killing 10 on board.)

  100. The infighting never stops. A Palestine for all citizens as envisaged by Sami Jadallah and friends is the only option on the table at present.
    Marwan Barghouti festering away in a jail, the refusal to release him and many others, for fear that they might actually persuade the Israeli public opinion that negotiations can work, make it clear that Netanyahu’s lot does not want talks at any time, is more concerned with splitting up accords and initiatives to negotiate.
    The voices of Judaismn are getting louder, whilst the voices of Zionismn seem to be mesmerised by seven years of inaction. Unable to sit down at the table, they play stoic hard ball, react violently to events that could improve relations and treat international laws with disain and contempt.

  101. Correction. Twelve Turkish soldiers were killed and two women and a child on the ground.
    Reports vary on the numbers

  102. Mary, DownWith:
    I find myself terrible conflicted over how to treat soldiers who commit awful crimes during war. Obviously the crimes are truly heinous, and it disgusts me when I hear of the incredibly lenient sentences imposed on soldiers who have done such terrible things. At the same time, I do believe the soldiers are also victims, war can easily destroy a persons soul, and a lot of training/brain washing is required to turn people into efficient industrial killing machines. I can’t reconcile the hatred I have for the crimes with the pity I feel for those fighting in a war.
    I think we should save most of the scorn for the chicken-hawk leaders who start these wars but would never dare fight in them, and the media which is so quick to excuse our own crimes yet uses the crimes of others as justification to wage war on civilian populations.

  103. Thanks Clark for the video link.
    “I just heard a most amazing man give a talk!”
    Excellent, Mr Murray. Thanks for such a clear and well-presented resume of modern realpolitik. The summary in your lecture of how individuals have made such huge financial fortunes out of the misery of NATO intervention, and how such individuals then go on to fund the next rounds of neo-con intervention was clear and disturbing.
    Sadly, my suspicion is that Cameron has met with Obama not simply to extend the ‘special’ or ‘essential’ relationship, but to plan the schedule for an attack on Iran. The cosy dinners do nothing to hide the real agenda. Sam herself is daughter of Lord Astor, a leading light in Atlantic Bridge. These people never go away they just regroup, and the Fox-Werritty-Gould scandal will soon be lost in a war they were hell-bent on provoking.
    Keep up the great work! It inspires the rest of us.

  104. And still you believe the media propaganda about Syria, the same way you believed Libya propaganda. Has no one listened to the words of Journalist Lizzie Phelan ?

    I am English married into a Syrian family we now live in Spain BUT all of my husbands family are still in Syria, Damascus. We still talk every couple of days, internet IS NOT DOWN, they are not afraid and have no intention of leaving their homes unless the murdering war machine NATO strikes they will then leave through Turkey and settle in Lebanon, we have property there, well whats left of it! ASSAD IS NOT stopping anyone from leaving Syria HE IS NOT killing his people.NO ONE is asking for NATO to come and bomb their beautiful country.

  105. Meanwhile, who has Craig’s missing 20 minutes?

  106. Thanks for the link to another crashing helicopter and its victims, Mary, this rersponse from Ankara seems to be a stcok response to any casualty.

    ““Twelve of our military personnel on board the helicopter have been martyred,” the Turkish General Staff said in a statement in Ankara.”

  107. Both Clark’s uploads have gone: conference speech and interview.
    Wayfarer said he had a pre-cut copy.

  108. Komodo, I’ve just watched it all teh way through:

  109. Big demo in the occupied territories tommorrow. It looks like the IDF has a problem with the re arresting of those it exchanged for Cpl. Shalit, more women prisoners have joined Hana.
    Israel is still jailing children, copying third Reich practises to the letter.

  110. My web-space has gone over its (meager) transfer allowance, so my ISP has “archived” it. I’ll ask them to restore it, but I’ll have to remove the .mp3 files until next month or it’ll go over the limit again.

  111. As far as I can gather, John, that is the cut version. According to more careful observers than me, the original was 1hr 20mins

  112. The head of church of England will choose a new charge hand in the Jubilee year.

    Rowan Williams is resigning after a decade of struggling to prevent a schism over women and gay bishops. So the fudge-packing benders have won again!!!! (alright I have set up me stall and I am waiting for the ensuing fuckwit farrago)
    Lighten up peeps just getting your ire going, after all we need to get some more Afghans and Iraqis to be shot at by the poor, poor, poor, lamb that lill soldier who saw his mate’s leg get blown off, and so he went on killing all those mooslums for the fun of it, sort of a hands on recuperation therapy for the poor little lamb. Really small trouble compared with the huge trauma of gays and lesbians not being able to marry and get to be bishops, oh the humanity of it all.

  113. Thanks for the explanation Komodo. I did notice an almost seamless change of camera. Was it a film cassette change?

  114. Komodo who is not an iguana of the tree hugin hippie sort,
    The redacted bit is the bothersome part, because if you take note of the director in one of his many long introductions (I hate pratts like him, take the floor and harp on bullocks all in the name of introducing the guests) referred to “undiplomatic ambassador”.
    Ducnyouluv the smell of “Freedom” in the mornin!?

  115. Clark,
    Torrent it mate, and leave the address for peeps to get it.
    although there remains the lill problem of how are we going to get to see or hear the redacted bit?

  116. I have just watched it and there is a large chunk missing from 42:58 onwards.
    I also seen the 1hr.20 minute lenght of it initially and said to myself, I shall watch that later. Then it was tempered with.
    I hope that we will find it again, otherwise Craig will have to remember verbatim by watching it.
    With his new RT freebie webcamera he might be able to add it in himself.

  117. What is the current situation with these videos?

    (I have caught snatches about bits being redacted, but am having difficulty getting a clear picture without reading through pages of comments, many on different topics, etc…)

  118. CheebaCow You might think I am hard hearted but I have not the tiniest shred of compassion for any one them and their PTSD – and never will have. Or their lost limbs etc. They took up killing for a living, trained for months to kill and perfected the art. Then they say they didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for. Tosh. We and all the other warmongers should NOT be there and should NOT be waging offensive war. Defensive war I can just about take.
    As for the Turkish commander talking about his troops being martyred, that is yet more rubbish. Perhaps the Taliban shot it down or tampered with the fuel. One less helicopter to terrify, maim and kill the inhabitants. Small fleets of Chinooks come overhead here and the noise alone as they beat the air is enough to scare me.

  119. Fred Reed on his time in the US military.
    More Fun Atrocities

  120. Summary.
    there are two videos – the speech and the interview. Both were deleted but later re-uploaded, The speech itself appears complete but the second (interview video) has 20 minutes missing starting about 43 mins in.
    Is this accurate?

  121. Don’t get me wrong, I think joining the army is just about the stupidest thing you can do. However I realise that I am also a product of my family and environment, and not all people are so blessed. Most people in the army are pretty low on the socio-economic ladder and see it as their only way to advance in life. The socio-economic situation coupled with being exposed to pro war propaganda their entire lives, many actually feel they are making an honorable sacrifice for their country. Entirely misguided, but their heart is in the right place, and this in turn is completely abused by the really evil people, those who send young men and women to fight wars in foreign lands.

  122. Anon,
    1- The video of Craig delivering his lecture which is edited and there is a twenty minutes missing/redacted section.
    2- The video of the interview post the lecture.
    Both these were originally linked to and were available for viewing. Then the videos were removed by the “user” (whomsoever who uploaded these. ie not Craig).
    Then the absence of the videos were noticed, upon which all manner of correspondence by differing individual were entered into with the event holders. This culminating in mysterious reappearance of the videos, with a slight missing twenty minutes. Therefore aliens could have abducted the videos from youtbe is a strong possibility, or is it due to swap gas and stuff? whatever, this is a more accurate synopses.

  123. CheebaCow,
    That’s a good summary of what soldiers and wars are all about. General Montgomery, addressing the men he had taken under his charge in North Africa in WW2 told them, “There are no bad soldiers, only bad Generals”.
    Today he would have had to have said, “bad Generals and evil politicians”.

  124. Derek Martin

    16 Mar, 2012 - 3:10 pm

    Craig – It would be a very great help to me and possibly to everyone else if the text of the lecture and a transcript of the interview could be available, together with an identification of any bits that have been excised from either. Even when the videos are in place the speed with I can receive data on my line is so low that it is very hard to make sense of what I suspect could be a very important story, and it is virtually impossible in the context of the present situation.
    May I just add that I am immensely impressed by your efforts – I’m very envious of your dedication and insight. Derek Martin.

  125. The murderer was Col. Werritty, with a pair of scissors…
    As I said, Wayfarer appears to have an uncensored copy, downloaded before the disappearance and redaction: perhaps he might be gracious enough to torrent it or find some other means of publicising it. Put it on a memory stick and send it to Craig, even…

  126. FWIW, I watched the video of Craig’s talk well before before it disappeared, and at that point it was about an hour in length (I checked the duration to make sure I had the time available to watch the whole thing). A few hours later I posted “If I had an hour or so to explain to anyone how the global machine embraces and promotes corruption, I’d sit them down in front of this video …” Later someone commented that the video had been removed; I checked the same link, and indeed it had.
    I guess it’s possible that the “original” version was quietly hot-swapped with an “edited” version some hours before it was withdrawn and was subsequently restored, but that’s pretty dubious to say the least. It doesn’t fit the conspiracy narrative so neatly. Does anyone actually have the fabled longer version (or some kind of evidence of its existence, such as a screenshot with a progress bar)?
    In any case the fact it vanished for a few hours still requires some official explanation. Maybe it was removed for checking, then replaced when word started to circulate about its disappearance.

  127. To be more specific, my browser history shows I viewed the video of Craig’s speech at 14:33 on Monday 12-03-2012 – about 4 hours after Craig first posted the link (and about 18 hours before the first mention that the video had been removed). It was about an hour in length then, and I had noticed the jump in the picture that indicated an edit.
    Two days later on 15-03-2012 the commenter “John” claimed that the original had been 1:20 in length. Is that the only testimony we have? Wayfarer, can you tell us how long your version lasts?

  128. At time index 0:42:54
    “than be killed by a terrorist… [FADE-TO-BLACK CUT-CUT-CUT] …that’s not fictitious money.”
    Is this the only cut? Where’s Craig?

  129. The Irony is the masters of the universe and their pimps, have porked us right under our noses, and there seems to be little we can do about it! This is about as poxy as you can get in any banana republic.

  130. technicolour

    16 Mar, 2012 - 5:07 pm

    CheebaCow: I think you are entirely right. It surprises me that people do not realise salient facts about the British army: the only one in the ‘civilised’ world to recruit children under 17 direct from school. Many of these children also come from children’s homes, where they can be forced for minor misdemeanors to sign up to the TA, or be thrown out. And of course the TA were sent to Iraq. I have met young men in a dreadful state after their experiences. Some do start off thinking it will be like Rambo, but not for long. And then they are sewn into contracts of years which they cannot get out of: at least, people have been known to break their own limbs in an attempt to get out. Penalties for going awol are serious. Thousands have gone on the run regardless, but it is rarely reported. Thank you for your view.

  131. Vronsky, Specialist Subject, the Bleedin’ Obvious. Let’s ask Craig if the video has been edited and if it has, what he said in the part that has been removed. Craig?

  132. A long piece with footnotes on what is going on in the Great Lakes region of Africa vis-a-vis Obama and the US. It would be good if Clooney, Jolie, Winfrey and other right wing celebs read through it. Note Clooney was at the Cameron/Obama love in at the White House this week.
    The Congo conundrum: Truth catches up with Obama
    Antoine Roger Lokongo
    2012-03-15, Issue 576
    Africa is being recolonised. American interventionist activities in the continent’s Great Lakes region provide a perfect example. African peoples must rise up to protect their own interests by demanding a new relationship with the West.

  133. Americans Love the IDF, Raise $26 Million
    Reports Arutz Sheva: March 16, 2012

    Americans love the IDF. More than 1.300 business and philanthropic leaders donated $26 million at a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) dinner in New York.
    To accuse these American citizens of “dual loyalty” one would also need to know how much they donated to Friends of the U.S. Defense Forces — if there is such an organization.
    AIPAC preparing Congressional minds for next false flags?
    From AIPAC in Action:
    Ilan Berman, vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council, briefed some 40 congressional staffers on Iran’s support for terrorism worldwide.
    The Feb. 24 event, hosted by the American Israel Education Foundation, a charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, highlighted Tehran’s efforts to cultivate a global terrorist network, explaining how Iran’s ties to countries in Latin America and other regions could lead to attacks against the United States and its allies.
    Berman also discussed the nexus between Iran’s terrorist activities and its nuclear program, demonstrating how a nuclear-armed Iran would embolden Hizballah and other Iranian clients to launch attacks against U.S. interests across the globe.
    Both items are on

  134. Scouse Billy

    16 Mar, 2012 - 7:17 pm

    @Nextus – I noted it was 1 hr 20 mins when I first viewed it.
    The questions remain, what was cut and why?

  135. > @Nextus – I noted it was 1 hr 20 mins when I first viewed it.
    Did you? When was that?
    As it happens, the duration stamp is still on the original link (i.e. the one that says it was removed by the user) and it says “1:00:28″ (precisely the same duration as the one on the new link, which is allegedly the ‘trimmed’ version). You can see it by clicking on the embedded link in Craig’s original message.


    Nothing new here.

    Perhaps if before we all hit the sack tonight we should pray for things to get improve.

    some empathy and altruism all round please.

  137. I watched the amazing disappearing/shortening film clip the evening Craig linked to it and it was only an hour long.

  138. Nextus – apologies I must have confused the 28 secs as minutes.
    O/T but anyone with Sky I recommend Channel 235 at 11pm – F.William Engdahl on Monsanto, Rockefeller etc.

  139. These ridiculous arguments about the time lines and durations somehow overlook: the cut in the film, and the evident excised part from it.
    Now anyone of the for+s and against+s can wax lyrical about any number of Charlie Chan scenarios , but there shall remain the sudden death/disappearance of a mysterious pot of money in the video.
    The whole fucking affair stinks, given the disappearance, and reappearance of the clips only after disparaging quips with all manner of innuendos and the usual shite to portray the stinking disappearing clips act affair as the results of over active: “imaginations”, “Paranoia”, and tin foil hat job.
    Fact remains the “user” has so far shied away from explaining their reason for removing these particular videos in the first place. Further those who supposedly located the videos, have so far not explained how did they come by their lucky find.
    Then there is the cut, that is as yet unexplained and the missing content there of unknown.
    Finally this episode has only far too clearly indicated the break down of trust in a very practical manner, highlighting the all too prevalent lack of any faith in anyone in authority/leadership/ownership. This outcome cannot be just magically blamed on the punters’ faulty imaginations.

  140. @Fedup: that as may be. Fact is, we just don’t know. It would be great to find out the official “user”‘s explanation – or what Craig reckons was left out. Maybe he should take a dictaphone to all his speeches.
    I’ve taken many amateur videos of events that I’ve organised, and when I compiled them for the people concerned, I had to edit the recordings in various places, because members of the audience walked in front of the camera (and infuriating stood there wondering where to go next!). Or they held a private conversation not knowing they were right beside the microphone. It could be really annoying. In some cases, all I ended up with was a series of clips. Very rarely did I get an uninterrupted segment, no matter where I positioned the camera or instructed the people around me (somebody always turned out to be very forgetful).
    By recording DI via the PA, you can usually ensure an uninterrupted audio track. If Craig can manage to get in touch with the organisers, there may be hope of recovering whatever was omitted.
    I’m not saying I know what happened in this case – I wasn’t there … just that I know enough not to be too hasty with filling in ominous explanations. Can’t argue with the breakdown of trust, though.

  141. What about the second video in the Berlin Conference post? Maybe I missed an explanation above, but the first was fractionally over one hour, the second one a half hour.
    The first one of 1:00:28 that we’ve seen and is still up, with the jump at 42′-odd, is the same length exactly as the one that way ‘removed by user’. The second video ( is 0:30:01, while the ‘removed by user’ original appears to be 0:30:04.
    It’s hard not to conclude that we have available on alternative youtube channels what was originally on the ICD blogsite, notwithstanding that rather iffy edit.
    The ICD blogsite, incidentally, blames it on a ‘temporary technical problem’ which beset this video and none of the others. CM’s spot has been replaced with the 1/2 hour interview, instead of the original lecture.

  142. OT.

    Jon Snow & C4 team are trying sticking their necks out a bit, reporting centered on a particular faked anti-terroism operation by sri lanka where they exterminated many thousands of Tamil people in one demonic ~operation. The documentary contains a milliband robot raising a programmed eyebrow about the ‘alleged’ horrific events while apologising for the Sri Lankan Forces conduct in a war against ‘terrorists’
    His statements sit strangley in the editing of the documentary , with others from more human contributors.

  143. Candle Power

    17 Mar, 2012 - 5:33 am

    Google is an Israeli company. Mossad + NSA provided US tax-payer’s dollars for the start-up and operational funding for and run google as an intelligence gathering oeration, it’s their creation as was yahoo; youtube, once not part of google, they acquired long ago too. All competitor search engines wilted, became ineffectual and died, many of the alternatives left simply search google in the background and substitute their sponsor’s advertisement results, rarely relevant to your search, plus the obfuscated google search results. It’s long been known that these not-so secret organisations are gatekeepers and censors for the internet and their control has been TOTAL since 2003, the common social media sites are another arm. The internet still has great potential but for the masses is as revoltingly rotten, manipulated and controlled as the mainstream press/tv so blatantly are
    All MS products are riddled with intentional back doors, and is anyone surprised by this – no – but still they use them. Technology hasn’t liberated us, its enslaved us.
    Lone voices grumbling on obscure blogs, Craig is tolerated as he’s helpless and ineffectual. The marching morons can’t ever be reached, are nevertheless content with their vacuous lot, are rewarded for their thickness and compliance, they breed; they’ll swallow anything. Where will it end? Human extinction I think, and we deserve it.

  144. This is indeed a most curious tale. My initial reaction was to assume that it was some sort of mistake, perhaps a copyright issue. However, the subsequent difficulty in getting a full un-edited copy is deeply suspicious.
    Curiouser and curiouser. I have been vaguely aware that Google results are manipulated (see Leon Panetta for example), and that sites disappeared, but this is a whole new level of blatant. Craig seems, essentially, to have been silenced, for no reason at all. With respect to Craig, I can’t really see why anyone would trouble themselves. And so, it does make me wonder: what could Craig possibly (perhaps unwittingly) revealed?
    I hope thread author keeps us posted, as I think we are all rather intrigued. Maybe we all have to investigate anonymous IP’s, TOR etc? A troubling thought.

  145. Staff Sergeant Bales is one of the good guys for goodness’s sake. He joined the Army one week after 9/11.


    Plus ça change plus c’est la même chose. Murdoch met Thatcher secretly at Chequers in January 1981. He was allowed to take over the Times and Sunday Times without the Monopolies and Mergers Commission authorities being involved.
    His letter to her is on the link plus details on how he changed the newspaper printing industry.
    I also read on the BBC website that the Osborne cabal is set to abolish the national pay rate for the public sector. *Instead there will be local rates. A telling extract –

    ‘Local pay rates for teaching and hospital staff could begin next year. A Treasury source told the BBC’s Chris Mason the move is not about saving money but about ensuring the UK has “a responsive, modern labour force”‘.
    More grinding down of the 99% to come.

  146. MPs say independence of PM adviser must be strengthened
    The advisory role was created in 2006
    New adviser questioned by MPs
    Fox resigns as defence secretary
    New watchdog for ministers named
    The role of David Cameron’s adviser on ministerial interests needs to be strengthened to ensure its independence, a group of MPs has said.
    The Public Administration Committee said Sir Philip Mawer seemed to have been “cut out of the loop” during ++the recent inquiry into Liam Fox’s links with his adviser Adam Werritty.++
    The ++probe++:) was conducted by the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell

  147. @ Mary, “the Osborne cabal is set to abolish the national pay rate for the public sector. *Instead there will be local rates.”

    This sounds like dynamite. If they get away with it, it will lead to people moving to higher paid areas and a lower quality of service in the poorer areas.

    The UK is already breaking up with Scotland having had enough of the same kind of treatment from Westminster for decades. How long will it be before the rest of the UK realise that they have to stop sending all their wealth to these evil people in Westminster and set up a peoples parliament.

  148. Rob Royston ‘Responsive’ was the key word in the millionaire Osborne’s prattle. ‘Responsive’ is the key word. That is ‘on their knees’. Of course, it will be one important facet of the Sercoization or Crapitaization of everything. The brainwashing will be under beardie – Branson, not the soon to retire friend Rowan.
    There will be a fight.

  149. The matter of the edited videos is surely simply resolved – ask Craig if anything significant has been removed. Craig?

  150. Internet censorship is extensible: controlling the books you read –

  151. Vronsky Isn’t Craig in India? Perhaps he’ll bump into Vince!

  152. Nextus, we do know. I also saw the initial video but only the start of it. I remember thinking that 1hrs and 20 minutes is quiet a chunk of my time and that I had other stuff to do, so I clicked it off in the midst of the tedious introduction.
    When I finally watched it yesterday, as it exist on utube now, it had the new time of 1hrs and 28seconds on it.

    If wayfarer did copy the original version, then only he and Craig himself can help to adjusts this manko.

  153. Blackening Assad, whitening Cameron and Obama
    David Cameron flies into Washington to discuss the ‘three crucial issues’ of Afghanistan, Iran and Syria.
    We hear pious words about ‘getting the job finished’, of ‘blocking a nuclear threat’ and of ‘helping to prevent a slaughter’.
    The ‘special relationship’ is dutifully reaffirmed as Dave and Barack eat burgers together at the basketball game, both good fellas’ upholding America’s and Britain’s common ‘humanitarian values’.
    And, on cue, British state media duly ‘report’ the script.
    Do Nick Robinson, Mark Mardell and their BBC associates even deserve the basic entitlement ‘journalists’? What they say and convey is so routinely, so obediently, pro-establishment, so removed from any semblance of analytical integrity, it might reasonably shame Pravda.

  154. The lone gunman theory goes wanting again;
    US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage: Probe mission
    The reports of twenty to twenty five soldiers going on a rampage could prove intolerable; hence the lone gunman (smiling all Murcan hero) who is pulled out of the crime scene and sent to a solitary is the next best story to stick to.

  155. Komodo They were trying to find a home for one of these creatures this morning on ITV. One of your distant relatives perhaps? He has large jowls which differentiates males from the females and was found by the police abandoned in Central London. He was on a lead and seemed very tame. The forked tongue was off putting though.

  156. Jason Russell THE NAKED MELTDOWN
    This is the video of the chap who produced the “Kony 2012″ hit piece: evidently enjoying a bit of bullocks naked calisthenics.
    A- has this guy been got at?
    B- Was this guy already got at?
    C- What happens to the campaign, now that he is persona under_influence/mad as a hatter/plum crazy?

  157. Passerby:
    Why would anyone want to get at the organiser of Kony 2012? I don’t think he is a threat to the powers that be in any way.
    I think the campaign was destined to fritter away anyway. Real change requires a lot more than a viral video and some good merchandising. The campaign was also focused on issues no longer relevant to Uganda.

  158. One of the most powerfull films I have seen for long, this harrowing example of the extinction of a fellow congniscent species, through ignorance, greed and marketforces.

    It is an indightment to our inability to live sustainably and in harmony. Not for the faint hearted.

  159. Candle Power, I can’t but help to agree with you. We are slaves to the internet as well as mainstream television. They can determine which posts are seen by others, and which others. They have to tolerate Craig Murray’s blog because not to do so would interfere with the apparent presentation of fairness. It is sad but true.

  160. George Galloway is one of eight candidates in the Bradford West by- election on March 29th. Hope he wins and adds a bit of reality to the HoC. He would certainly show up the stooges and drones currently in residence.

  161. “He would certainly show up the stooges and drones currently in residence.”
    Selectively, though. You will also hear him saying that the Scots should sit down and shut the fuck up. We must learn to love the correct stooges and drones, – those nominated by Gorgeous George.

  162. The founder of Wikipedia is set to marry for the third time. The bride to be was Bliar’s diary secretary for eight years and is now a director at Freud Communications. What secrets must she know!
    Wales’s move to London was for reasons closer to the heart. This summer he plans to marry his fiancée Kate Garvey, the mother of his second child – a director at Freud Communications.
    “We just talked about it yesterday that we’d better hurry up and lock something in,” he tells me as he sits in a café close to the couple’s Marylebone home, which they share with their one-year-old daughter. Although exceptionally private when it concerns his personal life, Wales confirms that he and Garvey plan to marry in the capital, “possibly in June”, which will cement their reputation as one of London’s premier power couples.
    Garvey is a former special adviser to Tony Blair. From 1997 until 2005 she ran the former prime minister’s diary and was one of Blair’s trusted inner-circle of fierce female aides. In his autobiography, Blair recalls a moment that showcased Garvey’s personality, with her barking: “‘Buy ice cream from that van there, one for you, one for Gordon – to show togetherness and being normal’. He replies, ‘I don’t like Mr Whippy ice cream except with a flake, and does Gordon look like your average ice cream buyer?’ Garvey retorts: ‘Just do it. And no flake. It’ll make you look greedy’.”
    “Kate is a combination of being bubbly but also shrewd and strategic,” adds a close acquaintance.
    “She livened up No 10 under Blair – she’d be the one to say something irreverent or a bit rude when everyone else was being earnest – plus she has a very powerful network of friends around town. From being a woman in Camp Blair, she has prospered in her own right, partly because she’s genuinely friendly and doesn’t make enemies.” The wedding, if it happens in June, could hardly come at a busier time for Garvey, who will oversee Freud’s promotion of both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics this summer.


  163. Candle power/John Goss
    A subtle change took place 5 years ago now in the way Google responds to a keyword search request. When a page is requested from the search results, Google records a number of parameters such as the keyword used, the page address and IP and browser information to personalise your search patterns; all this happens BEFORE you are directed to the web site page. Your complete trail is recorded on Google servers.
    To see what takes place, after a Google search, right click on any link from the list and use ‘copy this link’ to examine the forwarding information in notepad. You will notice a complex URL containing details including a ref. to a cookie on your device.
    Do the same with ‘Bing’ – surprise surprise (Bing is Microsoft) but the Bing engine does not record your search on its servers.

  164. Fed Up
    These emails are in fact an effort in trying to rubbish the Assad success, who has been making fools out of the EMPIRE LITE bunch of twits, who still try to keep up the pretence of public opinion counts in the West.

    My CAPS.Is this pearl expression your own creation or borrowed?

  165. On the subject of those videos – sorry to be tardy. I’ve checked again and they seem to be the later versions. Odd as I downloaded quite early on.

  166. Candle-power
    His intimate friends called him “Candle-ends,” And his enemies Toasted Cheese.
    On the theme of ‘melting’, the internet is both a redaction of fat for making into light and a redaction of mental defiance into criminal record.
    I take the view that it is conceivable that the mind that processes our opinions might conceivably be altered slightly by our opinions. If our opinions are merely metadata being stored on a machine, do they have the technology to convert that metadata into anything more malign? And can we manipulate the metadata to put a spanner in the machine?
    Architects say that metadata of BMS systems can help them design better buildings. I think that’s rubbish and jobs for boys/girls. I think if you want a better building or a better world, human imagination and conscience are far better tools than any other you will find.
    Human expression is not such a lost cause then. See Fed Up’s coinage ‘Empire Lite’. Snub of the day for megalomaniac minds.

  167. Thanks for checking, Wayfarer.
    I’m really not convinced about this “missing 20 minutes”. I can claim one of the earliest sightings (4 hours after Craig’s link), and can state confidently that the video was an hour long at that time (and I made a comment to that effect – before any complaint about removal or a section cut out). I noticed the edit even then. And the footprint of the original file is still there, showing the same length as the one that is currently available.
    But that’s not all. If you check the conference timetable, you’ll see that Craig’s session was allocated to a 45-minute slot – which means already it overran by 15 mins, well into the coffee break.
    It’s unlikely that it would go on for yet another 20 minutes, into the start of the next session; if you’ve ever been to these events, you’ll know that delegates would start raising complaints with the Chair and some would storm out angrily. Furthermore, the next delegate due to speak in that room would be getting impatient to start.
    Given that Craig has absolute freedom to post any comment he likes on this very blog, including responses to the ICD, the idea that a portion was chopped out in a clumsy attempt at censorship doesn’t make any rational sense.
    I’m just trying to get the facts straight … because censorship is a serious allegation, and if anybody can actually produce any hard evidence (beyond testimony based on recall) I’ll be happy to expose the ICD’s actions in other arenas. But at the moment, it looks like the complaint is likely to evaporate under scrutiny, which won’t help the case.
    If you look at the hit counter on the conference website, you’ll see that Craig’s speech has attracted nearly ten times more visits than any of the others – more than all of them put together, in fact. In view of that unanticipated level of demand, there are certainly other conceivable explanations for it being pulled. I’ll keep investigating, and if I find out anything more, I’ll let you know.

  168. chaps, you’re getting your brains into a stew: I suggest waiting til the blog owner gets back.

    good trial run for when/if it happens, though. lots of backup, very cheering. thanks everyone. fwit i was there too.

  169. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    18 Mar, 2012 - 5:47 am

    “Do Nick Robinson, Mark Mardell and their BBC associates even deserve the basic entitlement ‘journalists’?”
    No, because they are presstitute whores. Worse than politicians in fact. At least people *know* politicians are liars. These people claim to have some form of ‘integrity’ and claim to be telling the truth.

  170. Ok lets assume that the video was one hour long, then, what was the jump at 42:58 min.? two unconnected sentences and a massive cut?

  171. I see the promotion of war criminal’s Tony Bliar’s Faith Foundation is in the remit of the bride to be of Jimmy Wales.

    Kate Garvey, director,specialises in promoting global campaigns and issues including the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Product (RED), Live Earth, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Maternal Mortality campaign and Her Majesty Queen Rania. Previously, she worked on the Make Poverty History campaign and Live 8 concerts. Her career began in politics where, from 1997 to 2005, she worked for Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street in the PM’s Private Office.

    NB Philip Gould is deceased.

  172. Mary, thanks for the George Galloway information. Is he standing for Respect in Bradford? The report says “former Respect MP” but I suspect it means “former MP for Respect”.
    Mark Golding, thanks for the Google mapping explanation. I’m surprised that Bing (which in my experience is not as good a search engine yet) does not track peoples’ interests. I’m sure much of it is done for target advertising purposes, though I don’t doubt information can be accesses by the security services without any problem. Could it be possible that Bing secretly maps our access without us knowing?

  173. Google’s self-proclaimed mission and core values (“We want to work with great people” – “Technology innovation is our lifeblood” – “Working at Google is fun” – “Be actively involved; you are Google” – Don’t take success for granted” – “Do the right thing; don’t be evil” – “Earn customer and user loyalty and respect every day” – “Sustainable long-term growth and profitability are key to our success” – “Google cares about and supports the communities where we work and live” – “We aspire to improve and change the world”).

  174. Off topic? Hell, it’s the irony thread…

    I am happy to report that the Guardian’s latest reader holiday offer promises £100 off the £1520 – £1540 brochure price of 12 days and 10 nights (daily breakfast, 4 lunches, 10 dinners, escorted sightseeing), in…
    No word, though of the enraptured tourists taking in the correctional facilities, or indeed, the German military airbase.

  175. Analysis -“Wargaming Iran” now starting on R4. Will not prejudge….although I can guess.

  176. So, no Uzbek Spring, then…

    Maybe Assad needs to take a leaf out of Karimov’s book and start boiling opponents alive?

  177. John Goss,
    As Ubuntu evangelist Clark tells us, Microsoft Windows has at least one back-door to snoop on our data. Gates would not want his Bing servers cluttered with millions of useless search records when anyone can be targeted individually with suitable intelligence.
    I have proof my pop mailbox store was accessed by a hack on UDP port 53.
    I was using a Microsoft firewall! I now use Kaspersky.

  178. Microsoft attempted to pervert the course of justice by submitting falsified videotapes as evidence in court:

    Judge Jackson’s response to this was that Microsoft’s conduct itself was the cause of any “perceived bias”; Microsoft executives had “proved, time and time again, to be inaccurate, misleading, evasive, and transparently false. … Microsoft is a company with an institutional disdain for both the truth and for rules of law that lesser entities must respect. It is also a company whose senior management is not averse to offering specious testimony to support spurious defenses to claims of its wrongdoing.”

    Does anyone really want this company in ultimate control of their computer?

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